3 Ways to Secure Macs at Work: Lessons from MacDefender

For a long time, one of the strongest points for using Apple computers in your business as opposed to a Windows-based PC has been the suggestion that the Mac platform is somehow inherently more secure

It's a talking point of Macolytes everywhere, and even Apple got into the game with its "Mac vs. PC" series of commercials. And for the most part, it's been supported by the ridiculously low number of malware attacks that Mac users have endured compared with Windows users.

But with , the Mac doesn't seem right now. Malware on the Mac is not an entirely new phenomenon. There have been other cases, mostly proof-of-concept, in the past. And security software vendors have been about the potential for Mac malware. But then, that's what security vendors do.

Is it time for Mac-running businesses to panic over security? No. But if you've invested in Macs for your organization, there are some common-sense steps to make sure your users are as secure as possible.

1. Educate

Because Macs have enjoyed malware-free status for so long, some of the most basic, common-sense concepts of personal computer security may be lacking among your Mac users, particularly if you're an all-Mac shop where your users haven't watched the security habits of PC users at work.