A look at The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Recently, 's Editor In Chief Brian D. Crecente got to test out Nintendo's upcoming for the DS and had some interesting things to report back regarding new wind induced items, the games mode of transportation (or lack thereof), and a whole new partner in action.

Regarding Link's new locomotive:

"Yes, controlling Link on his train is fun. The player can control both the speed of the train and the switches the determine how the tracks will guide the train at intersections. Link's got a cannon he can fire at threatening enemies who ride on boarback up to his train (tap anywhere to fire that cannon, as seen in )."

Although the train integration seems like a fun and refreshing vehicle for Link, Crecente noted that the demo only allowed him to use the train for mission based gameplay, as opposed to an open world mode of conveyance such as Epona in , or the talking Kind of Red Lions boat in . While this is probably just a function of the demo and not the final product, Crecente notes:

"I'm the first to cheer Zelda innovating, but there's a hint here of a choppier flow for this next Zelda. I need to see more to be convinced this won't detract from the joy of open exploration found in most Zeldas."

Outside of the new train innovation, Link gets some new gadgets as well, the most notable being "some sort of wind-blown propeller thing." The wind-blown propeller thing will naturally force players to use their own wind blowing skills, blowing into the DS's mic for the new item to work its magic.