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Meldungen vom 17.03.2012

  • EU setzt weiter auf Unterzeichnung von ACTA

    Trotz Kritik

    Die dänische EU-Ratspräsidentschaft beharrt ungeachtet starker Kritik auf einer Unterzeichnung des Urheberrechtsabkommens Acta. …mehr

  • Landgericht setzt ein Ideenklau-Verfahren von Apple und Samsung aus


    Eines der vielen Ideenklau-Verfahren von Apple und Samsung in Deutschland liegt seit Freitag auf Eis. …mehr

  • 48 Tipps für Windows 7


    Wir haben für Sie 48 besonders hilfreiche Tricks zusammengestellt, die das neue Windows 7 rundum besser machen und bei der Bedienung helfen.  …mehr

  • Update des Android-Marktes erleichtert die Bedienung

    Google Play Store

    Der Google Play Store bekommt ein Update, das eine Menge nützlicher Veränderungen enthält. So wird die Bedienung vereinfacht und die Kommentarfunktion transparenter.  …mehr

  • Android/FakeToken fängt mTANs ab

    Neuer Android-Trojaner

    Die Anti-Viren-Experten von McAfee warnen jetzt vor einem neu entdeckten Trojaner, der sogenannte mTAN gezielt und unbemerkt vom Nutzer abgreifen kann. …mehr

  • Wird im Data Center alles einfacher?


    Die großen IT-Infrastruktur-Anbieter malen ein rosiges Bild vom Rechenzentrum der Zukunft: Alles wird einfacher, wenn Unternehmen nur die richtigen Produkte einsetzen.  …mehr

  • Stromsparende Highend-Server

    Es geht auch ohne Intel x86

    Geht es um den Stromverbrauch von Servern, scheint sich alles um Intels x86-Architektur zu drehen. Doch es gibt Alternativen. …mehr

  • Solid State Drives ab 240 Gigabyte im Test

    SSD-Festplatten im Vergleich

    Lesen Sie, welche der getesteten Modelle ab 240 GB im SSD-Test punkten konnten.  …mehr

    Von Michael Schmelzle
  • Erfolgreiche leben länger

    Arbeit und Lebenserwartung

    Eine Studie der amerikanischen Wissenschaftler Howard Friedman und Leslie Martin kommt zu dem Schluss: Erfolgreiche Menschen werden älter.  …mehr

  • In 3 Schritten aus der Social-Media-Katastrophe

    Social Media - Pleiten, Pech und Pannen

    Nur geschulte Mitarbeiter sollten für Firmen bloggen oder bei Facebook schreiben. Passieren dennoch Fehler, braucht es schnelle und klare Kommunikation.  …mehr

    Von Serdar Yegulalp und
  • Breitband-Internet per Satellit im Test

    Installation, Betrieb und Tipps

    Breitbandinitiative hin, Mobilfunkausbau her - weiße Flecken bleiben dennoch im deutschen Breitbandatlas. Für Anwender, denen es an einer flinken Anbindung mangelt, kann ein Internetzugang per Satellit durchaus eine Lösung sein. Unsere Kollegen vom TecChannel haben ein aktuelles Angebot einem ausführlichen Praxistest unterzogen. …mehr

    Von Jörg Breit
  • BCS calls for schools to join computer science teaching network

    Premium-Inhalt. BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, has called for schools to help develop computer science as a rigorous academic part of the reformed ICT curriculum.

  • Tech firms rejecting job applicants based on their social media profile

    Premium-Inhalt. One in five technology firms has rejected a job applicant because of his or her social media profile, according to a Eurocom Worldwide Survey.

  • Northern Ireland's schools get education cloud

    Premium-Inhalt. Northern Ireland's schools will have an education cloud after outsourcer Northgate was awarded a £170 million government contract.

  • Android's Permission Problems

    Premium-Inhalt. Mobile apps are a privacy nightmare. Some apps are constantly connected to the Internet, and can --such as your private photos or documents--to a remote server without your knowledge or consent. While iOS users can generally depend on Apple's app-curating process to keep their data safe, Android users pretty much have to fend for themselves, left to rely on a cryptic system that doesn't seem to be working.

  • Daisey revelations sad, but not surprising

    Premium-Inhalt. "I'm not making up any of these stories I'm telling you tonight. Um...except for one. Except for the fact that the banana sticks to wall when it hits. That's the only one. Everything else is true."--Spaulding Gray, "Swimming to Cambodia"

  • The Gamer's Guide to the iPad

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple's OSX isn't exactly a gamer's paradise. But the same can't be said about iOS--especially when it comes to . In some ways the iPad is the perfect gaming handheld: It has great battery life, and games are cheap. But before you run out to give Apple all of your money, there are a few things you should know before using the iPad as a gaming device.

  • Apple iPad: The Retina Display Redefines the Tablet

    Premium-Inhalt. The 2012 refresh of the wows, but not for the reasons so often associated with Apple products. After all, at first glance it appears to be the same product--it's just barely thicker and a tad heavier than the model that came before it. But that impression changes once you turn on the iPad's screen: That's when the new iPad not only takes your breath away but also demonstrates how Apple has redefined the tablet game--again.

  • Apple Factory Scrutiny Likely to Continue Despite Critic's Fabrications

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple factories in China will continue to be scrutinized despite a monologist's admission that he fabricated some of his reports on worker conditions there.

  • The Macalope Daily: Schools of thought

    Premium-Inhalt. As the Macalope slogs his way through the morass of lousy coverage of Apple, he has been able to categorize the schools of so-called "thought" (air quotes) he has encountered. Journey now with him through the twisting and turning paths of logic employed by those who voice their "concerns" about Apple.

  • Finally: A truly magical iPad

    Premium-Inhalt. Everybody's excited about the new 's high-resolution screen. But ultimately, the is just a pretty face. It can't do anything that the screens on previous models couldn't do.

  • Baillie Gifford better secures wealth management data

    Premium-Inhalt. Wealth management firm Baillie Gifford is targeting better data governance with an implementation of the DatAdvantage system from Varonis.

  • New iPad: The best Retina display apps & games to download today

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple fans picking up a on launch will be keen to show off that new . Aside from Apple's built in Apps, there are very few apps as yet with dedicated support for the new Retina display.

  • PC World’s midnight opening a ‘low key event’ which ‘shifted the new iPad quickly'

    Premium-Inhalt. A PC World spokesperson told Macworld that the midnight opening of its Tottenham Court Road store for the launch of Apple's new iPad was a 'low key event', which 'shifted the new iPad quickly'.

  • BCS names new president

    Premium-Inhalt. BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, has named Bob Harvey as its new president at its AGM.

  • Kettle Foods crunches the numbers with IBM Cognos system

    Premium-Inhalt. Upmarket crisps maker Kettle Foods has streamlined its financial reporting processes with IBM Cognos Express.

  • New iPad: Unboxing and setup

    Premium-Inhalt. Taking delivery of any new Apple product is always a joy, and the is no exception. Apple pays as much attention to the design of its packaging as it does to the product itself.

  • Video: London iPad launch, we talk to the people who queued

    Premium-Inhalt. Wondering why people decide to queue up outside an Apple Store to buy an iPad or iPhone?

  • Essex County Council targets £1.2m savings with network deal

    Premium-Inhalt. Essex County Council hopes to save £1.2 million a year with a framework agreement for next generation network (NGN) services that will also be available to other public sector bodies in the East of England.

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