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Meldungen vom 13.04.2012

  • Verfassungsgericht fordert Entscheidung zum Filesharing


    Wer haftet für Rechtsverletzungen, wenn Mitbewohner oder Familienmitglieder gemeinsam einen Internetanschluss benutzen? …mehr

  • E-Book-Monopol von Amazon gebrochen

    Apple verteidigt sich

    Apple sieht nach einer Klage des US-Justizministeriums wegen Preisabsprachen im amerikanischen E-Book-Markt keine Schuld. …mehr

  • Microsoft will für die Bing-API künftig Geld

    Azure Marketplace

    Die Bing Search API von Microsoft wird kostenpflichtig.  …mehr

  • SAP demonstriert seine Stärke im Mobile Enterprise


    Am 10. April 2012 gab SAP auf einer Pressekonferenz drei wichtige Neuerungen bekannt, die die Marktführerschaft in den Bereichen MEAP und Mobile Enterprise im weiteren Sinn vorantreiben. …mehr

  • SAP veröffentlicht vorläufige Zahlen zum Q1

    Probleme in Nordamerika

    SAP hat heute Mittag vorläufige Zahlen zum ersten Quartal des Geschäftsjahres 2012 veröffentlicht und darin operative Probleme im Nordamerika-Vertrieb eingeräumt.  …mehr

  • E-Book-Reader mit leuchtendem E-Ink-Display gezeigt

    Nook with GlowLight

    Manche Ideen sind so einfach und doch genial, dass man sich fragt, warum darauf vorher noch nie jemand gekommen ist. So wie jetzt der US-Buchhändler Barnes & Noble mit seinem neuen E-Book-Reader, dem Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight. …mehr

  • Verfahren für neue Internet-Adressen verzögert sich um eine Woche


    Die Einführung neuer Adressbereiche im Internet verzögert sich. …mehr

  • Richtlinien für Datenschutz bei neuem Internet-Protokoll vereinbart


    Bei der Internet-Nutzung soll es auch künftig keine persönliche Identifizierung aufgrund der IP-Adresse geben. …mehr

  • Ralph Haupter wird China-Chef von Microsoft

    Nachfolge noch unklar

    Der bisherige Vorsitzende der Geschäftsführung von Microsoft Deutschland, Ralph Haupter, wechselt als CEO zu Microsoft Greater China Region (GCR). …mehr

  • SP2 für Microsoft Office für Mac 2011

    Service Pack

    Microsoft hat das Service Pack 2 (SP2) für seine aktuelle Mac-Bürosoftware Office für Mac 2011 veröffentlicht. …mehr

  • Apple rückt Flashback-Trojanern mit Update zu Leibe


    Apple geht nach der bisher schwersten Trojaner-Attacke auf seine Mac-Computer zum Gegenangriff über. …mehr

  • Google-Gründer zementieren ihre Macht mit Aktiencoup

    Stimmrechtslose Papiere

    Googles Gründerduo sichert seine Macht im Internetkonzern. Larry Page und Sergej Brin wollen mit einer neuen Aktienstruktur dafür sorgen, dass sie auch künftig das Sagen haben. …mehr

  • 20 Productivity-Apps für das iPad

    Adieu Notebook, hallo iPad

    Das iPad schickt Notebooks in Rente - zumindest mit den passenden Apps. Die Computerwoche stellt Ihnen 20 Apps vor, welche die Produktivität deutlich steigern. …mehr

  • Die neuen BI-Herausforderungen

    Spitzenlast und Krisen-Management

    Business Intelligence in der Cloud wird nicht die Kernprobleme von BI lösen. Aber die Cloud stellt erstmals Technologien zur Verfügung, den Zielkonflikt zwischen statischen Prozessen und agilen Geschäftsanforderungen zu moderieren, meint Stefan Keller von Capgemini. …mehr

  • Fast jeder vierte Mitarbeiter hat innerlich gekündigt


    Mitarbeiter vermissen konstruktives Feedback, Interesse an ihrer Person sowie Förderung und Mitsprachemöglichkeiten. Das ergab eine Gallup-Studie unter deutschen Arbeitnehmern.  …mehr

  • Wann haftet ein Angestellter für Ladendiebstahl?

    Handys aus Lager entwendet

    Ist die Haftung eines Arbeitnehmers eingeschränkt, besteht keine Ersatzpflicht für leichteste Fahrlässigkeit.  …mehr

  • Comcast is first U.S. ISP to offer IPv6 to home gateway users

    Premium-Inhalt. The Network World story "Comcast is first U.S. ISP to offer IPv6 to home gateway users," which ran Thursday, mischaracterized how Comcast will update its IPv6 addresses for home gateway customers.

  • UK police arrest two over anti-terrorist hotline prank calls

    Premium-Inhalt. U.K. police arrested two teenagers on Thursday evening for allegedly making hoax phone calls to a hotline set up to report suspicious terrorism-related activity.

  • Microsoft to start charging for Bing search API

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft will begin charging developers to use the API (application programming interface) for its Bing search engine, the company Thursday.

  • LG Viper: First Impressions of Sprint's New LTE Phone

    Premium-Inhalt. Sprint's very first 4G LTE phone, the , is here in our offices in San Francisco! But sadly, Sprint LTE isn't. Sprint recently announced that it would roll out its LTE in a handful of cities in mid-year 2012, but San Francisco sadly isn't one of them for the time being. The affordable ($100 with a new two year contract from Sprint; price as of 4/12/12) will hit shelves on Earth Day (April 22), but you can preorder it today.

  • How Not to Spam Twitter: 5 Tips

    Premium-Inhalt. Twitter earlier this month that it's beefing up its anti-spam measures, and it has filed a lawsuit against five "aggressive tool providers and spammers" to keep its feeds clean. How can you keep your business off of Twitter's radar while still conducting some form of commerce using the tool? These five tips can help.

  • Intel targeting Ivy Bridge processors at Windows 8 tablets

    Premium-Inhalt. Intel's upcoming Core i-series processors based on the Ivy Bridge architecture are being pitched at ultrabooks, but the company is now extending the chips to high-performance tablets with Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 operating system.

  • Apple Flashback Malware Removal Includes Innovative Approach to Reducing Risk for Macs

    Premium-Inhalt. Better late than never? Apple has released the third Java update in a week for Mac OS X, and this one contains the tool to from infected systems. Beneath the belated fix to help users , Apple has introduced a proactive approach to reducing security risk that other vendors should take note of.

  • Keep Your Passwords Secure and in Sync with mSecure

    Premium-Inhalt. We live in a password-driven world. You need one to access the company network, one to sign into Twitter, one for your American Express business account, and on and on.

  • New MacBook Pros to have Retina display

    Premium-Inhalt. Intel has revealed that its Ivy Bridge processor is built for Retina display computers, hinting that Apple's redesigned range of MacBook Pros will have Retina display technology.

  • Real-Time Wiki Hackpad Makes Web Collaboration Fast and Easy

    Premium-Inhalt. In software, "new" all too often means "complicated." New tools often tempt us with futuristic features and promises of improved productivity, but learning to use them can be a confusing experience, not to mention the time lost while trying to get up to speed. So when I see a tool that is truly new, but also manages to be simpler and more streamlined than the current alternatives, I am truly impressed. Hackpad is one such tool: A new breed of Wiki that shows how much simpler and fluid wikis can be.

  • Apple adds new security measures to App Store

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple appears to have enhanced its iTunes account security by asking users a series of security questions on their iOS devices.

  • Boris pledges to make London 'most digital' city in the world

    Premium-Inhalt. Mayor of London Boris Johnson has pledged to make London the most Wi-Fi accessible city in the world if he is re-elected into his position next month.

  • History's 10 Most Influential Robots

    Premium-Inhalt. It wouldn't be right if GeekTech didn't do something for , and if there is one thing this blog loves, it's robots. Robots are all around us, from the coffee machine in the kitchen at home, to the assembly lines in factories at work. But where did robots first come from? Which were the most significant in delivering the kind of machines we have today?

  • Friday the 13th and the cracked iPad

    Premium-Inhalt. After having more than a dozen iOS devices entrusted to my care I experienced the "Ah drat!" moment that all iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad owners dread--gravity gets its grip on the device, it tumbles to the ground, and goes the display. My new third-generation iPad managed to slip off my desk and glance off the one metal object on my office's carpeted floor. That glancing blow was enough to shatter a section of the iPad's glass display and send cracks across the bottom-left corner.

  • Google adds new options for viewing data in Fusion Tables

    Premium-Inhalt. Google is trying to popularize the somewhat obscure art of data visualization by adding more user-friendly options to its Fusion Tables app.

  • Asus to ship quad-core Transformer Pad 300 tablet on April 22

    Premium-Inhalt. Asus' latest Transformer Pad 300 will start shipping in the U.S. on April 22, the company said Friday. The tablet is being pitched as a laptop replacement with 4G LTE network capabilities.

  • Coming Soon: Ad Offers in Your Facebook News Feed

    Premium-Inhalt. Get ready for advertising in your Facebook news feed. The company has launched Facebook Offers, which aims to bring Groupon-like deals to users of the social networking site. Facebook will roll out the functionality to page owners gradually over the next few months.

  • Life on Mars? We've Been Wrong Before

    Premium-Inhalt. Thirty-six years ago, the Viking 2 Lander picked up some dirt and did some donuts on the surface of Mars. According to the computational data recorded then (and the fact that no one came out and kicked the lander off of their lawn), the red planet was stamped with a big "nothing to see here" sign; no life was found. Re-evaluation of the data is changing all of that, according to a newly published paper at .

  • Why Switching OS Platforms Is Not a Security Fix

    Premium-Inhalt. It has been a rallying cry against Microsoft Windows for years: to avoid malware and security issues, just stop using Windows. The mantra has traditionally been embraced by both Mac and Linux users, but as Mac OS X users deal with the fallout from the , some Linux supporters are turning the tired attack even .

  • Try Calligra 2.4 for a New Microsoft Office Alternative

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft Office may be the dominant productivity suite in much of the computing world, but it's not for a lack of .

  • Why Open Source Is the Key to Cloud Innovation

    Premium-Inhalt. In the 25 years since Richard Stallman wrote the GNU General Public License, free and open source software (FOSS) have become pervasive in computing: Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL and more can be found in large numbers of enterprises across the globe. And open source is now increasingly undergirding cloud computing as well.

  • 3 tips for actually making money making mobile apps

    Premium-Inhalt. Let's face it: Your prospects of becoming an overnight billionaire by inventing the next Instagram probably aren't good.

  • Airtoggle saves menu-bar space, toggles Wi-Fi from the keyboard

    Premium-Inhalt. Back in 2009, I , a nifty utility that lets you toggle Bluetooth on and off using the keyboard, as well as disable the Bluetooth menu extra to free up a bit of space in your menu bar. The very first comment on that review? "I would love to have this for the Airport menu."

  • Bugs & Fixes: Opening (very) old AppleWorks and Word documents

    Premium-Inhalt. You've managed to dodge the bullet of obsolete storage media. All your data from floppy disks (or whatever) is now safely on USB flash drives, terabyte backup drives, or in the cloud. But another pitfall awaits if and when you ever try to open those old files. What if a file's data format is so ancient that you no longer have any applications that can read the format? I recently tripped over two examples of this dilemma. Here's how I solved them:

  • Wall Street Beat: Tech stocks waver despite strong sales news

    Premium-Inhalt. Concerns about the economy appeared to outweigh promising sales news from major IT players including SAP and Google, as computer stocks, along with other sectors, ended a losing week Friday.

  • Leaked Microsoft roadmap shows 2013 launch for Office 15

    Premium-Inhalt. A leaked Microsoft roadmap shows that the next version of Office won't ship until the first quarter of 2013, according to the Dutch developer who found the document.

  • Hospitals seeing more patient data breaches

    Premium-Inhalt. A bi-annual survey of 250 healthcare organizations shows that the percentage experiencing a patient data breach is up. And with the growth in electronic records-keeping, more of those problems are originating from laptops and mobile devices rather than a human slip-up in handling paper documents.

  • Dell Latitude XT3: This Convertible PC Is All Business

    Premium-Inhalt. The very sturdy Dell Latitude XT3 is an enterprise-class laptop that comes with a twist: You can quickly fold it into a tablet PC by rotating its screen on its single central hinge. Such so-called convertible PCs often land in large organizations, including those in the health care, education, and law enforcement fields. This kind of machine needs to perform well both as a laptop and as a tablet, hold up well in hectic environments, and deliver good battery life. For the most part, Dell's third-generation Latitude XT fits the bill nicely.

  • The Week in iOS Apps: Something to Crow about

    Premium-Inhalt. This week's roundup of apps will make you laugh! Make you cry! Help you organize your business receipts! The last one might be less dramatic, but it's actually quite helpful.

  • 'Seamless unibody headphones' in the works at Apple

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple could be working on seamless unibody headphones for its iPod and iPhone, that won't retain any dirt.

  • Apple claims iBookstore broke Amazon's monopoly

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple has responded to the US Department of Justice's antitrust charges filed against it and book publishers accused of price-fixing. According to the lawsuit: "Millions of ebooks that would have sold at retail for $9.99 or for other low prices instead sold for the prices indicated by the price schedules included in the Apple Agency Agreements - generally, $12.99 or $14.99."

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