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Meldungen vom 26.08.2012

  • Die beliebtesten Remote-Control-Lösungen

    Computer steuern und überwachen

    Remote-Control-Tools helfen dem Administrator, ferne Rechner von einem lokalen PC aus zu steuern. Je nach Funktionsumfang können sie sogar bei der Fehleranalyse oder Wartung eines Computers helfen. Wir haben die zehn beliebtesten Remote-Desktop-Programme für Sie zusammengestellt.  …mehr

  • Die Highlights der IFA

    Flachbildfernseher und mehr

    Zur IFA in Berlin bringen die großen Elektronikhersteller wieder ihre aktuellen Highlights nach Berlin. Zu den wichtigsten Stars gehören wieder neue Flachbildfernseher mit superschlankem Display und gestochen scharfer Auflösung.  …mehr

  • Reif für einen Jobwechsel?


    Wer seinen Job an den Nagel hängen will und auf Besseres hofft, sollte auf der Hut sein: Nicht selten ist der Beruf Buhmann für etwas anderes, was im Leben fehlt. Ein Experte verrät, wie Sie Ihre wahre Motivation ausloten. …mehr

  • Witzige und originelle Uhren für Nerds

    Nicht nur Zeitmesser

    Wir zeigen Ihnen die witzigsten und originellsten Armbanduhren für Nerds. 20 besonders eigentümliche Modelle, die garantiert Ihren inneren Geek wecken.  …mehr

    Von Sarah Jacobsson Purewal
  • Augmented Reality, Mac-Tastaturkürzel und Entwicklungshilfe mit sozialen Medien

    Videos und Tutorials der Woche

    Diesmal zeigen wir eine Augmented-Reality-Plattform von Canon für die Industrie, nützliche Tastaturkürzel für den Mac und wie Technologie gepaart mit sozialen Medien nachhaltige Entwicklung fördern können.  …mehr

  • The Macalope Weekly: Early reviews

    Premium-Inhalt. An Apple television set may or may not be coming for a while yet, but that doesnt mean we cant compare it to other products, right? And, heck, if we can compare the mythical Apple television to other things, we sure as heck can compare the next iPhone to things, right? Finally, how bout that Tim Cook?

  • Apple-Samsung Verdict Doesn't Give Microsoft the Win

    Premium-Inhalt. When the news broke Friday that a jury  had awarded Apple for Samsung's infringement of iPhone and iPad patents, some gloating occurred but it remains to be seen if that smugness was warranted.

  • In Wake of Samsung-Apple Ruling, Nokia Stands on Solid Ground

    Premium-Inhalt. Its decided: and features and now has to cough up more than $1 billion, not to mention be more careful going forward in how it designs its products.

  • Birmingham City University builds £1m network

    Premium-Inhalt. Birmingham City University is building a £1 million network for its new city centre campus in Eastside.

  • Apple-Samsung Jurors Say Video Testimony, Emails Were Persuasive

    Premium-Inhalt. The Apple-Samsung patent infringement verdict is in, and the jurors who handed a major victory to Apple are speaking out.

  • Weekly Wrap: Mountain Lion 10.8.1, tons of apps, and more

    Premium-Inhalt. This week, solved such mysteries as The Case of the Sleepless Mac, How To Stop Google From Endlessly Checking for Updates, and What to Call a Big Group of iOS Apps. The Weekly Wrap is here to catch you up on those and other chilling tales. from the week gone by.

  • Three signs 4G infrastructure deal with Samsung

    Premium-Inhalt. Mobile operator Three has added more meat onto the bones of its 4G roll-out strategy by signing an infrastructure deal with Samsung.

  • Victorinox offers refunds after USB Swiss Army drives lose security

    Premium-Inhalt. Swiss army knife maker Victorinox has decided to take the sting out of ditching support for the security software in its range of USB-knife drives by offering customers a full refund.

  • Apple iPhone sales slump in China

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple's share of China's lucrative smartphone market dramatically halved to just 10 percent in April-June 2012. China is Apple's second-largest market, and its where the iPhone is made.

  • National broadband project spurs business process overhaul at Telstra

    Premium-Inhalt. The NBN has driven Telstra to overhaul internal processes to become more competitive, according to Telstra director of products and IT enablement, Jenny Wood.

  • Dell Latitude E6330: Perfectly Professional

    Premium-Inhalt. The Dell Latitude E6330 may not look like much: It's a business-oriented laptop focused on, well, productivity. It's not as pretty as an Ultrabook, nor as powerful as a gaming laptop, but it gets the job done. The E6330 particularly shines when it comes to business-oriented tasks, such as when you're working in Office programs and saving documents. Thats not terribly exciting, to be sure, but Dell has definitely found the Latitudes niche.

  • What the Apple-Samsung verdict means to you

    Premium-Inhalt. In one sense, isnt that momentous. The damagesa bit north of $1 billionare less than half of what Apple originally sought.

  • Browser Updates Fix Bugs, Weaknesses

    Premium-Inhalt. In this roundup of fixes, its all browsers this month. Google released Chrome 21, patching a number of dangerous PDF-viewer-related bugs. Mozilla tackled more vulnerabilities than usual, including an interesting drag-and-drop bug, and Apple released Safari 6.0, sealing multiple potential private information leaks.

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