Ann Harvey parent Alexon brings email management in-house

Ladies fashion retailer Alexon Group has deployed a new email platform to provide in-house customer relationship management and marketing.

Alexon, which owns brands like Kaliko, Eastex, Dash and Ann Harvey, has more than 990 outlets around the UK and Europe.

The company has chosen the Communicator email management platform from Communicator Corp to support its email and customer relationship management drive.

Alexon had previously outsourced the distribution of its email campaigns, which were not segmented by brand. With Communicator in place, the new system, managed in-house, can segment customer email communications by brand and customer type.

The Communicator email management platform enables Alexon to create, send and monitor targeted newsletters to customers. It can also be used to send confirmation, welcome and thank you emails to customers, who will also receive details of targeted special offers and events.

Maxine Duncan, Alexon e-commerce manager, said, "Having Communicator has led to the ability to bring marketing emails in-house and thus dramatically cut costs."