• Agile can help bring change, but needs internal support: ThoughtWorks

    Premium-Inhalt. Agile software development is reaching mainstream in many Australian IT organisations, according to ThoughtWorks director of client relations, Keith Dodds, who has seen growing adoption of the iterative and incremental-based software development methods worldwide.

  • ARM, Microsoft collaborating on 64-bit Windows version

    Premium-Inhalt. ARM is working with Microsoft to tune the Windows OS to work on processors based on ARM's 64-bit architecture, an ARM official said this week.

  • ARM, Microsoft collaborating on 64-bit Windows version

    Premium-Inhalt. ARM is working with Microsoft to tune the Windows OS to work on processors based on ARM's 64-bit architecture, an ARM official said this week.

  • Amazon cites cause of recent outage, issues refunds

    Premium-Inhalt. An unexpected bug cropped up after new hardware was installed in one of Amazon Web Service's Northern Virginia data centers, which caused the more than 12-hour that brought down popular sites such as Reddit, Imgur, AirBNB and Salesforce.com's Heroku platform, according to a .

  • 3 tips for making highly available systems in Amazon's cloud

    Premium-Inhalt. Amazon Web Services makes a big deal out of its availability zones, recommending that customers use multiple AZs to build clouds that are tolerant of failures like .

  • Amazon beats Black Friday rush with online store

    Premium-Inhalt. Amazon has begun its countdown to Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving when oodles of bargains are to be had, including for the latest electronics from tablets to computers to phones and TVs.

  • Drama in NYC as data center temp passes 100 degrees

    Premium-Inhalt. There's real-time drama unfolding at one of the data centers operating at 111 8th Ave. in NYC, a Google-owned building .

  • First iPad Mini teardown reveals few surprises

    Premium-Inhalt. The first teardown of an iPad Mini showed few surprises, but the team that took apart Apple's new smaller tablet said it was "extremely difficult" for do-it-yourselfers to repair.

  • PhoneGap fills the smartphone development gap

    Premium-Inhalt. Mobile apps are all the rage these days, but to get one built for your organization can be a daunting financial prospect. Should you decide to go to a bespoke shop to have your dream iOS or app coded you would be looking at a seriously large price tag.

  • Cisco's new management system simplifies control of thousands of servers

    Premium-Inhalt. this week unveiled a new management system for its that is designed to simplify management of thousands of servers spread across geographies and data centers, from a single pane of glass.

  • Amazon drops cloud prices, again

    Premium-Inhalt. , fresh off that brought down big-name sites such as Reddit and Imgur, today announced an 18% price reduction for its virtual machines, the 21st time the leading vendor has dropped prices since launching its cloud in 2006.

  • Microsoft doubles down on Windows 8 developers

    Premium-Inhalt. REDMOND, Wash. -- is all-in on the biggest gamble in its history.

  • Linux distro spotlight: Fuduntu

    Premium-Inhalt. It's not unusual for Linux distributions to have somewhat offbeat names -- Ubuntu (named after an Africa-originated philosophy), Red Hat (the creator of the original distro, Marc Ewing, had a red lacrosse hat given to him by his grandfather), and the wonderful CrunchBang Linux (named after the characters usually used at the start of a script -- #!). In the case of Fuduntu, the origins of the name are quite simple: It's a combination of Unbuntu and Fedora, the Red Hat-sponsored Linux distribution.

  • Intel researchers work on new way to display, share images

    Premium-Inhalt. Intel researchers are working on a new way to display photos and videos, making them more social and collaborative.

  • Amazon pulls anti-iPad mini ad after Apple confirms 'It is stereo'

    Premium-Inhalt. After Amazon's attempt to on its home page, Apple has hit back, pointing out that Amazon's claims are incorrect and the iPad mini does have stereo speakers.

  • Apple's 'Mr Fix It' Eddy Cue profiled

    Premium-Inhalt. Eddy Cue, the Apple exec who is now tasked with fixing Apple's voice-recognition PA Siri and its disastrous iOS 6 Maps app, has been profiled in a number of articles.

  • BT brings forward national fibre roll-out

    Premium-Inhalt. BT's commercial roll-out of its next generation fibre network has been brought forward by several months.

  • Huawei to meet with security researcher who disclosed vulnerabilities in its products

    Premium-Inhalt. Chinese networking and telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huawei plans to send a team of engineers to Germany in order to meet with Felix Lindner, a security researcher who earlier this year disclosed vulnerabilities in the company's products, he confirmed.

  • Central government considering single ERP platform

    Premium-Inhalt. Central government is considering consolidating all of its enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications into a single platform across all departments.

  • Intellect welcomes Lord Heseltine’s commitment to tech industries

    Premium-Inhalt. Lord Heseltine put forward his case to ministers today on how Britain can secure long-term growth for the future, and called fon government to give more attention to scientific research and the technology sector.