Across the Pond and Around the Corner


Scott Flathers, vice president of solution engineers at SAP Retail, presented the consumer's in-store experience as envisioned by Groupe Casino and SAP. He presented the use case, which is complete and validated, and previewed the pilot which is coming soon.

The app can direct special offers to the consumer--when the consumer scans an item barcode with the phone's camera or enters a particular location inside the store.

Geared toward increasing transaction size and driving purchases toward items of interest to the shopper, the solution presents the shopper with real-time suggestions and special offers. Behind the scenes the insights driving this come from data about store inventory and local promotions, the consumer's CRM profile and status, and the consumer's expressed lifestyle choices, e.g., preference for fair-trade products.

The design objective is to build a virtuous cycle that generates contextualized offers to each customer before and during every shopping store or online visit and improves the company's in-depth knowledge of that customer from her response to each offer. The process is intelligent in its contextualization of offers and instrumented in learning more about the customer in each interaction.

Mr. Bout identified the key challenge in realizing an omnichannel precision relationship with each customer that is real-time, relevant, and personal at each interaction point--combining what Groupe Casino knows about its product and what it knows about its customers. He broke the overall challenge into three parts: