Afrika confirmed for release in North America

In 2006 at E3, Rhino Studios teased us with a trailer for a game entitled, Afrika which featured nothing but simple majestic shots of animals grazing the planes of Africa. In the years following, we didn't see much difference from that, other than the inclusion of some people riding in a jeep. Yesterday, in a report by IGN's Ryan Clements, Rhino Studios' has announced that the game will officially be making its way to the U.S. later this year.

Publisher Natsume will be distributing Afrika this round, as it was already released and published by Sony last August in Japan. From what we know, the game offers an in-depth experience into the life of a nature photographer. The structure of the game is divided into three main modes, which have their own subdivisions of gameplay. The three main modes are: The Safari Mode, the GEO Afrika section, and the Safari Game which is the main source of gameplay. All of these modes are centered around a "one with nature" theme and employ photography and provide information about the animals you encounter.

While a specific release date has not yet been set, folks living in the U.S. can expect the game to hit shelves sometime this year.

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