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Meldungen vom 08.06.2012

  • Schufa-Forschungsprojekt gestoppt

    Nach massiver Kritik

    Das Facebook-Projekt der Schufa ist nach der massiven Kritik von Politikern und Datenschützern abgesagt worden.  …mehr

  • Google kündigt 3D-Karten und eine erweiterte Offline-Nutzung an

    Plus Streetview Trekker

    Um Nokia Karten und Bing Maps auf Abstand zu halten, kündigte Google auf einer Medienkonferenz Neuerungen und Änderungen rund um seine Kartendienste an. …mehr

  • Die Trends der Computer Simulation

    Summer School in St. Pölten

    Ob Simulation von Autoscheinwerfern oder IT-Sicherheit: In der Summer School der FH St. Pölten können Fach- und Führungskräfte ihr Wissen auf den neuesten Stand bringen.  …mehr

    Von Marie-Sophie Bergauer
  • Sound BlasterAxx von Creative - Lautsprecher in drei Längen

    Gadget des Tages

    Das Multimediaunternehmen Creative ist vor allem durch seine Sound Blaster-Soundkarten und Lautsprecher bekannt geworden - nun hat es eine neue Generation von Boxen auf den Markt gebracht. …mehr

  • Microsoft stellt Software für Android-Smartphones vor


    Microsoft hat die Android-App On{X} für Android-Smartphones veröffentlicht, mit der sich bestimmte Aktionen auf dem Telefon automatisieren lassen und mit Ereignissen verknüpft werden können.  …mehr

  • PC-Zubehör-Spezialist Logitech streicht 450 Stellen

    Schwache PC-Nachfrage

    Unter dem Eindruck einer weltweit schwächeren PC-Nachfrage streicht der Schweizer Computerzubehör-Hersteller Logitech 450 Stellen.  …mehr

  • Krawalle in Foxconn-Werk in China

    Bereits am Montag

    Rund 100 Mitarbeiter haben sich im Werk des weltgrößten Elektronikherstellers Foxconn im südwestchinesischen Chengdu an Krawallen beteiligt.  …mehr

  • Politik macht Front gegen Facebook-Pläne der Schufa

    Scharfe Reaktionen

    Überlegungen der Schufa, zur Berechnung der Kreditwürdigkeit auch Soziale Netzwerke wie Facebook zu durchleuchten, sind schnell von der Politik durchkreuzt worden. "Die Schufa darf nicht zum Big Brother des Wirtschaftslebens werden", betonte Verbraucherschutzministerin Ilse Aigner (CSU). …mehr

  • Twitter-Tsunami gegen Altmaier


    Bundesumweltminister Peter Altmaier (CDU) muss gerade die Schattenseiten eines transparenten Politikerdaseins kennenlernen. Über seinen Zugang zum Kurznachrichtendienst Twitter wurde er von hunderten Nachrichten überschwemmt, die ihm Anti-Atom-Aktivisten schrieben.  …mehr

  • Hitachi Data Systems positioniert sich neu

    Weg vom Kistenschieber-Image

    Heutige Techniken der Datenspeicherung genügen künftigen Anforderungen an die Datenhaltung nicht mehr, glauben die Verantwortlichen von Hitachi Data Systems und wollen sich neu als Content-Manager im Storage-Markt positionieren. …mehr

  • Haftstrafen für Abo-Fallen-Betrüger

    Sinnlos-Angebote im Internet

    Das Landgericht Hamburg hat in einem sogenannten Abo-Fallen-Verfahren Freiheits- und Geldstrafen für die Beklagten verhängt.  …mehr

  • Führungskräfte fühlen sich überfordert

    Zeitdruck und Arbeitslast

    Zudem verhindern Silo-Denken und fehlender gegenseitiger Respekt übergreifende Kooperationen, so eine Studie des WZB und Egon Zehnder.  …mehr

  • Querdenker sind lästig, aber wichtig

    Kreative Köpfe haben's schwer

    Nach vorne denkende Mitarbeiter haben in der Firma meist schlechte Karten. Dabei sorgen sie für Innovationen, sagt Jens-Uwe Meyer.  …mehr

  • Salman Khan to MIT grads: Innovators will foster societal change

    Premium-Inhalt. Future scientists and technology professionals, not governments, will develop the innovations that most benefit society, online educator entrepreneur Sal Khan told MIT's 2012 graduates during his commencement speech Friday.

  • Remains of the Day: Trials and tribulations

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple and Motorola won't have their day in court, Barnes & Noble doesn't cotton to the DOJ's lawsuit, and John Sculley gets a big screen alter ego. The remainders for Thursday, June 27, 2012 are larger than life.

  • Apple's WWDC 2012: Expect MacBook Refreshes, Siri Update

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is set to kick off next week in San Francisco, with expectations ranging from a new iOS maps app to a MacBook Pro and Air refresh. There might be some news around Siri (but not Facebook) as well.

  • Kindle Fire: Once Hot, Now Cold?

    Premium-Inhalt. Amazon had better hope that its upcoming is a real crowd-pleaser, because interest it the original Fire appears to be fading fast.

  • The Best Indie Games Of E3 2012

    Premium-Inhalt. You could be forgiven for missing the IndieCade pavilion amid the massive booths and pressing crowds of E3 2012. Nestled in a quiet corner of the L.A. Convention Center, this tiny oasis of independent game design is packed with laptop PCs running games made by students, artists and independent game developers.

  • Profiles in Geekdom: Alex Plank of Wrong Planet

    Premium-Inhalt. For those with Autism Spectrum disorders, communication and social interaction can be difficult. Autism is a spectrum of disorders--that is, it affects individuals to varying degrees--but those affected by it typically have difficulty in social situations and in clearly verbalizing their thoughts, which can make face-to-face interaction challenging.

  • How ComScore Is Using Hadoop to Tame Its Big Data Flow

    Premium-Inhalt. Mike Brown, the CTO at ComScore, knows a bit about managing big data. Every day 12 terabytes of information rushes into his cluster of 80 servers running the open-source software Hadoop, which sorts and analyzes the data for a host of clients who want to know things like which online vendor sold the most e-cards or how fast Facebook is growing in Brazil. "We ingest 32 billion new rows of a data a day," he says.

  • Crytek Unleashes Crysis 3 at E3

    Premium-Inhalt. One of the big games at E3 2012 comes from acclaimed developer Crytek. Electronic Arts showed off Crysis 3 at its massive booth. Coming in 2013 for PC and consoles, the game utilizes the latest CryENGINE technology. Players take on the role of Prophet as he returns to New York, only to discover that the city has been encased in a Nanodome created by the corrupt Cell Corporation. Rasmus Hojengaard, Director of Creative Development at , talks about what's in store in this new first-person shooter in this exclusive interview.

  • E3: Console Games Only Need Attend

    Premium-Inhalt. After covering the E3 2012 conference this week, I see that, ultimately, E3 doesn't really represent today's broad swath of gaming. Traditional, turn-based war games are completely absent from the mix in Los Angeles, so breakthrough titles similar to last year's are missing in action.

  • Music Site Last.fm Joins the Password-Leak Parade

    Premium-Inhalt. Music site Last.fm is investigating a security breach involving the leak of some user passwords, . The admission is the third in two days, following similar news from social networking site LinkedIn and dating site eHarmony on Wednesday.

  • ISOC: IPv6 is the new normal for the Internet

    Premium-Inhalt. is the new normal for the Internet. So claims the Internet Society (ISOC) as it sums up the early results of its World IPv6 Launch Day held on Wednesday.

  • OmniPlan project manager launches as an iPad app

    Premium-Inhalt. OmniPlan, a popular Mac-based project management application in its desktop version, is now available on the iPad.

  • Facebook launches App Center

    Premium-Inhalt. Facebook took its App Center live on Thursday at a slick media event in San Francisco, announcing a handful of previously undisclosed features.

  • Lawmakers suggest using military spectrum for LightSquared

    Premium-Inhalt. Five members of the U.S. House Appropriations Committee have asked the FCC to review all available spectrum controlled by the Department of Defense and try to find ways to make LightSquared's proposed mobile broadband network possible.

  • LinkedIn provides breach update -- sort of

    Premium-Inhalt. In an update that raises more questions than it answers, LinkedIn today assured members that the company is working hard to protect their personal data in the wake of a security breach that .

  • Lenovo ThinkPad X230: Pricey, New, Tried and True

    Premium-Inhalt. Fans of the classic ThinkPad won't be disappointed with the X230. It's the X series you love with the same rugged styling and construction, eraserhead cursor control, and comfortable keyboard--with a few innovations. The X230 will never be an avatar for thin and sexy, however. If that's what you seek, look elsewhere (toward , for example).

  • Mountain Lion: What we know heading into WWDC

    Premium-Inhalt. With poised to make an appearance at WWDC next week for developers , we figured it might be a good time for a rundown of what we already know about Apple's next OS.

  • Clamcase announces Clambook docking station for iPhone, Android

    Premium-Inhalt. ClamCase, maker of the , this week revealed the , a laptop-style docking station for the iPhone and Android smartphones.

  • US Navy Scientists Make Solar Panels Work Underwater

    Premium-Inhalt. So far, scientists have been hard at work to maximize solar energy output by sticking they can, or by pulling sunlight from . Scientists from the US Naval Research Laboratory's Electronics Science and Technology Division, on the other hand, are devising an underwater solar energy plant.

  • Developers look ahead to plenty of product news at WWDC

    Premium-Inhalt. When Apple's kicks off this week, there will be one big change from years past: No Steve Jobs.

  • Canon launches EOS 650D digital SLR with 18mp sensor and flip-out touchscreen

    Premium-Inhalt. Canon has announced the EOS 650D - a new digital SLR (DSLR) that offers high image quality and a touch-screen operation.

  • Apple Jab at Google Likely at WWDC

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple is expected to reveal its application, built into iOS 6, as the highlights of the opening Monday.

  • iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending June 8

    Premium-Inhalt. With 's annual Worldwide Developer Conference just days away, the yearning iOSphere seethes with rumors, alarums and frights.

  • Mountain Lion, iOS figure to highlight WWDC keynote

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference kicks off on June 11, and as ever, expectations are running high for what the company might announce at the that starts things off at 10 a.m. PT. We’ll know precisely what big surprises Tim Cook and company have up their collective sleeve by Monday afternoon, but even now we can predict with reasonable certainty at least a few of the products that will show up. And, perhaps more importantly, those that won’t.

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