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Meldungen vom 25.03.2012

  • Remains of the Day: Aphorism's better than none

    Premium-Inhalt. The country's top antitrust official doesn't trust Apple, Tim Cook is shanghaied to China, and people who shop in glass stores should really watch where they're going. The remainders for Monday, March 26, 2012 are more useful than a screen door on a submarine.

  • US telco offers cloud services in HK

    Premium-Inhalt. A regional unit of a telecommunications provider in the United States has announced that it is offering managed cloud services through its data centre in Hong Kong.

  • Spreadsheets and Sports: A Toxic Mix?

    Premium-Inhalt. [Editor's Note: The writer is CEO of , which offers sports and entertainment management software.]

  • CFOs Should Think Before They Leap -- at HTML5

    Premium-Inhalt. Adding to the dizzying future technologies shopping list may not be ever so high on a CFO's list. But it might be a good time to think about and its future implementations within your enterprise.

  • Disney looks beyond 25 billionth App Store download toward mobile future

    Premium-Inhalt. The way Bart Decrem sees it, Swampy the Alligator has something in common with Mickey Mouse.

  • Even With Spreadsheet Use Fading, It's Still an Excel World

    Premium-Inhalt. As California-based manufacturer prepares to go public later this year, it has high hopes of expanding its reach among the surfers, mountain climbers and other so-called adventure photographers to whom GoPro wants to sell its novel 3D video devices and gear-mounted cameras.

  • New FTC 'Do-Not-Track' Recommendations: Clueless?

    Premium-Inhalt. The Federal Trade Commission Monday issued a report citing proposed best practices for protecting American consumers and giving them greater control over the collection and use of their personal data. In response, several security and privacy experts offered several variations of "huh?"

  • GAO goes undercover to expose military electronic parts fraud against DOD

    Premium-Inhalt. The federal watchdog agency, the General Accountability Office, went undercover on the Internet to expose manufacturers actively willing to sell bogus military-grade electronics parts used in major weapons and aircraft systems of the U.S. Department of Defense.

  • FTC Issues Privacy Report, Calls for Do-Not-Track Tool

    Premium-Inhalt. The Federal Trade Commission on Monday released the long-awaited final version of its report on online consumer privacy, issuing a set of recommendations broadly consistent with an earlier draft, including a call for a do-not-track tool that would enable users to opt out of data collection and targeted marketing programs on the Web.

  • Researchers Develop a Vibrating Steering Wheel to Replace Your GPS

    Premium-Inhalt. When you're feel your steering wheel vibrate, It's usually because you are experiencing some frightening wheel-wobble in a real car or you are getting your money's worth from that force-feedback wheel you bought for Gran Turismo.

  • Toshiba Qosmio X775-Q7170: Is 'Entry-Level Desktop Replacement' an Oxymoron?

    Premium-Inhalt. The Qosmio X775-Q7170 is the entry-level model of the Qosmio X770 series of . The Q7170 sports the same snazzy design as other laptops in the series: a 17.3-inch widescreen, a red-backlit keyboard, and a fade-to-red color scheme. However, it comes packed with some less-impressive hardware components and no 3D display.

  • FTC's online privacy report: Breaking down the recommendations

    Premium-Inhalt. The Federal Trade Commission's final can be summed up thusly: We've made progress but there's still a lot of work to do.

  • HTC shutting down Sense backup services

    Premium-Inhalt. HTC plans to shut down its HTCsense.com cloud backup services on April 30 in preparation for the launch of "new and improved services," it said on its website.

  • Many Office Live Small Business users fret over Office 365 transition

    Premium-Inhalt. Many companies that rely on Office Live Small Business (OLSB) for their e-mail and website hosting are that a required transition to Office 365 or to a third-party hosting provider is too complicated for them to carry out and that Microsoft could be doing more to help them out as OLSB's closure date fast approaches.

  • Securing your Board of Directors' communication portal

    Premium-Inhalt. Imagine that criminals broke into headquarters and bugged your executive offices for insider information--and then made millions trading on that information. That's what can happen if you jump into a Board Communication Systems too quickly. It has already happened: They silently monitor your Board of Directors communications until they hear insider information that they can use to strike it rich on the stock market.

  • Microsoft Apologizes After Botched Windows Phone Challenge

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft is apologizing for a marketing campaign gone wrong, after a tech writer "smoked" a Windows Phone using an Android handset.

  • Facebook Mulling Privacy Changes Via Public Comments

    Premium-Inhalt. Facebook is mulling changes to its privacy policy that appear to be small, but privacy advocates argue will make a big difference in the way the company collects information on Facebook and non-Facebook users.

  • AT&T to Sell Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone on April 8 for $100

    Premium-Inhalt. The Nokia Lumia 900's long journey to the United States is nearly finished, with AT&T confirming an April 8 release date and $100 price tag for the stylish Windows Phone.

  • Is the Nokia Lumia 900 the Best $99 Smartphone at AT&T?

    Premium-Inhalt. AT&T will begin selling the highly-anticipated Nokia Lumia 900 smartphone on April 8th for a (with obligatory two-year contract). The bargain price for a flagship device may boost both Nokia and Windows Phone, but it’s not the only device offered by AT&T for $99. Before choosing, consider the alternatives and see how the Lumia 900 stacks up against the $99 competition.

  • Streaming vs. proxy deep packet inspection

    Premium-Inhalt. This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach.

  • HP's server strategy focuses on SSDs, storage bottleneck

    Premium-Inhalt. Hewlett-Packard (HP) says it will address the I/O bottleneck created by internal and external storage in its next generation of ProLiant servers, boosting performance by up to 50% for popular applications such as online transaction processing (OLTP) and streaming video.

  • iPad battery allegations unwarranted

    Premium-Inhalt. Your new iPad's battery is fine. Despite suggesting that Apple's newest tablet suffers from , --'s own research concludes that the third-generation iPad's battery works as designed, and that customers needn't fear harming the battery by over-charging it.

  • Converting CDs to Windows-compatible ISO images

    Premium-Inhalt. Reader P.J. Schultz is attempting to reach across the great Mac/PC platform divide but has been thwarted. She writes:

  • Skeltrack: Tracking the Human Skeleton With Kinect

    Premium-Inhalt. When Microsoft released its Kinect Software Development Kit (SDK) to developers to fuel innovation on the Kinect platform, the possibilities were palpable. Projects like Open Kinect have made real strides in pushing the envelope for community involvement in areas including science, medicine, and even teleconferencing. But a company from Spain wants to use the Kinect to track your skeleton.

  • Microsoft disrupts servers used by feared Zeus bank Trojan

    Premium-Inhalt. In the most significant cybercrime bust of the year so far, Microsoft and US banking organisations say they have disrupted a number of the most active botnets that have been attacking online banking customers across the world with impunity using the Zeus crimeware.

  • Huawei told not to apply for Australian broadband project

    Premium-Inhalt. Huawei called Australia's ban on the company from supplying equipment for its national broadband project due to security concerns a "setback."

  • Nonprofit open source organizations booming

    Premium-Inhalt. The story "Nonprofit open source organizations booming," posted March 22, misspelled the surname of Mozilla CTO Brendan Eich in the first and third paragraphs. The story has been corrected on the wire and the first and third paragraphs now read:

  • Thomas Cook to implement new online reservation system

    Premium-Inhalt. Thomas Cook, the travel company, has awarded a multi-year contract to Anite for the supply of an online reservation system in its UK business.

  • Logitech targets small workgroups with HD videoconferencing unit

    Premium-Inhalt. Logitech hopes to address changes in enterprise teamwork with a high-definition videoconferencing unit designed for ad-hoc collaboration among small groups.

  • Latisys: Customers want off-premises private clouds

    Premium-Inhalt. The public cloud doesn't work for everyone, says Pete Stevenson, CEO of , a cloud, managed hosting and colocation service provider that announced an expansion of its offerings and facilities today.

  • Der Cyber-Krieg beginnt

    Computerwoche 13/2012

    Übergriffe im Netz – auch von staatlichen Stellen – nehmen spürbar zu. Wirtschaft und Politik müssen sich unbequeme Fragen gefallen lassen. …mehr

  • Die wichtigsten IT-Produkte der Woche

    Von Quadcore-Smartphone bis Linux Kernel

    Die COMPUTERWOCHE präsentiert Ihnen die spannendsten neuen IT-Produkte aus der vergangenen Woche. …mehr

  • 250. Ausgabe gesendet

    Merkel hat Spaß an ihrem Video-Podcast

    Durchhaltervermögen hat Bundeskanzlerin Merkel bewiesen und es auf inzwischen 250 Podcasts gebaracht. …mehr

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N im Test


    N wie noch ein Versuch: Mit dem Galaxy Tab 10.1N greift Samsung erneut das Apple iPad 2 an. Was Samsung außen und innen am 10-Zoll-Tablet geändert hat und ob es endlich für den Tablet-Thron reicht, erfahren Sie im Test.  …mehr

  • Neues iPad ist teurer als das iPad 2


    Nach dem Auseinandernehmen des neuen iPad herrscht Gewissheit: Wie der Dienstleister iSuppli bestätigt, ist das iPad der 3. Generation ist in der Herstellung teurer als das iPad 2. …mehr

  • Networking für Introvertierte


    Jede Sekunde muss man neue Menschen kennen lernen, neue Kontakte knüpfen - nur so geht es im Job voran. Doch was ist, wenn man lieber allein ist und bei Smalltalk lieber flüchten will? Wie funktioniert Networking für Networking-Muffel?  …mehr

    Von Constantin Gillies
  • Die Dienstwagen in der IT

    Eine Frage der Hierarchie

    Mögen die Firmen flache Hierarchien noch so sehr propagieren, ein Statussymbol spiegelt immer noch die wahren Machtverhältnisse wider: Der Dienstwagen. …mehr

  • Web-Entwicklung mit Tapestry

    Kleine Helfer

    Mit "Tapestry" bietet die Apache Foundation ein leistungsfähiges Web-Framework für Java-Anwendungen. Es soll Entwicklern ermöglichen, möglichst viele GUI-Komponenten wiederzuverwenden. …mehr

  • DARPA Director Goes to Google But Probes Continue

    Premium-Inhalt. Twin probes into possible irregularities in the awarding of contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars during the tenure of Regina Dugan at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) will continue even though Dugan has left the agency for a position at Google.

  • Dealing With Software Rebate Hassles

    Premium-Inhalt. I bought H&R Block tax software along with a few other software products that Office Depot advertised with when purchased at the same time as the tax program. Movie Plus was one of the products I chose, and Serif, the publisher, has not honored the $40 rebate. Serif representatives say I have to provide them with the UPC of the tax software as proof of purchase, but that is not listed as a requirement in the rebate instructions; the instructions say that proof of purchase should be a dated store receipt or online invoice. I have sent all of the materials as required by the instructions. All the other rebates for software I bought that day have been honored. Can you help me get that last $40 rebate?--James Whitlow, Indialantic, Florida

  • Google ends Chrome search rank penalty period

    Premium-Inhalt. Google this month released Chrome from the penalty box and reinstated the browser's PageRank after a 60-day self-imposed sentence over a rule-breaking marketing campaign.

  • Dolce & Gabbana fits sharper website system

    Premium-Inhalt. Italian fashion house Dolce&Gabbana has accelerated its website performance and improved the user experience for streamed events.

  • Froad Review: Bug Eating at Its Finest

    Premium-Inhalt. YoYo Games' Froad, a name that I can only assume refers to a cross between a frog and a toad, is a cute casual game that's surprisingly challenging.

  • Angry Birds Get an Assist into Space

    Premium-Inhalt. So Angry Birds Space is -- where better than with a giant slingshot from the Space Needle in Seattle?

  • Facebook Privacy Debate a Passionate One

    Premium-Inhalt. Facebook, the wildly popular online social networking service, and the home where you eat, sleep and raise your family don't provide the same level of privacy -- and that's not unreasonable.

  • Facebook Password Requests From Employers Raise Ire of Lawmakers

    Premium-Inhalt. Facebook is getting attention in Washington again as two U.S. senators seek federal investigations of recent reports of employers demanding job applicants turn over their passwords to the social networking site.

  • It's Tyrannosaurus Rex! Review: Learn How to Say 'Ankylosaur' Correctly

    Premium-Inhalt. It's Tyrannosaurus Rex! is an interactive, illustrated children's book published by Oceanhouse Media, with help from the Smithsonian Institution. It's a fun, well-executed ebook/Android app that's perfect for dino-loving kids of all ages.

  • Streamlined Windows Server 8 Offers Key Benefits

    Premium-Inhalt. Windows Server has always been a bit different. It looks like your desktop computer, and includes dozens of features that you have no interest in using.

  • Weekly Wrap: Apple divined, Apple TV tips, new iPad sales, and more

    Premium-Inhalt. Sure, Apple didn't release new iPad or new Apple TV this week, but the company didn't let the week go by without making some new news. If you want to make sure you're caught up on Apple's news from the past week, along with our reviews, tutorials, and opinion pieces, you've come to the right place: The Weekly Wrap. Population: Me and you.

  • Why Linux on the Desktop Is Dead

    Premium-Inhalt. Linux is awesome. It's a powerful, capable, flexible operating system with tremendous potential. But, it's never going to be a factor on the desktop, so don't even waste your time considering it.

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