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Meldungen vom 18.10.2012

  • IBM baut Security-Portfolio kräftig aus

    Neue Cloud-Services

    Es wurde Zeit: Mit neuen (Cloud-)Services, die teils aus Akquisitionen entstanden, will Big Blue vor allem die Bereiche Mobile und Big Data Security besetzen.  …mehr

  • NFC-Smartphones dienen als Türöffner

    Samsungs Galaxy S3

    Die Samsung-Smartphones wurden um ein NFC-Modul im Micro-SD-Format erweitert, um die Zugangskontrolle sicherer zu gestalten.  …mehr

  • iPad Mini soll ab 2. November verkauft werden

    Das jüngste Gerücht

    Das iPad Mini wird angeblich ab dem 2. November erhältlich sein, 10 Tage nach der Vorstellung am 23. Oktober. Erste Details zur Ausstattung des kleinen iPad sind wohl bereits bekannt. …mehr

  • Tablet-Markt in Deutschland wächst unerwartet stark


    Laut einem Bericht des Bitkom ist in diesem Jahr in Deutschland die Nachfrage nach Tablet-Computern unerwartet stark gestiegen. Der Hightech-Verband stützt sich auf eine Prognose von EITO, der zufolge mit 3,2 Millionen verkauften Tablets gerechnet wird.  …mehr

  • Twitter blockt den Account von "Besseres Hannover"

    Verbotene Neonazi-Gruppe

    Twitter hat einer Bitte der Polizei in Hannover entsprochen und den Account der rechtsextremen Gruppe "Besseres Hannover" gesperrt.  …mehr

  • Google-Konferenz findet am 29. Oktober statt


    Google stellt am 29. Oktober Neues rund um das Betriebssystem Android vor. Gerüchten zufolge weden darunter neue Smartphones und eine weiterentwickelte Version des Android-Betriebssystems sein. …mehr

  • Karriereratgeber 2012 - André Häusling, Scrumjobs

    Chancen von agilen Entwicklern

    Vom 18. bis 31. Oktober 2012 beantwortet André Häusling Ihre Karrierefragen, vor allem bezüglich der Chancen im Umfeld der agilen Softwareentwicklung.  …mehr

  • Ebay-Nutzer kaufen mehr ein

    Online-Plattform steigert Umsatz deutlich

    Der Online-Handel boomt und Ebay profitiert davon. Umsatz und Gewinn legten im dritten Quartal ordentlich zu.  …mehr

  • Datenrettung mit den Profis

    Ratgeber Speicher-Crash

    Fallen Speichersysteme eines Unternehmens durch einen technischen Defekt aus, bedroht das im schlimmsten Fall die Existenz des Unternehmens. Mit der richtigen Strategie geht der Speicher-Crash jedoch glimpflich aus. Für den Ernstfall stehen professionelle Datenretter bereit, die Daten selbst in aussichtslos erscheinenden Lagen schnell wieder herstellen können.  …mehr

  • AnyTAG NFC Launcher

    NFC-Tags für Smartphone-Aktionen nutzen

    Die Applikation AnyTAG NFC Launcher nutzt die NFC-Funktionen aktueller Smartphones, um zuvor definierte Aktionen auszuführen, sobald der Nutzer das Smartphone an einen der Tags hält.  …mehr

  • 2D-Inhalte auf 3D-Fernsehern und 3D-Monitoren


    Immer mehr Fernsehgeräte aber auch Monitore setzen auf 3D. Während der Anteil an 3D-Inhalten stetig steigt, sind jedoch nach wie vor ein Großteil an Sendungen und Filmen im herkommlichen 2D verfügbar. Was muß bei der Wiedergabe von 2D-Inhalten auf 3D-Fernsehern oder Monitoren beachtet werden?  …mehr

    Von Daniel Behrens
  • HP meldet Fortschritte für sein Software Defined Networking

    Hewlett-Packard baut seine SDN-Lösung aus

    Die Virtualisierung von Hardware, Control-Software und Anwendungen soll flexibler als traditionelle Netze sein und den Anforderungen des Cloud Computings besser gerecht werden.  …mehr

  • Anbieter wittern gute Geschäfte

    Experton zu Unified Computing

    Wir haben Wolfgang Schwab von der Experton Group gebeten, den Trend zu vorkonfigurierten Systemen aus Analystensicht zu bewerten. Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, IBM und Oracle gehen den Markt nach seiner Einschätzung unterschiedlich an.  …mehr

  • Fünf Schritte zum Projekterfolg

    Tipps fürs Change-Management

    Schlechtes oder fehlendes Change-Management zählt zu den Hauptgründen für das Scheitern von IT-Projekten. Berater Booz erklärt, wie Veränderungen gelingen. …mehr

  • New iPad mini panel leaks suggest no 16:9 display for Apple's upcoming tablet

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple is expected to unveil its smaller iPad, dubbed 'iPad mini', at its official event on Tuesday, and it speculation is that the device could have a . However, new leaked parts that allegedly belong to Apple's upcoming tablet suggest otherwise.

  • 'No free lunch' with Office on Windows RT for business, says analyst

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft confirmed Wednesday that owners of Windows RT hardware, including the company's own Surface RT, must acquire a commercial license for Office 2013 to use those devices' bundled Office apps at and for work.

  • Early SAP HANA customers separate reality from the hype

    Premium-Inhalt. Anyone even loosely following SAP lately should know that the company's goal is to reorient its entire product family around the , which first became generally available last year. According to SAP, HANA provides a level of performance improvement that can be nothing short of dazzling.

  • Chef Ramsay will see you now

    Premium-Inhalt. If you've never seen chef Gordon Ramsay in his early television appearances--the original UK Kitchen Nightmares in particular--they're really spectacular.

  • As monthly wireless service plans grow, some wonder if the sky's the limit

    Premium-Inhalt. Verizon Wireless' Share Everything plan, introduced in June, has helped boost the average Verizon wireless phone bill by 6.5% to $145 a month.

  • Apple financial data may be unsealed in Samsung case

    Premium-Inhalt. Information about sales, profits and margins for specific Apple products should be made public, the judge hearing the company's lawsuit against Samsung Electronics ruled on Wednesday, though a higher court's decision could keep the data from ever being revealed.

  • FCC Paves Way for 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Service

    Premium-Inhalt. Due to a technical error, the CIO.com story, "FCC Paves Way for 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Service," which ran on the wire Wednesday, was missing its lede. The story has been corrected on the wire and the lede reads as follows:

  • After Google disappoints, Page points at future growth chances

    Premium-Inhalt. Google CEO Larry Page tried to put a positive spin on his company's poor third-quarter financial results, which were released prematurely Thursday and triggered a panicked stock sell-off before trading was abruptly halted.

  • Dell ramps up converged infrastructure push with Active Systems

    Premium-Inhalt. Dell mapped out the next phase of its data center strategy on Thursday with new hardware and software that it says will make it faster and cheaper for customers to deploy new hardware and applications.

  • 'Third kind of computer' learns cancer medicine

    Premium-Inhalt. IBM's Watson computer -- best known for having competed successfully with human players in the TV quiz game Jeopardy -- is building its knowledge-base for its first 'serious' uses, in the medical world and the finance industry. Both are of great potential benefit to humanity as well as promising markets in the billions of dollars to IBM, says Manoj Saxena, general manager of the group developing Watson.

  • Baby Kingdom: EDM success spurs biz growth

    Premium-Inhalt. While open-source tools help SMBs make good use of the latest technologies at lower cost, firms need reliable tech support for products used when they grow larger.

  • Nokia Lumia 920: AT&T may have exclusive rights for 6 months

    Premium-Inhalt. If you are set to buy a Windows 8-powered soon after its launch, you may have to switch to AT&T. A number of training videos for sales representatives have leaked and indicate that the Lumia 920 will be exclusive to the mobile carrier for the first six months after the phone's launch.

  • Microsoft takes income hit prior to Windows 8 launch

    Premium-Inhalt. Facing a sluggish PC market and deferring revenue from sales of its upcoming Windows 8 OS, Microsoft reported US$4.47 billion in net income for its first fiscal quarter of 2013, a 22 percent decline from the same period a year earlier.

  • Ultra HD name proposed for next-generation high-def TVs

    Premium-Inhalt. A U.S. consumer electronics industry association is proposing "Ultra High Definition" become the common name for a new generation of television sets that offer a resolution four times that of today's high-def standard.

  • Toshiba taking pre-orders for new Windows 8 lineup

    Premium-Inhalt. Toshiba has introduced a new line of computers that, in keeping with Windows 8's emphasis on touch, offers an array of products with displays that can be poked and pinched.

  • Webroot SecureAnywhere 2013 adds protection for Mac OS X

    Premium-Inhalt. Webroot is here. The new security suite from Webroot includes a variety of updates in the areas of performance, and the overall user experience. But, the most notable feature of SecureAnywhere 2013 is that it now also protects Mac OS X.

  • Google, Samsung offer $249 Chromebook with ARM chip

    Premium-Inhalt. With a $249 Chromebook, Google is taking its biggest shot yet at bringing Chrome OS to the mainstream.

  • Ubuntu Linux 12.10 'Quantal Quetzal' takes flight at last

    Premium-Inhalt. There's never any shortage of excitement and anticipation surrounding the major updates to that arrive twice each year, and Thursday's brand-new release is no exception.

  • Canon Pixma MG4220: Capable home-office MFP with pricey ink

    Premium-Inhalt. The $130 Canon Pixma MG4220 will easily handle the needs of a home office, but its ink costs are higher than average, and they're ludicrously expensive if you make the mistake of purchasing the low-capacity PG-240 and CL-241 cartridges. On the other hand, the unit provides nice output, makes quick work of business documents and copies, and automatically duplexes--a nice feature set for the price.

  • Persona is limited, values stereotypes over substance

    Premium-Inhalt. Creating compelling characters for a work of fiction isn't an easy undertaking: They have to be recognizable as people and avoid the traps of cliché. It's easy to see how a writer would welcome a tool like Mariner Software's , which aims to help make such a task easier. Unfortunately, while I had high hopes for the app, its aim goes far wide of the mark, turning a creative exercise into a rote one, fraught with problems.

  • Tweetbot arrives in Mac App Store, with higher price than its developers prefer

    Premium-Inhalt. on Thursday released in the Mac App Store, though at a price higher than the company had initially intended to charge. The company says the app's $20 fee comes due to Twitter's increasing limitations on third-party apps.

  • Google, tech sector hit by sluggish economy

    Premium-Inhalt. Google today reported a for the third quarter, an unexpected slip that highlighted an online industry still struggling to make money on a growing mobile market.

  • Seven things to consider in a Windows tablet

    Premium-Inhalt. Come Oct. 26, when Microsoft is set to stage a release party in New York City, consumers may have to choose between a tablet with Windows 8 or Windows RT. The operating systems look and feel the same, but devices will differ on performance, price, battery life, usage and application support.

  • Zambia, Malawi move to crack down on online media

    Premium-Inhalt. As the Web increasingly becomes a conduit for expression of social unrest, Zambia and Malawi are moving to close down and more closely monitor online media.

  • AMD to lay off 15 percent of workforce

    Premium-Inhalt. Chip company Advanced Micro Devices on Thursday said it would lay off 15 percent of its workforce as it tries to inch back to profitability at a time when the PC market is slumping.

  • Google Q3 financial statement out early, shares pummeled

    Premium-Inhalt. Google's third-quarter financial results are out early and its shares are taking a beating because the company missed revenue and net income expectations.

  • Juniper may be for sale, but not to EMC

    Premium-Inhalt. Wall Street doesn't doubt that Juniper Networks is in play, but does doubt EMC's interest in the company.

  • GM to hire 3,000 HP employees as it insources IT work

    Premium-Inhalt. HP has agreed to transfer 3,000 of its employees to the General Motors payroll, as the automaker , the two companies announced Thursday.

  • Microsoft takes income hit prior to Windows 8 launch

    Premium-Inhalt. Facing a sluggish PC market and deferring revenue from sales of its upcoming Windows 8 OS, Microsoft reported US$4.47 billion in net income for its first fiscal quarter of 2013, a 22 percent decline from the same period a year earlier.

  • Apple Manufacturing Jobs Are Not Coming Back and That's OK

    Premium-Inhalt. These days, everyone wants to invoke Apple to score some political points-and for good reason.

  • Large number of Dell, HP printers, MFPs incompatible with Windows RT

    Premium-Inhalt. Hewlett-Packard and Dell have published compatibility lists of printers and multifunction devices for the upcoming Windows 8 and RT tablet OSes, with a large number of models listed as bring incompatible with Windows RT.

  • Virtual desktops: User tips from the trenches

    Premium-Inhalt. The lure of virtual desktop infrastructure - less costs for endpoints, reduced power requirements, lower management costs, better - is compelling but mastering the environment is tricky, say users that have embraced the technology.

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