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Meldungen vom 08.05.2012

  • Friedrich für Stärkung der Persönlichkeitsrechte

    Geplante EU-Richtlinie noch nicht ausgereift

    Bundesinnenminister Hans-Peter Friedrich hat in Berlin die Notwendigkeit eines europaweit einheitlichen Datenschutzrahmens bekräftigt. Die von EU-Kommissarin Viviane Reding auf den Weg gebrachte Richtlinie lasse aber noch zu viele Fragen offen. …mehr

  • Grünes Licht für Googles selbstfahrende Autos

    Auf Nevadas Straßen

    Die selbstfahrenden Autos von Google bekommen freie Fahrt auf den Straßen des amerikanischen Wüstenstaats Nevada. …mehr

  • Telekom will mit Startups innovativer werden


    Konzernchef René Obermann eröffnete heute im Rahmen der Konferenz Next in Berlin ein hub:raum genanntes Innovationszentrum, das jungen Unternehmen helfen soll, kreative Ideen umzusetzen. …mehr

  • Shuttle XS36V - Schlanker Rechner ohne Lüftung

    Gadget des Tages

    Der "Slim-PC" von Shuttle soll sich durch geringen Stromverbrauch und Geräuscharmut auszeichnen. Möglich macht das eine passive Kühlung, ein genügsamer Intel-Atom-Prozessor und eine optionale SSD-Festplatte.  …mehr

  • Chef-Debakel bei Yahoo spitzt sich zu

    Aktionär zieht die Schlinge enger

    Yahoo-Großaktionär Dan Loeb biss bei der Konzernführung lange auf Granit, dann brachte er die Affäre um den falschen Lebenslauf von Firmenchef Scott Thompson ins Rollen. Jetzt treibt er den Internet-Pionier nach allen Regeln der Kunst in die Enge.  …mehr

  • Deutsche Telekom will sich stärker für Startups öffnen

    Next-Konferenz in Berlin

    Die Deutsche Telekom will sich künftig stärker für Kooperationen mit Startup-Unternehmen und andere Partner öffnen. Das kündigte Konzernchef René Obermann am Dienstag in Berlin zum Auftakt der Konferenz Next an.  …mehr

  • Update für iPhone, iPad und iPod Touch veröffentlicht

    iOS 5.1.1

    Das Update auf iOS 5.1.1 für iPhone, iPad und den iPod Touch ist mit zahlreichen Verbesserungen ausgestattet, es behebt Fehler und eine kritische Sicherheitslücke. …mehr

  • Geschworene im Android-Prozess finden keine Antwort

    Google vs. Oracle

    Die Geschworenen im Android-Prozess von Oracle gegen Google haben mit ihrer ersten Entscheidung für eine Patt-Situation gesorgt.  …mehr

  • Facebook-Chef Zuckerberg stellt sich der Wall Street

    Roadshow vor Börsengang

    Es war die große Frage, ob Facebook-Gründer Mark Zuckerberg sich im Vorfeld des Börsengangs selbst den Investoren zeigt. Er tat es bei einem Mittagessen in einem New Yorker Hotel.  …mehr

  • Business-Netzwerk Xing bekommt neuen Vorstandschef

    Vollmoeller ersetzt Groß-Selbeck

    Das Karriere-Netzwerk Xing hat einen Wechsel an der Spitze seines Managements angekündigt: Der bisherige Vorstandsvorsitzende Stefan Groß-Selbeck verlässt das Unternehmen zum Jahresende, um sich nach eigenen Angaben "neuen beruflichen Herausforderungen zu widmen". Sein Nachfolger wird Thomas Vollmoeller, bislang Vorstandsvorsitzender der Schweizer Handels- und Logistik-Holding Valora.  …mehr

  • Die Technik hinter NFC

    Sicherheit macht den Unterschied

    Angesichts der Euphorie, die einige Anbieter in Sachen NFC verbreiten, mutet die Technik fast wie Voodoo-Zauber an. Dabei unterscheidet sich NFC gar nicht groß von anderen Techniken, etwa RFID, bietet aber mehr Sicherheit.  …mehr

  • Wenn Mitarbeiter Social Networker werden

    Social Media im Unternehmen

    Über Soziale Netze haben Mitarbeiter ganz andere Möglichkeiten als früher, Informationen zu verbreiten. Firmen sind verunsichert, wie sie mit dieser Kommunikationsmacht umgehen sollen.  …mehr

  • How To Make Your PC Distraction-Free

    Premium-Inhalt. With tons of desktop real estate and the processing power to run practically as many apps as you can open, it can be challenging to stay focused on a single task while using your PC. Luckily, in recent years a number of new tools have been developed to help you create a distraction-free workspace at home or in the office. These apps and tools hide unused windows and menus to help you focus on what's important and be more productive.

  • Samsung Focus 2: First Impressions of a $50 Windows Phone

    Premium-Inhalt. AT&T and Samsung Monday showcased the latest Windows Phone, the Samsung Focus 2, in an old colonial mansion in New Orleans' Garden District during CTIA 2012.

  • For a Lightweight Linux Desktop, Try the New Xfce 4.10

    Premium-Inhalt. Choice is one of the best parts of the world, where there's a to suit virtually every taste and purpose.

  • Like Vikings? How About Slicing Things? Play Icebreaker in Your Browser

    Premium-Inhalt. Icebreaker is a Viking-themed physics game, in which you try to rescue Vikings that have been trapped in ice by strategically cutting the ice and dropping them into a boat. It's almost like Fruit Ninja, only there's no fruit, no Ninjas, and you don't have to be very fast. You do have to slash things apart to win, though.

  • Does 'stand your cyberground' stand a chance?

    Premium-Inhalt. Despite a public relations problem with the concept as it applies to people, a few voices in Internet security circles believe "stand your cybergound" laws have merit when it comes to fighting against cyberattacks.

  • MasterCard's PayPass Wallet will span online, mobile, in-store shopping

    Premium-Inhalt. MasterCard WorldWide announced a digital wallet on Monday that consumers will be able to use for purchases in stores, on the Web and on their mobile phones.

  • Google infringed Java copyrights in Android, jury finds

    Premium-Inhalt. A jury has found that Google infringed Oracle's Java copyrights in Android but could not decide unanimously if the infringement was protected by "fair use."

  • Advertising company settles over alleged Facebook 'likejacking' scam

    Premium-Inhalt. The Washington State Attorney General's office reached a settlement on Monday with an advertising company it alleged baited and spammed Facebook users with salacious content in order to direct them to unrelated advertising.

  • How to Edit Office Documents on Your Smartphone

    Premium-Inhalt. Although office suites have been available on mobile phones for more than a decade, touch interfaces have made them much simpler and more efficient than before. Now, iPhone and Android users wanting to work with office documents while on the go have at least three great options each, and two of them in common. This guide will walk you through the process of choosing an editor and getting started in editing documents on your smartphone.

  • Five Good Laptop Bargains to Consider

    Premium-Inhalt. Laptop manufacturers are hard at work updating their laptop lines and making new models using Intel's latest . If you're in the market for a new laptop, however, it may make more sense for you to buy a slightly older laptop running second-generation Sandy Bridge and save a few hundred bucks. Here's how to decide which purchase is your best option.

  • DoHA to get new financials software suite

    Premium-Inhalt. The Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) is moving to address weaknesses in its ability to meet financial management requirements through the adoption of a budget management and forecasting software suite.

  • HP Officejet Pro 8100 ePrinter Review: Fast, Inexpensive Operation

    Premium-Inhalt. If you're looking for a low-priced color laser printer for your small office, look again: For a mere $150 (as of May 1, 2012), you can obtain high-speed, good-quality color printing with HP's Officejet Pro 8100 ePrinter. This classily-styled has Wi-Fi, USB, and ethernet, and it can handle up to 1250 pages of printing per month. Most important, its inks are cheaper per page than the toner supplies from any comparably priced color laser.

  • Build and Manage a Website from Your iPhone with Weebly

    Premium-Inhalt. One of the biggest, most successful startups you haven’t heard of has gone mobile. Now iPhone users can use the to create websites, post content, and analyze site traffic all from the palm of their hands.

  • $99 Xbox Confirmed: What You Really Need To Know About Microsoft's Offer

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft Monday confirmed rumors of an $99 Xbox, announcing a deal that pairs an Xbox 360 4GB, a Kinect, and two years of the Xbox Live Gold service for $15 per month--after $99 down. Only Microsoft's own retail stores carry the offer, so don't look for it at other retail outlets like Target or Walmart.

  • BlackBerry 10 OS will have multi-layered security model

    Premium-Inhalt. RIM's upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system is intended to be as secure, if not more so, than the OS running on RIM's current crop of BlackBerry devices. Mobile could become a major selling point for the new platform, for enterprises, carriers and end users alike.

  • Yahoo forms committee to investigate CEO hiring process

    Premium-Inhalt. Yahoo has appointed three board members to a special committee that will investigate the hiring of CEO Scott Thompson in the wake of revelations that his resume's listing of computer science as a second undergraduate major was false, Yahoo said on Tuesday.

  • Wi-Fi Alliance's Passpoint program on track for June certifications

    Premium-Inhalt. NEW ORLEANS -- The Wi-Fi Alliance's Wi-Fi Certified Passpoint Program, which aims to make Wi-Fi hotspots work more like cellular and LTE networks, is on track to start issuing certifications this summer.

  • Verizon not launching voice over LTE anytime soon

    Premium-Inhalt. NEW ORLEANS -- Verizon may be for data, but that doesn't mean it's going to start pushing it for voice services anytime soon.

  • Microsoft revamps UI on Visual Studio IDE upgrade

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft is making changes to the user interface for the planned Visual Studio 11 IDE, which impact coloring, icon usability, and application of the .

  • 5 Hidden Gmail Tricks for Power Users

    Premium-Inhalt. Whether you use Google's Gmail service or for personal purposes, you probably have a good handle on the basics: organizing your contacts, sending emails, setting up folders and more.

  • ZeroTouch turns 55-inch TV into touchscreen, gets ready for market

    Premium-Inhalt. ZeroTouch, the inexpensive technology that turns regular displays into touchscreens, can be fitted to larger screens, is more responsive and is almost ready for commercialization, according to researchers working on it.

  • Lion DiskMaker makes it easier to create a bootable Lion installer

    Premium-Inhalt. I’ve written quite a bit about and about the benefits of . While the latter process isn’t prohibitively difficult, it’s still a bit of a hassle. Developer Guillaume Gète has made it a bit easier with , an AppleScript-based utility that mostly automates the procedure.

  • No big shift to the cloud for unified communications and collaboration

    Premium-Inhalt. The 2012 IDG Enterprise Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) survey highlights the uptick in UC&C adoption and investments in the coming 3 years -- specifically in enterprise organizations -- demonstrating the value organizations place on technologies that enable consistent and connected communications between employees, customers and partners. Numerous triggers including social media and collaboration are contributing to the uptick in investments, however the proliferation of consumer devices is seen as the biggest trigger -- 74% of enterprise organization are accelerating UC&C plans because of consumer devices.

  • The rhythm method: temporal taps a novel user input

    Premium-Inhalt. Issuing commands to tomorrow's computational devices could be as simple as tapping out a few beats on a touchscreen or trackpad, French researchers suggest.

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