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Meldungen vom 20.05.2012

  • Apple iPad richtig absichern

    Sichere Tablet-PCs

    iPads haben in Unternehmen Einzug gehalten und beherbergen sensible Daten sowie Firmen-E-Mails. Daher müssen Administratoren und Nutzer sich mit den Sicherheitseinstellungen befassen. Wir erläutern worauf es ankommt.  …mehr

  • Testen Sie Ihren Marktwert!

    Vergütungsstudie 2012

    Personalmarkt und COMPUTERWOCHE starten mit Ihnen in die neue Gehaltsrunde. Machen Sie mit, dann erfahren Sie Ihr Salär.  …mehr

  • Was aus den jüngsten Internet-Börsengängen wurde

    LinkedIn, Groupon, Zynga

    Vor Facebook versuchten sich LinkedIn, Groupon oder Zynga als Börsenlieblinge aus der Internet-Branche. Manche dieser "Generalproben" für den Mega-Börsengang des weltgrößten Online-Netzwerks hinterließen bei Investoren einen schalen Beigeschmack.  …mehr

  • Die wichtigsten IT-Produkte der Woche

    Von Padfone bis SAPs Mobile Device Management

    Die COMPUTERWOCHE präsentiert Ihnen die spannendsten neuen IT-Produkte aus der vergangenen Woche. …mehr

  • Wer gewinnt mit De-Mail?

    Was den Markt erwartet

    De-Mail soll Deutschlands Schriftverkehr fit für die digitale Zukunft machen - so zumindest der politische Wille. Doch spielen die Unternehmen mit? …mehr

  • Business-Software für Tablets

    Appstore gegen Google Play

    Egal, ob die Entscheidung für Apple oder das Android-Lager ausfällt, ohne die richtige Software nützt die beste Hardware wenig. Wir haben die Exchange-Eignung sowie die Arbeit mit Office-Suiten und eigenen Apps untersucht.  …mehr

  • Was kann die Windows-Firewall?

    Kostenlose Firewalls im Vergleich

    Wie sinnvoll ist der Einsatz einer Personal Firewall auf dem PC? Wir vergleichen zwei kostenlose Lösungen mit der Windows Firewall.  …mehr

  • Ricoh GR Digital IV im Test


    Mit der GR Digital IV bringt Ricoh nun sein viertes Digitalkameramodell mit Festbrennweite. Wie gehabt ist die Verarbeitung erstklassig, und auch die Ausstattung kann sich sehen lassen. Mehr dazu im Test.  …mehr

    Von Verena Ottmann
  • Reports: Nasdaq admits technical bugs affected Facebook IPO trading

    Premium-Inhalt. Technical problems at the Nasdaq exchange affected the trading of Facebook shares on Friday, the much-anticipated day of its IPO (initial public offering), Robert Greifeld, chief executive of Nasdaq OMX Group Inc., told reporters on Sunday, according to published reports.

  • The new iPhone 5: rumours, tech specs, Liquidmetal, 3D cameras, 4in display and more

    Premium-Inhalt. The iPhone 5 launch is rapidly approaching. At least we all think it is, is famously regarding new products: launching new iPhones, computers and whizz-bang devices on an (largely) unsuspecting public out of the nowhere. All this causes a tremendous amount of excitement amongst tech industry watchers as people worldwide speculate, theorize, imagine, and just what the Cupertino-based company is really up to.

  • Apple forces new name for London Apple Expo, Microsoft signs up

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple has sent legal correspondence to the organiser of a London based Apple Expo warning them that use of the name Apple is a trademark infringement.

  • Metropolitan Police gets rapid smartphone analysis system

    Premium-Inhalt. Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) investigators will get quicker access to data from the mobile phones and smartphones of suspects after announcing the controversial deployment of the Radio Tactics ACESO data extraction system.

  • ICO to issue warning to government departments 'within days' over EU cookie law

    Premium-Inhalt. David Smith, deputy commissioner at the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), has said that government departments will feature on a list of the top 50 websites due to receive a letter of warning from the regulator over non-compliance with new EU cookie laws 'within days'.

  • Top 10 hybrid gadgets to rival the toaster-fridge

    Premium-Inhalt. Tim Cook thinks that would be like combining a toaster and a refrigerator. We wonder what the Apple CEO would think of this crazy collection of hybrid gadgets.

  • The 5 Best Online Marketplaces for Selling Handmade Goods

    Premium-Inhalt. Once upon a time, it was considered insane to compete against eBay. If you sold custom-made goods like clothes or jewelry, you sold at flea markets on weekends, and eBay the rest of the time. The idea that anyone would shop anywhere else for your handmade merchandise was silly.

  • Monitor Facebook Status Updates While You Use Chrome

    Premium-Inhalt. Are you a Facebook junkie? If so, you probably find yourself hopping back and forth between a Facebook tab and whatever else you happen to be doing in your browser. That's not terribly productive.

  • NASA Google Map Shows Path of Solar Eclipse

    Premium-Inhalt. Interactive maps and sites are worth checking out with the solar eclipse nearing.

  • US firms rush to adopt BYOD

    Premium-Inhalt. A Cisco study shows the vast majority of US firms are now adopting "bring your own device" (BYOD) schemes.

  • The Macalope Weekly: Cause and effect

    Premium-Inhalt. Sometimes it's hard to make the right connection between cause and effect. Are larger Android phones forcing Apple to make an iPhone with a bigger screen? First you'd have to show that comically large phones are affecting Apple in any way. A favorite silly pundit then posits that Google directly selling phones will soon make Android fragmentation a thing of the past! Finally, which came first: the MacBook Air or the Ultrabook? (Spoiler: IT WAS THE AIR.)

  • ICO may give organisations years to comply with EU cookie law

    Premium-Inhalt. A senior policy manager at the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has said that it may give organisations with complex website environments years to comply with new EU cookie laws, even though the new regulation came into effect in the UK almost twelve months ago.

  • Renewable sources will power Apple's data centre by 2013

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple has announced that its North Carolina data centre will be powered entirely by renewable energy sources by the end of 2012.

  • Kodak says Apple attempting to buy patents 'on the cheap'

    Premium-Inhalt. Kodak has accused Apple of trying to knock down the value of its patents so that it can buy them for less than their worth. Kodak claims its patents are worth $2.6 billion.

  • Sorkin reveals plans for Steve Jobs movie, Woz hired as tutor for the film

    Premium-Inhalt. The screenwriter set to turn Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs biography into a movie for Sony Pictures says the film won't be a straightforward biography, and that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has been hired to work as a "tutor" for the film.

  • Facebook vs. Google: Who Will Win?

    Premium-Inhalt. Facebook is now scads of new millionaires are on a Silicon Valley spending spree, and media outlets near and far have yet to pipe down about the IPO, likely one of the most anticipated in history.

  • Apple, Samsung CEOs to Negotiate Patent Dispute

    Premium-Inhalt. Two technology titans who have been grappling in courts around the world will be meeting face to face Monday to see if they can settle their differences and concentrate on what they do best: creating great consumer electronics products.

  • This Tiny PC Runs Linux and Android 4.0--and Costs Just $74

    Premium-Inhalt. Over the past few months there have been no fewer than three tiny, cheap Linux PCs making headlines, and now there's a fourth to add to the list.

  • Weekly Wrap: Hotkeygate, iOS 6, and a slew of reviews

    Premium-Inhalt. Once a week, we catch you up on Macworld's biggest stories from the past week, in case you missed them. Because that's what friends do for each other. This week, we ruminated on the futures of iOS and OS X, covered Hotkeysgate, and--as ever--offered a slew of reviews. A review slew, if you will. Let's dive in:

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