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Meldungen vom 12.06.2012

  • Amazon plant Android-Appstore auch für Europa


    Amazon will seine Software-Plattform für Android-Programme einem Medienbericht zufolge noch in diesem Sommer nach Europa bringen. …mehr

  • Tim Cook präsentiert kein "One More Thing"

    Apple WWDC

    Vor einem Jahr hatte auf der Apple-Entwicklerkonferenz WWDC noch Mitbegründer Steve Jobs auf der Bühne gestanden. …mehr

  • Mitarbeiter vor Computer-Stress schützen

    Von der Leyen

    Unternehmen sollen ihre Mitarbeiter nach dem Willen von Arbeitsministerin Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) besser vor Stress durch Computer und Smartphones schützen. …mehr

  • Google legt Rechtsstreit mit französischen Verlegern bei


    Der Internetkonzern Google und die französischen Verleger haben einen sechsjährigen Streit mit einem Abkommen zur Digitalisierung vergriffener, aber noch urheberrechtlich geschützter Bücher beigelegt. …mehr

  • Unionsfraktion will Urheberrecht "evolutionär" entwickeln


    Das Urheberrecht ist zu einem Aufregerthema geworden - nun meldet sich die Unionsfraktion im Bundestag mit einem Diskussionspapier zu Wort. Sie will die Gesetze behutsam weiterentwickeln. Die Wirtschaft soll den Nutzern vermitteln, was erlaubt ist und was nicht.  …mehr

  • Stuxnet und Flame haben Gemeinsamkeiten


    Das Computer-Schadprogramm Flame hat nach jüngsten Erkenntnissen der IT-Sicherheitsfirma Kaspersky Lab Ähnlichkeiten mit dem Computervirus Stuxnet. …mehr

  • LG Optimus 4X HD im Handel gelandet

    Quad-Core-Bolide von LG

    Das LG Optimus 4X HD ist jetzt in Deutschland erhältlich, wie LG ankündigte. Die Verfügbarkeit des Quad-Core-Smartphones wird von ersten Händlern bestätigt, die den neuen LG-Boliden bereits auf Lager haben. …mehr

  • Apple legt die Notebook-Latte höher

    "Next generation" MacBook Pro

    Apple heizt auf der WWDC mit dem nächsten Betriebssystem für iPhone und iPad den Kampf um den Mobilfunk-Markt mit Googles Android an. …mehr

  • Konzernchefs unter Druck

    Fluktuation verdoppelt

    Durchschnittlich bleiben deutsche CEOs siebeneinhalb Jahre im Amt. Seit 2010 hat sich die Fluktuationsrate auf den Chefsesseln allerdings verdoppelt. …mehr

    Von Marie-Sophie Bergauer
  • Fallen im Projekt-Management

    Ratgeber Projektportfolio-Management

    Deutsche Unternehmen haben den Wert von effizientem Projekt-Management erkannt. Was die Führungskräfte jedoch häufig noch nicht berücksichtigen, ist der richtige Mix der vielen Einzelprojekte. …mehr

    Von Marcus Berger und Dr. Thomas Henkelmann
  • Warum Unternehmen von Diversity profitieren

    Vorteile für Firmen, Mitarbeiter und Kunden

    Wie Firmen die Unterschiedlichkeit ihrer Mitarbeiter nutzen und so einen Wettbewerbsvorteil erlangen können, beschreibt Marion Kraske.  …mehr

  • B2B-App-Stores krempeln den Markt um

    Kampf um Inhalte und Partner

    Fasziniert von den Erfolgen der App Stores von Apple und Google für Smartphones, kopieren IT-Anbieter das Marktplatzmodell für den Vertrieb von Geschäftsapplikationen.  …mehr

  • If Megaupload users want their data, they're going to have to pay

    Premium-Inhalt. U.S. federal prosecutors are fine with Megaupload users recovering their data -- as long as they pay for it.

  • ActiveBatch heads to the clouds

    Premium-Inhalt. Advanced Systems Concepts has updated its ActiveBatch job scheduling software to include the ability to schedule and automate tasks in the cloud."We want to help people automate the provisioning of cloud resources," said Jim Manias, Advanced Systems Concepts vice president of marketing and sales.

  • Kodak seeks court approval for confidential patent auction plan

    Premium-Inhalt. Eastman Kodak filed Monday a court motion seeking approval for confidential bidding for the auction of its digital patent portfolio, that it expects will be completed by August.

  • Dutch citizen charged with fraud, identity theft in hacking case

    Premium-Inhalt. A 21-year-old Dutch citizen has been charged with allegedly selling credit card numbers collected from Boeing's employee credit union and stealing card numbers from other illegal online data markets.

  • Nokia Lumia 900 Phones Appear in One College's Freshman Packet

    Premium-Inhalt. Are you a freshman at Seton Hall this fall? If so, in addition to your dorm keys and student ID, a nice new is waiting for you. The New Jersey college will issue every member of the incoming Class of 2016 a phone through its Mobile Computing initiative.

  • Microsoft Does an About-Face on Visual Studio and Open Source

    Premium-Inhalt. Last month Microsoft caused considerable concern in the community when it made clear that the free, Express version of its upcoming new Visual Studio development software would for desktop-style applications.

  • Meet the mintBox: A New Mini-PC with Linux Mint Preinstalled

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft's for Windows 8 PCs may have many members of the open source community up in arms, but even as the ongoing saga , a small army of alternatives are quietly marching onto the scene.

  • Fusion-IO on-server flash coming to Cisco's UCS blade systems

    Premium-Inhalt. Cisco Systems will get on board with Fusion-IO's flash storage modules later this year, becoming the latest server maker to offer the technology that is already available in servers from IBM, Dell and Hewlett-Packard.

  • Apple sets OS X Mountain Lion release for July, cuts upgrade price 33%

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple said today that it would ship OS X 10.8, or Mountain Lion, next month, for $19.99, a 33% price cut from last year's upgrade to Lion.

  • Remains of the Day: Bring out yer dead

    Premium-Inhalt. The new MacBook Air gets torn down (and not built up again), Thunderbolt is striking some machines with lightning, and the machine will no longer go Ping. The remainders for Tuesday, June 12, 2012 are not dead yet.

  • Online data broker Spokeo settles FTC charges for $800,000

    Premium-Inhalt. Spokeo, a company that aggregates and sells public data on individuals from numerous online and offline sources, has agreed to pay $800,000 to settle Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charges that it improperly marketed the information to employers and recruiters.

  • Want What the TV Commercial Shows You? Buy It Immediately via PayPal

    Premium-Inhalt. PayPal, Comcast, and TiVo want to make it easy for you to buy stuff right from your TV. With the online payment service's help, such a feature is coming to Comcast customers and users of the as early as this fall.

  • 3D Printer Prints In High Resolution, Isn't Resolutionary

    Premium-Inhalt. 3D printers can create highly complex objects, but they're often rough around the edges and have a limited resolution. If you want to print something that's complex or tiny, or includes fine detail, you're going to have to bump up the resolution on your 3D printer.

  • Apple discontinues 17-inch MacBook Pro

    Premium-Inhalt. Like many of us, the 17-inch MacBook Pro has learned that it can be dangerous to one's health to carry around too much bulk. Apple has discontinued the largest member of its laptop line in the wake of .

  • With H-1B cap reached, Congress has three options

    Premium-Inhalt. The H-1B cap for next year was reached this week, completing the annual petition process at the fastest pace since the start of the 'great recession.

  • Amazon Cloud Player App Comes to iPhone, iPod Touch -- At Last

    Premium-Inhalt. Amazon today released its long-awaited for the iPhone and iPod touch. The free app allows users of iOS devices, including the iPad, to stream or download music stored online in their account.

  • Flame crypto attack was very hard to pull off, security researcher says

    Premium-Inhalt. The MD5 collision attack used by the creators of the Flame malware was significantly more difficult to pull off than an earlier attack that resulted in the creation of a rogue CA certificate, according to security researcher Alexander Sotirov.

  • iOS 6 features you might have missed

    Premium-Inhalt. On Monday, Apple offered the first glimpse of iOS 6 during the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote. Though the updated mobile operating system won't arrive until sometime this fall, it's never too early to start drooling over the new features. We already covered --like seriously updated Siri, majorly overhauled Maps, and systemwide Facebook integration--so here's a look at some cool features coming in iOS 6 that you may have missed.

  • HP Officejet 6600 e-All-in-One Printer: No Duplexing, No Dice

    Premium-Inhalt. The HP Officejet 6600 e-All-in-One Printer (copy/scan/print/fax) is a puzzler, and a huge disappointment. Priced at $150 (as of June 11, 2012), it's handsome, it has an easy-to-use LCD control panel, and it offers excellent performance as well as decent output. However, for some bizarre reason HP has removed manual duplexing support--a simple software feature that allows relatively easy two-sided printing on printers that lack an automatic duplexer--from the printer driver.

  • MIT enables robot, human collaboration in manufacturing

    Premium-Inhalt. MIT researchers have developed an algorithm that they say will enable robots to learn and adapt to humans so they can soon work side-by-side on factory floors.

  • Online Marketers Need to Police Privacy Before the Feds Step In

    Premium-Inhalt. As new behavioral targeting technologies allow marketers to deliver their messages to more finely divided segments of potential customers, businesses must take a more serious approach to protecting consumer privacy if they want to avoid burdensome new regulations, according to Gartner analyst Andrew Frank.

  • Cook: Apple planning professional Mac for 2013

    Premium-Inhalt. Users who rely on Apple's Mac Pro system were disappointed when Monday's raft of WWDC announcements didn't include Apple's tower Mac, but Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed in an email to an Apple customer that the company is working on "something really great" to address the professional market.

  • iOS 6: Cool New Features, Same Old iPhone

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple's iOS 6 will continue leapfrogging with the competition by adding long-requested features as well as . But if you were hoping for big changes to the iPhone's operating system, you'll have to keep waiting.

  • A Tale in the Desert MMORPG Takes You to Ancient Egypt

    Premium-Inhalt. A Tale In The Desert ($14/month, 24 hours of play as free trial) is a unique MMORPG because has no combat system at all--not even against NPCs. Set in ancient Egypt, the prime focus of the game is crafting and building. Those who are used to crafting that consists of "click a recipe, watch a progress bar, get an item" will find A Tale In The Desert farm more involving.

  • Extinguishing Flame malware

    Premium-Inhalt. Flame malware is considered ingenious by network security researchers. They say the botnet has the most complex command and control structures ever seen.

  • First look: Amazon Cloud Player app

    Premium-Inhalt. In a world dominated by Apple’s media efforts, other means of purchasing and consuming media are sometimes overlooked. One such means is and its accompanying .

  • Firefox 14 Beta Arrives with an Extra Shot of Security

    Premium-Inhalt. Mozilla's new browser may have just barely landed on users' PCs, but already forward-looking fans can check out the beta version of Firefox 14--and the Aurora version of Firefox 15, too.

  • Industry consortium to tackle open spec for software use across multicore devices

    Premium-Inhalt. Companies including Advanced Micro Devices and ARM have formed a consortium to provide an open specification for software to be written and deployed in a cost-effective manner across multiple hardware configurations, it was announced Tuesday.

  • Google delivers Metro Chrome preview

    Premium-Inhalt. Google yesterday released its first preview of Chrome that runs in the Windows 8 Metro environment, making good on a promise from last week.

  • Apple pulls Messages beta for Lion

    Premium-Inhalt. If you haven’t yet had a chance to download Apple’s Messages beta, you’ll now have to sit back and wait until July to try the real deal. The company has pulled the trial software in anticipation of ; the previous link for downloading it now just brings you to Apple’s Mountain Lion page.

  • Algerian ban on ZTE, Huawei highlights corruption controversy

    Premium-Inhalt. The conviction on corruption charges and a two-year ban imposed on ZTE and Huawei Technologies in Algeria underscores the growing controversy surrounding the awarding of ICT contracts to Chinese firms in northern and sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Apple releases Trackpad Update for Retina MacBook Pro

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple has a special gift for you well-heeled early adopters who already brought home a brand new . That gift? A .

  • FTC chief technologist Felten urges techies to enter, influence government

    Premium-Inhalt. Renowned security expert and hacker Edward Felten's time as the first chief technologist of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission has been "highly educational," he said at a USENIX conference keynote address in Boston Tuesday, urging fellow computer scientists to follow in his footsteps.

  • Twitter Trends to reflect feeds users follow

    Premium-Inhalt. Twitter's Trends feature will begin to display lists customized for each user based on the feeds that user follows, the company said Tuesday.

  • Free Zimbra Desktop Email Client Plays Well With Webmail

    Premium-Inhalt. If you're looking for an alternative to Microsoft Outlook--or simply an email client/calendar/contact manager with a more modern, less proprietary view of communications--it could well be the free and open-source Zimbra Desktop. Not only does this elegantly-styled program offer most of , it interfaces to social media sites and services: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WebEx and Digg currently. It supports any POP or IMAP client, including Gmail, Hotmail (Live) and Microsoft Exchange. Unfortunately, importing existing email into Zimbra Desktop from a local client, while not impossible, can be extremely difficult.

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