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  • Abschied von der Hierarchie


    Eine Fachlaufbahn in der agilen Softwareentwicklung bedeutet weder ein anarchisches noch bürokratisches Unterfangen. In einer meist unübersichtlichen Projektumgebung stellt sich der Erfolg nur mit einem durchdachten Herangehen ein.  …mehr

  • Telefonica mit weniger Gewinn - Aktie fällt

    Wegen Heimatgeschäfts

    Europas größter Telekomkonzern Telefonica hat im ersten Quartal weniger verdient als erwartet. …mehr

  • Grafikkarte übertakten mit Afterburner

    Gratis mehr Leistung

    Wie Sie Ihre Grafikkarte übertakten, und so eine höhere Framerate, flüssigeres Gameplay und bessere Video-Wiedergabe erreichen, ohne zugleich einen frühen Hitzetod Ihrer GPU befürchten zu müssen, erfahren Sie hier.  …mehr

    Von Dirk Bongardt
  • Zwei Millionen Deutsche schenken Muttertags-Blumen per Internet

    Zum Muttertag

    Blumen zum Muttertag? Ja! Aber dafür extra in ein Geschäft laufen? Nein! Mehr als zwei Millionen Bundesbürger wollen einer repräsentativen Umfrage des Bitkom zufolge ihre Muttertags-Blumen in diesem Jahr im Internet bestellen.  …mehr

  • BPM meets Collaboration mit QUAM 2.0

    SharePoint Tools

    Die Software QUAM 2.0 bringt SharePoint und Visio zusammen. So wird ein Business-Process-Management auf der Microsoft-Plattform möglich. …mehr

  • Neuer Kindle mit Farbdisplay und Multitouch?


    Amazon plant angeblich, seine nächste Generation von E-Book-Readern mit einem Farbdisplay auszustatten. Außerdem habe sich der Online-Händler für kapazitive Multitouch-Panels entschieden.  …mehr

  • Facebook's Potential For Putting User Data to Work Off Network Stirs Debate

    Facebook's desire to further put its user data to work for the social network makes sense because advertising is a major profit driver, and the company is looking to impress investors ahead of its IPO.  …mehr

  • Weekly Wrap: Let Macworld make your life a little better

    wants to make your life better. I mean, we also want to know what features will get offered in the next iPhone, but we're serious about the "bettering your life" thing. To that end, then, here are a few links to stories we ran this past week that might just simplify or otherwise improve your life.  …mehr

  • HTC Evo 4G LTE Review: Gorgeous, but No LTE for Now

    Sprint's original was the carrier's very first 4G WiMAX phone. Two years (and a few other Evos) later, we have the ($200 with a new two-year contract from Sprint; price as of 5/10/12). But despite the name, this smartphone is currently just a 3G phone until Sprint builds out its LTE network. Outside of this issue, the Evo 4G LTE is a solid phone. The display, camera, design, and multimedia features make it the best phone currently coming from Sprint. Sprint will have the HTC Evo 4G LTE available on May 18.  …mehr

  • This DIY Tesla Gun Must Be The Deadliest Weapon Ever

    Tesla coils are pretty awesome, and no doubt there have been plenty of attempts to harness their incredible power for projects (other than making them , that is). Though I think no other project could be as cool as the sinister .  …mehr

  • Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG Review: Innovative Design, Spongy Keys

    The Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG, originally created for the iPad 2, covers only the front of the tablet when it's closed. The slight increase in thickness of the is therefore no problem, and the designers didn't need to redo this ($99 as of May 11, 2012) to accommodate Apple's latest slate. However, while the aluminum frame provides solid protection for the front, the case leaves the tablet's back fully exposed. At least it matches the aluminum back of the iPad for a seamless look.  …mehr

  • Adobe backpedals, will now patch software for free

    After being pummeled by customers and security experts for telling users to spend hundreds of dollars on upgrades because it wasn't going to patch critical bugs in older versions of its software, Adobe has reversed course.  …mehr

  • Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Review: Slim, Stylish, and Functional, but a Fingerprint Magnet

    The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is the thinnest I've encountered. Even at its thickest point, the keyboard cover is just shy of the thickness of the , and it's more tapered, too. More important, the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover ($99 as of May 11, 2012) provided one of the best typing experiences in my recent tests of six models.  …mehr

  • Adobe will issue free security patches for high-profile Creative Suite apps

    Recent versions of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash Professional--the company's high-profile Creative Suite applications--have security vulnerabilities on both Mac and Windows platforms. Late Friday night, Adobe confirmed its plan to issue free patches to fix the problems in all three applications--a reversal of its previous strategy that would have forced users to pay for a CS6 upgrade in order to rectify the problems.  …mehr

  • Apple prepares OS X for new Retina display Macs

    Apple has been preparing its operating systems for high resolution Macs, adding evidence to the rumour that the next generation line-up of MacBooks will have Retina displays.  …mehr

  • ZAGGfolio Keyboard Case for iPad Review: Slim Fit, Solid Typing

    ZAGG's folio-style was popular with iPad 2 users, and fortunately the existing design accommodates the , too. While many slim-fit cases don't work with the slightly thicker build of the latest iPad, the ZAGGfolio ($99 as of May 11, 2012) snugly slips around the new tablet.  …mehr

  • The Macalope Weekly: True originals

    The Macalope can't tell you how to make a true original. But he knows one when he sees one, and these aren't them. Ultrabooks? Executive, . While some sites might occasionally, as if by accident, publish some good pieces, it doesn't get them off the Macalope's list. And, while it's possible Apple might make one, an iPad mini doesn't strike the horny one as worthy of admission to the pantheon of Apple product gods.."  …mehr

  • Team Stream for iPhone and iPad

    Sports fans have it easy nowadays. We have team blogs, websites, Twitter feeds and up-to-the-minute video clips on demand. Yet for all these conveniences, fans still have to do the legwork of subscribing to feeds or following the tweets of players or beat writers. The and apps from aim to make it easier for fans to find and follow content on their favorite teams.  …mehr

  • HP Touts Windows 8 Tablet This Year

    Apple, Asus, and Samsung, look out -- HP is again jumping into the tablet fray.  …mehr

  • Phony Flash Player Plants Malware on Android Phones

    Adobe Flash Player users beware: A website that promises visitors a free copy of the download for all versions of Android is reportedly planting malware on smartphones running Google's mobile operating system.  …mehr

  • Foxconn boss confirms Apple television set

    Foxconn boss, Terry Gou, has reportedly confirmed that Apple is working on a HD television set, dubbed the iTV.  …mehr

  • ClamCase for iPad Review: A Keyboard That Tries to Turn Your iPad Into a Mini-Laptop

    The ClamCase ($149 as of May 11, 2012) takes a straightforward approach to the idea of adding a keyboard to your iPad by turning it into a laptop. Made of a sturdy matte plastic, the case surrounds the iPad and attaches via a hinge in the back to the keyboard base. Unfortunately, this model stumbles in usability and design.  …mehr

  • Facebook proposes more changes to privacy policy

    Facebook on Friday that it intends to make further changes to its privacy policy in order to respond to an audit by the Irish government, but privacy advocates saw the move as an inadequate attempt to quell privacy concerns prior to Facebook's planned initial public offering.  …mehr

  • The Macalope Weekly: True originals

    The Macalope can't tell you how to make a true original. But he knows one when he sees one, and these aren't them. Ultrabooks? Executive, . While some sites might occasionally, as if by accident, publish some good pieces, it doesn't get them off the Macalope's list. And, while it's possible Apple might make one, an iPad mini doesn't strike the horny one as worthy of admission to the pantheon of Apple product gods.."  …mehr

  • UK Oracle User Group calls for business case studies

    The UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) is calling for customer case studies for its largest, independent user conference in the UK.  …mehr

  • Keyboard Covers for the Latest iPad Turn Your Tablet Into a Productivity Tool

    Currently, the iPad is best known as a consumer device, designed more for the enjoyment of content rather than the creation of it. But there's no denying its growing popularity for all kinds of applications, including content creation and . For extended sessions, however, no app can replace the comfort and speed of typing on a physical keyboard.  …mehr

  • Verizon to offer 100G links, resilient mesh on optical networks

    Looking ahead to growing demand for bandwidth to feed large companies and computing clouds, Verizon Communications announced steps on Friday to increase the speed of the links its enterprise customers can buy and to make its network connections more resilient.  …mehr

  • Amnesty UK website hacked to serve lethal Gh0st RAT Trojan

    Amnesty International's UK website was hacked to host the dangerous Gh0st RAT Trojan for two days this week, security firm Websense has revealed.  …mehr

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