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Meldungen vom 26.07.2011

  • Suse bekommt weitere 100 Millionen Dollar von Microsoft

    Neuer Vertrag

    Der inzwischen im Besitz von Attachmate befindliche Linux-Dienstleister Suse bekommt weitere 100 Millionen Dollar von Microsoft.  …mehr

  • Media-Saturn schreibt rote Zahlen

    Metro-Tochter streicht 3000 Stellen

    Media Markt und Saturn machen Verluste. Der Online-Handel soll nun eine Trendwende für die ehemaligen Wachstumsträger des Metrokonzerns bringen. …mehr

  • Zynga forciert Geschäft in China


    Der kalifornische Farmville-Entwickler Zynga verstärkt seine Stellung im Milliardenmarkt China. …mehr

  • EU gibt Chinesen grünes Licht für Medion-Übernahme


    Die EU-Kommission hat grünes Licht für die Übernahme des Aldi-Lieferanten Medion durch den chinesischen PC-Bauer Lenovo gegeben. …mehr

  • Microsoft eröffnet Antimalware-Labor in Deutschland

    Näher an Partnern und Kunden

    Microsoft eröffnet heute ein neues Antimalware-Forschungslabor am deutschen Hauptsitz in Unterschleißheim bei München.  …mehr

  • KPN erneut mit Umsatzrückgang

    Jahresziele bestätigt

    Der niederländische Telekomanbieter KPN hat wegen eines schwachen Heimatgeschäfts erneut weniger umgesetzt. …mehr

  • Mozilla entwickelt mobiles Betriebssystem

    "Boot to Gecko"

    Das vor allem durch den Browser Firefox und das Email-Programm Thunderbird bekannte Open-Source-Projekt Mozilla will jetzt auch ein mobiles Betriebssystem entwickeln.  …mehr

  • Das bringt Linux-Kernel 3.0

    Linus Torvalds Versionssprung

    Mit Ausgabe 3.0 hat Linus Torvalds eine neue große Version des Linux-Kernel zur Verfügung gestellt. Die Ausgabe-Nummer ist aber trügerisch. …mehr

  • Japan-Beben lastet auf Texas Instruments

    Prognose aber optimistisch

    Texas Instruments hat die Auswirkungen des schweren Erdbebens in Japan zu spüren bekommen. …mehr

  • Die CMDB richtig planen


    Beim Design einer Configuration-Management-Database (CMDB) wird meist übertrieben. Erfolg hat, wer mit einfachen Strukturen arbeitet. …mehr

    Von Christian Wischki und   IDG Experte
  • Comfort Base - Tablet-Ständer für den Schreibtisch

    Gadget des Tages

    Mit der Comfort Base lassen sich Tablets optimal auf dem Schreibtisch positionieren. …mehr

  • Die besten Multifunktionsgeräte bis 100 Euro

    Einstiegs-Kombidrucker für zu Hause

    Ihr neues Multifunktionsgerät darf nicht mehr als 100 Euro kosten. Aber auch der Unterhalt soll sich in Grenzen halten. Hier sind die besten Einstiegs-Multifunktionsgeräte aus den Tests.  …mehr

  • Verizon joins booster vendor in FCC plan

    Premium-Inhalt. Verizon Wireless has teamed up with cellular booster company Wilson Electronics to propose federal standards for boosters, which sometimes help to overcome weak signals but can also interfere with mobile operators' networks.

  • Recover Stolen Laptops, Add Uninstall Option, Organize Icons

    Premium-Inhalt. In the last month, two family members and one friend have had laptops stolen right out of their homes. Sadly, none of the systems were equipped with remote-monitoring software--unlike the folks we profiled last month in "." Unfortunately, their chances of getting their laptops back are just about zero.

  • Hey, Look: Get 50% off THQ Games on PSN This Week

    Premium-Inhalt. Because, you know, the recession, we could all afford to save a little money (get it?), and THQ and Sony have teamed up for a nice "50% off" sale on many of the developer/publisher's downloadable titles.

  • Awesomenauts Trailer Has Cigar-Chomping, TNT-Happy Sheriff

    Premium-Inhalt. Have you heard about yet? No, it's not a sequel to . And it's not a from Oakland. It's an upcoming 2-D sidescrolling multiplayer battle arena game for the XBLA and PSN. You'll need to lead your mercenary through legions of enemy robots in your quest to conquer new territory with your friends. Think League of Legends gameplay elements crossed with Castle Crashers' art style.

  • The Next Great Star Wars Game

    Premium-Inhalt. Fleet Command, the game you see , is the work of computer science masters student Arthur Nishimoto. The project is running on a 16-megapixel LCD multi-touch wall, and it uses a series of swipes and radial menus to command massive Star Wars-inspired fleets.

  • Glenn Beck Compares Angry Birds to Nazi Germany

    Premium-Inhalt. Glenn Beck, famed media sideshow clown, is apparently an fan. On the July 20 broadcast of his radio show, he explained to his cohosts (handlers? psychiatrists?) the importance of Angry Birds.

  • How To Document in the Cloud

    Premium-Inhalt. There's never been a good excuse for not commenting code or documenting systems, even though these practices are every bit as helpful to cost and quality as test-driven development. But let's face it, documenting systems isn't exactly macho and besides, it doesn't give you the ugly job- security of unmaintainable code (take a look at for some terrific worst-practice suggestions).

  • Panasonic TC-P50ST30 Plasma HDTV

    Premium-Inhalt. You might expect a from a respected manufacturer to put on a great show. In that regard, however, the Panasonic TC-P50ST30 (estimated street price of $1400 as of June 8, 2011) might disappoint you. Sure, it has all the right features--Wi-Fi, a generous selection of Internet feeds, and multimedia via USB, SD, and DLNA. But the picture quality leaves much to be desired, and the audio will make your ears hurt.

  • Is the Apple iPad Unbeatable?

    Premium-Inhalt. Like Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, Apple is looking unbeatable in the wild tablet market. Will the iPad be the last man standing after the smoke clears?

  • Toshiba 46SL417U LED HDTV

    Premium-Inhalt. With a decent 46-inch 120Hz LED-backlit display, a pretty good media player, and support for Yahoo Widgets, Netflix, Vudu, and a few other top-tier commercial on-demand Web services, the Toshiba 46SL417U enters the midsize fray in style. But the field is tough these days, and with a street price of just under $1100 (as of June 9, 2011), the 46SL417U faces stiff competition from highly rated models (some with 3D support, which this set lacks) at a similar or somewhat lower price.

  • Can Google+ be the Next Facebook - and the Next Twitter?

    Premium-Inhalt. When Google+ first launched, most people saw it, correctly, as a competitor to Facebook. But as you try Google's social network, you realize that it has a lot in common with Twitter too. That versatility could be Google's strength -- but it could be its downfall too. Is Google+ trying to do too much?

  • U.S. Adults Love Video-Sharing Sites, Pew Says

    Premium-Inhalt. Video-sharing sites may have caught on first with the kiddies, but adults have taken to video services such as and in a big way. More than 70 percent of online adults in the US report watching clips on video-sharing sites, a 5-percent increase from last year, and a sizable 38-percent jump from 5 years ago, according to a new survey by the .

  • Google Pulls Back on Heavy-Handed Google+ Name Policy

    Premium-Inhalt. In an effort to stave off criticism over its "real names" policy, Google said late Monday that it will stop disabling Google+ accounts that violate the policy--without warning the user first.

  • Macworld 2012 calls for presentations, workshops, Genius

    Premium-Inhalt. It may only be July 2011, but it's never too soon to get excited about . The Apple-themed event will turn 27 next January, and the organizers are looking to when the show descends on San Francisco's Moscone Center from January 25 through 28.

  • Toshiba LED HDTV 55SL412U

    Premium-Inhalt. At a time when most HDTVs are piling on features, the Toshiba 55SL412U takes a contrarian approach. This doesn't support 3D, does not connect to the Internet, provides mediocre audio, and offers only a basic set of connectors. But it does deliver pretty good image quality at a low energy cost--and although prices on larger sets are coming down in general, the 55SL412U's price (we found it for $1200 online as of June 8, 2011) is still fairly inexpensive for its screen class.

  • Internet as hard to give up as cigarettes, liquor, study says

    Premium-Inhalt. How would you handle giving up your Internet connection -- your Facebook friends, Twitter, online news and shopping -- for just a single day?

  • SEO Peddlers See Value in Google's +1

    Premium-Inhalt. Search engine optimization companies have started targeting Google's +1 feature--you can now pay companies to "+1" your website.

  • Windows Phone OS Mango sent to manufacturers, carriers

    Premium-Inhalt. Mango, the latest version of the Windows Phone mobile operating system, was released to manufacturers Tuesday, Microsoft said in a blog.

  • What the New Google Places Means for Your Business

    Premium-Inhalt. Google has removed third party review sites from . Previously, Places pulled reviews from Yelp, TripAdvisor, Urban Spoon and CitySearch, as well as their own Google Places reviews. When the service initially launched about a year ago, these third party sites that their content was unfairly being used by Google, and that the Places reviews were appearing above their content.

  • InterDigital sues Nokia, Huawei and ZTE

    Premium-Inhalt. InterDigital on Tuesday said it has filed complaints with the U.S. International Trade Commission and federal court against Nokia, Huawei and ZTE, charging the companies with patent infringement.

  • Intel grooms Andy Bryant to become chairman

    Premium-Inhalt. Intel has appointed company executive Andy Bryant to be vice chairman of the company's board, and he will likely take over as chairman next May, the chip maker said on Tuesday.

  • Android Tablets Aren't Selling - Yet

    Premium-Inhalt. Most would guess iPads outsell Android tablets, but it may come as a surprise to you to learn just how much Apple is dominating Google in the tablet wars. There have been some interesting discussions popping up on the Internet based on Google's recent quarterly earnings call where Google CEO Larry Page pinned the number of total Android devices on the market at 130 million.

  • Survey: Video dominates mobile traffic

    Premium-Inhalt. Video streaming made up 39 percent of all mobile data traffic worldwide in the first half of this year, and YouTube accounted for a majority of that video traffic, according to a survey by traffic management vendor Allot Communications.

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