Amazon behaving badly


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C. Z.'s conclusion: "Now I think I understand why the items in the Computers and Internet Bestseller list are so odd."

That's not the only oddness coming out of Amazon lately. An anonymous Cringester claims Amazon is canceling the accounts of users who return too many items. He posted on the SlickDeals forum:

A careful review of your account indicates you've experienced an extraordinary number of incidents with your orders and corresponding shipments. In the normal course of business, the occasional problem is inevitable. The rate at which such problems have occurred on your account is extraordinary, however, and cannot continue. Effective immediately, your account is closed and you are no longer able to shop in our store....If you were to open a new account, the same will result and it will also be closed. ... We appreciate your cooperation in refraining from using our web site.

Also: You are now forbidden from using the words "Amazon," "one-click," or "Bezos" in ordinary conversation. And if you could refrain from reading anything except e-mails from our customer support department, we'd appreciate it. Thank you. -- Amazon