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Meldungen vom 03.06.2011

  • Sony weiter im Visier von Hackern

    Pannen ohne Ende

    Sony und seine Kunden sind erneut mit einem massiven Diebstahl von Nutzerdaten konfrontiert. …mehr

  • HTC lockt Android-Entwickler

    OpenSense SDK

    Der Smartphone-Hersteller HTC lockt Android-Entwickler mit der Möglichkeit, ihre Apps besser in die hauseigene Nutzeroberfläche "Sense" zu integrieren. …mehr

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  • Forscher bauen Chip aus einem Molekül


    Eine internationale Forschergruppe arbeitet an einem Verfahren zur Herstellung eines kompletten Mikrochips, dessen Herzstück ein einzelnes Molekül ist. …mehr

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  • Rekordumsatz mit Internet-Zugängen in Deutschland


    Immer mehr Privatpersonen in Deutschland haben einen Internetzugang im Festnetz. …mehr

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  • Cloud-Dienste werden in Firmen immer öfter genutzt

    Software aus dem Netz

    Die Nutzung webbasierender Dienste ist in deutschen Unternehmen weiter auf dem Vormarsch. …mehr

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  • US-Navi-Marktführer Garmin greift nach Navigon


    Unter den Navi-Herstellern bahnt sich einem Pressebericht zufolge eine Übernahme an. …mehr

  • Facebook wirft Zuckerberg-Kläger Betrug vor

    Beweise gefälscht?

    Das wäre mal ein wirklich dreister Betrug: Der Mann, der Anspruch auf die Hälfte an Facebook erhebt, soll dem weltgrößten Online-Netzwerk zufolge alle seine Beweise gefälscht haben. …mehr

  • Shantanu Narayen sieht Streit mit Apple als erledigt an


    Der kalifornische Software-Konzern Adobe sieht sich nicht mehr auf Kollisionskurs mit Apple. …mehr

  • Google warnt vor Cyber-Angriffen aus China

    Gmail-Zugänge abgephisht

    Die Nutzer von Googles E-Mail-Dienst sollten auf der Hut sein: Der Internetkonzern hat eine Attacke auf Gmail enttarnt. …mehr

  • Die größten ERP-Pleiten 2010

    Pannen mit SAP, Oracle, HP-EDS

    Explodierende Kosten, ausufernde Zeitpläne, fehlende Funktionen: Bei ERP-Projekten ging im vergangenen Jahr einiges schief. Wir dokumentieren krasse Beispielfälle.  …mehr

    Von Nicolas Zeitler und Chris Kanaracus
  • Groupon mal richtig teuer

    Börsengang steht an

    Von wegen Schnäppchen-Portal: Während die Nutzer von Groupon kräftig sparen, müssen sich die Investoren beim Börsengang auf ein sattes Preisschild gefasst machen. …mehr

  • Microsofts Vorstellung von "Windows 8" lässt etliche Fragen offen


    Microsoft will mit einem runderneuerten Windows-Betriebssystem die Begeisterung der Anwender für den PC wiederbeleben. …mehr

  • Test - ZoneAlarm Free 2010 - kostenlose Windows-Firewall

    Desktop Firewall

    Die bekannte Firewall ZoneAlarm Free ist auch nach der Übernahme durch CheckPoint als kostenlose Version verfügbar. Im Test haben wir die Sicherheit der sehr populären Personal Firewall unter die Lupe genommen.  …mehr

  • Samsung PL170 - Digitalkamera mit zwei Displays

    Gadget des Tages

    Die Samsung PL170 verfügt auf der Vorderseite über einen zusätzlichen Bildschirm für Selbstportaits. …mehr

  • Neulich in ... Mumbai


    Wie so viele andere IT-Berater auch, hat Klaus Schneider im asiatischen Raum gearbeitet und Projekte mit indischen Programmierern geleitet. Und auch er musste Erfahrungen mit ungewohnten Kommunikationsstilen machen und Konsequenzen daraus ziehen. …mehr

  • iPhone 5 rumor rundown for week ending June 3

    Could it be that Rumor Exhaustion (iRE) has struck? Almost on the eve of 's Worldwide Developers Conference, where we know Apple will unveil iOS 5, new rumors of iPhone 5 have become thin and stale.  …mehr

  • Facebook D&D with Heroes of Neverwinter

    It's been a while since we had a really good Dungeons and Dragons game -- let's just forget ever happened -- so a lot of people have high hopes for the upcoming .  …mehr

  • The Internet Tax Man Cometh (Again!)

    With the government still struggling with falling tax revenues as a result of the weak economy, proposals to do away with the are once again being talked about in the halls of Congress. A bill currently in the Senate dubbed the '' would do just that.  …mehr

  • Google buys social analytics vendor PostRank

    Google has acquired , a company whose hosted software measures user engagement with topics, brands, authors and content across social media sites.  …mehr

  • EA reveals Origin

    On Friday, Electronic Arts unveiled its new digital distribution service, Origin. The new service is both a rebranding and reimagining of the EA Store and Download Manager. In a press release, the game publisher and developer revealed that www.origin.com will be a source for buying, downloading, and demoing EA's titles. Though users can still expect to see EA's content appear on Steam's digital download service, EA is clearly offering not only a complimentary service but a partially competing service with its new venture.  …mehr

  • Konami Pre-E3 Event Round-up

    In years past, Konami has hosted their own press event for E3, which the platform on which they unveil the Castlevanias and Metal Gear Solids of the world. This year though, they've opted to host their event the week before the E3. and they were even nice enough to include a video detailing all of their announcements and the upcoming slate of games.  …mehr

  • Social media can reshape customer engagement strategies

    Rise of social media has driven companies to reevaluate the way they determine customer value, according to a SAS-sponsored report.  …mehr

  • Research notes important role of tech tools in workplace

    A recent research report involving knowledge workers has noted their dependence on communication technology tools since these are deemed important in their jobs.  …mehr

  • Prosoft releases first Mac App Store-hosted disk utility

    Earlier this week, utility vendor announced that ($60), a special version of the company's flagship product, ( Macworld rated 3.5 out of 5 mice ; $99), is now .  …mehr

  • Precise virtualizes application monitoring

    In an effort to reduce deployment time, software provider Precise Software has packaged its flagship application performance management (APM) application in a virtual machine, making the product the first APM virtual appliance, the company said.  …mehr

  • Advocacy group targets Apple as a tax 'cheater'

    A new liberal advocacy group has targeted Apple as a tax "cheater" for its leadership in a coalition calling for Congress to allow U.S. companies to return foreign earnings to the country at a greatly reduced tax rate.  …mehr

  • Aussies First to Get Chromebook Laptops

    An Australian device manufacturer has beat Samsung and Acer to be the first company to release a laptop based on Google's Chrome OS. The Kogan Agora will start shipping on June 7. Kogan's Chromebook has features similar to the Samsung Series 5 and Acer Chromebook, which are expected later this month in the United States.  …mehr

  • Report: DOJ examines Nortel patent sale

    The U.S. Department of Justice is examining bidders, including Apple and Google, interested in Nortel's patent portfolio, according to a that cites unnamed people familiar with the situation.  …mehr

  • No Stopping Android Juggernaut, Says comScore

    More good news for Google's mobile operating system: New data from market research firm shows Android is pulling away from the rest of the smartphone pack in the U.S. In fact, Android's market share rose to 36.4 percent in April 2011--that's an impressive 5-percent jump from its 31.2 percent share in January.  …mehr

  • The Biggest Rumors of E3 2011

    We have a plenty of hard facts, but the biggest fun of E3 is trying to figure out what the surprise announcements will be. PS4? Fable 4? Here are our best guesses.  …mehr

  • Sony PlayStation Network's post-hack freebies now available

    Sony has made a available to PlayStation Network users who lost access to the company's online gaming service, some for more than a month.  …mehr

  • Canada blocks extradition of Cisco suspect

    A Canadian judge has blocked the extradition of a former Cisco Systems executive and slammed that company and U.S. authorities for allegedly duping Canadian officials into arresting him.  …mehr

  • Acer server in Europe reportedly breached

    Hacking group Pakistan Cyber Army Friday claimed it had broken into an Acer server in Europe and stole personal data on about 40,000 people.  …mehr

  • Remains of the Day: Go ninja, go ninja, go

    A noted jailbreak developer reportedly gets beamed up to the mothership, AT&T's looking to share nicely, and a purported "ninja" acts very un-ninjalike. The remainders for Friday, June 3, 2011 are on the lam.  …mehr

  • Assessing the chances of a smartphone surprise

    For a company whose every move is shrouded in mystery and whose every public pronouncement triggers another round of "Guess the product unveiling," Apple isn't that difficult to figure out. When it comes to product debuts, the company hews to a fairly predictable schedule of roll-outs before deliberately selected audiences at times you could set your watch to, give or take a month.  …mehr

  • Mobile Technology: Recognizing the Risks

    As if finance executives didn't have enough internal control issues to keep them awake at night, in mobile credit card merchant Square could bring more headaches.  …mehr

  • The CFO as Bank-Account Fraud Buster

    One day this past January, Joy Graham happened to check her company's bank accounts in the afternoon, instead of during her normal morning routine. The delay was serendipitous for Graham, managing director with LG Martin, a consultancy that develops community initiatives for businesses, individuals and nonprofits. Several purchasing-card charges raised her suspicions -- including orders for home electronics, and tickets to a Boston Celtics basketball game. LG Martin has offices in Atlanta, Houston and New York.  …mehr

  • 10 Great Games for Your BlackBerry PlayBook

    The Angry Birds are coming soon to a BlackBerry PlayBook near you, in the meantime there are plenty of excellent games already here that truly put the "play" in PlayBook. Here are 10 of the best, and most are free.  …mehr

  • The Heist unseats Angry Birds for ten days running

    Were I a betting man, I'd probably be a few dollars poorer right now. Because if someone had bet me which developer would unseat Angry Birds from the App Store's top spot for ten days running, I would never have gone with "the guys from MacHeist." But indeed, the MacHeist team--which also runs iOS development company --has owned : Its $1 sold close to 700,000 copies at this writing. MacHeist co-creator Phill Ryu told that "we're well on our way to a million sales... The question at this point is 2, 3 million?"  …mehr

  • Does Free Software Restore Dignity?

    The other day a high-school student came by the public library computer center where I work in Takoma Park, Maryland. I recognized him right away as a student who regularly visits the computer center to do his homework. On this visit he looked sad. "Do you have a restore DVD for this Sony Vaio laptop?" he asked, with his relatively new Windows 7 laptop underneath his arm.  …mehr

  • Ex-Cisco consumer chief Flips for grilled cheese

    So after building the world's most popular pocket camcorder, being , becoming his new company's consumer chief and then when his company decided to kill his baby, what does Jonathan Kaplan do for an encore? Or entrée?  …mehr

  • Google buys social analytics vendor PostRank

    Google has acquired , a company whose hosted software measures user engagement with topics, brands, authors and content across social media sites.  …mehr

  • What Windows 8 Needs Is Some New Furniture

    Microsoft has and given the world its first glimpse of what we can . Microsoft made a point of clarifying that Windows 8 will , but it failed to mention that you might need a new desk.  …mehr

  • EMR success needs IT wake up: NSW e-health CIO

    The success of an electronic medical records (EMR) project will depend on a level of high-velocity, mission-critical ICT not seen before in the sector, says the NSW Department of Health's director of e-health and ICT strategy branch Ian Rodgers.  …mehr

  • Caution CFOs: Breach Ahead

    On Saturday, May 21, Lockheed Martin detected a significant and tenacious attack on its information systems network. The company's information security team ... took aggressive actions to protect all systems and data. As a result of the swift and deliberate actions... our systems remain secure; no customer, program or employee personal data has been compromised.  …mehr

  • Hack Gets MeeGo Onto Nook Color, Runs Seriously Well

    The Nook Color getting hacked isn't exactly new-- now, from installing different versions of Android to improving battery life or storage space. It's pretty exciting, then, when someone tests out a totally different OS, that also looks quite impressive on the Barnes & Noble e-reader.  …mehr

  • China, Hong Kong enterprises increase use of cloud computing

    Twenty per cent of enterprises in Hong Kong and China plan to use cloud computing for non-mission-critical IT services in 2011, according to a new survey by global information technology association ISACA.  …mehr

  • 11 Ways Groupon's IPO Could Benefit You

    A not-so-quick flip through Groupon's 269-page IPO prospectus turns up some clues as to what ordinary people in search of deals can expect from Groupon after the deal site raises an estimated $750 million.  …mehr

  • Foxconn reopens polishing facilities, other than Chengdu

    Foxconn has reopened all its polishing workshops, other than the one at Chengdu in China, which after a blast there on May 20 killed three persons, the company said.  …mehr

  • Black Pixel acquires NetNewsWire

    Sometimes it seems that as long as there have been RSS feeds to read, there's been a NetNewsWire to read them with. And though on Friday NetNewsWire creator and developer Brent Simmons to , it seems clear from both Simmons and Black Pixel CEO Daniel Pasco that there will be a version of NetNewsWire gracing all of Apple's platforms for a long while to come.  …mehr

  • U.K. man arrested on Facebook hacking charges

    A 26-year-old U.K. man was arrested Thursday on charges that he tried to hack into the Facebook social-networking site.  …mehr

  • Report Confirms Wii 2 Touch Controller

    Japanese business site has confirmed one of the bigger, more persistent rumors about the Wii's successor, the mysterious Project Café. It seems that the new console will indeed be controlled by a device featuring a six-inch touchscreen at its center. The controller will also feature traditional buttons as well as the tablet-style screen.  …mehr

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