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Meldungen vom 08.10.2011

  • Praktische Business-Apps für iPhone und iPad

    Kleine Helfer spezial

    Viele Anwendungen treiben den Einsatz der mobilen Apple-Geräte im Business voran. Hier eine Auswahl der besten Apps. …mehr

  • Die IT-Branche würdigt einen ihrer Besten

    Steve Jobs stirbt 56-jährig

    Steve Jobs ist an Krebs gestorben: Die Branche reagiert schockiert und betrübt auf die Todesnachricht aus Cupertino. …mehr

  • Internet-Kürzel übersetzt

    LOL, EOBD, kA, NP

    Chat- und SMS-Kürzel wie "LOL" runden so manche Nachricht ab. Doch es gibt viele Kürzel mehr. Wir erklären, was hinter den 100 wichtigsten Kürzel steckt.  …mehr

  • Was Manager im Herbst lesen

    Bücher Bestseller

    Bücher über Geld verkaufen sich gut. Auf der Bestsellerliste finden sich Erklärstücke für die Börse und für Verkäufer, aber auch Klassiker zum Thema Führung.  …mehr

  • McNealy: I would have run HP if they'd asked me

    Premium-Inhalt. Scott McNealy, the former chairman and CEO of Sun Microsystems, would have accepted the job of running Hewlett-Packard if he had been asked, he said this week.

  • There are upsides to reporting cybercrime, authorities say

    Premium-Inhalt. Not only might companies have ethical, civic and legal obligations to alert authorities to cyberthreats, businesses may find that the authorities can be helpful, law enforcement agents and prosecutors said on Friday.

  • Software firm creates 500 developer jobs in Scotland

    Premium-Inhalt. Avaloq, a banking software supplier, is set to create 500 jobs in Edinburgh.

  • The Open Group publishes cloud computing migration guide

    Premium-Inhalt. Global standards group The Open Group has published a new book to help firms move into cloud computing.

  • Designers respond to Adobe's acquisition of Nitobi, TypeKit

    Premium-Inhalt. Adobe kicked off its conference on Monday with a keynote speech by chief technology officer Kevin Lynch, in which he announced the company's acquisitions of -- which provides high-quality fonts for use on websites -- and also , the creator of PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build. PhoneGap is a popular open source platform for building cross-platform mobile applications with HTML5 and JavaScript.

  • iPad 2s worth £500,000 given to 1,200 Essex school kids

    Premium-Inhalt. iPad 2s are being handed out to all 1,200 students at a secondary school in Essex at a cost of almost £500,000.

  • Web creatives weigh in on Adobe Flash Player 11 and AIR 3

    Premium-Inhalt. User experiences are going to get a lot better and online gaming is going to get a lot more exciting with the launch of Adobe Flash Player 11 and AIR3 - that was the view developers as the technology launched this week during the Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles.

  • Users warned after YapBrowser returns from the dead

    Premium-Inhalt. YapBrowser, a replacement web browser once promoted by controversial spyware company Zango, has made a sudden return, GFI Software security researcher Chris Boyd .

  • Windows Phone 7, Day 30: WP7 'Mango' Is Ready for Prime Time


  • Kyocera Milano: A Budget Phone With a Bad Screen

    Premium-Inhalt. At first glance, the Kyocera Milano looks to be a good match for users who want a smartphone but are on a constrained budget: For $30 (with a new two-year contract with Sprint as of October 7, 2011), you get an Android phone with a slide-out keyboard running Gingerbread (Android 2.3.4). But you also get a below-average display and reception problems.

  • Hotmail's 'Graymail' Filter Will Help Business

    Premium-Inhalt. All the major Web-based email services have junk mail folders and spam filters that strain out obvious offenders. Categorizing messages and filtering out those you don’t want may help, but limits control. It would be nice just to tell your email program which messages you want to receive and when--and dump the rest. Windows Live Hotmail may be coming a step closer to that, with changes announced this week.

  • The Macalope Weekly: Respect

    Premium-Inhalt. The Macalope , so today we’re back to punching morons. And, though it seems like a million years ago now, it was only Tuesday that Apple announced the iPhone 4S—which, naturally, was an utter disappointment.

  • Hold the Phone: Apple iPhone 4S Preorders a Hit, Pushing Delivery Dates Back

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple’s iPhone 4S is such a hit that retailers are pushing back delivery dates on some models of the new smartphone.

  • How Steve Jobs Changed Mobility

    Premium-Inhalt. It's no dispute that Steve Jobs' influence on technology has been far and wide. However, in reflection, one could say he single-handedly transformed and redefined mobility in the 21st century, in a way no other technology company or individual has done.

  • New Windows Phone 7 Handset has Apple Elegance

    Premium-Inhalt. For those who believe Apple corners the market in elegance for technology products, take a look at a new handset released in Europe yesterday by -- and running Microsoft software.

  • Weekly Wrap: Steve Jobs, iPhone 4S

    Premium-Inhalt. Each week, the Weekly Wrap highlights some of our biggest and best stories from the week gone by. Generally, we aim to inject some lightheartedness into the proceedings. This week, we’re not quite feeling up to that.

  • Has Samsung pulled Nexus Prime launch out of respect for Steve Jobs?

    Premium-Inhalt. Samsung and Google have jointly announced that the planned launch of the Samsung Nexus Prime on 11 October will not go ahead.

  • Three releases iPhone 4S pricing

    Premium-Inhalt. Network operator Three has released its iPhone 4S pricing, following announcements by Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile.

  • DWP signs fifth large deal with HP

    Premium-Inhalt. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has inked two major software deals with HP, covering a core benefits system and departmental application support, strengthening its dominant position with five major contracts in the department.

  • O2 iPhone customers can't upgrade to iPhone 4S online

    Premium-Inhalt. O2 customers will have to get themselves to an O2 store if they want to have any chance to get their hands on an iPhone 4S on launch day.

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