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Meldungen vom 10.04.2012

  • Cosynus Mobile Device Server 7 mit mehr MDM

    Ab sofort verfügbar

    Die neue Version des Cosynus Mobile Device Servers bietet nach Angaben des Herstellers zahlreiche Neuerungen für den sicheren Betrieb von mobilen Geräten im Unternehmen. …mehr

  • Neue Tablets von Toshiba mit Displays bis 13 Zoll

    Excite 7.7, 10 und 13

    Toshiba hat drei neue Tablets vorgestellt, das kleine Excite 7.7, das Mainstream-Modell Excite 10 und den Display-Riesen Excite 13. Sie kommen im Mai und Juni in den USA auf den Markt. …mehr

  • Auch Sharp erwartet noch höheren Rekordverlust

    Nach Sony

    Der Elektronikkonzern Sharp hat das vergangene Geschäftsjahr mit einem noch höheren Rekordverlust als befürchtet abgeschlossen. …mehr

  • Vorratsdatenspeicherung - ein Koalitionsstreit mit Sprengkraft

    Frist läuft ab

    Wenn die politische Osterpause endet, wird ein Dauer-Streitthema der schwarz-gelben Koalition zwangsläufig wieder auf die Tagesordnung kommen: die Neuregelung der Vorratsdatenspeicherung. …mehr

  • Melinda Gates hält Kinder knapp

    "Wir sind da streng"

    Ihre Eltern gehören zu den reichsten Menschen der Welt - doch die drei Kinder von Bill und Melinda Gates bekommen bei weitem nicht jeden Wunsch erfüllt. …mehr

  • Zuckerberg macht mit Instagram ersten Schritt zum Facebook-Imperium


    Auf den ersten Blick verschwendet Facebook-Gründer Mark Zuckerberg eine Menge Geld, wenn er eine Milliarde Dollar für die Fotoplattform Instagram hinblättert. …mehr

  • Vater des legendären C64 gestorben

    Jack Tramiel ist tot

    Jack Tramiel gehört wie Steve Jobs oder Bill Gates zu den Gründervätern der PC-Industrie. Sein Commodore C64 hält bis heute den Weltrekord des Bestseller-PCs. Am Ostersonntag starb Tramiel in Kalifornien. …mehr

  • Schon mehr als 900 Milliarden Objekte bei S3 gespeichert

    Amazon AWS

    Amazon Web Services hat aktuelle Zahlen zu seinem Cloud-Speicherdienst S3 (Simple Storage Service) mitgeteilt.  …mehr

  • Chrome OS bekommt einen Desktop


    Bislang war Googles Chrome OS wenig mehr als ein rudimentäres Linux, das nur zum Starten in den Chrome-Browser benutzt wurde.  …mehr

  • Migration auf Windows 7 in kleinen Unternehmensnetzen

    Umstieg von XP auf Windows 7

    Der Support für Windows XP geht nur noch bis zum 8. April 2014 und der Wechsel auf Windows 7 nimmt etwa 18 bis 24 Monate in Anspruch. Wir zeigen, wie der Wechsel auf Windows 7 in kleineren Firmennetzen klappt.  …mehr

  • Sony will 10.000 Arbeitsplätze streichen

    Hoher Jahresverlust erwartet

    Sony steht vor großen Herausforderungen.  …mehr

  • Die Linux-Woche im Rückblick

    Fuduntu, Puppy Linux, FreeBSD 8.3

    Anhänger der Linux-Distributionen Fuduntu oder Puppy Linux dürfen sich über aktualisierte Ausgaben freuen. FreeBSD 8.3 befindet sich auf der Zielgeraden.  …mehr

  • AOL verkauft jede Menge Patente an Microsoft

    Für 1,1 Milliarden Dollar

    Microsoft rüstet sich für den Patentkrieg in der Technologiebranche. …mehr

  • Facebook kauft Instagram für 1 Milliarde Dollar

    Mobiles Foto-Sharing

    Kurz vor seinem geplanten Börsengang wagt Facebook noch eine dicke Übernahme. …mehr

  • Bilanz von Twitter und Facebook mau

    Pflicht-Disziplin Social Media

    Ihr Auftritt im Web 2.0 ist ein Misserfolg oder lohnt nicht: Unternehmen haben laut BVDW-Studie bisher kaum von Social Media profitiert.  …mehr

  • Wie lang können Urlaubsansprüche gesammelt werden

    Bei Langzeitkranken gelten Sonderregeln

    Der EuGH hat entschieden, dass die Frist die Dauer des Bezugszeitraums, an den sie anknüpft, deutlich überschreiten muss.  …mehr

  • Informatiker - Helfer in der Medizintechnik

    Berufsbilder der IT

    Die Gesundheitswirtschaft gilt als solider Arbeitgeber. Auch Informatiker wissen diese Vorzüge zu schätzen  …mehr

  • Save a Wet Gadget, Salvage a Laptop Hard Disk

    Premium-Inhalt. I can think of few hassles as devastating as dropping your cell phone into the sink or letting it take a tumble in the washing machine. These kinds of accidents happen all the time, often with the result of an expensive trip to the store for a replacement. But maybe that doesn't have to be the outcome. A couple years back, we offered some , including the ever-popular "submerge it in a bowl of dry rice." But if you want a more robust solution, consider stocking a .

  • Remains of the Day: Kicking it

    Premium-Inhalt. Tim Cook will kick off this year's D conference; shortages of the 15-inch MacBook Pro suggest new models with even more kick; and Apple kicks a Russian security firm while it's down. The remainders for Tuesday, April 10, 2012 get a kick out of you.

  • Patch MS12-027 Now--Zero Day Flaw Being Actively Exploited

    Premium-Inhalt. Today is the second Tuesday of April, and that means it's . This month Microsoft released a total of , but one in particular deals with a zero-day vulnerability impacting virtually every Microsoft user, which is already being exploited in the wild.

  • Robo Vending Machine Gives Out Free Drinks for a Hug

    Premium-Inhalt. How far would you go for a free soda? Well, Coca-Cola is hoping that us mere mortals will be happy to hug a robotic vending machine, which will dispense free coke in exchange for a quick embrace.

  • Mocana extends mobile app security offering to iOS

    Premium-Inhalt. More iOS devices arriving in the workplace mean more potential security headaches for the enterprise. Smart device security firm is looking to reduce some of those headaches by adding iOS support to its Mobile App Protection offering.

  • Hungry? Shari Robot Makes 3,600 Pieces of Sushi in an Hour

    Premium-Inhalt. I love sushi. Of course, it's not the easiest of dishes to create straight away; rolling all the parts together so it doesn't fall apart takes some skill. This is where a sushi robot (a "SushiBot") could save the day--and make enough sushi rolls for a party.

  • Vista Support No More: Where to Go for Help

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft is this week as part of an effort to push users to upgrade to Windows 7. The company will no longer offer free technical support for customers running Vista, nor will they honor warranty claims for the five-year-old operating system, but it will provide basic support.

  • Razer Tiamat 7.1 Gaming Headset

    Premium-Inhalt. Razer bills the Tiamat 7.1 as the first "true" 7.1 gaming headset. Ten individual drivers are arrayed about the ear cups, mimicking a traditional surround sound speaker set up in a confined space. But headsets are tricky: everyone has a distinct perception of audio fidelity, and the divide between bad audio and audio overkill is going to vary by user. So I'll be objective: the is absolutely worth the $179 price tag -- if you own a 5.1 or 7.1 surround-sound capable sound card.

  • Anti-money laundering solution to fill gap in the market

    Premium-Inhalt. Jade Software has launched an international security company this month to provide specialist technology to police forces and agencies around the world. According to Jade the new venture, the Wynyard Group, is the result of over two years of investment in designing specialist technology solutions which are now being marketed worldwide.

  • Critical Patch Tuesday bulletin addresses Microsoft Office attack seen in the wild

    Premium-Inhalt. While four of the six bulletins that issued for April's release are rated "critical," one in particular has already been targeted by an attack lurking in the wild.

  • Sign and Send Documents from Your Smartphone or PC

    Premium-Inhalt. See if this sounds familiar: Someone e-mails you a document, contract, or whatever that requires your signature. So you print it, sign it, then dust off the fax machine so you can send it back.Talk about a waste of time (and paper). Isn't this the 21st century? Why are we still messing around with printers, hard copies, and -- horrors -- fax machines?

  • Security firm offers more Flashback details, free tools

    Premium-Inhalt. News of continues to spread, trailing on the heels of the exploit itself. A security firm has uncovered statistics about the Flashback infection, as well as providing tools to detect and remove the infection.

  • The need for a right job fit reigns over salary offer: Hays

    Premium-Inhalt. Having a cultural fit has become so important to hiring managers that it now rates above a 100 per cent match to the required technical skills, according to recruiting firm, Hays.

  • New approach needed to capitalise on Cloud era: VMware

    Premium-Inhalt. Over 200 of VMware's partners have heard how the Cloud is as leading a change to computing that is as fundamental as that associated with the impact of mainframes.

  • Toshiba's 13-Incher: When is a Tablet Too Big?

    Premium-Inhalt. Tablet computers are meant to be held, at least most of the time. But at what point does a slate become too unwieldy to function as a handheld device? The new , with its gargantuan (by tablet standards) 13.3-inch display, may soon answer that question.

  • DNSChanger malware victims may face internet switch off: ACMA

    Premium-Inhalt. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has urged Australian internet users who may be victims to remove the malware from their computers before 9 July or face no internet service when domain name system (DNS) servers maintained by the FBI are switched off.

  • Groupon's 'Material Weakness,' Restated Revenue, Raise Questions About Both It and E&Y

    Premium-Inhalt. In yet another financial reporting setback for online deal company Groupon Inc., the newly public company disclosed a "material weakness" in its financial controls, at the same time it reduced estimates of its fourth-quarter revenue.

  • An ethical hacker's view on mobile malware and how to stop it

    Premium-Inhalt. This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach.

  • Microsoft retires Vista, Office 2007 from mainstream support this week

    Premium-Inhalt. The story headlined "Microsoft retires Vista, Office 2007 from mainstream support this week" and posted Monday has been removed from the wire. The story erroneously referred to Office 2007. Online editors are asked to immediately remove the story from Web sites and print editors are asked to not use the story in future editions. An update, "Microsoft retires Vista from mainstream support this week," which cuts all references to Office 2007, is being posted to the wire.

  • Catching the eye of Google

    Premium-Inhalt. Google's man in charge of acquisitions -- vice president of corporate development David Lawee -- was in Auckland recently, but he was keeping quiet on whether any Kiwi businesses were on his radar.

  • Is RIM blocking side-loading of apps on the PlayBook or not?

    Premium-Inhalt. First RIM roiled its shrinking universe of users and developers with a single tweet about ending side-loading of apps on its PlayBook tablet. And then the company created more confusion with a blog post this week that was supposed to give "nuance" to the tweet.

  • Nvidia to draw on graphics strength for Windows 8 on ARM

    Premium-Inhalt. Nvidia is on the verge of delivering its own homegrown chips for Windows 8 devices, and the company hopes to use its extensive background in graphics to differentiate itself from competitors, according to a company executive.

  • Microsoft patches critical Windows zero-day bug that hackers are now exploiting

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft today delivered six security updates to patch 11 vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer (IE), Office and several other products, including one bug that attackers are already exploiting.

  • CloudOn adds Box.net support

    Premium-Inhalt. has released of its iPad app. As before, the app lets you work on Microsoft Office documents stored on Dropbox from Apple’s tablet. This latest update adds support for Box.net cloud storage, among other tweaks.

  • How to Tell If an Email Is a Phishing Scam

    Premium-Inhalt. Email phishing scams have grown more sophisticated since they first began popping up in corporate inboxes in the 1990s. Early phishing emails were relatively easy to detect as they were characterized by poor grammar and spelling. No legitimate business would send an email to customers chockfull of typos.

  • AT&T Starts Unlocking iPhones: Customers Gripe Over Long Delays

    Premium-Inhalt. Want to unlock your off-contract AT&T iPhone to use with competing GSM carriers such as U.S. Cellular and T-Mobile? As reported last week, , the only hitch is it may take up to a week for AT&T to process the request even though AT&T claims it only takes minutes.

  • New healthcare rule to cut red tape, save up to $4.6B, says HHS

    Premium-Inhalt. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on Monday a proposed rule that it said would cut the red tape involved in processing medical payments and save the industry $4.6 billion over the next decade.

  • Conquering Big Data with stream computing

    Premium-Inhalt. There is big data, and then there is mind-bogglingly enormous data; the latter is the scale at which Mahmoud Mahmoud has been focusing his research on for the last three years. And he says his work will be a "paradigm shift" in the way businesses use big data in the future.

  • BUSINESS AS USUAL: Picking up where you left

    Premium-Inhalt. In this day and age, information technology has become an important tool for companies, both small and large. They depend on it to lighten manual workloads, raise data accuracy, and improve efficiency. And truth be told, for most companies, IT lies at the very heart of their operations. Any enterprise seeking to go further in the market and revenues need a flexible information storage and retrieval system and an accompanying technology with a strong backbone. But what happens if your company's system cracks under pressure due to natural disasters, man-made mishaps, or technical interruptions? How does one deal with these unexpected circumstances and resume with business?

  • Canon PowerShot Elph 520 HS: Ultracompact Camera With 12X Optical Zoom

    Premium-Inhalt. Pocket-megazoom cameras have been around for a few years now, but you probably haven't seen one as small or as simple as the ($300 as of April 7, 2012). In a way, it represents a of basic compact camera: Rather than cramming more megapixels into a tiny sensor, the 10-megapixel PowerShot Elph 520 HS keeps the pixel count relatively sane and jacks up the optical zoom to 12X (28mm to 336mm), an impossible-sounding level for a camera of this size.

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