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Meldungen vom 20.04.2012

  • YouTube muss zwölf Musiktitel aus dem Netz nehmen

    LG Hamburg

    Das Video-Portal YouTube muss zwölf von der Musik-Verwertungsgesellschaft Gema genannte Musiktitel aus seinem Angebot entfernen. Dies entschied das Landgericht Hamburg am Freitag in erster Instanz. …mehr

  • Gelungenes Nasdaq-Debüt für Splunk

    Big Log Data

    Eine Firma mit lustigem Namen und (bislang) ohne Gewinn hat gestern das heuer bislang erfolgreichste IPO an den US-Börsen hingelegt.  …mehr

  • Sony Xperia P und Xperia U ab Mai angeblich im Handel erhältlich

    Im Web vorbestellbar

    Anfang nächsten Monats sollen die Modelle Xperia P und Xperia U von Sony in den Handel kommen. In Großbritannien können die kleinen Geschwister des Xperia S bereits vorbestellt werden.  …mehr

  • Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger bleibt hart


    Trotz der Einigungsforderung von Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) beim Thema Vorratsdatenspeicherung bleibt Justizministerin Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger bei ihrem Konfrontationskurs zur Union. …mehr

  • Scanomat TopBrewer - Kaffeekochen mit dem iPhone

    Gadget des Tages

    Für Freunde des guten Kaffeegeschmacks hat die dänische Marke Scanomat eine Kaffeemaschine entworfen, die eine Auswahl des Lieblingsgetränks mit dem Apple Smartphone ermöglicht.  …mehr

  • Amazon zieht Start der neuen Kindle-Lesegeräte vor

    Kindle Touch

    Amazon bringt seine neuen E-Book-Reader Kindle eine Woche früher als geplant an den Start. …mehr

  • Oliver Bussmann von SAP ist "European CIO of the Year"


    Die internationale Business School INSEAD und CIONET International haben gestern in Brüssel drei European CIOs of the Year gekürt.  …mehr

  • Deutsche Musikbranche stoppt Abwärtstrend nach 15 Jahren

    Downloads und Streaming

    Dur und Moll in der Musikindustrie: Das Geschäft mit Musik legt wieder zu, auch dank neuer Dienste im Internet. Die Branche klagt aber weiter über illegale Konkurrenz - und fordert deutlichere Signale aus der Politik. …mehr

  • Tiefrotes Quartal für Chiphersteller AMD

    Globalfoundries belastet

    Der Chiphersteller AMD ist erneut tief in die Verlustzone gerutscht. …mehr

  • Microsoft verdient an Firmenkunden

    Zweiter Frühling für Windows 7

    Trotz aller Prophezeiungen, dass der klassische PC ein Auslaufmodell ist, läuft das Geschäft des Software-Konzerns Microsoft rund. Sogar die Verkäufe von Windows 7 kletterten kurz vor der Ablösung durch Windows 8 noch einmal.  …mehr

  • Gehetzt und gestresst durch den Job

    Studie über Arbeitsalltag

    Die Mehrheit der Angestellten arbeitet gehetzt und muss mehr als früher leisten, auch in der Freizeit. Abschalten klappt bei vielen nicht mehr, so eine DGB-Studie.  …mehr

  • Vier gute Gründe für HTML5

    CSS3, SEO, Apps

    Mit HTML5 erhält die Web-Auszeichnungssprache ein Set neuer Grundlagen. Diese sollen vieles, was heute nur durch Drittstandards möglich ist, standardisieren und ersetzen. Lesen Sie, warum Unternehmen profitieren.  …mehr

  • Symantec: 'VeriSign Trusted' mark out, 'Norton Secured' in

    Premium-Inhalt. The story, "Symantec: 'VeriSign Trusted' mark out, 'Norton Secured' in," posted Friday, contained an erroneous reference to the rebranded "Norton Secured, powered by VeriSign" software.

  • In Australia, an ISP prevails in long-running copyright dispute

    Premium-Inhalt. A long-running lawsuit against Australia's second-largest ISP has ended in a defeat for the entertainment industry, which sought to hold the ISP liable for copyright infringement on its network.

  • In Australia, an ISP prevails in long-running copyright dispute

    Premium-Inhalt. A long-running lawsuit against Australia's second-largest ISP has ended in a defeat for the entertainment industry, which sought to hold the ISP liable for copyright infringement on its network.

  • Berners-Lee: Demand your data from Internet companies

    Premium-Inhalt. Tim Berners-Lee has said that the problem with companies like Facebook and Google is not that they collect vast troves of data about their users, but that they don't share with them what they learn from it.

  • How to Make Video Marketing Work for Your Business

    Premium-Inhalt. You've all seen --and envied--that viral video that gets millions of views seemingly overnight, the one everyone talks about for days. But does getting millions of views on YouTube translate into getting millions of dollars, or even thousands of dollars, in sales? And does adding video to your website or product pages really improve your search engine rankings and make people want to do business with you?

  • Remains of the Day: Instagone

    Premium-Inhalt. A high-profile user departs Instagram, Apple wants its day in court, and Greenpeace quizzes a couple of giants about their energy hygiene. The remainders for Thursday, April 19, 2012, are picture perfect.

  • Wall Street Beat: Mixed tech earnings earn tepid reaction

    Premium-Inhalt. Some of the biggest names in IT reported mixed results this week for the first quarter, leading to a dip in tech stocks Friday even as some major indexes showed gains for other sectors.

  • Are Boy Scouts Prepared for the iPad?

    Premium-Inhalt. When venturing into new terrain, Boy Scouts pride themselves on being prepared for all sorts of dangers. For Clint Andrea, IT director for the Northern Star Council Boy Scouts of America in Minnesota, new terrain comes in the form of bring-your-own-device iPads, along with the danger of data loss.

  • Flashback botnet not shrinking, huge numbers of Macs still infected

    Premium-Inhalt. Contrary to reports by several security companies, the Flashback botnet is not shrinking, the Russian antivirus firm that first reported the massive infection three weeks ago claimed today.

  • iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending April 20

    Premium-Inhalt. The iOSsphere quivered with anxiety about rumored 5 delays due to chips and quivered with pleasure at the mere thought of the wondrous liquidmetal.

  • Your Next Phone May Be Able to See Through Walls

    Premium-Inhalt. If you think it's difficult now avoiding from being captured in a snapshot or video by someone with a mobile phone, you haven't seen anything yet.

  • Free SlimCleaner 3.0 Is Accurate, Light, and Easy on the Eyes

    Premium-Inhalt. SlimCleaner 3.0 (free) is by far one of the more useful multi-utility tools I've run across. Aimed primarily at cleaning the junk out of your system, it has the capabilities of several popular programs, including Piriform's and Trend Micro's .

  • Final Fantasy VII’s Midgar Gets Completely Reconstructed in Minecraft

    Premium-Inhalt. This week’s incredible Minecraft build is a full reconstruction of Midgar, the capital city of the Final Fantasy VII’s World Map. And when I say it's been completely reconstructed, I mean .

  • Photo Measures and Measured for iOS

    Premium-Inhalt. Your iPhone’s camera can do more than just take photos. It can also help you record measurements for do-it-yourself projects. I recently tested two apps—one that lets you record measurements on the photos you snap and another that also taps into your iPhone’s accelerometer to do the measuring for you. Here’s my look at how both these apps measure up.

  • Maryland Leads Nation in Banning Employers' Facebook Snooping Efforts

    Premium-Inhalt. Maryland will likely become the first state to ban employers from asking for applicants' log-in information on Facebook and other social media sites.

  • Lawmakers question FAA on privacy protections around drone use

    Premium-Inhalt. Two senior lawmakers this week sent a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration demanding information on how the agency will ensure that privacy rights are protected when it issues drone licenses to government, law enforcement and private organizations.

  • IT Outsourcing Deals Slow From Hangover Effect

    Premium-Inhalt. The first quarter of 2012 showed a slowdown in the value and number of outsourcing contracts awarded globally, according to the quarterly Global TPI Index, which tracks contracts valued at $25 million or more. Total contract value across functions was $18.7 billion, a decline of 22 percent from the same quarter a year ago and 35 percent from the previous quarter.

  • The Danger of Tinkering with Windows Too Much

    Premium-Inhalt. I come before you today with a Hassle-Free PC Public Service Announcement (or HFPCPSA).

  • 2012: The year LTE becomes a standard, not a luxury

    Premium-Inhalt. The mobile industry may well remember 2012 as the year when LTE became the dominant technology in the United States.

  • Clean Text helps you clean up messy text

    Premium-Inhalt. Whether it's the body of an email message that's been forwarded too many times, or content you've copied from a PDF, sometimes you find yourself with messy content--text that has lots of odd characters and stray line breaks, for example--and you need to make it presentable. Previous Gem is perhaps the best of text-cleaning utilities for Mac, but if you don't need all of TextSoap's features and capabilities, " () does an admirable job for only $10.

  • Tech groups push for cyberthreat information-sharing bill

    Premium-Inhalt. Several technology trade groups are pushing the U.S. Congress to pass a controversial cyberthreat information-sharing bill, despite ongoing privacy concerns voiced by digital rights and civil liberties groups.

  • Did Microsoft run out of time with Windows RT?

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft may have simply run out of time with Windows RT, an analyst said today.

  • The Week in iPhone Cases: Thin is in

    Premium-Inhalt. It’s time for another roundup of new iPhone cases, and as is our tradition, we’ve uncovered a wide variety of styles and designs. This week, we go from the very thin to the depths of the oceans, and from the courts of an NBA game to the festive atmosphere of a block party.

  • Social predators still gaming the system on Facebook

    Premium-Inhalt. Despite an increasingly severe crackdown by the ubiquitous social network, malicious activity and spam on Facebook are still both widespread and profitable, according to Barracuda research scientist Daniel Peck.

  • Look out, Google, Oakley's developing its own smart glasses

    Premium-Inhalt. Google might want to use its new to look over its shoulder.

  • School system tweaks its Wi-Fi for better control

    Premium-Inhalt. By Matt Hamblen At the Rowan-Salisbury School System in N.C., students and staff use some 7,000 iPads and other iOS devices on a Wi-Fi network stretching across 30 schools. Not surprisingly, networking demands can get tricky.

  • AT&T bringing the network closer to the cloud

    Premium-Inhalt. AT&T wants to change how mobile devices are used, and the company's chief technology officer Krish Prabhu is looking for ways to deliver "intelligent" cloud services to consumers over its wide-ranging network.

  • Remains of the Day: Release valve

    Premium-Inhalt. An authoritative source casts doubt on Tim Cook's Valve visit, a story suggests Apple still has oh-so-secret plans for its cash, and the very latest in green power for data centers. The remainders for Friday, April 20, 2012 were made to suffer; it's their lot in life.

  • Join the Diablo III stress test this weekend

    Premium-Inhalt. Got any plans this weekend? I plan on saving the world from evil. You can, too, by participating in the .

  • Interactive Mirror on the Wall Won't Say You're the Fairest of Them All

    Premium-Inhalt. Ever wish your mirror was a little more interactive when you were getting ready in the morning? devised a small mod capable of not only giving , but it can also be controlled with an Android phone.

  • IT can lower your carbon-footprint

    Premium-Inhalt. Traditional IT roles focus on enabling business and enhancing efficiency. But at UK-based real estate consulting and management firm Knight Frank, IT project management skills into achieving the business's strategic goal--a low-carbon emission operation.

  • Mobile OSes impede adoption of BYOD trend: Ovum

    Premium-Inhalt. What is impeding the adoption of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD)? According to research agency Ovum, it is the mobile operating systems (OSes).

  • Cadillac Self-Driving Cars: Out By 2015?

    Premium-Inhalt. Google has been getting all of the attention when it comes to , but such technology still from hitting the market. The first publicly-available "self-driving" car could come from Cadillac, who is showing off self-driving technology of its own.

  • Hotspot Shield Protects Your Privacy Either Free With Ads or Paid and Ad-Free

    Premium-Inhalt. Hotspot Shield is a private VPN service that will secure your wireless communications--for free. The fact that it's free is a major boon; however, you'll have to put up with some rather blatant advertising in your Web browser as non-monetary compensation. There's a pay version costing a mere $30 a year that foregoes the advertising--I recommend that one over the free version.

  • Venture capital poured into enterprise software in Q1

    Premium-Inhalt. The buttoned-down IT industry outshone flashy consumer Internet startups at raising money in the first quarter, logging a big increase in U.S. venture capital investments, especially in enterprise software.

  • Microsoft Windows RT tablets will be more security friendly than iPad, Android devices

    Premium-Inhalt. can perform a type of network access control on RT devices as a way to protect corporate networks from harm these devices might inflict if put to corporate use, making them a cut above iPads and tablets in this regard.

  • 3D Printer Lets You Print Your Own Prescription

    Premium-Inhalt. Earlier this year, GeekTech brought you news of how . Now, the magic of three dimensional printing is being put to use in another area of medicine: drugs.

  • Free Utility Roadkil's Disk Wipe Just Wipes Disks--And That's Enough

    Premium-Inhalt. You've gotta love a program that's as small, simple, easy to use, and straightforward as Roadkil's DiskWipe. Download it, unzip it, run it, and use it to overwrite the data on your disks. The program lets you select a drive--including removable drives--and write the entire drive with zeros or random numbers. You may also run multiple passes if you're really paranoid.

  • Critics Pan Verizon's Proposed Spectrum Sell-off

    Premium-Inhalt. Critics of all stripes gave a cool reception to the plan Verizon Wireless announced on Wednesday to sell off a portion of its spectrum holdings in the coveted 700 MHz band, provided that federal regulators approve the carrier's to purchase a set of spectrum licenses and forge a marketing partnership.

  • Tupac's Coachella 'Hologram' Performance Explained

    Premium-Inhalt. Rapper Tupac Shakur was murdered in Las Vegas back in 1996, but this past weekend, the acclaimed artist took to the stage once again, only this time in hologram form. In a surprise gig, the Thug Life rapper "performed" several of his greatest hits at the , before being joined on stage by Snoop Dogg.

  • Five Tech Companies Going Green for Earth Day

    Premium-Inhalt. For the past 42 years, environmentalists have used the Earth Day to promote greener living and conservation. The date--Sunday, April 22 this year--has also become a popular one for companies looking to show off its environmentally-friendly products.

  • Toshiba Excite 10 LE: Lightweight Tablet, Unfortunate Display

    Premium-Inhalt. In a sea of me-too tablet slabs, the Toshiba Excite 10 LE--running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)--distinguishes itself on two key metrics. First, at 1.18 pounds, it's the lightest 10-inch-size tablet we've seen to date. Second, it's the slimmest, measuring just 0.3 inch thick. Sadly, Toshiba made a few questionable design choices in its construction and display that detract from using it, and make it a poor choice.

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