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Meldungen vom 17.04.2012

  • Greenpeace stellt Apple, Amazon und Microsoft an den Pranger

    "Dreckige" Clouds

    Greenpeace wirft vor allem Apple, Amazon und Microsoft vor, für ihre jeweiligen Cloud-Angebote vor allem "dreckigen" Kohle- und Atomstrom zu nutzen. …mehr

  • Oracle hat die Lust am Firmen-Shopping nicht verloren

    Jürgen Kunz

    Der IT-Konzern Oracle will sich auch in diesem Jahr mit Firmenzukäufen verstärken. …mehr

  • E-Plus setzt Preisoffensive fort

    "Yourfone" mit Allnet-Flat

    Mit einem Billig-Festpreis für mobiles Telefonieren und Surfen will die KPN-Tochter E-Plus die Konkurrenz das Fürchten lehren. …mehr

  • Telekom hat ab 2013/14 keine Bundesliga-Senderechte mehr

    Rekorderlöse für DFL

    Die DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga GmbH hat heute neue Medienverträge für die Spielzeiten 2013/14 bis 2016/17 geschlossen. …mehr

  • Asus "beseitigt" GPS-Problem beim Transformer Prime

    Kostenloses GPS-Dongle

    Das Asus Transformer Prime war das erste Tablet mit Quad-Core-Prozessor und Android 4.0. Beim GPS-Empfang patzte der Hersteller hingegen, doch jetzt bietet Asus kostenlose Abhilfe mittels eines ansteckbaren GPS-Dongles an. …mehr

  • Oracle wirft Google bewussten Ideenklau vor


    Im Prozess um das Betriebssystem Android in Kalifornien hat Oracle dem Entwickler Google zum Auftakt bewussten Ideenklau vorgeworden. …mehr

  • Asus gibt Daten und Preise für neue Geräte bekannt

    TF700T, TF300 Series, Padfone

    Der Hersteller Asus hat erste Details zum Verkaufsstart seiner neuen Tablets Transformer Pad Infinity und Transformer Pad 300 Series sowie zum Asus Padfone verraten.  …mehr

  • Windows 8 für Tablets heißt "Windows RT"

    Microsoft enthüllt Editionen

    Microsoft hat in einem Blogpost angekündigt, in welchen Varianten Windows 8 auf den Markt kommen soll.  …mehr

  • Apple-Höhenflug vorerst gestoppt

    Aktie unter 600 Dollar

    Mit den Erfolgen von iPhone und iPad schien die Apple-Aktie nicht zu stoppen. …mehr

  • Sky behält Bundesliga-Live-Rechte - Anleger feiern


    Der Bezahl-Fernsehsender Sky Deutschland dürfte einem Pressebericht zufolge die Live-Rechte im Pay-TV-Bereich bis 2017 behalten. …mehr

  • Telekom ruft im Tarifstreit Schlichtung an

    Für die Zentrale

    Im Tarifstreit bei der Deutschen Telekom wird für die rund 17.000 Beschäftigten der Telekomzentrale in Bonn die Schlichtung angerufen. …mehr

  • 5 krasse Reporting-Fehler

    Excel-Wirrwarr bremst BI aus

    Falsche Kalkulationen, Zahlendreher, Fehler in der Statistik. Durch fehlende Datenkonsistenz aufgrund von Excel-Wildwuchs leidet die Qualität der BI-Analysen und des Reportings. Fünf Beispiele aus der Praxis.  …mehr

  • Wenn der Wecker nicht mehr klingelt


    Auch IT-Manager werden älter. Doch das Wort Rentner klingt für viele gewöhnungsbedürftig. Sollte es aber nicht. Denn glücklich lebt im Ruhestand nur, wer sich frühzeitig vorbereitet - auch schon mit 30.  …mehr

  • Linux-Profis heiß begehrt


    Die Nachfrage nach Linux-Profis steigt kontinuierlich an. Sie kommen vor allem in Rechenzentren zum Einsatz, die sich von proprietären Systemen verabschiedet haben.  …mehr

  • Asus EeePad Transformer Prime im Test


    Das Asus EeePad Transformer Prime fährt schwere Geschütze auf: Quad-Core-CPU, Android 4.0 und Docking-Tastatur. Der Test zeigt: Damit wird es zum derzeit besten Android-Tablet. …mehr

  • Qualitätssicherung im Top-Management

    Super-Führungskräfte - dank Supervision

    Manager der obersten Führungsebene sollten sich mit Kollegen über ihre Erfahrungen austauschen. Ulrich Dessel gibt Tipps dazu.  …mehr

  • NAB 2012: Autodesk redesigns Smoke 2013 video editor for a broader audience

    Premium-Inhalt. Autodesk has launched Smoke 2013 for the Mac, a new version of what it's now calling video editing software (it used to be a 'finishing system') that costs under a quarter of the previous version. Smoke 2013 features a redesigned interface that brings together the standard track-based timeline of video editing software with the nodal compositing system used by effects tools from Autodesk's own Flame to Eyeon Fusion and The Foundry's Nuke.

  • NAB 2012: Turn your iPad into a control surface for Adobe, Autodesk or Avid's tools

    Premium-Inhalt. Bella Corporation has shown an iPad companion app to its software for the first time at the show in Las Vegas, which provides quick acess to shortcut commands across creative tools including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Media Composer, Maya, 3DS Max - plus a trackpad with gesture controls, application launcher, volume and zoom controls as well as a multimedia widget with a jog wheel.

  • Remains of the Day: World domination

    Premium-Inhalt. The iPad drops into even more countries, the Apple II is firmly entrenched in middle age, and Final Cut Pro X hasn't given up the ghost yet. The remainders for Monday, April 16, 2012 are doing the same thing they do every night, Pinky.

  • iBooks, Cards updates add minor improvements, fixes

    Premium-Inhalt. Does it seem like iBooks is asking you to sign in with your Apple ID unexpectedly? Are you tearing your hair out because you've used every single template in Apple's Cards app? Do you feel like you're losing your mind your patience? Well, a pair of updates from Apple can help you with those first two problems--which may in turn deal with that third one.

  • Wal-Mart Launches Vudu Disc-to-Digital Store Program: Here's How It Works

    Premium-Inhalt. Want to turn your bulging library of digital video discs into high-definition video streams that you can access anytime without spending a fortune?

  • Oracle says Google knowingly 'broke the rules' with Java

    Premium-Inhalt. Oracle and Google kicked off a high-stakes jury trial in San Francisco on Monday, with Oracle arguing that Google ran roughshod over its intellectual property rights because the search giant was scared of getting left behind in the mobile advertising business.

  • Free Image Editor MAGIX Photo Designer 7 Gives You Pixel-by-Pixel Control

    Premium-Inhalt. It's hard to know what to expect from a free image editor. After all, if all was fair, we'd be getting Photoshop minus about $700 worth of features. But many free editors, MAGIX Photo Designer included, have great strengths that serve a niche, and make them invaluable: If they do what you need them to.

  • Leaked Office 15 Video Touts Cloud Features

    Premium-Inhalt. In a leaked promo video for Office 15, Microsoft seems eager to take on Google Docs and Apple's iCloud with its own online sync features.

  • Twitter acquires team at analytics firm Hotspots.io

    Premium-Inhalt. Twitter has acquired the team at Hotspots.io, a social media analytics company, according to a notice on the Hotspots.io website.

  • Website vulnerabilities fall, but hackers become more skilled

    Premium-Inhalt. The number of coding mistakes on websites continues to fall but companies are slow to fix issues that could be exploited by hackers working with improved attack tools, a security expert said.

  • Operators of online drug ring arrested in global sweep

    Premium-Inhalt. The alleged ringleader of an online marketplace for illegal drugs was arrested Monday in Lelystad, Netherlands, capping two days of arrests and the indictment of eight men on federal drug trafficking and money laundering charges.

  • SpiderOak launches secure storage cloud for businesses

    Premium-Inhalt. Cloud storage service provider SpiderOak is taking on Dropbox, Box and other more established services with what it calls the first truly secure data backup and collaboration cloud for businesses.

  • Make Distinctive QR Codes With QR Hacker

    Premium-Inhalt. QR (Quick-Response) codes are those square blocks of black-and-white dots that are popping up everywhere these days. Most of us tend to be on the receiving end of these codes: Manufacturers and advertisers put them into ads, hoping that we will scan them with a smartphone and launch ourselves into their part of cyberspace via the URL they contain. But what if you wanted to create such a code yourself--and give it a little visual pizzazz? That's where web-app QR Hacker comes into the picture. If you're just looking to create a QR code for fun, QR Hacker is free. If you're creating codes for your own business, it's $59 per year, and if you're creating codes for clients, it's $99 per year.

  • RSA chief: New tech relies on security to be valuable

    Premium-Inhalt. CWHK: Your professional background -- when did you decide to get into technology?

  • Indian government to fight corruption with SMS and e-mail alerts

    Premium-Inhalt. India's Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) is considering sending SMS alerts and e-mails to inform complainants about the status of their corruption complaints, according to a Press Trust of India (PTI) report.

  • Businesses can pay more for mobile broadband

    Premium-Inhalt. Businesses are willing to pay more for guaranteed high quality mobile broadband services in the office, according to Alcatel-Lucent research.

  • Music Artists Get 'Listen' Button on Facebook

    Premium-Inhalt. Facebook added a "Listen' button Tuesday to the pages of music artists on the social network.

  • Windows 8: Which Version Should You Choose?

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft what the different versions of Windows 8 will be when the OS officially launches. The news from Microsoft clears some things up, but it also raises some additional questions and may still leave some wondering which version of Windows 8 is the "right" one.

  • Move Over Google: Oakley's Got Smart Glasses, Too

    Premium-Inhalt. Long before Google wowed us with , another company silently planned smart glasses of its own. Eyewear manufacturer Oakley says it has a 15-year head start on Google, and has been working on projecting information on its lenses since 1997.

  • Intel's first Ivy Bridge chips will be high-end quad-core parts

    Premium-Inhalt. Intel said on Tuesday that it would announce its first Core processors based on the Ivy Bridge microarchitecture next week, and the first chips won't be for ultrabooks, but will be quad-core parts for high-end desktops and laptops.

  • What's the fastest browser? Maybe you're measuring wrong

    Premium-Inhalt. Most of today's browser speed tests focus on aspects such as JavaScript speed, HTML5 performance, or web page loading times. Supposedly, these tests are here to tell us something about a browser and help us either be proud of our choice or convince us to switch. In this article, I'll question typical browser benchmarks, such as SunSpider or V8, and show you why they're no more than meaningless values that are likely affected by an ocean full of non-controllable variables. Second, we'll talk about the memory footprint of web browsers and why this often-overlooked metric matters more than you think.

  • Microsoft – carefully – edges closer to the open-source community

    Premium-Inhalt. Despite a rocky historical relationship with the open-source community, 's recent decision to create a specialized Open Technologies spinoff is the latest phase of its recent rapprochement with the open world -- as well as a canny defensive measure.

  • Gartner: Worldwide semiconductor sales up $5.4 billion in 2011

    Premium-Inhalt. Worldwide semiconductor revenue increased 1.8 percent in 2011 to US$306.8 billion, up $5.4 billion compared to 2010, according to research published by Gartner on Tuesday.

  • Vyatta speeds up its software-based routing with vPlane

    Premium-Inhalt. Virtualized router pioneer Vyatta plans to increase the performance of its software by 10 times or more later this year, eyeing large data centers with virtualized multicore servers.

  • Intel profit dips as PC and server chip sales decline

    Premium-Inhalt. Intel on Tuesday reported its first-quarter earning results for fiscal 2012, with profit dropping on a slowdown in PC and server chip sales.

  • Apple, Samsung agree to patent settlement conference

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple and Samsung Electronics have agreed to attend a settlement conference in an ongoing patent lawsuit between the two companies, according to court documents.

  • HVault announces holographic storage system with petabytes of capacity

    Premium-Inhalt. Start-up company hVault this week announced it plans to begin shipping a holographic disc drive, rack-mountable autoloader and robotic library later this year, offering archival storage that lasts at least 50 years.

  • First Intel Inside smartphone coming from Lava this week

    Premium-Inhalt. The first smartphone with an Intel chip will become available in India this week from mobile device maker Lava International, ending a long wait for the chip maker to enter the smartphone market.

  • Cisco streamlines partner strategy

    Premium-Inhalt. A year ago, most headlines carrying Cisco's name talked about a crisis in the company, a decline in profits and a large number of job losses. But the company says it has reinvented itself in the past year and has come out stronger.

  • Remains of the Day: Delighting the senses

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple and Samsung are going to try talking it out; you may soon smell of ; and the iPhone will likely remain pleasing to the eyes. The remainders for Tuesday, April 17, 2012 will be in touch.

  • Farewell, Apple. Hello Linux Mint!

    Premium-Inhalt. That's right, I packed it in. My MacBook Pro is now on the shelf. In a while, it goes on Craigslist -- not because it's been obsoleted by the latest version of Mac OS -- Mountain Lion as mine will work okay (some MacBook Pros will ). Instead, there's a cushy comfort zone that's dangerous for a product reviewer to fall into.

  • Mobile apps can feature ready-to-use cloud services

    Premium-Inhalt. Cloud-based app features and services now can quickly be included in mobile apps, with an improved toolset from .

  • IBM posts flat revenue, falling hardware sales

    Premium-Inhalt. While IBM continues to financially excel at selling software and systems, its hardware revenue for the past three months has been sluggish, according to the latest quarterly results posted by IBM on Tuesday. The hardware results didn't help the company's overall revenue, which was flat for the quarter.

  • Oracle considered buying RIM and Palm, Ellison says

    Premium-Inhalt. Oracle considered buying Palm and BlackBerry maker Research In Motion as part of an aborted effort to build its own smartphone, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said in court Tuesday.

  • Grading the Tech Policy Makers: A First Quarter Recap

    Premium-Inhalt. In the technology policy world, the year opened with what appeared to be a short road to passage of controversial intellectual property legislation that-- while opposed by civil rights and consumer advocacy groups and many Web firms-- had the backing of the heavyweights in the film, television and music industries, special-interest groups that are used to getting their way in Washington.

  • Bing Translator App Gets Cool Augmented Reality Tool

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft has just unveiled the most practical use of augmented reality (AR) technology to date, at least for globetrotters.

  • Intel Shows Off Pricey 'Cove Point' Ultrabook-Tablet Hybrid

    Premium-Inhalt. Intel's latest concept for an Ultrabook-tablet hybrid is beautiful, but it's not cheap.

  • Make Gmail and Dropbox Easier to Use

    Premium-Inhalt. Maybe it's because I don't like change, or maybe it's because I hate it when software developers assume that everyone can figure out their cryptic icons, but I wasn't a fan of .

  • Yahoo earnings rise, but revenue treads water

    Premium-Inhalt. Yahoo reported Tuesday that its first-quarter profit came to US$286 million, up 28 percent from the same quarter last year, but the company's total revenue revealed much more modest gains.

  • IBM posts flat revenue, falling hardware sales

    Premium-Inhalt. While IBM continues to financially excel at selling software and systems, its hardware revenue for the past three months has been sluggish, according to the latest quarterly results posted by IBM on Tuesday. The hardware results didn't help the company's overall revenue, which was flat for the quarter.

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