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Meldungen vom 28.06.2012

  • Die große Google-Show in San Francisco

    "Mission Impossible"

    Von den beiden Google-Gründern Larry Page und Sergey Brin hat der Nachkömmling russischer Einwanderer derzeit eindeutig den cooleren Job. …mehr

  • Nokia ergänzt Refresh-Update um Extras

    Lumia 800 und Lumia 710

    Nokia hat mit der Auslieferung des angekündigten Software-Updates Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh für das Lumia 800 und das Lumia 710 begonnen. Die beiden Windows Phones erhalten zudem von Nokia gewisse Extras. …mehr

  • Shopping mit dem Smartphone boomt


    Das Einkaufen von unterwegs mit dem Smartphone boomt. …mehr

  • RIM wirbt um Entwickler für neue Plattform


    Im harten Wettbewerb der Smartphone-Anbieter setzt Blackberry-Hersteller RIM auf einen Neustart. …mehr

  • Said Zahedani verlässt Microsoft Deutschland


    Peter Jaeger (40) wird zum 1. August Senior Director Developer and Platform Evangelism (DPE) in der Geschäftsleitung von Microsoft Deutschland.  …mehr

  • Telekom braucht neuen Chef für US-Problemtochter

    Humm bei Vodafone

    Die Deutsche Telekom verliert einen ihrer prominentesten Köpfe. …mehr

  • Blog-CMS WordPress in Version 3.4.1

    Bugfixes und Security-Updates

    Für WordPress 3.4.1 "Green" ist das erste Update mit Fehlerkorrekturen erschienen.  …mehr

  • Bowers & Wilkins P3 - Faltbarer Hifi-Kopfhörer

    Gadget des Tages

    Der neue Hifi-Kopfhörer von Bowers & Wilkins bietet ein besonderes Feature - er lässt sich zusammenfalten.  …mehr

    Von Steve Furthmüller
  • Larry Page nicht ernsthaft erkrankt

    Google-Mitbegründer Brin

    Google-Mitbegründer Sergey Brin hat Spekulationen um eine ernsthafte Erkrankung von Google-Chef Larry Page zurückgewiesen. …mehr

  • América Móvil erreicht Beteiligungsziel bei KPN

    27,7 Prozent

    Lateinamerikas größter Mobilfunkanbieter América Móvil hat mit knapp 28 Prozent sein Beteiligungsziel beim niederländischen Telekomkonzern KPN erreicht. …mehr

  • Karriereratgeber 2012 - Mariella Antokovic, andrena objects AG

    Jobs im Agilen Software Engineering

    Vom 28. Juni bis zum 11. Juli beantwortet die Leiterin Recruiting des Software Engineering Beratungshauses andrena objects AG, Mariella Antokovic, Fragen zu neuen Rollen und Karriereperspektiven unter dem Vorzeichen von Scrum und Agilem Software Engineering.  …mehr

  • Google bringt neue Hardware für das eigene Ökosystem

    Nexus 7, Nexus Q

    Mit neuer Hardware unter dem hauseigenen "Nexus"-Label will Google seiner Nutzer stärker an das Content-Angebot aus Google Play binden. Das erinnert stark an Apple und iTunes. …mehr

  • Polizei-Rechenzentrum - 110 droht Hitze-Ausfall

    Veraltete Technik

    In der Leitzentrale der Berliner Polizei droht wegen Problemen mit der Kältetechnik ein Ausfall der Notrufnummer. Vorerst sollen mobile Kühlaggregate helfen.  …mehr

  • Windows Intune: Was kann die neue Version?

    PC- und Smartphone-Verwaltung

    Seit dem letzten Update lassen sich mit Windows Intune neben PCs auch iPads, iPhones oder Android-Geräte über die Management-Plattform verwalten. Die COMPUTERWOCHE hat die Microsoft-Lösung getestet.  …mehr

  • Foursquare mit neuen Funktionen

    Frisches Aussehen für Positionsdienst

    Die Macher des Positionsdienstes Foursquare haben ihre Apps und das Backend komplett überarbeitet. Die neue Version sieht nicht nur besser aus, sondern verspricht auch mehr Funktionen.  …mehr

  • Was Entwickler 2012 verdienen


    Zwischen 41.000 und 60.000 Euro im Jahr liegen die durchschnittlichen Gehälter von Entwicklern. Spitzenreiter sind Programmierer aus der Finanzwelt.  …mehr

  • Google Wallet launches support for subscriptions

    Premium-Inhalt. Google Wallet launched support for recurring subscription payments and has begun automatically assigning the lower of two fees for processing payments, Pali Baht, Google Wallet product manager for digital goods said at the I/O conference on Wednesday.

  • Skills shortage could delay NBN rollout: Union

    Premium-Inhalt. The Communications Electrical and Plumbing Union (CEPU) has warned that the speed of the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) could be affected due to a lack of skilled workers and despite some $100 million in Government funds being spent on training up Telstra employees.

  • LightSquared's Falcone charged with securities fraud

    Premium-Inhalt. The hedge fund that owns most of troubled mobile startup LightSquared has been rocked by securities fraud charges filed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

  • Google gives Google Docs offline capabilities

    Premium-Inhalt. One of the big disadvantages to using cloud-based office apps is that you have to be connected to the Internet to use them.

  • New Google Nexus devices fail to address Android's big failings: Ovum

    Premium-Inhalt. recently , the seven-inch Nexus 7, its latest Jelly Bean operating system and a home media device which will be marketed under Google's own brand."

  • CIOs Seeking System Interfaces That Are 'Apple-Simple'

    Premium-Inhalt. The consumerization of IT pressures CIOs to make office tools as easy to use as personal technology. Some CIOs strive for new systems that are "Apple-simple," meaning the interface is so simple that no formal training is required. Just pinch or tap, swipe and go. (For more on the challenges of simplification, see " .")

  • Targeting Dotcom may backfire on Hollywood: InternetNZ

    Premium-Inhalt. The copyright industry upped the ante by getting the New Zealand government involved in its fight against Kim Dotcom, but yesterday's High Court decision declaring the search and seizure of Dotcom's property illegal shows the move could backfire on them says Internet New Zealand CEO Vikram Kumar.

  • Putting predictive analytics to work

    Premium-Inhalt. The Computerworld story, "Putting predictive analytics to work," which posted to the newswire Wednesday, has been altered by Computerworld with an expanded second paragraph and a new third paragraph. Those changes have been added to the story on the newswire and they read:

  • RFP criteria for how to build an agile data infrastructure

    Premium-Inhalt. This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach.

  • Dell C3760dn Review: A Workhorse Color Laser

    Premium-Inhalt. The $649 (as of June 28, 2012), ethernet- or USB-connectable Dell C3760dn is an office workhorse. It has the speed and capacity to handle high-volume printing. The controls and four-line LCD are simple and effective, the print quality is quite good, and maintenance is easy, too. But before you start printing a ton, note that although its black toner is very affordable, its color toner can be pricier than average.

  • Google+ Updates: Tablet Optimization, Events, and History API

    Premium-Inhalt. Google announced several updates for its Google+ social network at its Google I/O keynote on Wednesday. These updates include tablet optimization, events support with Google Calendar integration, and general performance boosts to the Google+ apps.

  • BT announces pilot areas for ‘FTTP on demand’

    Premium-Inhalt. BT has revealed eight locations across the UK that will be the first to pilot the delivery of its fibre-to-the-premise (FTTP) on-demand offering, which is set to become commercially available from spring 2013.

  • Government launches competition to award £4.5m in cloud R&D

    Premium-Inhalt. The government's innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), has launched a competition that aims to distribute £4.5 million worth of grant funding to a number of projects researching cloud computing.

  • Underperforming suppliers may get fewer government contracts

    Premium-Inhalt. Francis Maude, minister for the Cabinet Office, will today address twenty of the government's top suppliers and inform them that supplier performance will now be monitored and made available at the start of and during the procurement process, which may make it difficult for those with poor performance to secure future government work.

  • Bill Gates dismisses tablets in education

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates thinks that tablets do not meet the needs of education. Instead, he suggests that a low cost PC would be a better solution as it would allow students to be "highly interactive".

  • Google disproves Apple's claims that devices can't be built in US

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple's been criticised in the past for not manufacturing its products in the US, and has given a number of excuses when pressed on the matter. However, Google has now proven that high-tech goods can be produced in the US, the company's new Nexus Q is "Designed and Manufactured in the USA" according to the inscription on the device.

  • How CIOs Can Find Time to Think Strategically

    Premium-Inhalt. Your day is already jam-packed and long. Yet every pundit says you need to be more strategic. How do you find the time to think strategically about positioning your business to gain and sustain competitive advantage?

  • Florida woman's iPhone overheats and melts floor mat

    Premium-Inhalt. A Florida woman has reported that her iPhone 3GS began spontaneously smoking and overheated so badly that it melted her car's floor mat.

  • Next five years could be 'tough' for the iPhone, analyst

    Premium-Inhalt. In the five years since the launch of the iPhone in June 2007, Apple has seen $150 billion in revenue thanks to the device, and sold 250 million units worldwide, however analysts think that the next five years may be less lucrative for the company.

  • New iTunes will include music sharing features, report

    Premium-Inhalt. Yet more evidence has emerged suggesting that Apple is planning a complete overhaul of iTunes with sources suggesting that new media sharing features will be fundamental to the update.

  • CIOs In Search of IT Simplicity

    Premium-Inhalt. No company sets out to create convoluted processes supported--sometimes thwarted--by layers of overly complicated technology. But too often, that's what we face. Applications that require days of training but still generate streams of calls to the help desk. Databases and tools too old for vendors to support, but too vital for CIOs to shut down. Data centers choked with servers and wiring, connected to more just like it.

  • 6 Steps to Improve BPM in a Social-Media-Driven World

    Premium-Inhalt. As mobile devices and social media put down ever deeper roots in IT, businesses are seeing big changes in how employees do their jobs and how customers interact with them, in addition to--ideally--using the technologies to find new revenue streams.

  • Rumor: 10-inch Kindle Fire Coming

    Premium-Inhalt. Kindle Fire gossip is almost as common as iPhone and iPad rumors. Lately we've been hearing a lot about a tablet, which may arrive as early as next month. The rumored new model will be the successor to the first-generation Fire that debuted less than a year ago, and not a moment too soon--the of the just-announced Google Nexus 7 make the original Fire seem pretty dated already.

  • Are You Keeping Ahead of IT Industry Trends?

    Premium-Inhalt. During my recent travels, I met with a leading angel investor and we talked about the amazing roll that the technology sector is on right now. Consider the incredible amounts of investment flowing into companies like Facebook, Jive, LinkedIn, Instagram, Yammer, Box and DropBox. Or spend a few days at events like DEMO (our Silicon Valley-based conference for emerging technologies), and you'll see why investors are so enthusiastically drawn to the technology startup community.

  • CIOs Should Learn to Lead the 'Digital Cowboys'

    Premium-Inhalt. Former management consultant Pekka Viljakainen argues in his latest book, , co-written with IT consultant Mark Mueller-Eberstein, that today's senior executives don't know how to lead up-and-comers.

  • Texas State CIO Bets Big On Controversial Outsourcing Deal

    Premium-Inhalt. Wanted: Experienced CIO to take over struggling IT organization with flailing outsourcing relationships, data centers in disarray and a disheartened internal staff.

  • RIM delays BlackBerry 10, reports plummeting sales

    Premium-Inhalt. Amid stiff competition from the likes of Google and Apple, Research In Motion is planning a series of sweeping changes that will see the company delay a key update to its BlackBerry operating system, reduce the number of phones it sells, and shed almost a third of its employees.

  • BYOD Security Concerns: Does IT Protest Too Much?

    Premium-Inhalt. The bring-your-own-device phenomenon, or BYOD, has really stirred up the hornet's nest in the enterprise, particularly among CIOs. They're worried that BYOD gives too much control to employees and may even be the beginning of the end for IT.

  • RIM delays BlackBerry 10, reports plummeting sales

    Premium-Inhalt. Research In Motion is delaying the launch of its BlackBerry 10 operating system due to delays in completing the software.

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