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Meldungen vom 06.05.2011

  • Bayer Business Services will auslagern


    Zwei Bereiche der IT-Tochter arbeiten nicht konkurrenzfähig und sollen deshalb an die Siemens IT Solutions and Services GmbH übertragen werden.  …mehr

  • Deutsche Telekom enttäuscht mit Quartalszahlen

    Aktie fällt

    Telekom-Chef René Obermann will trotz leicht enttäuschender Quartalszahlen Kurs halten und an der Kostenschraube drehen.  …mehr

  • Stringer entschuldigt sich für Datendiebstahl


    Knapp drei Wochen nach dem spektakulären Datenklau bei Sony hat sich Konzernchef Howard Stringer in einem Blogbeitrag persönlich bei den betroffenen Kunden entschuldigt. …mehr

  • Samsung überholt Nokia in Westeuropa

    IDC zum Handymarkt

    Neues Zeichen für die Nöte von Nokia: Der Konkurrent Samsung ist jetzt Marktführer in Westeuropa. …mehr

  • Samsung und Apple stoßen Nokia vom Thron

    IDC-Studie für Westeuropa

    Den IDC-Zahlen zum westeuropäischen Handy-Markt zufolge ist Samsung im ersten Quartal 2011 erstmals an Nokia vorbeigezogen. Im Smartphone-Segment setzt sich Apple mit dem iPhone an die Spitze.  …mehr

  • Xperia Mini und Xperia Mini Pro vorgestellt

    Mini-Smartphones mit Gigahertz-CPU

    Sony Ericsson hat zwei neue Mini-Modelle seiner Xperia-Reihe vorgestellt. Die Geräte tragen die Bezeichnung "Xperia Mini" und Xperia Mini Pro - nicht zu verwechseln mit den Vorgängern "Xperia X10 Mini" und "X10 Mini Pro".  …mehr

  • Mobile Lösungen für den Service

    KVD Spotlight Spezial

    Am 12. Mai treffen sich in Hanau Entscheider aus dem Service-Bereich mit Spezialisten zum Thema "Mobile Services".  …mehr

  • US-Start-up Uber macht Taxis Konkurrenz


    Das junge US-Start-up Uber wirbelt mit seiner App-basierten Geschäftsidee, zeitknappen Großstädtern auf Knopfdruck binnen Minuten einen Chauffeur zu organisieren, den Nahverkehr durcheinander. …mehr

  • Sophos schnappt sich Astaro


    Der britische Security-Spezialist Sophos kauft die Karlsruher Astaro, die auf Basis eines gehärteten Linux Lösungen für die Netzsicherheit anbietet. …mehr

  • Alcatel-Lucent weiter auf Erholungskurs


    Der französisch-amerikanische Telekomausrüster Alcatel-Lucent hat im ersten Quartal die Erholung fortgesetzt. …mehr

  • Auch Telecom Italia mit weniger Gewinn

    Schwacher Heimatmarkt

    Ein schwacher Heimatmarkt hat das Geschäft des italienischen Telekomkonzerns Telecom Italia im ersten Quartal belastet. …mehr

  • Monsterprojekt Datenintegration

    Interview zum Zensus 2011

    Die Volkszählung ist in puncto Datenschutz und -integration ein Großprojekt. Wie wichtig vorab die Datenprofilierung ist, erklärt Otto Neuer von Informatica unserer Schwesterpublikation CIO.  …mehr

  • Deutsche Telekom mit kräftigem Gewinnrückgang

    Erstes Quartal

    Die Deutsche Telekom hat im ersten Quartal einen kräftigen Gewinnrückgang verbucht. …mehr

  • "Gefällt-mir"-Button verstößt nicht gegen Wettbewerbsrecht


    Auch das Kammergericht Berlin hat jetzt entschieden, dass die verbreitete Verwendung des "Like"-Buttons von Facebook (auf Deutsch "Gefällt mir") keinen Verstoß gegen das Wettbewerbsrecht darstellt. …mehr

  • Motivation 3.0


    Unsere Gesellschaft braucht ein neues Betriebssystem, das Menschen so beschreibt, wie sie arbeiten wollen: eigenmotiviert, selbstbestimmt und miteinander verbunden.  …mehr

  • Geniale iPad-Tipps für Windows-Nutzer


    Das iPad ist eigentlich einfach zu bedienen. Allerdings funktioniert manches anders als bei Windows-Geräten. Wir zeigen, wie Sie Fallstricke vermeiden und Apples Tablet-PC in den Griff bekommen.  …mehr

  • Canon Pixma MX885 im Test


    Canon erweitert mit dem Pixma MX885 die Reihe an Multifunktionsgeräten, die fürs Heimbüro vorgesehen ist. Im Test entpuppte sich der Alleskönner als gut ausgestattet und flott.  …mehr

  • Sony XDR-S16DBP - Digitales DAB+/DAB-Radio im Retro-Design

    Gadget des Tages

    Sony bietet mit dem XDR-S16DBP neueste Technik im Gewand der 1980er. …mehr

  • Die günstigsten Server für KMUs

    Marktübersicht Mittelstand

    Skalierbare Server müssen nicht teuer sein. Wir präsentieren die günstigsten Server für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen. …mehr

  • Die besten Windows-Mobile-Apps

    Kleine Helfer spezial

    Mit diesen den Alltag und die Arbeit erleichternden Anwendungen wird Ihr Windows-Mobile-Smartphone noch vielseitiger. …mehr

  • Attackers Use Google Image Search to Distribute Malware

    Premium-Inhalt. Attackers are now using Google's image search to distributed malware, security experts say. Thousands of sites have reportedly been compromised by code injection--the malicious code redirects users to fake antivirus applications.

  • Oracle starts work on MySQL 5.6

    Premium-Inhalt. With work under way to build the next version of the MySQL relational database software, Oracle is focusing much of its efforts on improving the software's performance and replication capabilities, according to an Oracle executive overseeing the software's development.

  • Watson teaches 'big analytics'

    Premium-Inhalt. This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach.

  • Wacom Bamboo Stylus


  • Tablets Take Over as iPad Owners Ignore Their Laptops

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple CEO Steve Jobs may have been onto something when he said that "PCs are going to be like trucks," as some tablet owners are reportedly letting their PCs gather dust.

  • Turn Firefox Tabs 3D With FoxTab

    Premium-Inhalt. If you frequently use multiple tabs when you use , you'll want to immediately download (free), which offers a great set of tools for handling many open tabs. It makes it easy to find the tab you want fast, see what you have open at a glance, see closed tabs, and much more.

  • GFC causing the young to turn to cybercrime

    Premium-Inhalt. The GFC-induced economic slowdown in Europe is having a direct impact on the growth of cybercrime and other organised crime according to the European Union's law enforcement agency, Europol.

  • Samsung Replenish: A Smarter Green Phone

    Premium-Inhalt. Environmentally-friendly, "green" phones started popping up about two years ago, with the and the feature phones debuting in the summer of 2009. Initially, I thought it was a bit of a . But here we are in 2011, and the green phone has made a comeback in the form of the Samsung Replenish ($50 with a two-year contract with Sprint; price as of 5/5/2011). Running Android 2.2, the Replenish is one of the first eco-friendly smartphones. While you might feel like a better person for buying an eco-friendly phone, the Replenish is largely underwhelming.

  • Exclusive: LastPass CEO Explains Possible Hack

    Premium-Inhalt. The CEO of password management company LastPass says it's highly unlikely hackers gained access to his millions of users' data--but that he doesn't want to take any chances.

  • Brocade gives a reality check on IPv6

    Premium-Inhalt. The looming depletion of Internet addresses has split the networking world into "IPv4 diehards" and "IPv6 purists," but the real needs of businesses lie somewhere in between the views of these extremists, a Brocade Communications Systems executive said this week.

  • LG's Thin P430, P530 Laptops: Large Screens, Lightweight

    Premium-Inhalt. LG has recently introduced two new laptops with not just thin and lightweight bodies, but also slim LED LCD screens and display bezels.

  • Try to remember: Evernote vs. Springpad

    Premium-Inhalt. Sometimes it seems as though technology is making our lives more complicated, not less. There's a vast amount of information out there, much of which we seem determined to save. We collect it from the Web, from our scanners and via our smartphone cameras, and it can range from important data such as tax returns, family pictures and contracts to the photo you took of the wine that your friend served you last Thursday. Where do you put it all, and how do you find it again?

  • Index Engines extends e-discovery appliance to Data Domain

    Premium-Inhalt. Index Engines announced today that its data collection software has been integrated with 's Data Domain's de-duplication technology.

  • Smart Cover is good, but flawed in real-world use

    Premium-Inhalt. When I placed my order for the iPad 2, I don't know whether I was more excited for the device itself, or the that I ordered along with it. Apple's for the Smart Cover was positively drool-worthy. After nearly two months with my iPad 2 and its Smart Cover, though, I'm less convinced of the Smart Cover's awesomeness. I still like my Smart Cover, but I definitely don't love it.

  • Google, Samsung to Announce First Chrome System at I/O?

    Premium-Inhalt. I/O, , hits San Francisco next week, but don't expect any big Chrome OS announcements. Well, not technically, at least. Samsung and Google will be hosting an event as the conference is wrapping up on the evening of May 11th at a nearby location, reportedly to launch a new Chrome-powered netbook.

  • Laser Powered Cars? Well, Almost

    Premium-Inhalt. Spark plugs are terrible little devils. They don't work if it's too cold outside, they're inefficient, they can tear apart your engine, they can reduce gas mileage, and they're part of the emissions problem in modern cars. Luckily, a more efficient way to drive could be right around the corner: Researchers from Japan to replace traditional spark plugs with a laser-based alternative.

  • Drawing on the iPad: 12 touchscreen styluses

    Premium-Inhalt. Steve Jobs may hate the idea of using a stylus on his touchscreen devices, but the fact remains that some consumers simply prefer an intermediary accessory for interaction. Whether it's too cold outside for direct contact, you're worried about , or you need a sketching tool, sometimes a stylus can be a good thing. Accessory manufacturers seem to agree, having produced a plethora of styluses for Apple's iOS devices.

  • Rising data centre outsourcing costs 'inevitable'

    Premium-Inhalt. IT organisations looking to outsource their data centres or to co-locate key systems could face sharply rising prices over the coming year, according to industry experts at the Data Centres 2011 conference in Nice.

  • Remains of the Day: Dance like nobody's watching

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple sends one of its top men to speak before Congress, jumps almost twenty spots on the Fortune 500, and strikes a deal with another major publisher--all before noon. Guess ate their . The remainders for Friday, May 6, 2011 are part of this complete breakfast.

  • Google infringes copyright laws, Belgian court says

    Premium-Inhalt. Google infringes the copyrights of Belgian newspapers by placing links to and portions of their articles on Google News, the Belgian Court of Appeals has ruled.

  • FCC Urged to Investigate Broadband Caps

    Premium-Inhalt. More than half of U.S. subscribers' connections are limited by a data cap, and two digital- policy public interest groups in Washington DC are asking the to investigate the matter.

  • Skype to fix wormable bug in Mac software

    Premium-Inhalt. Skype plans to push out an important update to its Skype for Mac software next week that will fix a big that could be leveraged by hackers looking to build a self-copying worm program.

  • Autodesk upgrades SketchBook Pro for iPad

    Premium-Inhalt. Autodesk has launched version 2 of SketchBook Pro for iPad, the company's mobile drawing and painting app.

  • Share a Common Inbox With Shared Inbox for Gmail

    Premium-Inhalt. If your company or department uses a single address monitored by multiple people, here's an easy way to share it between an unlimited number of people while adding the ability to assign tasks to specific people so no work slips through the cracks. Shared Inbox for Gmail is a Google Apps Marketplace add-on from a company called RunMyProcess that installs on your domain in minutes and simplifies the job of tracking one inbox between multiple users.

  • Give Us More Dodd-Frank Breathing Room, CFOs Ask

    Premium-Inhalt. Even as the relevant government agencies extend their Dodd-Frank rulemaking time frames, and propose easing some of the requirements to be imposed upon them, CFOs and other end users of swaps and other derivatives are calling for more breathing room in implementation of the rules.

  • IT supplier industry to start tuning

    Premium-Inhalt. IT vendors are expected to enter a period of "tuning", according to Crawford Del Prete, executive vice president, worldwide research products and chief research officer, IDC.

  • Study: Critical infrastructure prone to cybersecurity attack

    Premium-Inhalt. A new report reveals that some of the world's most critical infrastructures are prone to cyber attacks. Yet, even with this perceived danger, these infrastructures remain unprotected.

  • Another PSN Attack Imminent?

    Premium-Inhalt. Sony's that they have "[begun] the final stages of internal testing of the new system, an important step towards restoring PlayStation Network and Qriocity services."

  • David Braben Creates $25 USB Stick PC

    Premium-Inhalt. Elite and Kinectimals developer David Braben is one of the more opinionated, outspoken people in the games industry. While his opinions may not always be the most popular, he at least has many years of experience to draw upon, and this gives him an air of authority which makes him worth at least listening to, even if you don't agree with him.

  • PaperPhone Bends, Flexes, Makes Gumby Jealous

    Premium-Inhalt. We're all familiar with touchscreen terms such as "swipe to unlock" and "pull down to refresh," but could the introduction of a paper-like smartphone have us soon being told to 'squeeze to take call'? Researchers at Canada's Queen's University of Ontario seem to think so.

  • BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5.1: New Enterprise Features

    Premium-Inhalt. Research In Motion (RIM) made a number of significant announcements last week, for both its consumer and enterprise customers, at the first annual BlackBerry World Conference in Orlando, Fla.--formerly known as the Wireless Enterprise Symposium (WES).

  • 5 Google Apps Features Guaranteed to Boost Productivity

    Premium-Inhalt. You're probably familiar with the basics of Google Apps--Gmail, Docs, Calendar and Spreadsheets. But built into these are a number of features designed to increase productivity and simplify workflow. From in Google Calendar to , there's a tool for nearly every need.

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