• Cabinet Office puts all new ICT frameworks on hold

    Premium-Inhalt. All upcoming Government Procurement Service (GPS) ICT procurements have been put on hold pending the outcome of a newly launched internal review to assess the effectiveness of the current framework approach.

  • Malware infects 13 percent of North American home networks

    Premium-Inhalt. Some 13 percent of home networks in North America are infected with malware, half of them with "serious" threats, according to a report released Wednesday by a cyber-security company.

  • Sony's Acid Music Studio 9 offers no-nonsense interface

    Premium-Inhalt. Sony's Acid Music Studio 9 ($65, feature-limited demo) is a surprisingly powerful digital audio workstation considering its rather diminutive price. The interface is easy, clean, and no-nonsense. However, don't read that as intuitive. The main issue with Acid Music Studio 9 is getting up to speed with it.

  • Suncorp, Metricon stadiums get NCR loaded ticket offerings

    Premium-Inhalt. Payment systems provider, NCR, has begun a rollout of a loaded ticket offering around the country with Suncorp and Metricon stadiums in Queensland signing on. The system allows fans to preload their match tickets or membership cards with money to be used to buy merchandise, food or drinks.

  • What Apple's executive reshuffle means for the products you use

    Premium-Inhalt. The executive shuffle is the kind of drama that we in the tech press usually only get from watching . But as interesting as it is from an inside-baseball perspective, it's worth remembering that Apple's focus is, as always, on products.

  • Apple delays next iTunes release until November

    Premium-Inhalt. Another year, another missed deadline. In 2011, Apple ; this year, Apple's missing an October launch for the next version of iTunes.

  • NASA's Curiosity finds Martian soil like Hawaiian sand

    Premium-Inhalt. In initial tests, NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has discovered that Martian soil is an awfully lot like Hawaiian sand.

  • DIA quells security fears on eve of online passports move

    Premium-Inhalt. The introduction of online passport renewals will help reassure New Zealanders that the government is committed to moving to a digital environment as part of its plan for "better public services", says Internal Affairs Minister Chris Tremain.

  • Google Drive files can now be shared via Google+

    Premium-Inhalt. Users can now share files from their Google Drive storage account on their Google+ social networking profile, a capability that could be particularly relevant for workplace collaboration.

  • One year after DigiNotar breach, Fox-IT details extent of compromise

    Premium-Inhalt. The 2011 security breach at Dutch certificate authority (CA) DigiNotar resulted in an extensive compromise and was facilitated in part by shortcomings in the company's network segmentation and firewall configuration, according to Fox-IT, the security company contracted by the Dutch government to investigate the incident.

  • Apple Management Shakeup: The End of Virtual Wooden Bookshelves?

    Premium-Inhalt. The management shakeup at Apple thrust a spotlight on a little known concept (at least to non-graphic designers), called skeuomorphic design. The late Steve Jobs and his recently championed the concept, while Apple design guru Jony Ive isn't a fan.

  • MetroPCS launches RCS for voice, video and text over its LTE network

    Premium-Inhalt. RCS, a standard for combining voice calls with video and text chatting on smartphones, notched a win on Wednesday with U.S. carrier MetroPCS but faces an uncertain future.

  • Apple offers up to $1 per device for Motorola Mobility patents

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple has offered to pay Google's Motorola Mobility unit up to one dollar per device for a license to its patents covering cellular and Wi-Fi technologies.

  • Australia Post launches its Digital Mailbox

    Premium-Inhalt. Australia Post has officially launched its Digital Mailbox as part of the government-owned company's $2 billion investment in digitising its communications and delivery mail network.

  • Upload masses of images lightning-fast with Hyperdesktop

    Premium-Inhalt. Hyperdesktop (free) is right up your alley if you are a blogger, involved in tech support, or like to upload lots of images for Facebook and Reddit.

  • After Sandy, communications slowly improve

    Premium-Inhalt. Some wireless and wired communications services downed by Hurricane Sandy have been restored over the past 24 hours, but FCC officials said Wednesday afternoon that several serious outages remain in New York, New Jersey and some other hard hit areas.

  • TI and AllGo offer reference design for a $70 Android 4.0 tablet

    Premium-Inhalt. Texas Instruments has partnered with AllGo Embedded Systems to announce a reference design that will allow Android 4.0 tablets to be built for under US$70, the companies announced Wednesday.

  • DOJ: Hearing on Megaupload stored data should be limited

    Premium-Inhalt. A U.S. judge should limit the scope of a proposed court hearing examining whether a former Megaupload user can recover files that were on the website when the U.S. Department of Justice shut it down, the agency said.

  • Windows 8 Challenge: Survive Growing Pains, Become a Mobile Player

    Premium-Inhalt. Windows, the decades-long darling of most businesses, has come face-to-face with a brave new world in enterprise computing as Windows 8 launches.

  • Google unveils free Siri rival for iPhone, iPad

    Premium-Inhalt. Hey, Siri, you better look behind you. Google on Tuesday upgraded its Google Search app for the iPhone and iPad, giving the feature a that poses a challenge to Siri.