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Meldungen vom 26.05.2012

  • Die elf Arbeitstypen der Zukunft

    Downshifter? Oder Digital Bohème?

    Zwischen Arbeiten und Privatleben wird es künftig keine Trennlinie mehr geben. Das Zukunftsinstitut in Kelkheim im Taunus hat elf Arbeitstypen definiert. Erkennen Sie sich wieder?  …mehr

  • 10 iPad-Apps, die jeder haben sollte

    Photoshop, Reeder und Co.

    Bilder bearbeiten, Dateien austauschen, Nachrichtenartikel zum späteren Lesen markieren: Wir stellen Apps vor, die auf keinem iPad fehlen sollten. …mehr

  • Die Kosten sind nur ein Aspekt


    Seit vielen Jahren mühen sich IT-Verantwortliche und Einkäufer mit TCO-Berechnungen ab, wobei TCO bislang für Total Cost of Ownership stand. In Zeiten der Cloud wird die Lage unübersichtlicher: TCO steht nun auch für Total Cost of Operations.  …mehr

  • Die wichtigsten IT-Produkte der Woche

    Von Windows Intune bis zur iDM5 Dockingstation fürs iPad

    Die COMPUTERWOCHE präsentiert Ihnen die spannendsten neuen IT-Produkte aus der vergangenen Woche. …mehr

  • 14 Top-Tools, die auf jedes Notebook gehören


    Wir präsentieren Ihnen 14 Gratis-Tools, die Ihr Notebook nicht nur diebstahlsicherer machen, sondern auch den Funktionsumfang und die Leistung verbessern.  …mehr

  • Facebook startet eigene Kamera-App


    Facebook macht Ernst beim Thema Smartphone-Fotos: Erst fädelte das weltgrößte Online-Netzwerk die Übernahme der Bilder-Plattform Instagram ein, jetzt folgt die eigene App.  …mehr

  • 30 Gratis-Tools für Windows


    Egal ob Video-Konvertierung, System-Überwachung oder Security - mit unseren 30 Gratis-Tools wird Ihr PC zum Alleskönner. …mehr

    Von und Tobias Weidemann
  • Sicherheitslücke nervt Oracle-Kunden

    Selber patchen

    Obwohl die Sicherheitslücke "TNS Poison" in der Oracle-Datenbank seit vier Jahren bekannt ist, gibt es bis heute keinen Patch. Anwender müssen selbst Hand anlegen.  …mehr

  • Gratis-Tools für den USB-Stick

    Best of Portable Tools

    Vergessen Sie Smartphone und Notebook. Mit diesen kostenlosen Tools verwandeln Sie Ihren USB-Stick in einen kompletten mobilen Arbeitsplatz. …mehr

    Von und Ines Walke-Chomjakov
  • Sources: TfL considering Wi-Fi bundles on Oyster travel cards

    Premium-Inhalt. Transport for London (TfL) and Virgin Media Business are considering creating pre-paid travel cards that include access to Wi-Fi in 80 of the capital's tube stations.

  • Ivy Bridge to be 'killer feature' in Apple's new MacBook Pros - poll

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple new MacBook Pros at its , so we asked Mac users what they think the 'killer feature' of the new MacBooks will be when they are unveiled.

  • Cloud providers cave into more flexible contracts

    Premium-Inhalt. Combined legal and market factors may force cloud providers to offer more flexible contract terms, suggests new research from Queen Mary, University of London.

  • Short on Funds? Don't Buy -- Use Online Barter Sites!

    Premium-Inhalt. The shaky economy has many of us thinking twice about parting with hard-earned dough. Maybe you're bargain-hunting, cutting back on travel, or skipping the gym for home workouts.

  • Flash and Lighting Tips From the Pros

    Premium-Inhalt. Cameras are like sunflowers: They thrive on light. And when there isn't enough light to go around, you need to add some of your own--that's where your camera's flash comes in. Looking for ways to take better flash photos? You should learn to , of course. But it's also important to understand how your flash works--the "physics" of flash photography, as it were. I've rounded up nine ways to improve the often harsh and contrasty photos that happen when your flash fires.

  • Resolving a Software Purchase Hassle

    Premium-Inhalt. On March 8, I purchased the full version of Adobe Acrobat 10 over the phone, using an Adobe account registered with my organization's address in Sanford, Florida. The sales rep said I would receive a confirmation email with download instructions and a serial number to activate the software. Weeks later, despite numerous phone calls and chats with customer service, I still haven't gotten a serial number. Help!

  • B-Folders 3

    Premium-Inhalt. Campers who need an all-in-one survival tool have the famed Swiss Army Knife. And business folks who are looking for an all-in-one productivity survival kit have B-Folders 3. This handy tool is more of a suite than just a utility, and what it lacks in user-friendliness, B-Folders 3 more than makes up for with its performance.

  • Remains of the Day: Knight time

    Premium-Inhalt. The TSA is joining the Apple ecosphere, a stolen iPhone sends pictures from beyond the "grave," and everybody can relax--Sir Jonathan Ive isn't going anywhere. The remainders for Friday, May 25, 2012 are on a horse.

  • Snap Concert Pics, Even Away from the Show

    Premium-Inhalt. Music fans can now take photos at live concerts and share them online, even if the performance happens to be thousands of miles away.

  • Find and Update Out-of-Date Drivers With RadarSync PC Updater

    Premium-Inhalt. RadarSync's PC Updater 2012 offers an easy-to-use and comprehensive solution for updating your PC's drivers. The application quickly scans for and identifies the out-of-date drivers lurking on your computer, and makes installing the newer versions a cinch, but getting PC Updater running takes a little longer than it should.

  • Parents get new weapons in war over kids' phones

    Premium-Inhalt. Parenting is war. As the father of two adult children, I have the battle scars (if not the shell shock) to prove it.

  • Cabinet Office’s open data exec moves to NHS body

    Premium-Inhalt. Tim Kelsey, the Cabinet Office's executive director of transparency and open data, has left to join the NHS Commissioning Board Authority.

  • UK universities launch supercomputing hub for businesses

    Premium-Inhalt. Four UK universities have partnered to launch a supercomputing hub that aims to provide modelling, simulation and analysis services to SMEs and larger businesses.

  • Usage of new iPad overtakes original iPad

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple's third-generation iPad has become the second most widely used iPad, overtaking Apple's original tablet after just two months after it was launched.

  • The Macalope Weekly: A kinder, gentler Macalope

    Premium-Inhalt. During these troubled times of high unemployment and gas prices and the , it's nice to be able to rely on your friends. First, the Macalope outsources some retorts to a friend in the security business and then a friend stages an intervention which prompts the horny one to make nice with a former victim.

  • UK host 123-reg recovers after 'massive' DDoS attack

    Premium-Inhalt. The UK's largest domain registrar 123-reg was hit this week by a "massive" DDoS attack that caused several hours of disruption to web traffic, third-party reports claim.

  • Yuta Onoda creates artwork to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Jose Cuervo

    Premium-Inhalt. Illustrator has created a campaign for tequila brand Jose Cuervo to celebrate the Mexican festival of Cinco de Mayo.

  • Film charts a life in 873 stock photos

    Premium-Inhalt. With 873 photos in motion, AlmapBBDO has created a touching one-minute film for Getty Images. This job required extensive research into the archives of thousands of photos of the brand.

  • Apple CEO Cook's doing a good job, but Jobs 'would have lost his mind over Siri'

    Premium-Inhalt. Steve Jobs would have "lost his mind over Siri," according to an ex Apple employee.

  • New Apple patents reveal 3D Safari web browsing

    Premium-Inhalt. In a few years time, you could be browsing the web and more in 3D, according to Apple's new Safari patent applications spotted by on Thursday.

  • ICO gives Amazon, Cabinet Office and Facebook warning over cookie law

    Premium-Inhalt. The Information Commissioner's Office has sent a letter of warning to 75 of the UK's most popular websites asking for them to prove within 28 days how they are moving towards compliance with the EU's new cookie law.

  • Facebook May be Eyeing Opera Web Browser, Reports Say

    Premium-Inhalt. Facebook's advertising appetite could be in for a nice snack if the company gobbles up the Opera web browser as some technology observers have speculated it may, and investors who have been edgy since the social network's recent IPO could also get some relief.

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