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Meldungen vom 08.07.2011

  • Angelika Dammann ist raus bei SAP


    Die SAP AG gab heute bekannt, dass Vorstandsmitglied Dr. Angelika Dammann aus persönlichen Gründen entschieden hat, die SAP AG zu verlassen. …mehr

  • Wie Firmen mit Facebook und Twitter umgehen

    Lästerei im Netz

    Ein Polizist in den USA lässt sein Auto von halbnackten Frauen waschen und stellt davon ein Video ins Netz. …mehr

  • Schnäppchen sind Nutzern nicht gut genug

    Groupon und Co

    Mit den Rabattangeboten bei Social-Shopping-Sites wie Groupon, City Deal oder DailyDeals sind die User alles andere als zufrieden. …mehr

    Von pte pte
  • Alle Fakten, Tipps & Tricks zu Google+

    FAQ zum Facebook-Rivalen

    Google hat die ersten Tester zu seinem neuen Facebook-Konkurrenten Google Plus eingeladen. Die PC-Welt hat sich umgesehen und beantwortet wichtige Fragen zu Google+.  …mehr

  • Spotify kündigt US-Launch an

    Endlich am Ziel

    "So schnell wie möglich" will der Online-Musikdienst Spotify in den USA endlich durchstarten. …mehr

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  • SBS 2011 Essentials ab sofort verfügbar


    Die Einstiegsvariante "Essentials" von Microsofts Small Business Server (SBS) 2011 ist ab sofort verfügbar.  …mehr

  • Murdoch stellt "News of the World" ein

    Nach Abhörskandal

    Im Skandal um abgehörte Handys zieht der Murdoch-Konzern Konsequenzen und stellt die britische Boulevardzeitung "News of the World" ein. …mehr

  • So begegnen Unternehmen in Europa neuen Geschäftstrends

    Fortinet Sicherheits-Studie

    Unified-Threat-Management-Anbieter Fortinet hat eine Studie zur IT-Sicherheit in über 300 mittelständischen bis sehr großen europäischen Unternehmen veröffentlicht.  …mehr

  • iPad 2 Display Dock - iPad Dock aus Acryl

    Gadget des Tages

    Wem die neuen interaktiven Preisschilder im Apple Store gefallen, der kann sich jetzt mit dem iPad 2 Display Dock von newPcgadgets eine Dockingstation mit ähnlichem Design nach Hause holen. …mehr

  • Weiter kein Mindestlohn für Call-Center-Mitarbeiter

    dbb-Antrag abgelehnt

    Für die knapp 100.000 Mitarbeiter in den Call-Centern gibt es auch weiter keinen Mindestlohn. …mehr

  • Apple App Store knackt 15-Milliarden-Marke

    Neuer Rekord

    Wie Apple bekannt gab, wurden inzwischen mehr als 15 Milliarden Apps aus dem iTunes App Store heruntergeladen. Derzeit beinhaltet die Download-Plattform etwa 425.000 Apps, darunter etwa 100.000 Programme für das iPad. …mehr

  • Zukunftskommission definiert 8 Handlungsfelder

    Neuer Bericht

    Eine Kommission der Leibniz-Gemeinschaft hat ihre Forderungen für die zukünftige Gestaltung der Informationsstrukturen in Deutschland aufgeschrieben.  …mehr

  • Medienverbände rufen nach Vorratsdatenspeicherung

    GEMA und Co

    Mehrere große Medienverbände drängen die Politik dazu, zur Verfolgung von Urheberrechtsverletzungen im Internet die Speicherung von Nutzerdaten vorzuschreiben. …mehr

  • Apple will iOS-Sicherheitslücke stopfen

    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

    Nach einer eindringlichen Warnung aus Deutschland nimmt sich Apple einer Sicherheitslücke beim populären iPhone-Handy und dem iPad-Tablet an. …mehr

  • Asus N53SV im Test


    Das Sandy-Bridge-Notebook Asus N53SV will in der Oberklasse spielen. Der Test zeigt, dass es dort zu Recht hingehört.  …mehr

  • Server-Racks voll bis oben hin

    Gartner mit Server-Prognose bis 2015

    Zukunftsfähige Rechenzentren brauchen flexible High Density Zonen für dicht bestückte Server Racks, rät eine neue Gartner-Studie. Das spart sogar Energie.  …mehr

    Von Kolja Kröger
  • Casio Exilim EX-ZR100 im Test


    Mit der Exilim EX-ZR100 bringt Casio eine weitere Kompaktkamera mit Highspeed-Serienbildfunktion. Hinzu kommt ein optisches 12,5fach-Zoom. Lesen Sie im Test, wie die Bildqualität des 12-Megapixel-Modells zu beurteilen ist.  …mehr

    Von Verena Ottmann
  • Kein Ende des Jugendwahns


    Wie eine aktuelle Untersuchung des amerikanischen Unternehmens Pay Scale zeigt, rekrutieren viele Firmen in der IT-Branche nach wie vor junge Mitarbeiter, die mit einem satten Einstiegsgehalt und großzügigen Prämien zu Höchstleistungen motiviert werden sollen. …mehr

  • Google's Schmidt to testify before Senate subcommittee

    Premium-Inhalt. Google has agreed to send its chairman, Eric Schmidt, to testify in front of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee's Antitrust Subcommittee, which is investigating competition issues in Internet search.

  • Why Google+ Business Profiles Will Trump Facebook Pages

    Premium-Inhalt. Google confirmed that it's planning to roll out . The news is bittersweet for small to midsize businesses (SMBs). Bitter, because it takes time to create new profiles and learn a new ecosystem. Sweet, because what can potentially offer through pages for SMBs is significantly more compelling than Facebook's Pages. That's even despite Google+ just getting off the ground, while Facebook counts more than 750 million users.

  • Auditors: Army's huge SAP project 'at high risk'

    Premium-Inhalt. The U.S. Army's massive SAP software project is "at high risk" of running further over time and budget, according to a recent report by the Department of Defense's Inspector General's Office.

  • Amazon expected to ship 1.2M of its mystery tablets in Q3

    Premium-Inhalt. Amazon.com is expected to ship up to 1.2 million tablet computers by the end of September, making it the biggest order for non-iPad tablet suppliers in the third quarter, according to a new report in .

  • Privacy experts praise Google+ rollout so far

    Premium-Inhalt. After major privacy failures in its Buzz and Street View services, Google has hit the right notes with its deliberate, measured roll out of its new Google+ social networking site, according to privacy experts.

  • Motion 5

    Premium-Inhalt. Somewhere between editing video and designing full-blown motion graphics, there are countless jobs that require making things move. It may be making titles, handling transitions, moving around video and imagery in two-dimensional and three-dimensional scenes, masking, compositing, or generally arranging assets for purposes of utility or eye candy.

  • Rogers launches Canada's first LTE service

    Premium-Inhalt. Canada became the latest country to launch commercial LTE service when Rogers Communications turned on its network in the national capital region on Thursday.

  • Where to Watch the Last Space Shuttle Launch Online

    Premium-Inhalt. We're at the end of an era as the space shuttle Atlantis is set to make the final shuttle voyage to the International Space Station this weekend. NASA officials hope the launch will take off on schedule at 11:24 EDT on Friday morning but bad weather may force the launch window to roll over to Sunday.

  • LaDiDa and Songify for iPhone

    Premium-Inhalt. A nice voice and some musical talent are great tools to have at your disposal, but software maker thinks all you need to create music is an iPhone and one its apps.

  • Why Facebook Pages Will Best Google+ Business Profiles

    Premium-Inhalt. Google has asked businesses to refrain from jumping on the Google+ bandwagon just yet, and claims to be hard at work developing Google+ Business Profiles that address the unique aspects of a business on a social network as opposed to an individual. Early speculation seems to trip over itself swooning about the benefits and advantages of these not-yet existent Google+ Business Profiles, but I don't share the enthusiasm.

  • Gameloft Giving Away Free Android Games This Weekend

    Premium-Inhalt. Gameloft is hosting a weekend giveaway for Android HD game this weekend, and if you didn't know until now, you just missed free downloads for

  • Take-Two Files Interactive Rockstar Films Trademark

    Premium-Inhalt. Phew, sorry -- the sheer of that headline got the better of me for a quick second. Anyway, as reported by the folks over at , publisher (and Rockstar parent company) Take-Two Interactive reportedly filed a trademark for "Rockstar Films" on December 21, 2010, which was confirmed as "Publication/Issue date complete" as recently as June 14th.

  • Flash Game Friday: Fat Wizard

    Premium-Inhalt. I stumbled upon , this quirky, novel twist on the tower defense genre, almost completely by accident, and not at all when I totally should've been working, oh man I hope my boss isn't reading this. The latest in a long line of offbeat browser-based titles from the folks at Adult Swim, casts you as the titular stocky spellcaster, who's having quite the time preparing himself an afternoon snack. You see, the waddling warlock wants nothing more than to cook up a delicious, oversized omelet from an ultra-rare dragon's egg, but the local fauna aren't having it, and will go to any means to disrupt the mage's meal (I will say that "Fat Wizard" is a much snappier title than "Passive Aggressive Snakes, Birds, Pigs, and Goblins Ruin Lunch").

  • Nathan Fillion to Gamers: You Can Beat 'Swamp Ass'

    Premium-Inhalt. Nathan Fillion knows gaming. He's done voice roles for Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo: Reach, plus he's lobbying for a spot in the Uncharted film as Nathan Drake (). Of course, Mark Wahlberg currently has the gig, but a can change things. Hopefully.

  • Paper Mario Destroys Everything He Touches

    Premium-Inhalt. Paper Mario has always used its titular gimmick to great effect, but animator goes one step further by using actual construction paper in .

  • In Pictures: The 8 Unfriendliest Cities for Teleworking

    Premium-Inhalt. You would think in this day and age all businesses would be doing everything possible to support employees working at home or on the road. But a surprising number of companies in major American cities are still behind the teleworking times, according to a recent Microsoft survey of 4,500 information workers. Here are eight cities that finished at the low end of the teleworker totem pole.

  • 10 Google+ Tips for Beginners

    Premium-Inhalt. You just got your hands on a Google+ invite -- but what next? Check out these 10 tips to get you started on Google's new social network.

  • Top tech industry news stories of 2011 -- so far

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple, AT&T, Microsoft, Google and others are givens for being among the top newsmakers of 2011. Others will no doubt surprise us as we go along.

  • iPhones shoot into space

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple really is everywhere: even on the final Atlantis space shuttle flight that launched Friday carrying four astronauts and 2 Zero-G iPhone 4 smartphones.

  • G&G Ink Refill Kit: Maximum Hassle, Poor Printouts

    Premium-Inhalt. Can ink refills save you money? As PCWorld's Serial Refiller, I'm on a mission to find out. I've been trying refilled and remanufactured black and tricolor cartridges for my printer, assessing their ease of use, output quality, and page yield.

  • Alienware Aurora: Style Trumps Substance

    Premium-Inhalt. If you're willing to pay for the privilege of owning a stylish gaming machine and you want to avoid the hassle of building your own machine, the Alienware Aurora ($2600, as of 7/8/2011) is a solid choice. Those seeking the best price-to-performance ratio should probably look elsewhere.

  • Dell Vostro 3350

    Premium-Inhalt. As all-purpose laptops go, the Dell Vostro 3350--the entry-level model in the current version of Dell's small-business line--leans closer than most to the ultraportable side of the fence. Its 13.3-inch, widescreen, LED-backlit display is set into a sleek and attractive 4.9-pound package that, when in use, won't elicit howls of discomfort from the person seated in front of you in economy class, and its excellent battery life should easily get you across the country on said flight.

  • Photographer creates 360-degree time-lapse movies

    Premium-Inhalt. San Francisco artist and programmer Ken Murphy has combined a point-and-shoot camera, a Canon firmware hack, and a motorized telescope mount to create lively, panoramic time-lapse movies.

  • Top tech industry news stories of 2011 -- so far

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple, AT&T, Microsoft, Google and others are givens for being among the top newsmakers of 2011. Others will no doubt surprise us as we go along.

  • Foursquare Is Growing: Use it for Your Business

    Premium-Inhalt. Geolocation service Foursquare is on the rise. Founded in 2009, by this week it has registered over a half million merchants, after counting 10 million users in June. as a standalone social media platform. This seems to be working; even in the face of Facebook Places and Google Places, the company continues to grow.

  • While Good on Privacy, Google+ Is Not Perfect

    Premium-Inhalt. As Google+ becomes , it is not too far-fetched to think that users concerned with privacy would begin to look to the site to ensure that their personal information isn't visible to people they'd might not want it to be.

  • Remains of the Day: All these people want to know

    Premium-Inhalt. A rogue TSA agent has been found with an iPad in his pants, Bit.ly discovered some interesting Web surfing habits, and AppleInsider located versions of iTunes films encoded in 1080p. The remainders for Friday, July 8, 2011 were tracked down just for you, .

  • Cliffy B: Nintendo Haters Will 'Talk Sh-t,' Buy Wii U Anyway

    Premium-Inhalt. Do you think that the Nintendo is doomed to fail?

  • Court OKs Dish's $1.375 billion buyout of TerreStar

    Premium-Inhalt. Dish Network will acquire satellite mobile operator TerreStar Networks for US$1.375 billion under an agreement approved Thursday by a bankruptcy court.

  • Namco Bandai Sues CD Projekt over The Witcher 2 for Xbox 360

    Premium-Inhalt. It looks like games publisher Namco Bandai (Soul Calibur IV, Tekken 6) is suing developer CD Projekt RED over the latter's choice of publisher for the Xbox 360 version of The Witcher 2. Namco Bandai published the PC version of the critically acclaimed dark fantasy roleplaying game earlier this year, but CD Projekt RED awarded THQ (Saints Row: The Third, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine) the rights to publish the Xbox 360 version of the game.

  • ISP Copyright Crackdown Raises Red Flags

    Premium-Inhalt. Digital rights groups are responding with criticism of Thursday's ISP announcement that major Internet Service Providers and BitTorrent news site readers are weighing in with possible workarounds to avoid "copyright alerts."

  • Verizon Could Leave Road Warriors Hungry

    Premium-Inhalt. What's a road warrior looking for directions or a place to eat to do? Verizon ended its all-you-can-eat data plan this week, at least . While there is the possibility of shared data , this is probably of little consolation for businesses.

  • Track Your Training

    Premium-Inhalt. I strongly believe in training and development in the finance organization. Rules, regulations, technology, and competition change too rapidly for finance professionals to use yesterday's knowledge for today's world. One emphasizes financial risk skills as the most critical skill set for future success. I'm guessing this was not part of many education plans in the last three years.

  • Asia group launches cloud index, 'cloud map'

    Premium-Inhalt. Asia's cloud computing industry group recently unveiled two initiatives that can help guide organisations in the region as they consider adopting cloud computing.

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