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Meldungen vom 09.06.2012

  • Angst vor Karriereknick und Isolation

    Arbeiten im Home Office

    Zwar würde jeder zweite Deutsche gern zuhause oder mobil arbeiten - wenn er denn dürfte. Doch haben Mitarbeiter auch starke Bedenken.  …mehr

  • Chefwechsel und Milliarden-Investition bei Samsung

    Kwon Oh Hyun kommt

    Wechsel im Topmanagement von Samsung Electronics: Der bisherige Chef Choi Gee Sung soll sich künftig um neue Geschäftsfelder bei der Samsung-Gruppe kümmern. Sein Nachfolger ist der bisherige Vize Kwon Oh Hyun, der die Chipsparte ausgebaut hat.  …mehr

  • Die besten Tools für mobile Macbooks


    Wir haben die besten Apps für Macbooks gesammelt und getestet.  …mehr

  • Das große Versprechen


    Mit Macht und viel Geld versucht Intel, eine neue Geräteklasse in den Markt zu drücken. Ultrabooks sollen die Vorteile leichtgewichtiger Tablets mit denen klassischer Notebooks kombinieren und das dümpelnde PC-Geschäft ankurbeln.  …mehr

  • Was ein Android-Phone braucht…

    AirDroid, 2X Client, Android Assistant, Avast Mobile Security

    Auch aus Smartphone-Betriebssystemen kann man mit den richtigen Tools erheblich mehr herausholen: Wir stellen Profiwerkzeuge für Android vor.  …mehr

  • Facebook startet App Center

    Bald weltweit

    Facebook hat sein eigenes App Center an den Start gebracht. Vorerst nur in den USA erhalten Mitglieder des Sozialen Netzwerks darüber persönliche Empfehlungen und können sich eine Liste von Anwendungen ansehen, die der eigene Freundeskreis nutzt, teilte Facebook mit.  …mehr

  • Elgan: When bad tech ideas don't fail

    Premium-Inhalt. Silicon Valley talks a lot about failure -- about how it's important for young entrepreneurs to "fail early, fail fast and fail often" so they can quickly learn from experience and do better next time.

  • HMRC honcho poached by reseller for COO role

    Premium-Inhalt. UK-based reseller Kelway has appointed HMRC Director Steve Lamey as its new chief operating officer (COO).

  • Thomson Reuters acquires Apsmart to bolster mobile capabilities

    Premium-Inhalt. Thomson Reuters has acquired London-based mobile platform and product development firm Apsmart in a bid to bolster its mobile capabilities.

  • O2 blocks access to The Pirate Bay

    Premium-Inhalt. O2 has confirmed that it has complied with a to filesharing website The Pirate Bay.

  • Government lab deploys ethernet network to support HPC facility

    Premium-Inhalt. Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL), one of the UK's principal government labs and part of the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), has deployed a large-scale ethernet network to support a new high performance computing (HPC) facility that has 4.5 petabytes of storage online.

  • Verizon Car Collective May Bring In-Vehicle LTE to the Masses

    Premium-Inhalt. Verizon has brought together several global automakers in an effort to speed the rollout of so-called , signaling broader availability of in-car Internet in the near future.

  • Sony's Cute MMORPG Free Realms Offers Many Ways to Play

    Premium-Inhalt. Free Realms, a freemium MMORPG from Sony, claims "millions" of accounts, though how many of those represent regular players is anyone's guess. There are many different ways to play the game; whether the youthful graphics and intrusive upsells render it less playable is a matter of taste.

  • IT pros head to TechEd seeking details about Microsoft enterprise upgrades

    Premium-Inhalt. Tim Vander Kooi has gone to Microsoft's TechEd North America many times since the late 1990s, but he's never been as enthused as he is this year about attending the conference, the company's most important event for IT professionals and developers.

  • Facebook Claims on Policy Change Vote Turnout Stir Image Problem

    Premium-Inhalt. Facebook gave itself an image problem it doesn't need by declaring it's "" only a small minority of its users voted on its proposed privacy policy changes. The low turnout could have been its intent all along since it didn't do a very good job alerting people to the vote.

  • The Macalope Weekly: Executive suite

    Premium-Inhalt. Three executives, three stories. First, a Dell executive does what Dell executives do, talking out of orifices not meant for such purposes. Then, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for as Eric Schmidt’s magical six months are up! Finally, 50 years from now we’ll still be asking ourselves “Will Steve Jobs be remembered?”

  • Last FM tells users to change passwords after suspected hack

    Premium-Inhalt. London radio station Last FM has asked its users to change their account passwords after becoming the latest high-profile firm to own up to the possibility of a security breach.

  • UK makes global patent applications simpler

    Premium-Inhalt. The UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) has announced changes to the Fast Track patent application system, to make it easier and cheaper for businesses to apply for global patents.

  • Linx fortifies internet infrastructure for Olympics

    Premium-Inhalt. The London Internet Exchange (Linx) is bolstering its network ahead of this summer's Olympics, to help cope with an expected explosion in traffic.

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