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Meldungen vom 23.09.2011

  • Nachfolger des Motorola Atrix gesichtet

    Codename Edison

    Das "Motorola Atrix" war nicht nur das erste Dualcore-Smartphone der Amerikaner, sondern hatte mit dem Laptop- und Multimedia-Dock auch Einiges an Mehrwert zu bieten. Jetzt sind Informationen zum Nachfolger Atrix 2 durchgesickert. …mehr

  • Anhaltender Optimismus trotz Sommerflaute

    IT-Mittelstandsindex August 2011

    Die mittelständischen Unternehmen konnten im August trotz einer saisonbedingten Sommerflaute das Niveau des Vormonats halten. Der Index der realisierten Umsätze gab nur einen Punkt nach und liegt bei aktuell 103 Punkten.  …mehr

  • Änderungen erst in den nächsten Wochen sichtbar


    Die groß angelegte Runderneuerung des Online-Netzwerks Facebook wird für Anwender in Deutschland nicht sofort sichtbar sein. …mehr

  • Volkswagen-CIO Mühleck tritt ab

    Neue Aufgabe im VW-Konzern

    Klaus Hardy Mühleck ist ab Oktober nicht mehr Volkswagen-CIO. Er arbeitet ab kommenden Monat einen Nachfolger ein, wie unsere Schwesterpublikation CIO.de exklusiv erfuhr. …mehr

    Von Kolja Kröger
  • IT-Fachmesse mit leichtem Besucherplus

    IT & Business und DMS Expo

    Die Stuttgarter Messe hat das selbst gesteckte Ziel von 15.000 Besuchern verfehlt, wertet die Veranstaltung aber dennoch als etablierten Pflichttermin der IT-Branche.  …mehr

  • Einschneidende Änderungen bei Facebook

    Medienzentrale und "Lebensarchiv"

    Die Nutzer von Facebook können ihre "Freunde" künftig in Echtzeit wissen lassen, was sie gerade tun. Ist das der Auftakt zu einer neuen Datenschutz-Debatte?  …mehr

  • USU bringt IT-Services in ein Shop-System


    In Version 4.1 seiner "Valuemation-Suite" hat der Hersteller die Process Engine mit BPM-Fähigkeiten ausgestattet. Außerdem lässt sich der Servicekatalog wie ein Warenkorb einsetzen.  …mehr

  • Fukushima-Schock schiebt Cloud Computing an


    IDC hat die Folgen von Erdbeben, Tsunami und Atomunfall in Japan untersucht: Lieferengpässe haben Firmen zugesetzt. Cloud Computing profitiert kurzzeitig.  …mehr

  • Flüssiggasauto als Dienstwagen - was das Finanzamt sagt

    Bemessungsgrundlage der Ein-Prozent-Regelung

    Der nachträgliche Einbau einer Gasanlage in einen Firmenwagen erhöht nicht den pauschalen Nutzungswert.  …mehr

  • Google Android - Eine Spielwiese für Hacker?

    Spyware, Trojaner und mehr

    Mit der Beliebtheit unter den Usern steigt auch das Interesse der Cyberkriminellen, die auf dem neuen "Spielplatz" Google Android noch relativ unbehelligt von Security-Barrieren ihr Unwesen treiben können.  …mehr

    Von Marius Schenkenberg
  • Kreative Start-ups gesucht


    Die Initiative CODE_n startet einen Wettbewerb für neue Geschäftsmodelle im Web- und Mobile-Business.  …mehr

  • Why I'm Not One of the 89 Percent Getting Another iPhone

    Premium-Inhalt. Whenever I tell someone that my next phone probably won't be an iPhone, the reaction is always the same: the eyes widen and the tone of voice shifts to complete surprise. "Why not?"

  • iPhone 4S 'will launch 21 October'

    Premium-Inhalt. The next-generation iPhone will not be the iPhone 5 but the iPhone 4S and will closely resemble the iPhone 4, according to a new report.

  • Touch panel defect may delay iPhone 5 shipments - report

    Premium-Inhalt. A defect in some touch panels made by Wintek for the next-generation iPhone could leave the manufacturer struggling to meet quotas and potentially mean that Apple won't have as many units at launch as hoped, it has been claimed.

  • HP to decide on PC spin-off plans by year end

    Premium-Inhalt. Just over a month after Hewlett-Packard said it would sell or spin-off its PC business, new CEO Meg Whitman on Thursday said the company will decide on a proposal to spin-off the PC unit by the end of the year.

  • Hack Your Way Into Facebook's New Timeline Feature

    Premium-Inhalt. Most users will have to wait a few weeks before they get to see Facebook's most drastic changes to the service since the company was founded, but you can use a developers workaround to gain access to the Timeline feature right now.

  • Gibbs takes a look at a new QNAP NAS devices but his 2Wire DSL gateway doesn't help

    Premium-Inhalt. "Currently 2Wire does not support Universal Plug and Play (UPnP). 2Wire customizes all gateway products and software to meet the requirements of our ISP partners. If supporting UPNP became a requirement, 2Wire will include the functionality to the system. UPNP allows the OS to control the firewall configuration that could have an adverse effect on any systems running behind a firewall that is being controlled by malicious software operating on a LAN-based computer."

  • Sony Bravia 46HX820 LED HDTV

    Premium-Inhalt. The 46-inch 1080p Sony Bravia 46HX820 is one of the most attractive HDTVs I've ever seen. This ultrathin, ultraslick LED LCD television delivers excellent picture quality, good simulated surround sound, active-shutter 3D, and a wealth of Internet options. Plus, it's practically a work of art.

  • LG Infinia 50PZ950 Plasma HDTV

    Premium-Inhalt. LG's Infinia 50PZ950 is an attractive 50-inch plasma set with good picture quality, plenty of Internet options, and excellent 3D graphics. Its only disadvantage is that navigating through its hundreds of apps and options can be a bit tricky.

  • Alleged LulzSec Sony hacker arrested

    Premium-Inhalt. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has arrested a Phoenix student, claiming that he is one of the LulzSec hackers responsible for a database attack on Sony Pictures computers that claimed more than 1 million victims.

  • Remains of the Day: Beg, borrow, or steal

    Premium-Inhalt. Not sure if you want to buy an iPad? Depending on your situation, you might be able to try one out for a while. Elsewhere, one politician gets on the case about iTunes fraud, and one product package gets its 15 seconds of Internet fame. The remainders for Thursday, September 22, 2011 are ready for their close-up.

  • Nimble

    Premium-Inhalt. If social networking is important for your business, you might consider using Web-based application Nimble to manage your presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. (Nimble says that they'll be adding Google+ within 60 days). Unlike or , Nimble assumes that the most important part of social networking isn't the ubiquitous stream of postings, but how the ongoing communications relate to your business relationships and building your professional network.

  • Hands On With the Nikon 1 J1

    Premium-Inhalt. With the announcement of the Nikon 1 series of , Nikon became the first of the "big two" makers (the other being Canon) to introduce a mirrorless-system model. Rumors and a countdown clock amped up the excitement surrounding Nikon's camera announcement, which finally happened in New York earlier this week.

  • Mozilla Answers Biz Users with Slower Firefox Schedule

    Premium-Inhalt. Even as developers were mulling over the idea of the browser's rapid, six-week release cycle even further recently, a separate Mozilla working group was putting together a proposal to slow down that upgrade pace for enterprise users.

  • SNL's Andy Samberg Opens F8 Keynote with 'Zuck Dawg'

    Premium-Inhalt. Wearing the requisite hoodie and sandals, Saturday Night Live comedian Andy Samberg opened the Thursday by impersonating CEO Mark Zuckerberg, a 7-minute comedy bit that preceded the actual one-hour keynote.

  • Help Good Old Games Hit 6 Million Downloads

    Premium-Inhalt. downloads... that's an awful lot of quality vintage titles. Once Good Old Games hits that six million mark, it's set to offer up -- currently available on the site for $5.99 -- for absolutely free for a whole 48 hours. So if you're anxious to get in some quality adventurin' at the low, low price of, er, nothing at all, then head on over to and download a couple of retro games. But maybe don't download Broken Sword, lest the Internet get confused about what it'll later give you for free and break.

  • Need switches? Buy now, report says

    Premium-Inhalt. If you're in the market for Ethernet switches, now's the time to buy.

  • Uncharted Used to be a Fantasy Game?

    Premium-Inhalt. Uncharted is a pretty gritty, mostly realistic series...but that wasn't always the case. In a recent , Don Poole, former environment modeller at Naughty Dog, revealed Uncharted's fantasy roots.

  • BioShock Dev Irrational Reveals Concept Art

    Premium-Inhalt. Every big studio has their fair share of cancelled projects and games that will never see the light of day. But as I've learned in countless developer interviews, once those projects get changed or canned, there's little chance of ever unearthing the old stuff.

  • Google Gmail for Mobile Adds Multiple Account Log-Ins

    Premium-Inhalt. Multiple account log-ins and vacation-message creation have been added to the mobile version of Gmail, Google's email program, for Android and iOS devices. The changes were rolled out yesterday and are available today.

  • Windows 8 Boot Screens Get a Classy New Look

    Premium-Inhalt. One of the many notable new features in Windows 8 is --it can start up in under 7 seconds, in fact. With such a short booting time, what will you get instead of a ton of speeding BIOS text?

  • Metal Gear Solid Board Game Looks Awesome

    Premium-Inhalt. With thanks to the timelessness of Seinfeld reruns and the resurrection of the title on , RISK has always been a party game that's remained on the forefront of the strangely resilient board game market.

  • Facebook and the future of music

    Premium-Inhalt. At Facebook's f8 conference Thursday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed some of the details of the Facebook Music Service, which is tied to its new . Essentially, it will allow you to populate your Facebook timeline with a constantly updating list of the music you're listening to from services such as Spotify, Rhapsody, MOG, Rdio, Slacker, iHeartRadio and others.

  • HP Ultrabooks Coming Soon, Ads Suggest

    Premium-Inhalt. HP may be next computer manufacturer in line to launch an , that growing class of thinner and lighter laptops that are headed our way this fall. At least, that's what an advertisement on Google's ad network spotted earlier today suggests.

  • ILTA 2011: Big data, discovery and collaboration demand our legal attention

    Premium-Inhalt. eDiscovery was one of the hot topics at the recent International Legal Technology Association 2011 (ILTA 2011) Conference in Nashville, Tenn., which drew more than 2,500 attendees. Nearly 25% of the 185 vendors exhibiting at the show claimed to provide discovery products and/or services, and many more had offerings that could play a role.

  • Wall Street Beat: Software earnings look good

    Premium-Inhalt. The spectacle of Hewlett-Packard replacing CEO Leo Apotheker, who had been in the job just a year, with former eBay chief Meg Whitman this week all but obscured solid earnings reports from a range of enterprise software vendors including Oracle, Tibco and Red Hat.

  • DISH, Blockbuster Announce $10/Month Alternative to Netflix

    Premium-Inhalt. DISH Networks and Blockbuster announced a Blockbuster Movie Pass service for movies, TV shows, and game rentals that starts at $10-a-month for existing customers. Both Dish and Blockbuster hope the service, that combines streaming movies and TV shows as well a DVD and game delivery, will give disgruntled Netflix customers a clear alternative. Blockbuster was .

  • Access files on the go with new CrashPlan apps

    Premium-Inhalt. Backing up has become quite easy in recent years thanks to online services like . Now, if you’re a CrashPlan+ or Pro subscriber, you can even access files from your iOS device, thanks to a pair of free apps released Friday.

  • Another Facebook User Revolt on the Horizon? Of Course!

    Premium-Inhalt. How will Facebook users react to the huge changes soon to land at the world's largest social network? Anecdotal evidence suggests, not well. According to a number of informal poles, four out of five Facebook users see the upcoming facelift and new features as unpopular.

  • HP customers seek stability with Whitman

    Premium-Inhalt. Hewlett-Packard customers disconcerted by management shakeups and product strategy shifts are hoping for a stable future with Meg Whitman, who Thursday was .

  • Facebook's Timeline will be boon for hackers

    Premium-Inhalt. Facebook's new Timeline will make it even easier for criminals and others to mine the social network for personal information they can use to launch malicious attacks and steal passwords, a researcher said today.

  • Five outsiders who could lead Hewlett-Packard

    Premium-Inhalt. Having gone through a in the past 10 to 15 years, Hewlett-Packard may soon find itself looking for yet another new chief, despite just tapping Meg Whitman for that job this week.HP's Thursday of board member Whitman as its insider choice to replace Leo Apotheker after less than a year came under fire from some who believe that the company should have named an interim leader and conducted an executive search. "We would view any decision not to conduct a comprehensive search of internal and external candidates for a permanent CEO role as unsatisfactory and unnecessarily hasty," analyst firm Sanford Bernstein wrote in a research note this week before Whitman was named. "We also believe that shareholder reaction to Whitman as a permanent CEO would be mixed."

  • 10% of UK elementary schoolkids own an iPhone; 5% own an iPad

    Premium-Inhalt. Would Harry Potter have needed to take spells classes if he'd had access to the magic of the ?

  • Kenya finds it tough attracting BPO business

    Premium-Inhalt. Kenya's efforts to compete with India, Mauritius and South Africa as a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) destination have hit a snag, with many companies closing or scaling down operations.

  • New Mac malware poses as PDF doc

    Premium-Inhalt. Security firms today warned Mac users of a new Trojan horse that masquerades as a PDF document.

  • Microsoft, Red Hat spar over secure boot-loading tech

    Premium-Inhalt. Is Microsoft using a next-generation computing boot-loading technology to lock out the use of Linux and other OSEs on certain computers? While Microsoft has denied malicious intent, one Red Hat developer maintains that this may be the case.

  • EFF seeks Pioneer Award nominations

    Premium-Inhalt. The has begun accepting nominations for its 20th Annual Pioneer Awards, which recognize those who have "contributed substantially to the health, growth, accessibility, or freedom of computer-based communications."

  • Software upgrades could produce self-tuning wireless access points, researchers say

    Premium-Inhalt. Researchers say access points could double as analysis tools that detect radio-frequency interference and automatically adjust to preserve the quality of Wi-Fi connections.

  • Spotify Music Service Opens to All

    Premium-Inhalt. Online music sharing service Spotify dropped its invite-only status in the United States, opening the doors of the service to everyone.

  • Bugs & Fixes: iOS device backup failure solved

    Premium-Inhalt. Recently, when I attempted to sync my iPad in iTunes, the following message popped up near the end of the sequence of steps:

  • Italy 4G frequency auction tops €3.7 billion

    Premium-Inhalt. Italy's auction of six blocks of 800MHz frequencies for 4G mobile phone services netted €2.962 billion (US$4 billion) Thursday, taking the total of provisional offers for mobile phone frequency licenses to more than €3.7 billion.

  • iPhone 5 rumor roll-up for the week ending Sept. 23

    Premium-Inhalt. There's was an almost palpable shudder through the iOSsphere when a Wall Street Journal tech blog reported this week that 5 will be announced Oct. 4. If they can find someplace to announce on the West Coast, which may be doubtful according to PC Magazine.

  • Security roundup: Privacy ground war; malware taunts; Massachusetts data loss stink; is SIEM dead?

    Premium-Inhalt. Personal privacy or the growing lack thereof was one of the hot buttons this week.

  • Amazon Kindle Tablet Announcement Likely Coming Sept. 28

    Premium-Inhalt. On September 28, the company will hold a press event in New York City, where it'll likely announce a tablet that's smaller but also much cheaper than Apple's iPad. Although doesn't say what Amazon will be talking about, the company rarely holds press events for anything other than new Kindle hardware.

  • Facebook's New Timeline Layout: A Getting-Started Guide

    Premium-Inhalt. Facebook's new profile layout, Timeline, promises to turn your Facebook account into an online scrapbook where you can highlight important moments in your life and resurface past Facebook activity.

  • Further Anonymous and LulzSec Members Arrested

    Premium-Inhalt. that federal authorities have been rounding up suspects believed to have been involved with LulzSec and Anonymous' recent criminal activities.

  • Amazon.com to unveil tablet on Sept. 28?

    Premium-Inhalt. Amazon.com sent out invitations to a press event in New York City next Wednesday for what could be the unveiling of the online reailer's long-expected tablet computer.

  • Sierra Leone banks to introduce electronic payment system

    Premium-Inhalt. All 13 commercial banks in Sierra Leone have agreed to introduce the electronic interbank payment system (Switch) by October 2012 as a part of the African Development Bank-funded West African Monetary Zone Payments System Development Project.

  • How Facebook Timeline Could Influence Your Next Interview

    Premium-Inhalt. Facebook rocked the social networking world with a number of major announcements at the F8 developer conference, but the biggest of them all is . The Timeline is a significant departure from the traditional Facebook Profile page, and the information on it may influence your ability to get a job.

  • Crashplan Mobile comes to App Store and Android Market

    Premium-Inhalt. has announced the launch of Crashplan Mobile, a companion backup app for iOS and Android.

  • iPhone, iPad and Mac sales estimates raised by Goldman Sachs

    Premium-Inhalt. Investment bank Goldman Sachs believes that sales of the iPhone, iPad and Mac "could sharply exceed our prior expectations".

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