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Meldungen vom 19.06.2012

  • Microsoft riskiert für eigenen Tablet-Computer Ärger mit Partnern


    Es ist ein historischer Schritt - und ein sehr gewagter. Wird Microsoft mit seinem eigenen Tablet "Surface" der Durchbruch gelingen? Das Tablet könnte der Befreiungsschlag sein - bedeutet aber auch den Bruch mit einem erfolgreichen Geschäftsmodell. …mehr

  • Camtasia Studio in neuer Version 8


    Techsmith hat die neue Version 8 seiner Screencasting-Software "Camtasia Studio" angekündigt.  …mehr

  • Projectplace wird zur sozialen Plattform


    Das schwedische Unternehmen Projectplace hat seine Projekt-Management-Software mit Social-Web-Tools überarbeitet. Neu sind eine Planungsfunktion sowie mobile Anwendungen für das iPad von Apple und Android-Geräte.  …mehr

  • Google liefert Nexus-Tablet schon aus

    Gerüchte aus der Lieferkette

    Laut einem neuen Bericht soll das Google-Tablet Ende Juni auf der Entwicklerkonferenz Google I/O in San Francisco vorgestellt werden. …mehr

  • Gema stellt keine Strafanzeige gegen Anonymous

    Nach Drohvideo

    Nach erneuten Angriffen auf die Internetseite der Gema verzichtet die Musikrechtegesellschaft auf eine Strafanzeige gegen die Hacker-Gruppe Anonymous. …mehr

  • Sony Smart Wireless Headset Pro liest SMS vor

    Gadget des Tages

    Das Smart Wireless Headsets Pro von Sony liest Kurznachrichten vor und spielt Musik direkt von der SD-Karte ab. …mehr

  • Smartphone dokumentiert die Arbeit

    Projekt für Pflegekräfte

    Die Stadt Stockholm ermöglicht rund 2000 Pflegekräften per Smartphone Zugriff auf Informationen. Die Vor-Ort-Dokumentation erlaubt ihnen mehr Zeit für die Betreuung.  …mehr

  • Spannende neue Geldgeber für Sonos


    Der amerikanische Multi-Room-Audio-Spezialist Sonos hat eine neue Finanzierungsrunde über 135 Millionen Dollar abgeschlossen.  …mehr

  • Facebook übernimmt israelische Face.com


    Facebook treibt die Erkennung von Gesichtern auf Fotos voran. …mehr

  • Oracle hält sich mit Software über Wasser

    Vorzeitige Quartalszahlen

    Licht und Schatten beim SAP-Rivalen Oracle: Während das angestammte Geschäft mit Software rund läuft, ist der US-Konzern zuletzt deutlich weniger Server losgeworden. …mehr

  • Microsoft baut eigene Tablet-PCs für Windows 8


    Microsoft nimmt den Kampf um den boomenden Tablet-Markt selbst in die Hand. …mehr

  • Gigabyte HD 7850 OC im Test


    Die modifizierte AMD Radeon HD 7850 kommt von Gigabyte: Zwei große Lüfter sowie eine übertakteter Grafikprozessor sollen für Top-Ergebnisse sorgen. Ob der Hersteller das schafft, zeigt der Test.  …mehr

  • Private Cloud in der Praxis

    Eine Stadt in der Cloud

    In der Stadtverwaltung Bergheim kommt die IT aus der Wolke. Bei der Einführung standen Wirtschaftlichkeit und Sicherheit im Fokus.  …mehr

  • Die wahren Kosten eines Virtual PC


    Eine Desktop-Virtualisierung will gut überlegt sein. Lesen Sie hier nützliche Tipps, wie die IT ein Projekt einer sinnvollen Kosten-Nutzen-Analyse unterzieht.  …mehr

  • Wie Unternehmen Cloud-Storage nutzen

    Reality Check Cloud Computing

    Cloud-Storage-Dienste wie Amazon S3 oder Mozy von EMC schießen wie Pilze aus dem Boden. Lesen Sie, wie Unternehmen von den neuen Services profitieren können. …mehr

  • Samsung Galaxy SIII im Praxistest

    XXL-Smartphone der Superlative

    Apple-Jünger müssen sich noch bis Spätsommer auf das neue iPhone gedulden. Für viele anderen Anwender stehen die Chancen gut, mit dem Samsung Galaxy S3 ihr Traum-Smartphone bereits gefunden zu haben.  …mehr

  • US lawmakers call for online, mobile privacy legislation

    Premium-Inhalt. The U.S. Congress doesn't need to take major steps to protect the privacy of Web and mobile users, because self-policing efforts are generally working, the CEO of TRUSTe told lawmakers on Tuesday.

  • Paragon Virtualization Manager 12 Professional Handles Virtual Machines and More

    Premium-Inhalt. The connection between partition imaging (creating a copy of your partition to one large file) and virtualization (virtual PCs running inside a window) is an interesting one. When vendors realized that the large files used by virtual machine hosts such as and VMware Workstation were basically image files, it became apparent that you could have your backup--and run it to. Paragon's Virtualization Manager 12 takes full advantage of this symbiotic relationship by imaging partitions to files that are ready to run in the VM software of your choice.

  • Looking at Microsoft's Surface from an iPad perspective

    Premium-Inhalt. , a tablet computer it says is "coming soon," and one clearly aimed at competing directly with the iPad.

  • USC Engineers Create a Robot Finger That Beats Humans at Feeling Textures

    Premium-Inhalt. We've seen more than a handful of research projects with the goal to make robots . A team of scientists from the University of Southern California's Viterbi School of Engineering is aiming specifically to make just a single artificial finger sensor, called , that can detect textures even better than a human can.

  • Data in possible credit card breach appears to be old

    Premium-Inhalt. A batch of names, addresses, emails and phone numbers of credit card customers around the world released on Monday indicates a breach of a payment processor, but the data appears old.

  • Microsoft launches own Windows 8 tablets, one a 'full PC'

    Premium-Inhalt. Hollywood -- Microsoft launched two 10.6-in. tablet computers dubbed Surface on Monday, built on Windows 8, with two versions of unusual attachable Touch Covers that double as keyboards.

  • By the numbers: Microsoft's Surface vs. Apple's iPad

    Premium-Inhalt. While there is much more to both Microsoft's new Surface tablet computer and Apple's iPad than pure specifications, the physical and technological differences between the two devices are likely to play a part in which device tablet PC buyers might ultimately favor.

  • HP worried about an Oracle takeover after Hurd switched sides

    Premium-Inhalt. Hewlett-Packard voiced concerns about Oracle attempting a hostile takeover after it hired former HP CEO Mark Hurd as co-president, Oracle's lead counsel told a judge on Monday.

  • Facebook: In India, 30 percent of users are mobile-only

    Premium-Inhalt. About one third of Facebook's users in India appear to access the service from a mobile phone only, supporting the notion that many people in developing countries first experience the Internet through a mobile device rather than a PC.

  • HP puts Intel Atom chip in low-power 'Gemini' server

    Premium-Inhalt. Hewlett-Packard on Tuesday took the wraps off a new, low-power server platform called "Gemini," the first implementation of which will use an upcoming Intel Atom processor code-named Centerton.

  • AVADirect Clevo W110R: Small, Heavy, and Fast

    Premium-Inhalt. If you're looking for a laptop with gaming power, but don't relish the thought of lugging around a 17-inch beast, the AVADirect Clevo W110ER could be for you. It has a much smaller footprint and an 11.6-inch display, but many of the same internal components that you'll find in a basic gaming laptop of significantly larger dimensions: a Core i7-3610QM CPU, 16GB of system memory, a GeForce GT 650M GPU, and a 7200-rpm, 750GB hard drive in the configuration we tested (which costs approximately $1350, as of June 19, 2012).

  • Microsoft's Surface tablet no threat to Apple's iPad

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple has little to worry about from Microsoft's tradition-breaking move to sell its own tablets, analysts said today.

  • Tailored Displays compensate for vision problems

    Premium-Inhalt. Researchers have built a prototype display designed to compensate for vision problems so that viewers don't need to wear glasses.

  • Square launches support for customer loyalty programs

    Premium-Inhalt. Square, a startup focused on facilitating credit card transactions at small businesses, began supporting customer loyalty programs in updates of its major apps launched Tuesday.

  • QCon: Application development faces seismic shift

    Premium-Inhalt. In much the same way that Java replaced C++ 15 years ago as the dominant programming language for enterprise software, Web development technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and others might supplant traditional programming languages today, according to an Oracle software executive.

  • Hong Kong datacenters lack renewable energy options

    Premium-Inhalt. Datacenters in Hong Kong can never become greener -- because Hong Kong's government is lukewarm to the use of renewable energy."

  • Oracle's Catz was 'shocked' by HP suit against Hurd

    Premium-Inhalt. Oracle refused to commit to continued porting of its software to Hewlett-Packard's Itanium platform as part of the companies' settlement over Oracle's hiring of Mark Hurd, Oracle co-President Safra Catz told a judge on Tuesday.

  • The tech landscape of Macau

    Premium-Inhalt. has spent 30 years in Macau. He talks to Computerworld Hong Kong about his IT career in Macau, the 1999 handover, liberalization of gaming industry, and the evolving IT industry

  • LG puts tablet development on hold

    Premium-Inhalt. Following Microsoft's announcement of the new Surface tablet, LG Electronics said it has decided to put its new tablet development on hold in order to focus on smartphones.

  • Hong Kong puts datacenter hopes on building conversion measures

    Premium-Inhalt. , the Hong Kong SAR Government puts its 'hopes' on two measures announced in the 2012-13 Budget Speech to give the datacenter sector some boost.

  • AP leads in contact centre business

    Premium-Inhalt. The Asia Pacific region is still the place to beat when it comes to the contact centre business. According to a recent report by analyst group Frost & Sullivan, the region was home to 3.48 million agent seats in 2011. By 2018, this number is expected to grow to 5.9 million.

  • The CIO vs. the sales end run

    Premium-Inhalt. In my 15 years as a CIO, I've experienced a gamut of questionable sales techniques. Some favorites, so to speak, include the "end-of-quarter deal never to be repeated," which is then repeated at the end of the next quarter; the promise that "we're your partner and you always get our best price," which you suspect is being made to all of the company's hundreds of other customers; and the selling of products that don't yet exist.

  • How Citibank Uses Twitter to Improve Customer Service

    Premium-Inhalt. Dealing with customer service via phone rarely wins companies high marks. All too often, calling that 800-number on the back of your bank card means navigating an endless, automated screening system only to be routed to an agent in an overseas call center with minimal ability to help.

  • Is IT Outsourcing Worth It?

    Premium-Inhalt. Outsourcing is the lifeblood of IT. The prevailing theory is that outsourcing saves companies money and enables them to engage a broader pool of IT skills and talent than they could in-house. However, the challenge that perception.

  • Google: We Find 9,500 New Malicious Sites Every Day

    Premium-Inhalt. It's no secret that the Web is full of malicious content, but Google on Tuesday published some statistics that reveal just how breathtaking the scale of that danger really is.

  • Facebook will allow app developers to offer subscriptions

    Premium-Inhalt. Facebook said on Tuesday that it would begin allowing app developers on its platform to charge users for subscriptions but would require them to stop using Facebook Credits for in-app purchases, according to a .

  • Remains of the Day: Redefinition, please

    Premium-Inhalt. It's a day of redefinitions. For one thing, "Kodak moment" apparently now refers to taking someone to court; the MacBook Pro with Retina display has redefined how thin you can make an LCD, and Apple may be loosely redefining the word "everything." The remainders for Tuesday, June 19, 2012, meanwhile, are as constant as the north star.

  • Alerts about free food in the kitchen and other signs enterprise social tools are a hit

    Premium-Inhalt. BOSTON -- About 18 months ago Nathan Bricklin saw some gaps in the internal processes of Wells Fargo's wholesale business unit where he worked running the Web portal for the bank's major corporate accounts.

  • LinkedIn hit with lawsuit over massive data breach

    Premium-Inhalt. LinkedIn has been hit with a potential class-action lawsuit alleging it failed to meet "industry standard" security practices in connection with a massive data breach earlier this month, according to court documents.

  • Success! iOS 6 Beta Jailbreak Here, But Only for A4 iPhone and iPod Touch

    Premium-Inhalt. Last week, a seasoned developer managed to jailbreak iOS 6 less than a day after Apple's WWDC keynote--although it for the public. After a week of waiting, the iOS 6 beta is now .

  • System Mechanic Free: A Lesson in Trade-Offs

    Premium-Inhalt. In hiking and wilderness circles there's a well-known story about an inexperienced woodsman who thought he would try going au naturel in the woods, eating nuts and berries for the winter. Unfortunately, the cold, hard fact that you can't survive by burning more calories than you take in caught up with him after a couple of months. If you were to apply that lesson to such as System Mechanic Free, they'd probably cease to exist in short order, since most of them don't speed up your PC enough to offset their own CPU and resource usage.

  • Control a Fantastic World in Free MMORPG Wurm Online

    Premium-Inhalt. Wurm Online is a sandbox MMORPG game in a fantasy setting. Character creation is a snap--pick a name. No skills, no race, not even a choice of physical appearance. Your avatar is identical to everyone else's. Where Wurm Online excels, though, is in the degree of player control of the world. It could be described as a sort of hybrid of , , and . Wurm Online is free to play, although some premium features are reserved for paying customers.

  • Duolingo Translates the Web and Teaches You a Language

    Premium-Inhalt. Crowd-sourced translation site came out of private beta Tuesday, and offers Internet users a way to learn a language for free, while at the same time helping to translate the Web.

  • Microsoft and Google Suddenly Want to Be Like Apple

    Premium-Inhalt. On Monday, Microsoft shocked the tech world by announcing a pair of Windows 8 tablets, both dubbed . But it wasn't just the press event's mysterious nature that made the news so stunning.

  • Why Apple's iOS 6 Privacy Protection Will Backfire

    Premium-Inhalt. People don't like it when apps surreptitiously steal personal information. Apparently Apple's primary concern is the "surreptitious" part, though, rather than preventing personal data from being leaked or collected. New dialog boxes in iOS 6 may protect Apple, but will do little to help users safeguard their privacy.

  • Juniper confines SDNs to data center

    Premium-Inhalt. Juniper is initially focusing its (SDN) strategy on the , a market where it can do itself the least amount of damage if the initiative fails to pan out.

  • Microsoft to build its own tablet, the Surface

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft took a bold step into the tablet market on Monday with the unveiling of a computer aimed squarely at bettering Apple's market-leading iPad.

  • What You Really Need to Know About Cloud Security

    Premium-Inhalt. Despite all of the hand wringing over cloud security, major cloud security breaches haven't been grabbing headlines. The past year has seen major breaches, such as the ones that hit and , but we haven't heard much of an emphasis about the cloud being a weakness.

  • Microsoft Announces New 'Surface' Tablet PC

    Premium-Inhalt. As many had speculated, Microsoft has announced a new tablet PC at an event today in Los Angeles.

  • New Android malware disguised as security app

    Premium-Inhalt. Google's Android mobile platform is the target of a new variant of a widely used malware capable of stealing personal information.

  • Sharp's New 90-Inch Set is the Biggest LED HDTV You Can Buy

    Premium-Inhalt. At this year's CES, with its 2012 HDTV lineup. Now it has an even bigger addition to go along with the 60-inch, 70-inch, and sets announced earlier in the year, as the company unveiled its new 90-inch Aquos LC-90LE745U model at an event in New York City today.

  • Remains of the Day: Super, man

    Premium-Inhalt. Another iAd executive has been spotted leaving Apple, a tip shows you how to get the very most out of your Retina MacBook Pro, and iOS 6 could put podcasting front and center. The remainders for Monday, June 18, 2012 are faster than a speeding bullet.

  • Oracle profit jumps 8 percent, though hardware sales decline

    Premium-Inhalt. Profits at Oracle climbed 8 percent in the quarter just ended, though hardware sales declined and overall revenue was up only slightly, the company said Monday.

  • Microsoft unveils iPad-like Windows 8 Surface tablet

    Premium-Inhalt. After teasing the press through the weekend over an invitation-only announcement at a secret location in Los Angeles, Microsoft today revealed a line of tablets that will ship this fall and run Windows 8. An ARM-based model will run , the Metro-only version of Windows 8, and an Intel-based model will run the full version of Windows 8, including the Windows 7 portion.

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