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Meldungen vom 29.06.2011

  • Itil-Refresh kommt Ende Juli

    In Englisch

    Früher als von vielen erwartet wird der offizielle Itil-Herausgeber The Stationary Office (TSO) das aktuelle "Refresh" der IT Infrastructure Library (Itil) veröffentlichen.  …mehr

  • Intershop sucht weitere Partner


    Das Softwareunternehmen Intershop verspricht sich von Partnerschaften wie mit der Handelsplattform eBay kräftige Wachstumsimpulse. …mehr

  • Papst schaltet neues News-Portal des Vatikans frei

    Via iPad

    Anlässlich seines 60. Priesterjubiläums hat Papst Benedikt XVI. höchstpersönlich ein neues Nachrichtenportal des Heiligen Stuhls freigeschaltet. …mehr

  • Dürre Zeiten für Gründer

    Zusammenstreichen des Gründungszuschusses

    Die Bundesregierung streicht den Gründungszuschuss zusammen. Überzeugte Selbständige aus der IT raten: Nicht abschrecken lassen.  …mehr

  • Nitro PDF Reader in Version 2.0


    Die kalifornisch-australische Softwareschmiede Nitro PDF Software hat die neue Version 2.0 ihres kostenlosen "Nitro PDF Reader" veröffentlicht.  …mehr

  • Google will Facebook mit besserem Datenschutz schlagen


    Google will sich Facebook nicht geschlagen geben. …mehr

  • Twitter-Gründer reanimieren ihren Inkubator


    Auch Mitgründer Biz Stone ist raus bei Twitter.  …mehr

  • MySpace könnte nur noch 20 Millionen Dollar kosten


    Der Medienriese News Corp bietet das einst weltgrößte Online-Netzwerk MySpace laut einem Medienbericht immer billiger an, um es noch schnell loszuwerden. …mehr

  • Zynga vor Milliarden-Börsengang


    Der Goldrausch bei Internet-Firmen geht weiter.  …mehr

  • TeamViewer für Fernwartung und Präsentation

    Kleine Helfer

    Ein Großteil der User-Probleme lässt sich schnell und sicher mit einer Desktop-Sharing-Software wie "TeamViewer" lösen. …mehr

  • HTC enthüllt 3D-Topmodell Evo 3D

    First Look mit Android 2.3.4

    In Istanbul präsentierte HTC erstmals das kommende Multimedia-Spitzenmodell HTC Evo 3D. Es handelt sich um ein Smartphone mit 3D-Bildschirm, 3D-Kamera und der neuesten Android-Version 2.3.4. Lesen Sie, wie sich das Gerät im ersten Test schlägt. …mehr

  • Google startet neuen Social-Versuch


    Google startet die Aufholjagd zu Facebook. …mehr

  • Microsoft trägt Office-Kampf mit Google in die Cloud

    Office 365

    Cloud Computing ist das aktuelle Buzzword in der IT-Branche.  …mehr

  • Hewlett-Packard muss sich neu erfinden

    Léo Apotheker sucht die Cloud

    Léo Apotheker, der neue CEO von Hewlett-Packard, stellt die Weichen in Richtung Cloud. Aber vor dem Konzern liegt eine Menge Arbeit. Nach wie vor dominiert die Hardware das Portfolio. Doch die Zukunft gehört Software und Services.  …mehr

  • i-FlashDrive - Flash Stick für den Dateiaustausch zwischen iPhone, iPod und iPad

    Gadget des Tages

    Mit dem i-FlashDrive von PhotoFast können Dateien zwischen iPhone, iPod und iPad ausgetauscht werden. …mehr

  • Ohne Balance geht nichts beim Projekt-Management

    So vermeiden Sie Irrtümer

    Eine Projekt-Management-Kultur setzt einen systemischen Denkansatz im Unternehmen voraus. Daniel Krones nennt Einzelheiten.  …mehr

  • Cloud-Security muss der Anwender fordern

    Paul Hülsmann im Gespräch

    Wie wirkt sich die Cloud auf die Sicherheitsstruktur des Kunden aus? Darüber diskutierte Paul Hülsmann, Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung beim Security-Dienstleister Itenos, mit CW-Redakteur Jürgen Hill.  …mehr

  • HP TouchPad: Not Ready for Tablet Big Leagues

    Premium-Inhalt. Hewlett-Packard is the latest PC maker to jump into tablets--and in entering the market, it has immediately become the latest tablet maker to land under Apple's shadow. The is the first tablet based on the WebOS mobile operating system, which HP acquired when it purchased Palm a year ago. But although WebOS shows some flashes of finger-friendly brilliance (it seems far better suited for a tablet than for the small screen of a phone), the TouchPad suffers from cumbersome design, performance lags, and a poor app selection.

  • Google+ Changes the Social Media Game for Business

    Premium-Inhalt. The long-awaited Google+ debuted to select users Tuesday. The service is Google's latest introduction into the soirée as it tries to pull in some of Facebook's 600 million users with new features, clearer privacy guidelines, and intuitive ways to search and share content.

  • Hands on with the HP TouchPad

    Premium-Inhalt. I spent half an hour in a meeting, using HP's new TouchPad tablet, before someone realized I wasn't using an iPad. That says a lot about this product--due to be released Friday--and not just in superficial ways.

  • Apple Plagued By Security Issues; MS Fixes 34 Vulnerabilities

    Premium-Inhalt. This month Microsoft patched thirty-four vulnerabilities, several of which are highly dangerous and have an exploitability vulnerability of 1. Apple released updates for Mac OS X patching a number of vulnerabilities which could allow an attacker to gain personal or secure information. Finally, Adobe released an unusual number of patches this month which fix a number of vulnerabilities across a multitude of Adobe products including ColdFusion and LiveCycle.

  • Los Alamos shuts down supercomputers as fire advances

    Premium-Inhalt. The Los Alamos National Lab has shut down two of its largest supercomputers, as wildfires continue to burn near this sprawling New Mexico facility.

  • Conductive Ink Pen Might Be Mightier Than Soldering Iron

    Premium-Inhalt. I was really excited back in the day when I discovered that Sharpie made a metallic silver marker. You could draw on yourself and look like a cyborg! Or you could draw on your binder covers so they look like futuristic computers! Of course, I knew absolutely nothing about circuitry, but now that I know a little more, a notebook cover doodle might well be able to become something real--with the help of a designed by a team from the University of Illinois.

  • HTC Facebook Phone Coming to AT&T, Telus

    Premium-Inhalt. junkies rejoice: The smartphone is coming to and Canadian wireless provider this summer, HTC has announced.

  • Is Your CRM System Meeting Your Enterprise's Needs?

    Premium-Inhalt. In the past, CRM served a simple purpose inside your enterprise: It kept track of your customers, their addresses and their orders. Now, though, there's far more that comes under the CRM umbrella, from connecting with your customers through social media to being able to instantly transmit customer data to a call center agent when customers call in for help.

  • E-Readers More Popular Than Tablets: They're Cheaper

    Premium-Inhalt. The media wants you to believe that consumers are , but a new study from Pew Internet & American Life Project disagrees. According to the study, the hot gadget right now is the e-reader, not the tablet.

  • CA to buy application testing company ITKO

    Premium-Inhalt. CA said on Wednesday it plans to acquire Interactive TKO, which offers a simulation platform designed to reduce the time it takes to develop and test complex applications, for US$330 million in cash.

  • IBM's focus on Africa finance sector bears fruit

    Premium-Inhalt. IBM's decision to focus on Internet banking and integration with mobile devices seems to be bearing fruit as companies modernize systems across the region to pursue new revenue streams.

  • Hadoop spinoff CEO: Use Apache's version

    Premium-Inhalt. The CEO of a new Yahoo spinoff dedicated to developing and promoting the popular Apache distributed computing platform urged adoption Wednesday of Apache's Hadoop distribution. But Cloudera, also a player in the Hadoop space, is sticking by its own Hadoop platform.

  • MTN inks deal with music channel Trace

    Premium-Inhalt. As African telecom players innovate to beat their competitors, South Africa's MTN Group has pulled a first by announcing a brand and content licensing agreement with Trace, an entertainment television channel.

  • With FBI raid, law enforcement circles LulzSec

    Premium-Inhalt. Time may be running out for the members of LulzSec as police continue to step up their inquiries into the hacking group.

  • China accused of jamming TV, websites in Ethiopia

    Premium-Inhalt. The Chinese government is facing accusations that it has helped block news websites in Ethiopia and jammed Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) and other broadcasters, including the Voice of America and German's Deutsche Welle Amharic services.

  • Want an all-purpose tablet? Avoid Cisco and Avaya

    Premium-Inhalt. With finally saying it will charge $750 for its , there's a lot of comparisons being made between it and the , but those comparisons are misleading.

  • Google+ lets you hang with a circle of friends

    Premium-Inhalt. Google's , now out in a limited release, isn't the killer that no doubt hopes it will be. However, it's an innovative platform that takes a new approach to social networking by putting you in control of how you share with people. It also includes a number of intriguing features, such as one that makes it easy to ferret out content that interests you and share it with others.

  • Researchers propose 'skinning' bridges for fault detection

    Premium-Inhalt. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of Potsdam in Germany have pioneered a new way to continually monitor the physical condition of bridges, aircraft, buildings and other large structures. They have produced a material, or skin, that varies its electrical charge whenever it experiences a change in pressure.

  • Cius is about giving control back to IT, Cisco says

    Premium-Inhalt. If nothing else, officials wanted to drive home a point Wednesday about the : It's intended for business users, not consumers.

  • Office 365 apps for iPhone and Android not coming soon

    Premium-Inhalt. launched Office 365 to the world this week, but the company's cloud product development is by no means complete.

  • Researchers Look at New Ways to Keep Your Information Safe

    Premium-Inhalt. Since 1997 identity theft and fraud has affected more than 5.4 million people in the United States. And that number is on the rise with, more than 1.3 million complaints to the (CSN) between January and December of 2009 alone. (PDF), of the 721,418 fraud-related complaints to the CSN in 2009, this has cost customers [of various products and services] more than 1.7 billion dollars at a median payout of $399. But what can companies do to prevent fraud and identity theft?

  • 10 Ways to Make Your Home Geeky Cool

    Premium-Inhalt. Fancy a home with some stylish and geeky home improvements? OK, you've got the geek gear. You've got the . But have you got the geek house? Read on as GeekTech shows you how to make your home into something friends would be envious of, using cool DIY projects or hacks.

  • IBM study defines futuristic networked devices for healthcare

    Premium-Inhalt. IBM came out with a study this week that looks at what future and devices, be they PCs, tablet or smartphone might look like.

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