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Meldungen vom 15.04.2012

  • Beneidenswerte Freiberufler

    Viel Geld und viel Freiheit

    Freiberufliche IT-Profis werden in den IT-Abteilungen meist sehr geschätzt, sind aber auch oft mit dem Neid der Festangestellten konfrontiert. Das liegt vor allem am Geld.  …mehr

  • Facebook kauft Coupon-Spezialist Tagtile


    Das Geld bei Facebook scheint locker zu sitzen. Dieses Mal übernimmt das soziale Netzwerk ein Unternehmen, das ein Kundenbindungsprogramm fürs Smartphone entwickelt hat.  …mehr

  • SSD Plextor M3 256GB im Test

    Sparsame SSD

    Ideale Solid State Drive für mobile Geräte: Die SSD Plextor M3 ist sehr sparsam im Stromverbrauch. Der Test prüft, ob die Flashspeicher-Festplatte auch hohe Datenraten bietet.  …mehr

    Von Daniel Behrens
  • Multi-Core-Prozessoren sind Stromverschwendung


    Zwar scheint der Verkauf des Nokia Lumia 900 in den USA gut angelaufen zu sein, dennoch sieht die Situation für den finnischen Hersteller derzeit nicht rosig aus. Da schießt man verbal auch schon mal gegen die Konkurrenz.  …mehr

  • Apps zum Selbermachen

    Custom Apps aus dem Baukasten

    Eine eigene App bringt Kundenkontakte, ist aber kostspielig. App-Baukästen bieten eine Alternative zur teuren Eigenentwicklung.  …mehr

  • Die wichtigsten IT-Produkte der Woche

    Nokia Lumia 610 NFC, neuen Toshiba Tablets, Chrome OS mit Desktop

    Die COMPUTERWOCHE präsentiert Ihnen die spannendsten neuen IT-Produkte aus der vergangenen Woche. …mehr

  • RIM chief wanted shift from BlackBerry to data services

    Premium-Inhalt. RIM's former co-CEO Jim Balsillie wanted to shift the company from its dependence on BlackBerry hardware in favour of a future built as much on outsourcing data services, unnamed sources have told Reuters.

  • CISPA: Just the Facts

    Premium-Inhalt. Internet activists are sounding the alarms on the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA, a bill that's headed for a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives.

  • 5 Ways to Put LinkedIn to Work for Your Business

    Premium-Inhalt. As one of the web's "big three" social networks, along with Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn has grabbed its slice of the limelight as the space where professionals strategize their next career move. But that's an unnecessarily limiting way to view this powerhouse network. Over the last few years, LinkedIn has introduced myriad tools -- some free, some paid -- to help small businesses drive word of mouth about their brand. Here are just a few ways you can get started.

  • App Draw: Will Paper for iPad be the Next Instagram?

    Premium-Inhalt. The Paper for iPad design app may remind you of popular photo app Instagram, which Facebook has agreed to acquire for roughly $1 billion in cash and stock, and the new offering is creating a lot of buzz since it became available for download a few weeks ago from Apple's App Store.

  • Google Hit With $25K Fine, But FCC Finds Street View Data Collection Not Illegal

    Premium-Inhalt. Google has been slapped with a $25,000 fine by the Federal Communications Commission for impeding the agency's investigation of some of the Internet search leader's data gathering practices -- a symbolic, but small penalty for a company worth $200 billion.

  • Music-making apps for iOS

    Premium-Inhalt. If you want to make music on your iPhone or iPad device you aren't just limited to GarageBand. Macworld takes a look at some of the newest and best apps for making music on iOS.

  • Instagram: Bubble, Bubble, High Tech Trouble?

    Premium-Inhalt. Facebook's purchase last week of Instagram, maker of a mobile photo-sharing app, for a staggering $1 billion dropped a lot of jaws everywhere, particularly among high tech pundits.

  • New Mac OS X Trojan discovered

    Premium-Inhalt. Mac users should make sure they have applied Apple's latest Java update and installed anti-virus software after a new Trojan targeting OS X was spotted in the wild.

  • Apple granted permission to intervene in Lodsys lawsuit

    Premium-Inhalt. Almost a year after Lodsys began sending legal threats to iOS app developers alleging patent infringement, Apple has been granted permission to intervene in the lawsuit.

  • 1 in 5 Americans are 'Internet Innocents'

    Premium-Inhalt. When you're using the Internet every day as most of us are, it's hard to imagine a world without cyberspace, but that's the case for 20 percent of American adults, according to the .

  • Weekly Wrap: Flashback malware, ebook litigation, and iPads for kids

    Premium-Inhalt. The Department of Justice threw the book at Apple. Apple and several others threw their technical resources up against the Flashback various. And I threw together this very edition of the Weekly Wrap, highlighting most interesting and important stories from the past week.

  • Megaupload Founder Causes Uproar Over Lawyer Choice

    Premium-Inhalt. Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is finding that the now-shuttered file-sharing website he ran isn't the only thing that rubbed the U.S. government the wrong way -- his choice of legal representation has, too.

  • Nokia Answers Lumia 900 User Complaints With Software Update, Bill Credit

    Premium-Inhalt. Smartphone maker Nokia has issued a software update to resolve data connection problems reported by users of the new Lumia 900 and it is offering a $100 AT&T bill credit to anyone who currently owns the handset or buys it before April 21.

  • ISACA releases business IT governance framework COBIT 5

    Premium-Inhalt. International IT security managers' organisation ISACA has released a new business framework for the governance and management of enterprise IT.

  • LogMeIn takes on Dropbox with 'Cubby' cloud storage

    Premium-Inhalt. Cloud storage leader Dropbox might have serious competition at last. LogMeIn has announced the beta of its rival 'Cubby' service, featuring higher data limits, a P2P data sync feature and the promise of user-managed encryption keys.

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