Add Features to Office 2007's Quick Access Toolbar

As a recent convert to , I'm still learning my way around the interface. Obviously the biggest change involves the Ribbon, which I found daunting at first but quickly came to appreciate. It's just a smarter way of organizing various features.

That said, there are certain icons I miss from the old Office 2003 toolbar, like Print and Open. These are features I use constantly, but Office 2007 forces me to click the big Office button to access them. That's one whole extra click!

Fortunately, it's easy to add just about any Office feature to the Quick Access Toolbar, which appears at the top of the screen right next to the Office button. By default, the toolbar sports Save, Undo, and Redo icons, but you can customize it as you see fit. (I'm thinking specifically of Word 2007, but the process is the same in Excel and PowerPoint.)

For starters, click the little down-arrow on the right edge of the toolbar. You'll see a list of popular commands like Open, Quick Print, and Spelling & Grammar. Click any of them to add the corresponding icon to Quick Access. (Likewise, click any already-checked item to remove it from the toolbar.)

What if you want to add a feature that's not on the list? Simple: You can right-click almost any icon on the Ribbon (or in the Office menu) and choose Add to Quick Access Toolbar. To remove one of these custom jobs, right-click its icon and choose Remove from Quick Access Toolbar.

Neat, huh? Gotta give credit for this great tip to . He's smarter than he looks in his picture.