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Meldungen vom 17.06.2011

  • Datev-Chef Kempf neuer BITKOM-Präsident


    Der Vorstandschef des Datendienstleisters Datev, Dieter Kempf, ist neuer Präsident des IT-Branchenverbands BITKOM.  …mehr

  • Software vertont selbständig Bilder und Videos


    Um ein selbst erstelltes Video im Internet möglichst gekonnt in Szene zu setzen, ist eine ansprechende Vertonung des gezeigten Bildmaterials meist unumgänglich. …mehr

  • Handykamera übernimmt Anwendungen vom Desktop

    Deep Shot

    Informatiker von Google und dem Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) haben ein System entwickelt, mit dem Nutzer Anwendungen vom Computer auf ihr Smartphone übernehmen können. …mehr

  • Panasonic bringt robustes Toughbook Tablet

    Widerstandsfähiges Android-Device

    Panasonic hat die Erweiterung seiner Toughbook-Reihe um ein Android-Tablet bekannt gegeben. Die Toughbooks sind besonders robuste Modelle, die Wasser, Staub, Schmutz und einem Sturz überstehen. …mehr

  • Pandora-Börsengang wird vom Triumph zum Debakel

    Aktie im Sinkflug

    War der Börsengang des Internetradios Pandora eine Blase, die nach nur zwei Tagen geplatzt ist? …mehr

  • Cotendo beschleunigt mobile Websites und Anwendungen

    Mobile Acceleration Suite

    Die neu vorgestellte Mobile Acceleration Suite von Cotendo soll langen Ladezeiten und anderen Verzögerungen im Mobile Web den Garaus machen.  …mehr

  • BITKOM wählt Datev-Chef Kempf zum Präsidenten


    Der IT-Branchenverband BITKOM wählt heute am frühen Nachmittag voraussichtlich den Vorstandschef des Nürnberger Dienstleisters Datev, Dieter Kempf, zu seinem Präsidenten. …mehr

  • Effiziente Aufgabenverwaltung mit GQueues für Google

    Kleine Helfer

    Wer schon mit Aufgaben als Bestandteil von Google Mail gearbeitet hat, wird von der optischen Aufbereitung des Task-Managements mit GQueues positiv überrascht sein.  …mehr

  • Oracle verlangt Milliarden von Google


    Der Rechtsstreit um Googles mobiles Betriebssystem Android spitzt sich zu. …mehr

  • Großes Interesse an Nortel-Patenten

    Auktion verschoben

    Der Wirtschaftskrimi um das riesige Patentarsenal des gescheiterten TK-Ausrüsters Nortel wird immer spannender. …mehr

  • Test - Xeon L5630 vs. Opteron 4162 EE

    Energiespar-CPUs für Server im Vergleich

    Intels Xeon-5600-Serie für Server mit zwei Sockeln überzeugt mit hoher Performance, besonders die Topmodelle. Doch wenn es um geringen Energiebedarf und hohe Effizienz geht, sind AMDs Opteron-4100-CPUs eine lohnende Alternative. Wir testen, ob Intels Stromsparmodell Xeon L5630 mit 40 Watt TDP gegen AMDs 32-Watt-Hexa-Core-Prozessor punktet.  …mehr

  • RIM baut Stellen ab

    Blackberry-Verkäufe unter Druck

    Die starke Konkurrenz von Apples iPhone und den Android-Smartphones zwingt den Blackberry-Hersteller RIM zu Stellenstreichungen. …mehr

  • Sony Cybershot DSC-HX9V im Test


    Die Sony Cybershot DSC-HX9V ist eine Kompaktkamera mit GPS, die Full-HD-Videos aufzeichnet. Darüber hinaus können Sie mit dem Superzoom-Objektiv entfernte Dinge ganz nah heranholen. Lesen Sie im Test, ob auch die Bildqualität überzeugen konnte.  …mehr

  • Die schnellsten SD-Karten mit 8 GB

    SD-Karten im Test

    Die Secure-Digital-Karte, kurz SD-Karte, ist die am häufigsten eingesetzte Speicherkarte. Sie ist klein, robust und bietet viel Platz für Ihre Daten. Unsere Schwesterpublikation PC WELT hat SD-Karten mit 8 GB getestet und präsentiert Ihnen die zehn schnellsten Modelle.  …mehr

  • 6 BI-Trends für 2011

    Kennzahlen, Echtzeit, Self-Service

    Kompetenz-Zentren sollen das BI-Chaos strukturieren. Anwender geben sich nicht mehr mit lückenhaften Daten zufrieden. Diese und weitere Thesen gibt der Anbieter Information Builders aus.  …mehr

  • Verdienen Sie zu wenig?

    CW-Gehaltsstudie 2011

    Wenn Sie sich unsicher sind, ob Ihr Gehalt angemessen ist, dann machen Sie bei der CW-Gehaltsstudie mit und erfahren Sie, was andere verdienen. Bis 31. August 2011 können Sie teilnehmen.  …mehr

  • Sonntags-, Feiertags- und Nachtarbeit - und das Finanzamt

    Tipps für Arbeitgeber

    Wie Arbeitgeber und Arbeitnehmer den Steuerbonus für Sonderschichten nutzen sowie Lohnsteuer und Sozialversicherungsbeiträge sparen können.  …mehr

  • Huawei calls charge of government help 'hogwash'

    Premium-Inhalt. Huawei Technologies has rejected a charge by the head of the U.S. Export-Import Bank that it has an unfair advantage over rivals because of help from the Chinese government.

  • Mobile Wallet? Most Consumers Yawn

    Premium-Inhalt. Nearly 80 percent of U.S. consumers either aren't interested in features that allow them to make payments with their smartphones, or haven't heard of the technology, according to a new online study by , a consumer electronics review and shopping site.

  • Tablet deathmatch: Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs. iPad 2

    Premium-Inhalt. For a good year now, we've been hearing about devices that would give the iPad a real run for its money, only to find the claims hollow. The closest contender thus far has been the , but it suffered too many shortcomings to give Steve Jobs cause to sweat. Now, however, the iPad has its first credible alternative: Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1, a stellar improvement over Samsung's first effort, the .

  • Man charged with $1 million extortion hack at oDesk

    Premium-Inhalt. An Indian man has been charged with breaking into a company's Internet domain name registration account as part of a US$1 million extortion attempt.

  • E3 2011: Beginning of the End of this Generation of Games?

    Premium-Inhalt. The end of E3 2011 may also mark the beginning of the end of this generation of consoles.

  • The Week in Hacking

    Premium-Inhalt. This week has seen a number of incidents related to hacking and the unauthorized access of information. In some cases, personal information has been compromised, in others, system administrators were able to take their networks down before anything was badly damaged. Following the recent PSN hack, which brought down Sony's systems for over a month and put many users' payment information and personal details at risk, the public eye is very much on hacker activity -- so here's a summary of what's been going on this week.

  • Spotify's U.S. Launch: Coming Soon?

    Premium-Inhalt. Spotify is likely to launch in the U.S. within a matter of weeks--if statements from a company executive are to be believed.

  • Free OpenShot Video Editor is Tremendous

    Premium-Inhalt. is a free, simple-to-use, feature-rich video editor for Linux. The brainchild of programmer Jonathan Thomas, OpenShot has garnered a large and enthusiastic following for many reasons, one being Thomas's responsiveness to user feedback. To quickly see the best uses of OpenShot, check out the beautifully created music videos of Verity and Gersom de Koning-Tan, from the Netherlands. Several of their videos have had more than one thousand video views. These videos have much going for them, not least their musicality and playfulness.

  • Face Recognition & Facebook's Recurring Privacy Problem

    Premium-Inhalt. Once again, Facebook has messed with users' privacy in the name of a new feature.

  • Bypass Company Phone Menus with Fonolo

    Premium-Inhalt. Some hassles arise from your PC, and some you solve with your PC. This one falls in the latter category.

  • Wall Street Beat: Tech shares hit by slump

    Premium-Inhalt. Concerns about the slowing economic recovery and European debt problems continue to weigh on U.S. stock markets, and tech companies are not immune from the general erosion of confidence.

  • Cloud storage providers need sharper billing metrics

    Premium-Inhalt. Purveyors of cloud storage services may be doing their customers, or themselves, a disservice by relying on imprecise metrics for billing, argued a researcher at a Usenix conference.

  • Bitcoin: Clever Financial/Social Experiment

    Premium-Inhalt. John Lennon wanted us to imagine a world with no countries; when the European Union started happening in earnest, one of the first things they did was create the Euro. Having a common currency is a great way to bring down geographical barriers and create a shared economy. And with audacity that feels like it's drawn straight out of one of William Gibson's cyberpunk novels, that's what (free) sets out to do.

  • Supporting Office 2010: Tips for Preventing Help Desk Calls

    Premium-Inhalt. At a time when cloud computing services for productivity tools are gaining steam, you would think that desktop software like Office 2010 would be on a downslide.

  • Sega Hit by Hackers

    Premium-Inhalt. Here we are again with news that hackers have struck at a games publisher. This time it's Sega's turn to be hit, with the Sega Pass forums' database being accessed by unathorized intruders.

  • Little interest among U.S. consumers for mobile wallets

    Premium-Inhalt. Only 21% of U.S. consumers say they want to buy a smartphone equipped with a Near-Field Communication chip for mobile payments, according to a survey.

  • Dell plugs hole in virtualization stack

    Premium-Inhalt. Dell has filled the last big hole in its virtualization stack through a partnership with Netuitive, which makes analytics software for managing virtual infrastructure, Netuitive and industry analysts have confirmed.

  • So, You're Being Sued for Piracy

    Premium-Inhalt. Hollywood may have against illegal file swappers in 2008, but the piracy lawsuits are still flying. Now teams of lawyers working for certain small businesses are going after illegal file swappers. These businesses, often referred to as "copyright trolls," are attempting to turn the into a profitable cottage industry.

  • 'Dead media' never really die

    Premium-Inhalt. The history of technological media is littered with platforms we no longer use. Often called "dead media," many of them actually live on in technologies that are widely used today, and can teach us much about how to design platforms for the future, according to New York University postdoctoral researcher Finn Brunton.

  • Understanding Storage Costs for Desktop Virtualization

    Premium-Inhalt. If you are about to start considering a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) project, be advised: You need to really understand what your storage costs will be up front. Unexpectedly high storage costs have delayed or derailed VDI projects more than any other single issue. To avoid that problem, and accurately understand the ROI value of your project before you begin, make sure you understand the implications of these three storage issues:

  • IBM Is 100: Will Other Tech Companies Last That Long?

    Premium-Inhalt. International Business Machines--that's IBM to you and me--reached an impressive milestone this week: The company turned . That longevity is impressive, but many American companies have become institutions. Ford Motors is almost 110 years old, US Steel is also at the 110 year mark, and Sears, Roebuck and Co. is 125 years old this year!

  • Post-MacDefender, Linux Looks Better Than Ever

    Premium-Inhalt. Until recently, it was a commonly held belief in the mainstream computing world that Macs are more secure than Windows PCs are.

  • GRID Multiplayer Discontinued on PS3 and PC

    Premium-Inhalt. If you're a player of Codemasters' excellent multi-discipline racer on the PC or the PS3, you may have been confronted with an error message when trying to sign into multiplayer recently. Here's an from Ian Webster, community manager over at the Codies.

  • First Portal 2 DLC is $140, Comes With Motion Controller

    Premium-Inhalt. Valve has announced that the Razer Hydra motion-sensing controller is now available to customers in the United States. Not only that, but it comes with a copy of and its new Sixense Motion Pack DLC, which includes 10 new single-player maps for Portal 2 which can only be solved using the motion controller.

  • id Software Considering Quake 5

    Premium-Inhalt. Speaking with earlier, id Software's John Carmack claimed there are "strong factions" within his team that would like to create another game in the long-running first-person shooter series.

  • RolePlayers' Realm VII: E3 2011 RPG Wrap-up

    Premium-Inhalt. Well, E3 is pretty much done and dusted here at GamePro; but there's still plenty to discuss in terms of the RPGs of E3 2011. So Ray, Justin, and I all sat to discuss games like Final Fantasy XIII-2 and ; and pressing questions like, "Where the heck are Last Story and Xenoblade?"

  • Hands on with Frenzapp, a social music-discovery app

    Premium-Inhalt. Having given iOS users a way to via its app, iOS developer Bitsmedia is now turning its attention to music.

  • Plextor PX-LB950UE External Blu-ray Burner

    Premium-Inhalt. If you're using an external drive to add Blu-ray to your PC, Plextor's PX-LB950UE opens up some new possibilities. Playing Blu-ray movies via USB 2.0 is doable, but just barely (features such as fast forward and rewind don't respond as they should, and heavy activity on the bus can interrupt playback). By contrast, the $240 PX-LB950UE--which has both USB 3.0 and eSATA ports--has the throughput to make watching Blu-ray the responsive experience you get from an internal Blu-ray drive.

  • Who Is LulzSec?

    Premium-Inhalt. Hacker collective or, as they put it, "those evil bastards from Twitter" LulzSec has issued an official statement attempting to explain its actions. You can read it .

  • High hopes for Facebook's rumored iPad app

    Premium-Inhalt. So long as there's been an App Store, there's been for your iPhone. The iPad has been another story--Facebook hasn't produced a native app for Apple's tablet, leaving that need for third-party developers to fill.

  • HP's Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse Eliminates Common Mouse Hassles

    Premium-Inhalt. HP launched on Friday an industry-first Wi-Fi mouse for laptop users that may eliminate the frustrations often encountered with other wireless mice and Bluetooth mice. If you don't want to give up a valuable USB port for the mouse dongle or find Bluetooth a bit of a pain to set up (and reconnect), the $50 mouse may be worth the investment to you.

  • Pentagon building Internet simulator to practice cyberwar

    Premium-Inhalt. A model of the Internet where the Pentagon can practice games -- complete with software that mimics human behavior under varying military threat levels -- is due to be up and running by this time next year, according to a published report.

  • Mozilla to add built-in PDF viewer to Firefox

    Premium-Inhalt. Mozilla is working on a project that will add PDF rendering to Firefox using HTML5 and JavaScript, eliminating the need for users to run Adobe's own plug-in.

  • Wacom releases Bamboo Paper sketching app

    Premium-Inhalt. Get your sketching fingers and styluses ready. —creator of the Bamboo Stylus, and famous for its line of pressure-sensitive tablets—has introduced its very first app for the iPad, .

  • Fraud starts after Lulzsec group releases e-mail, passwords

    Premium-Inhalt. Debbie Crowell never ordered the iPhone, but thanks to a hacking group known as Lulzsec, she spent a good part of her Thursday morning trying to get US$712.00 in charges reversed after someone broke into her Amazon account and ordered it.

  • RIM says Q2 forecast is lower than expected

    Premium-Inhalt. Research In Motion missed analysts' lowered revenue forecasts for its fiscal first quarter and said its outlook for the second quarter was lower than expected, as it reported its first-quarter results Thursday.

  • 15 Ways iPad Goes to Work

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple's iconic iPad reports for work in all sorts of strange places, from archaeological digs in Pompeii to movie sets in Hollywood to cockpits in the sky.

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