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Meldungen vom 30.08.2011

  • Der Explorer von Windows 8 bekommt - ein Ribbon


    Microsoft-Manager Steven Sinofsky hat weitere Details der laufenden Entwicklung von Windows 8 preisgegeben, diesmal zum Datei-Manager "Windows Explorer".  …mehr

  • So machen Sie Ihr Rechenzentrum zukunftssicher


    In einem Video-Webcast am 8. September um 11:00 Uhr diskutieren Experten live aus dem IDG TV-Studio über das Rechenzentrum der Zukunft.  …mehr

  • Die Deutschen - ein Volk von Raubkopierern?

    Verbände jammern

    Rund sieben Prozent aller Internet-Nutzer in Deutschland laden illegal Musik, Filme oder Bücher herunter. …mehr

  • Die Trends zur IFA 2011 auf einen Blick

    Consumer Electronics

    Die Technik-Messe IFA in Berlin startet diese Woche in Berlin. …mehr

  • Die Telekom hat das beste Mobilfunknetz Deutschlands

    "Chip Online"

    Das mobile Netz der Deutschen Telekom ist "Chip Online" zufolge derzeit am besten für die Internet-Nutzung über Smartphones ausgerüstet. …mehr

  • Symantec Intelligence Report für August 2011


    Laut Sicherheitsanbieter Symantec lösten Turbulenzen an den Aktienmärkten eine Renaissance von Pump-and-Dump-Kampagnen aus und auch Master-Boot-Record-Viren feierten ein Comeback. …mehr

  • Kaum noch Lieferprobleme in Deutschland

    Nach Katastrophe in Japan

    Unmittelbar nach der Katastrophe in Japan waren die Sorgen deutscher Unternehmen groß.  …mehr

  • Ungenutzte Rechenpower als Umsatzquelle


    Das Start-up CPUsage bezahlt Nutzer dafür, sonst ungenutzte Rechenleistung zur Verfügung zu stellen. …mehr

    Von pte pte
  • Welcher BPM-Typ sind Sie?


    Es gibt sechs typische Vorgehensweisen, wie Business-Process-Management (BPM) in deutschen Unternehmen eingeführt wird.  …mehr

  • Amazon-Tablets könnten iPad verdrängen


    Nach Meinung von Forrester-Analystin Sarah Rotman Epps hat der Online-Händler Amazon eine Absatzstrategie, die dessen Tablets deutlich attraktiver machen als das iPad von Apple.  …mehr

  • Telekom will mit Page Place auch im Auslandwachsen


    Die Deutsche Telekom will ihren Online-Kiosk Page Place ausbauen. …mehr

  • Die Deutschen und das Digitale - eine schwierige Beziehung

    "Nerd Attack!"

    Auch wenn die digitalen Welten noch jung sind, haben sie doch ihre eigene Geschichte. …mehr

  • Risiken durch Insider-Betrug abwehren

    Enterprise Fraud Management

    Neben Angriffen von außen sind es oft eigene Mitarbeiter, die ihre Zugriffsrechte auf vertrauliche Informationen missbrauchen. Enterprise-Fraud-Management-Technologien (EFM) können Abhilfe schaffen. …mehr

    Von Stephan Sippel
  • Die 6 Punkte des Konfliktmanagements

    System für Streitschlichtung

    Der Umgang mit Streit muss Teil der Firmenkultur werden. Konfliktforscher empfehlen dazu eine eigene Stabsstelle - als Drehpunkt eines Systems mit sechs Ebenen.  …mehr

    Von Kolja Kröger
  • So wird Cloud Computing sicher

    Datenschutz und Datensicherheit

    Diesen Fragenkatalog zur Security im Cloud Computing sollten Sie Ihrem Cloud-Provider vorlegen.  …mehr

  • HTML5 - Fragen und Antworten


    Mit dem neuen Web-Standard HTML5 kommen jede Menge Anwenderfragen auf. Wir beantworten die zwölf wichtigsten.  …mehr

  • VMware refreshes View virtual desktop software

    Premium-Inhalt. Keeping pace with its rivals in the VDI (virtual desktop interface) market, VMware has updated its desktop virtualization software so that users can now personalize their desktops and stream them over WANs (wide area networks), the company said Monday.

  • VMware CEO: Cloud to end computer desktop era

    Premium-Inhalt. VMware CEO Paul Maritz urged customers to think beyond the desktop computer. It is a dead metaphor, he insisted, one ill-suited for today's workforce.

  • Nuance OmniPage Professional 18

    Premium-Inhalt. Nuance Omnipage Professional 18 provides a powerful means of converting a scanned document into an editable file. But this software ($500 as of August 27, 2011) is saddled with an interface that's so tortured, the program makes CAD software seem easy to understand by comparison.

  • Google partners to provide cheap, Wi-Fi service in Nairobi

    Premium-Inhalt. A partnership between and an Internet service provider in eastern Africa on Tuesday launched Wazi Wi-Fi, a high-speed wireless broadband network in Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Giving Users the Virtual Desktop They Want


  • Google May Tweak Search Rankings With +1 Data

    Premium-Inhalt. Google's +1 button is becoming more useful thanks to its , and now the company is considering whether +1 data should affect page rankings in Google searches.

  • World's thinnest material could boost Internet speeds

    Premium-Inhalt. Two Nobel Prize winning scientists out of the U.K. have come up with a new way to use – the thinnest material in the world – that could make Internet pipes feel a lot fatter.

  • How to Make Your Google Accounts More Secure

    Premium-Inhalt. About a month ago I received an email from Blizzard Entertainment stating that a new World of Warcraft account had been started using my personal Gmail address. Someone with the user name of "Zhang" was hoping to do a little night elf adventuring using my data. I got on the phone with Blizzard right away, and they canceled the account faster than you can say Ogrimmar.

  • Spirits Distributor Serves Real-Time Business Intelligence

    Premium-Inhalt. Charmer Sunbelt Group CIO Paul Fipps doesn't usually make IT investment decisions on instinct alone. Except, that is, when it came to implementing SAP's new in-memory analytics engine.

  • Remains of the Day: Quotable quotations

    Premium-Inhalt. A quote for every occasion! Whether it be the continuing inanity of Lodsys's legal filings, the bizarrity of HP's decision-making, or one software company's attempt to reach out and help people. Would that which we call the remainders for Tuesday, August 30, 2011 by any other name smell as sweet?

  • Samsung Galaxy S II will come to Sprint first

    Premium-Inhalt. to sell Samsung's Galaxy S II, starting Sept. 16, but T-Mobile and AT&T said Tuesday they also will offer the phone.

  • How Collaboration Enables Affordable Innovation

    Premium-Inhalt. Ten years ago, pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly launched an internal website called . The aim was to harness brainpower from its global staff to solve problems that had thus far stymied its R&D experts.

  • Five Things CIOs Need to Know about Anonymous

    Premium-Inhalt. 1. "We are Anonymous. We are legion." This cryptic slogan is used by a band of hackers who call themselves Anonymous. Active for nearly a decade now, the group catapulted into prominence in the past year with attacks on PayPal, Visa, HBGary and Sony. Often called a hacking collective, Anonymous is essentially a movement. There is no central authority. From time to time, participants band together to launch "operations," led by a small group of trusted associates. The operation leaders write up orders and invite anyone who is interested to participate. Operations can happen online or in the real world.

  • How KKR Used Data Mining For Competitive Advantage

    Premium-Inhalt. When CIOs elect to build software from scratch, analytics systems are a popular project. The hope is that companies can find new insight and competitive advantage using data they already have. (For more on building software in-house, see ".")

  • Huge Exxon Russian Deal Is Announced

    Premium-Inhalt. Exxon Mobil Corp. and OAO Rosneft, Russia's largest oil producer, entered a partnership that may generate as much as $500 billion of investments.

  • CFO-CEO Pay Chasm Grows

    Premium-Inhalt. Middle-market finance chiefs are earning an average $927,743 --- about 40% as much as the $2.3-million average for CEOs --- a about to be released by BDO USA shows. But the numbers also show the healthy 19% pace of CFO pay growth falling short of the 25% average rise scored by their bosses.

  • Court to hear arguments in warrantless wiretapping cases

    Premium-Inhalt. The Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit will begin hearing arguments on Wednesday on two related lawsuits involving the constitutionality and the legality of warrantless wiretaps of phone and email conversations of U.S. citizens by the government.

  • Acer Aspires to a Greater Ethos

    Premium-Inhalt. The Acer Aspire Ethos wears its role of like an good, off-the-rack suit. It fits fairly well, but needs some alterations before approaching perfection.

  • Child of Eden Now in Microsoft's Kinect Bundle

    Premium-Inhalt. Despite its substandard sales numbers ( only moved around 34,000 units during its debut month), Q Entertainment's on-rails rhythm action game is set to be bundled in with the newest version of the Microsoft Kinect Bundle. This new version, which still includes a Kinect motion controller and a copy of Kinect Adventures, is set to be packed in with a redeemable download code for a full copy of Child of Eden. Not bad for a game from a that came out a scant three months ago.

  • Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11

    Premium-Inhalt. So far, no broadcast television networks have committed to broadcasting in 3D, despite the proliferation of 3D HDTVs. No problem--if you can't watch 3D TV, go out and make some content of your own with a 3D camcorder and a video-editing application such as Sony's Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 ($100 as of August 27, 2011). The new version of the software adds stereoscopic-3D-video-editing capabilities to a powerful, albeit somewhat complicated, application.

  • Samsung Galaxy S II Phones Arrive on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile

    Premium-Inhalt. The much-anticipated next generation of Galaxy S phones has finally arrived on U.S. shores. Samsung is unveiling phones for AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile at an event this evening in New York. The three phones will be available later this fall, but pricing and exact release dates haven't been announced.

  • Why Companies Should Donate Used PCs Instead of Recycling

    Premium-Inhalt. When we write about sustainability in CIO, we often focus on how IT leaders can help their companies . It's an obvious target because it's relatively easy to quantify. Whether or not you have formal goals for reducing carbon emissions, those kilowatts saved and gallons of heating oil conserved drop right to the bottom line.

  • Brocade caters to cloud customers

    Premium-Inhalt. Brocade has unveiled an infrastructure procurement model designed for , along with additions to its new VDX .

  • VMWorld 2011: The business case for Cloud computing

    Premium-Inhalt. Consona's Milt Volosyn is used to mergers and acquisitions (M&As). As CIO for the software and services company, he is responsible for managing about 14 different software products for business-critical tasks such as ERP, financing and marketing services and support.

  • Goodbye, Netflix DVDs...Hello, Redbox

    Premium-Inhalt. The announced in July goes into effect on Thursday, Sept. 1. Subscribers, now is a good time to drop your Netflix DVD service--but keep the streaming service, of course--before the $6 fee hike goes into effect.

  • Digitally sketch on paper with Wacom's Inkling

    Premium-Inhalt. When it comes to illustration on the computer, artists have had few choices: Scanning, which requires touch-up work (and, if necessary, vector traces); drawing with a mouse or trackpad; or, the most-appealing so far, working on a tablet or pressure-sensitive display. Wacom's , announced Tuesday, hopes to eliminate these intermediary steps and bring artists back to their roots: drawing on pen and paper.

  • How CIOs Drive M&A Success

    Premium-Inhalt. Here's a paradox for you: Successful acquisitions involve IT early, yet IT is typically brought in too late. Here's another: People are critical to a smooth acquisition, yet M&A teams often pay scant attention to employee communication. And finally: Leading an acquisition is a significant career opportunity for CIOs, yet many fail to live up to the challenge.

  • Becoming a Strategic IT Leader

    Premium-Inhalt. Before I could build IT's value, I first had to understand my peers' goals. It was as important for me to make time for personal conversations as it was for my team to deliver on time a project that would truly meet users' and customers' needs.

  • Roku 2 XS: Web Streamer Lets You Play Games

    Premium-Inhalt. The latest version of the popular Roku media streamer adds Bluetooth support and a microSD card slot, allowing you to use the Roku2 for downloadable games. Out of the box, the Roku 2 XS ($100 as of August 27, 2011) lets you play Rovio's ubiquitous using nothing more than Roku's newly enhanced, motion-sensing remote.

  • No, HP Is Not Reviving the TouchPad

    Premium-Inhalt. More ! Don't get all excited, though, and jump to any crazy conclusions about HP resurrecting the TouchPad.

  • Digital Sketch Pen Captures Strokes As They Happen

    Premium-Inhalt. Over the years, several companies have tried to make the digital pen happen. Today, a new outfit has added itself to that list: , which has introduced a digital sketch pen. What distinguishes this digital ink slinger from its predecessors is its narrow target audience: artists.

  • Finding the Right Road to Successful Innovation

    Premium-Inhalt. One of my favorite clients was Shaun B. Higgins, when he was CFO and later European president for the bottler Coca-Cola Enterprises. Shaun is a character, and he enjoyed repeating that funny and useful axiom, "If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there." From Shaun, I learned an important lesson about innovation: Innovators need to know where they are going and behave as if what they're doing is the most natural thing in the world.

  • VMworld brings flurry of third-party product launches

    Premium-Inhalt. While VMware had no shortage of new and updated products to debut at its VMworld conference, being held this week in Las Vegas, many VMware partners and competitors introduced their own offerings at the show as well.

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