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Meldungen vom 10.06.2011

  • Streit um Vorratsdatenspeicherung

    Merkel will baldige Lösung

    Kanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) dringt auf eine Einigung im koalitionsinternen Streit um die Speicherung von Internet- und Telefonverbindungsdaten. …mehr

  • Microsoft dreht Windows-Mobile-Nutzern langsam den Hahn ab


    Im Zuge des Wechsels auf das neue Windows Phone 7 macht Microsoft die Website von Marketplace for Mobile und den Synchronisationsdienst My Phone dicht.  …mehr

  • Microsoft Deutschland hat eine neue CIO

    Dorothée Appel

    Dorothée Appel ist seit Anfang Mai Chief Information Officer (CIO) bei Microsoft Deutschland.  …mehr

  • IDC erwartet bis 2015 fast eine Milliarde Smartphones


    Smartphones sind weltweit auf dem Vormarsch und setzen sich im traditionellen Handy-Markt immer mehr durch. …mehr

  • Looxcie 2 - Headset mit Kamera

    Gadget des Tages

    Mit dem Looxcie 2-Headset von Looxcie lassen sich nicht nur Ton-, sondern auch Video-Aufnahmen via Blutooth streamen. …mehr

  • Schreckgespenst Gesichtserkennung bringt Facebook in die Kritik

    Trotz klarer Grenzen

    Die Debatte um die Gesichtserkennung bei Facebook verkennt oft das eigentliche Problem.  …mehr

  • Facebook übernimmt Designer-Kollektiv Sofa


    Facebook hat die Amsterdamer Software- und Interaktions-Designfirma Sofa übernommen.  …mehr

  • Asus EeePC 1015PW im Test


    Geschmackssache: Das Netbook Asus EeePC 1015PN steckt in einem hellrosa Gehäuse. Ein Mini-Laptop nur für Mädchen? Im Test überzeugte das Netbook nicht nur durch sein Äußeres.  …mehr

  • Nur noch ein Interessent für Nokia Siemens Networks

    "Financial Times"

    Die US-Finanzinvestoren KKR und TPG sind einem Pressebericht zufolge aus dem zähen Bieterrennen um den defizitären Mobilfunkausrüster Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) ausgestiegen. …mehr

  • Citibank-Kunden sind die nächsten Hacker-Opfer


    Die Hacker-Angriffe nehmen einfach kein Ende. …mehr

  • Microsoft muss 290 Millionen wegen Ideenklaus zahlen

    Supreme Court

    Der Streit ging bis zum obersten US-Gericht - und am Ende unterlag Goliath gegen David. …mehr

  • HTC Desire Z gegen Dell Venue Pro

    Slider-Smartphones im Vergleich

    Wer viele E-Mails schreibt, bevorzugt oftmals Smartphones mit physischer Tastatur. COMPUTERWOCHE vergleicht den HTC Desire Z mit dem Dell Venue Pro - und klärt, ob Android oder Windows Phone 7 besser abschneidet.  …mehr

  • 2,5-Zoll-Festplatten mit USB 3.0


    2,5-Zoll-Festplatten mit USB-3.0-Anschluss versprechen hohes Tempo bei kleinem Formfaktor. Wir präsentieren Ihnen die besten Modelle in einer Bildergalerie.  …mehr

    Von Frederik Niemeyer und Michael Schmelzle
  • SAP-Berater - Karriere nicht um jeden Preis


    Ein Abteilungsleiterjob ist für SAP-Profis kein Traumziel, vielmehr zähle die Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Freizeit, wie eine Diskussion auf einem Schiff in Hamburg zeigte.  …mehr

    Von Christian Raum
  • How Green is my Cloud?

    Premium-Inhalt. When it comes to , CIOs are pragmatic, and perhaps cynical enough, to take its Green credentials with a grain of salt. It's not that sustainability isn't an issue, but it's the flexibility and potential savings of Cloud computing that really have everybody excited.

  • CFOs' Salary Rises Outpace CEOs'

    Premium-Inhalt. Salaries increased at a slightly higher rate for CFOs than CEOs last year, but both members of the C-suite basically ran a dead heat in terms of incentive compensation, according to a by New York-based consulting firm .

  • Number of Deals Dips, but Their Value Soars 39%

    Premium-Inhalt. The number of announced U.S. mergers and acquisitions may have slipped by 4% in the first five months this year, but an increase in monster deals boosted total M&A value by 39% -- to $454 billion.

  • Hedging against a Falling Dollar in World of Ups & Downs

    Premium-Inhalt. Pat Ryder, director of financial risk management at , spends much of his time these days keeping track of the euro and the yen.

  • Steady improvement in IPv6 awareness

    Premium-Inhalt. Preliminary results from a survey of IPv6 preparedness conducted by the IPv6 Task Force over the past three weeks have been released to mark .

  • Hong Kong IT vacancies rose 18% in Q1

    Premium-Inhalt. IT vacancies including supervisors, managers, programmers, and database administrators rose 18 percent quarter-on-quarter to 28,988 in Q1, said Robert Walters Friday.

  • Demand for technical consumer goods up in Southeast Asia

    Premium-Inhalt. Tech-hungry Southeast Asians helped drive the growth of the technical consumer goods industry in the first quarter of this year, according to a recent market study by Gfk Asia.

  • Xerox plans to transfer 600 jobs to Indian outsourcer

    Premium-Inhalt. Xerox has told about 600 employees that if they don't agree to they may face unemployment.

  • Duke Nukem Forever is Out (Outside the US, Anyway)

    Premium-Inhalt. It is once again time to kick ass and chew bubblegum just as your supplies of said gum have been depleted. has finally released in non-US territories, kicking off with a midnight launch and a big party in the UK.

  • Security Shootout: PlayBook, iPad, Android

    Premium-Inhalt. By now, CIOs everywhere have felt at least a little pressure to bring new-fangled tablets to the enterprise: Apple iPads, BlackBerry PlayBooks, even Android machines. But many claim security on tablets remains woefully immature--or is it?

  • Troubleshooting Apple’s Malware Protection

    Premium-Inhalt. If you've installed , you have the benefit of Apple's protection against various malware attacks, most notably the recent Mac Defender Trojan Horse variants. This protection will locate and, in some cases, delete malware that shows up on your drive.

  • Google warns AdSense publishers against tampering with ads

    Premium-Inhalt. Google has issued a stern warning to Web publishers that carry its ads after noticing that some of them are improperly altering ad formats, behavior and targeting.

  • IT worker demand remains robust despite slow economy

    Premium-Inhalt. U.S. tech hiring for the second half of 2011 will increase as the results in companies updating their IT systems after scaling back during the recession, according to a hiring survey from technology job website Dice.com.

  • Attending E3 in 30,000 Easy Steps

    Premium-Inhalt. If you own a Nintendo 3DS and have the opportunity to go to E3 or some other large gathering gamers, your eyes no doubt light up at the prospect of getting some new Mii friends through the built-in StreetPass feature. I'm the same way, but there was also something else with the 3DS that made me jazzed.

  • iOS 5 should right many prior iOS wrongs

    Premium-Inhalt. I’ve achieved the hat trick of iOS device ownership—I have an iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch—so clearly, I love the platform. But like others, I’ve long been disappointed with some of iOS’s failings. That’s why I found this week’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote so thrilling.

  • The Tablet Specs That Matter

    Premium-Inhalt. Tablets are new and so it's easy for manufacturers to throw out a blizzard of specs. The ones that really matter, though, are those that determine how quickly a tablet will respond to your input and how well images and text will display on its screen.

  • The HDTV Specs That Matter

    Premium-Inhalt. TV manufacturers love to throw around impressive sounding specs, like contrast ratio and response time. But it's often hard to figure out just what those specs mean -- and sometimes impossible to compare them to the figures from a competitor's TV. So when you're in the market for a TV, think more about getting the right size for your home.

  • The Storage Specs That Matter

    Premium-Inhalt. Makers of hard drives and NAS drives will throw out lots of esoteric terms (many of which they made up) to describe their products. But there are only a few things you need to pay attention to to ensure you make the right choice.

  • The Printer Specs That Matter

    Premium-Inhalt. When you're buying a printer, it makes sense to think long-term. Pay attention to issues like the page yield of the cartridges your printer uses and whether it can automatically print on both sides of a sheet of paper. Doing your homework about those specs will make sure that the printer you think is cheap won't cost you an arm and a leg over time.

  • The Phone Specs That Matter

    Premium-Inhalt. Considering a new phone? It's easy to get pulled into the specs war: single-core or dual-core processor? 3G or 4G? But today's smartphones are mostly big screens and it makes more sense to pay attention to how good apps, pictures and video will look on those screens.

  • The Camera Specs That Matter

    Premium-Inhalt. A decade into the digital camera revolution, there are still lots of people who believe that more megapixels mean better cameras. But it's more important to look for features that will help you take high quality photos quickly, like quick startup time and easy to use controls. For an all-encompassing list of the specs you should be looking for in a new camera, see our

  • The Laptop and Desktop Specs That Matter

    Premium-Inhalt. When you're considering a new desktop or laptop, it's easy to get distracted by speed bumps in processors and RAM. But as long as you're getting a modern processor, you'll likely find that the amount of RAM or storage space you opt for will have a bigger impact on your computing experience than minor differences in clock speed.

  • Once in a While, Wear a 'Black Hat'

    Premium-Inhalt. Sometimes, you just have to be the bad guy. Businesses often need one person who is challenging the norms of the group, and forcing creative thinking. A common term for this person is "devil's advocate." But I've never really liked language that makes people who challenge authority seem sinister, or somehow opposed to the company.

  • Should the CFO Take IT's Reins?

    Premium-Inhalt. As someone who is out in the field with corporate technology, talking with tech teams across a variety of industries, I've observed the deference that IT is starting to show to finance. With technology investments so tightly linked to a company's success, it only makes sense that the CFO would have a hand in developing IT's roadmap.

  • Improving the Auditing of Employee Benefit Plans

    Premium-Inhalt. The 2010 Employee Retirement Income Security Act Advisory Council recently issued a report, "." The report focused on retirement plans, given the many industry changes that have occurred since ERISA's audit requirements were enacted in 1974. More specifically, the Council zeroed in on three areas: the quality of plan audits and auditors, limited scope audits, and 403(b) plans. The Council provides support to the Secretary of Labor.

  • What Records Belong to the IRS?

    Premium-Inhalt. Just how much information does a business being audited need to hand over to the IRS? The question is assuming a much higher profile these days, as many businesses have automated their accounting processes, and IRS agents have begun accepting taxpayers' records electronically.

  • Avanade survey reveals rapid growth in public cloud services

    Premium-Inhalt. Worldwide businesses are experiencing a rapid growth in public cloud services, according to a global survey by business technology services provider, Avanade.

  • Robust growth in IT services market, says IDC

    Premium-Inhalt. The overall IT services market in the Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) region is expected to record a strong performance in 2011 thanks to rising demand for datacenter and outsourcing services, says market intelligence firm IDC.

  • Mobile finance a hit in Asia - TNS study

    Premium-Inhalt. For a region with billions of mobile devices, expect their users to also lead in mobile finance adoption.

  • Microsoft delivers cloud to NGOs and schools in Hong Kong

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft Hong Kong is addressing the increasing information and communications technology (ICT) needs of the social service and education sectors.

  • Fruit Ninja Game on Xbox Kinect Means Life-Size Slicing

    Premium-Inhalt. Halfbrick's ridiculously habit-forming game Fruit Ninja will transform into this summer, part of Microsoft's Summer of Arcade promotion for the Xbox 360.

  • Call of Duty Elite: Social Networking Comes to Shooters

    Premium-Inhalt. Connect, Compete, Improve. It's a mantra that doesn't quite roll off the tongue, but will soon become exceedingly familiar to the legion of Call of Duty fans around the globe.

  • The Best 2011 Windows 7 Laptops for Work and Play

    Premium-Inhalt. The iPad and other tablets are transforming personal computing, but most of the world still uses laptops for business and pleasure, and 90 percent of them run Windows. Here are the coolest high-end laptops released in 2011 that take advantage of Windows 7's networking, security and UI features.

  • Live and Learn: 10 Unforgettable Facebook Follies

    Premium-Inhalt. It's amazing what people do in the name of Facebook, and the first half of 2011 was no exception. Here are 10 of the most memorable failures, bad ideas and regrettable decisions that left us shaking our heads.

  • Lab Report: The fastest iMac money can buy (2011 edition)

    Premium-Inhalt. While the offer impressive performance, if you choose a couple of build-to-order (BTO) options, you can have the fastest Mac to date that you can order from Apple--a 27-inch iMac with a 3.4GHz Core i7 quad-core processor and a 256GB SSD.

  • How to Manage IT Spend

    Premium-Inhalt. IT departments have traditionally been weak at controlling IT spend, let alone be able to explain the cost in the first instance to the business. So why is it so difficult to manage IT spend? Typically this is due to:

  • Motorola's Photon 4G calls and computes

    Premium-Inhalt. After a period of about two years, during which there were few Motorola phones rolled out for Sprint's mobile network, the two companies are working together with a vengeance. The Android-based is the first tangible result, but they've announced will be coming before the end of the year.

  • U.S. Senators Want to Shut Down Bitcoins

    Premium-Inhalt. Two U.S. Senators have written an open letter to the United States' Attorney General, asking federal authorities to crack down on "Silk Road," the Internet black market drug trade, and the digital currency that funds it, Bitcoins.

  • Kindle's Article Mode Renders the Web More Readable

    Premium-Inhalt. The changed the way tech-savvy readers consume text and opened up the market for e-readers. When it comes to reading articles on the Web, however, tablets still have it beat. Even so, there's a useful feature in the Kindle browser that makes online articles almost easy to read with the Kindle, and it's called Article Mode.

  • Geo-replication, a tool for maximizing collaboration solutions for distributed teams

    Premium-Inhalt. This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should not it will likely favor the submitter's approach.

  • Siemens fixes industrial flaws found by hacker

    Premium-Inhalt. Siemens has fixed bugs in its Simatic S7 industrial computer systems, used to control machines on factory floors, power stations and chemical plants.

  • Wall Street Beat: IT gets hit in market slump

    Premium-Inhalt. Major U.S. stock markets on Friday closed for a sixth straight week of losses, the worst weekly losing streak since the third quarter of 2002, during the dot-com bust.

  • Doxo adds iPhone client for digital billing, storage service

    Premium-Inhalt. The online storage service launched last year with the idea of cutting down on paper clutter by providing a digital file cabinet for storing bills, receipts, and other documents. On Thursday, Doxo added an that lets users access those digital records when they're out and about.

  • Touchscreen Nook Rooted, Gets Angry Birds, Fails

    Premium-Inhalt. Sometimes, hacks work. Sometimes they don't. A great example of this the Barnes & Noble Nook--the Nook Color's resulted in a lot of hacking fun, but the new isn't succumbing to hacking as easily.

  • Why E-Books Are Bad for You

    Premium-Inhalt. At first glance, and e-books seem like a good thing for consumers and business users. After all, they've been found to increase the amount of reading people do, and prices on the readers , putting them within reach of an ever-larger proportion of the world.

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