Apple adds new Core 2 Duo chips to pro laptop line


All of the new MacBook Pro models now feature dual-layer SuperDrives for burning CDs and DVDs. Until now, the dual-layer drive, which can burn more than 8GB of data on a single disc, was available only on the 17-in. model.

The remaining standard features carry over from previous models: a built-in iSight Web camera, Bluetooth and 802.11b/g wireless networking, a combined optical digital audio port, a dual-link DVI port that can power one of Apple's 30-in. Cinema Displays, sudden motion-sensor technology to prevent hard drive damage if the laptop is dropped and a magnetic power connector.

Apple is also now offering a magnetic power connector for use on airplanes. That hardware sells for $59.

The graphics cards in the laptops remain unchanged, as do the screen resolutions, although Benjamin said owners of the new 15-in. models would see better graphics performance compared with the older 15-in. versions.