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Meldungen vom 16.07.2012

  • Dokumente konvertieren in OpenOffice

    Word, Excel, Powerpoint

    Wer Microsoft-Office-Dokumente mit OpenOffice.org oder LibreOffice bearbeiten will, stößt oft auf Probleme. Die besten Tipps zum Umstieg.  …mehr

  • Microsoft steigt bei MSNBC.com aus

    Getrennte Wege auch im Web

    Eine der ältesten Partnerschaften im Internet ist Geschichte. …mehr

  • Windows 8 nur noch als Upgrade und System Builder?


    Microsoft wird möglicherweise keine Vollversion von Windows 8 mehr im Handel anbieten.  …mehr

  • WLAN-Betreiber müssen Nutzerdaten nicht speichern


    Anbieter von WLAN-Verbindungen ins Internet sind nach einem Urteil des Landgerichts München nicht dazu verpflichtet, die Nutzer zu identifizieren und ihre Daten zu erfassen. …mehr

  • Wikipedia-Macher planen Online-Reiseführer


    Unter dem Dach der Wikipedia-Mutter Wikimedia könnte ein kostenloser Online-Reiseführer entstehen. …mehr

  • Steuerfrei online einkaufen wohl bald vorbei


    Wer in den USA im Internet einkauft, muss vermutlich bald auch da Steuern zahlen.  …mehr

  • RIM soll knapp 150 Millionen Dollar Strafe zahlen

    Patentprozess verloren

    Der Blackberry-Anbieter Research in Motion (RIM) hat einen Patentprozess gegen Mformation aus New Jersey verloren und soll 147,2 Millionen Dollar Strafe zahlen.  …mehr

  • Nokia weckt mit Lumia-Smartphones keine Kauflust


    Nokia kommt mit seinen Windows Phones nicht aus den Startlöchern: Die Finnen haben nach jüngsten Marktzahlen gerade einmal 330.000 Lumia-Smartphones in den vergangenen vier Monaten in den USA verkauft. …mehr

  • Case of Bass - Koffersound für ästhetische Virtuosen

    Gadget des Tages

    Das US-amerikanische Zwei-Mann-Unternehmen Case of Bass recycelt alte Koffer - heraus kommen neue Soundsysteme.  …mehr

  • Microsoft streicht hunderte Stellen


    Microsoft hat US-Medienberichten zufolge hunderte Stellen im Bereich Internet-Werbung gestrichen.  …mehr

  • Lottospielen bald im Internet möglich


    Deutschlands Lottospieler sollen schon bald ihre Kreuzchen auch im Internet machen können. …mehr

  • Die Open-Source- und Linux-Woche im Rückblick

    openSUSE 12.2 RC1

    Die Entwickler von openSUSE haben mit Verspätung einen ersten Release-Kandidaten von Version 12.2 ausgegeben. Linus Torvalds ärgert sich über siebten RC von Kernel 3.5.  …mehr

  • Wer erleuchtet Hewlett-Packard?

    Computerwoche 29/30

    Hewlett-Packard (HP) durchlebt schwere Zeiten. Umsätze gehen zurück. Gewinne auch. Innovationen scheinen Mangelware.  …mehr

  • Online-Branche bevorzugt Hochschulabsolventen


    Ein abgeschlossenes Studium gepaart mit Praxiserfahrung ist die wichtigste Voraussetzung, um in der digitalen Wirtschaft Fuß zu fassen. Internet-Agenturen, E-Commerce-Dienstleister oder Online-Vermarkter suchen vor allem Mitarbeiter für Projekt-Management, IT oder Marketing und Vertrieb.  …mehr

  • Apple macht wieder bei US-Umweltsiegel EPEAT mit

    Nach Protesten

    Auf Druck seiner Kundschaft kehrt der US-Elektronikkonzern Apple zu einem amerikanischen Umweltsiegel zurück. …mehr

  • Unister-Chef Wagner weist Abzock-Vorwürfe zurück

    Nach "Computerbild"-Kritik

    Das Internet-Unternehmen Unister, zu dem Reiseportale wie ab-in-den-urlaub.de und fluege.de gehören, steht heftig in der Kritik. …mehr

  • Larry Page ist auf dem Weg der Besserung


    Bei Google-Chef Larry Page kehrt langsam die Stimme zurück. …mehr

  • Projektleiter - ein Auslaufmodell in der Scrum-Welt?

    Agile Softwareentwicklung

    Im Leitfaden für Scrum ist die Rolle des Projektleiters nicht mehr vorgesehen. Dennoch brauchen auch agile Entwicklerteams Personen, die Ansprechpartner für Kunden sind und das Projekt steuern.  …mehr

  • Wie viel darf Filesharing kosten?

    Differenzen um Streitwert

    Das OLG Köln hat Bedenken gegen die Höhe des Schadensersatzes in einem Filesharing-Prozess geäußert. Details von Christian Solmecke  …mehr

  • California jury returns verdict against RIM in patent suit

    Premium-Inhalt. A jury in California found Research In Motion had infringed a patent relating to wireless device management owned by assignment by Mformation Technologies, a mobile device management technology provider in Edison, New Jersey.

  • Study: One in every three mobile phones sold in the Philippines is a smartphone

    Premium-Inhalt. Increasing affordability of smartphones has been propelling the strong growth of the sector in the Philippines, rendering the country one of the fastest growing smartphone markets in the emerging Southeast Asia region. In the first five months of this year, almost 1.7 million units of smartphones have already been sold, translating to more than five times the volume sales from the same period last year.

  • Filipino technopreneurs get a chance to go global

    Premium-Inhalt. Incubator Kickstart Ventures, Inc., a fully-owned subsidiary of Globe Telecom, further expands its support to technopreneurship in the country by being part of ON3, a pitching contest that gives local startups an opportunity to go global by competing for attention of venture capitalists in Silicon Valley and the rest of the world.

  • Windows Surface Tablets Appear on Amazon, Including Cheaper Pro Version

    Premium-Inhalt. Amazon's Germany site lists five models of , including a smaller 32GB model previously unannounced.

  • Microsoft offers some details on future of Office for Mac and iOS

    Premium-Inhalt. On Monday Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled the . Versions? Yes, Microsoft is issuing two flavors of Office--Office 2013 and Office 365. Office 2013 is distributed and used very much like past versions of Microsoft's ubiquitous software suite--you pay once for a single license and install it on your Windows PC. Office 365 is a subscription version, with varying monthly costs depending on the number of licenses purchased and options desired.

  • Waterfield's PS Vita Case Review: The First Case We'd Recommend

    Premium-Inhalt. I've never felt compelled to post about a handheld case before, and for good reason. They usually feel cheap, like they could break at any moment. That's why I don't use a case on any of my handhelds; even my iPhone doesn't have a case. I don't see a reason when I'll end up purchasing a new case in a few weeks after that one broke from being in a backpack for a few hours. My opinion changed when I got my hands on , which they sent me for review.The attention to detail that went into the design of Waterfield's Vita case is evident at first glance. The top flap is made of beautiful double-layer leather and looks like part of a matching leather briefcase set. It's simple and understated. As soon as you pull the case out of the box, it's clear that the flap is made of real leather, as the smell of leather is strong, though it isn't strong enough to give headaches; it's just the right amount to let you know it's real without being overpowering. The inside pocket is lined with soft, felt-like material that keeps the protected and doubles as a screen cleaner, wiping off the screen as you pull the Vita out of the case. It doesn't trap dirt or other substances on the cloth, which left me worry-free about how I pulled my Vita out of the case. I didn't have to worry that it might catch on something and scratch up the screen. The outside of the inner pocket feels extremely durable and has storage slots for five Vita titles. There's a small cut at the bottom of each slot so that you can see which game is in there without having to pull it out completely, but this also means that you have to put the games in upside down, which doesn't feel intuitive. Though the surface of the pocket is textured and somewhat rough, it doesn't seem rough enough that it could cause any damage when sliding games in and out of the case. While it won't fit your AC adapter, the zippered pocket on the back of the case is one of my favorite features. It has a great zipper, I never found myself worrying about whether it would jam or not as it glides open and closed without any catching or slowdown. It fits a set of in-ear headphones and the Vita's USB cable perfectly. There's also three tiny pouches within the large pocket for storing additional Vita memory cards. I found this to be much more practical than just sticking them in the large pocket and hoping that they didn't fall out when I opened it up. After carrying this case for some time, I think it's one of the nicest purchases you could make to protect your PlayStation Vita. It's protective, beautiful, and understated. While it costs $50 and is thus more expensive than many other Vita cases out there, everything about it screams high-quality and I don't foresee it breaking anytime soon. It's durable enough to throw in a backpack and not have to worry about whether anything will get broken. If I was asked which Vita case was the best, the PS Vita case from Waterfield is the only case that I would recommend.

  • Create Beautiful Star-Trail Photos With Almost Any Camera

    Premium-Inhalt. If you're a space geek like me, you know that this has been a great season. Not only did we get to witness the extraordinary transit of Venus across the sun in June, but we also enjoyed a spectacular annular solar eclipse in May. And more recently, NASA announced that one of the Voyager probes has finally left the solar system for interstellar space.

  • Skype glitch sends messages to the wrong contacts

    Premium-Inhalt. Skype, a division of Microsoft, on Monday that a glitch in its software has led to instant messages being shared with unintended parties.

  • Nokia cuts Lumia 900 price in half to $50

    Premium-Inhalt. Nokia cut the price of the Lumia 900 smartphone in half, to $49.99, less than four months after the device went on sale at AT&T.

  • Microsoft launches preview of new Office 2013

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer today unveiled the next version of Office as the company launched previews of the suite for consumers and businesses.

  • US Navy's Unmanned SeaFox Submarines Play a Dangerous Game of Minesweeper

    Premium-Inhalt. The incredible innovations made possible by the United States military never fail to impress, and falls right into line with some of the coolest automated gadgetry lurking beneath the water.

  • The iPad Mini: A Late Game Changer?

    Premium-Inhalt. The Apple rumor mill is churning in high gear toward an iPad mini.

  • Cloud platform comparison: CloudStack, Eucalyptus, vCloud Director and OpenStack

    Premium-Inhalt. remains one of the hottest topics in IT today given the promise of greatly improved efficiencies, significant cost savings, scalable infrastructure and high performance and secured data storage.

  • Oracle's Hurd brims with confidence about SaaS, social and cloud

    Premium-Inhalt. To hear Oracle President Mark Hurd tell it, the $37.1 billion hardware and software company is well ahead of competitors on any number of fronts, from transitioning customers to SaaS and the cloud, to incorporating social technology into its products. Exuding supreme confidence in , hardware/software combos such as exabyte storage and its latest buyouts, Hurd said in a recent interview with IDG Enterprise that the main thing keeping him awake at night is "customers making decisions and we're not there. We've got to make sure we're there."

  • Microsoft reveals 'magical' new Office 2013

    Premium-Inhalt. 's latest version of Office pushes customers toward using cloud-based services that makes the suite of available on any device -- PC, tablet or phone -- and has a user interface tuned to work with the touch-centric 8 operating system.

  • Startrails Helps You Make Images of a Night's Worth of Sky

    Premium-Inhalt. Taking the star photos is the hardest part of making a star trail. Stacking them together is not much more complicated than the process for making a panorama in an application such as Windows Live Photo Gallery. You'll need a specialized star-trail stacking program; I recommend two, both of which are easy to use and free. Achim Schaller's Startrails is a good choice because it can not only stack your photos but also make an animation of the stars rotating in the sky. StarStax is a similar program, but it lacks the animation option.

  • Free Nero Kwik Media's Easy-to-Use Interface Takes the Controls

    Premium-Inhalt. Nero has never before been lauded for its interfaces. But new times and new blood have conspired to make Nero Kwik Media Free, a gratis version of the company's multimedia librarian, player, burner and transcoder--intuitive, of all things. Not 100 percent so, but close. Nero has also opted to make the program dead-simple to use, though the company may have erred too far in that direction.

  • Microsoft shifts main Office product to the cloud

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft launched the public beta of Office's next version on Monday, saying that from now on the suite's cloud-based edition, Office 365, will be its primary focus of development.

  • Google exec Marissa Mayer takes over as Yahoo CEO

    Premium-Inhalt. Marissa Mayer, a longtime Google executive, has been named the next CEO at Yahoo.

  • Yahoo picks Google's Marissa Mayer as CEO

    Premium-Inhalt. Yahoo has picked Google's Marissa Mayer as its new CEO, replacing Scott Thompson, the former PayPal president who left the Yahoo post less than six months into his tenure following a controversy about his college education.

  • Larger iPhone Rumors Resurface, But an August Launch is Unlikely

    Premium-Inhalt. Consider this a reminder: don't take all iPhone rumors at face value.

  • Will Tech Industry Ever Fix Passwords?

    Premium-Inhalt. After the recent security breach that site LinkedIn, social media companies are scrambling to patch over their poor security practices. Wait too long to address known security holes, and CIOs should worry about seeing their companies targeted, hacked and eventually vilified in the press.

  • Givit for iPhone and iPad

    Premium-Inhalt. I happen to think my daughter is the most wonderful kid on the planet. Total strangers, however, may not agree. And instead of courting their dissent by posting videos of my child doing delightful things, I turn to a more private way of sharing videos with friends and family.

  • Select and Delete Multiple Messages in Gmail

    Premium-Inhalt. Reader Bill wrote in with this question:

  • Are you legally linked in?

    Premium-Inhalt. History is littered with examples of the law being slow to catch up with the use of technology.

  • Graceful exits from IT: Why CIOs decide to move on

    Premium-Inhalt. Great CIOs and IT executives help drive their companies by being agile, innovative managers. They nurture their employees, build talented teams and foster creativity in their people. They try new things. They lead by example.

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