Aliens vs Predator lands on top 20 seller list for February

After detailing the top 10-selling video games for February yesterday, the NPD Group has followed up with a list revealing the best of the rest, with the 11th through 20th best-selling games of last months. Here's the entire list:

1) (Xbox 360): 563,000 sold2) (Wii): 556,000 sold3) (Xbox 360): 314,000 sold4) (Wii): 275,000 sold5) (Wii): 273,000 sold6) (PS3): 253,000 sold7) (Xbox 360): 247,000 sold8) (PS3): 243,000 sold9) (Xbox 360): 225,000 sold10) (PS3): 219,000 sold11) (Xbox 360)12) (PS3): 190,500 sold13) (DS)14) (Wii): 15) (PS3): 16) (Wii)17) (Wii)18) (PS3)19) (DS)20) (Xbox 360): under 100,000 sold

Besides the traditional Nintendo stragglers and the new shooters like Aliens vs. Predator and MAG getting some love on the bottom half, there were a few games that seemed to get a boost for a variety of February-focused reasons. The imminent release of God of War III likely drove players to purchase the PS3's collection of the first two games back onto the charts for the first time since the month it was released. The lead into the Winter Olympics probably aided the latest Mario & Sonic crossover in making the list, though the DS version was left out in the cold.

With and entering the marketplace this month, it should be interesting to see how the video game marketplace transforms in the next report. For now, what do you think of these numbers?

SOURCE: [Gamasutra]