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Meldungen vom 05.05.2011

  • Handy-Werbung wird nur bei Belohnung akzeptiert


    Mehr als jeder zweite Handy-Nutzer in Deutschland empfindet Werbung als Belästigung - ist aber bei irgendeiner Form von Belohnung eher bereit, sie zu akzeptieren. …mehr

  • Forscher tüfteln an der Welterklärungs-Maschine

    "Living Earth Simulator"

    Visionär: Ein Computermodell, das künftige Folgen menschlicher Entscheidungen auf Umwelt, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft aufzeigt. …mehr

  • LTE kommt in der Großstadt an

    Mobiler Datenturbo

    Beim Kaffee am Potsdamer Platz ein HD-Video auf dem Smartphone anschauen - mit dem neuen Mobilfunkstandard LTE ist das kein Problem. …mehr

  • Netzriese Cisco will schlanker werden

    Straffere Organisation

    Erst vor drei Wochen hat der amerikanische IT-Konzern Cisco die Produktion seiner Flip-Kameras eingestellt, jetzt wird die Organisation weiter gestrafft. …mehr

  • Google Maps 5.4 für Android veröffentlicht

    Kartendienst mit neuen Funktionen

    Mit dem Update bietet der Kartendienst drei neue Funktionen, darunter die Möglichkeit, falsche Adressen zu melden und die Stichworte der Suche auf dem Handy an die Webhistory des PC weiterzuleiten. …mehr

  • Gauner knacken Packstationen der Post


    Kunden der Packstationen der Deutschen Post DHL sind Opfer von Internet-Gaunern geworden. …mehr

  • iPhone-Update behebt Fehler bei der Geodaten-Speicherung

    iOS 4.3.3

    Die Firmware iOS 4.3.3 behebt die Probleme mit dem Sammeln von Geodaten, die in den vergangenen Wochen für große Aufregung bei Datenschützern und Nutzern sorgten. …mehr

  • Sony vermutet Anonymous hinter Hacker-Angriff


    Nach dem riesigen Diebstahl von Kundendaten lenkt Sony den Verdacht auf die Hacker-Gruppe Anonymous. …mehr

  • Apple korrigiert Ortsdatenspeicherung

    iOS 4.3.3

    Apple hat gestern Abend das angekündigte Update für sein mobiles Betriebssystem "iOS" veröffentlicht.  …mehr

  • Mehr als jedes dritte neue Smartphone läuft mit Android


    Gut jedes dritte neue Smartphone läuft inzwischen mit dem Google-Betriebssystem Android. …mehr

  • Sieben Monate Bewährung für Handy-Entsperrer

    Amtsgericht Göttingen

    Wer ein teures Handy günstig kauft, zahlt dafür oft mit einem teuren Vertrag bei einem Provider. …mehr

  • Intel läutet ein neues Chip-Zeitalter ein

    22 Nanometer, 3D-Transistoren

    Seit Jahrzehnten dominiert Intel die Entwicklung der Halbleitertechnik - und das soll auch noch lange so bleiben. …mehr

  • Büro aus der Cloud

    Office 365 löst BPOS ab

    Mit Office 365 kann erstmals eine komplette Microsoft-Bürolösung im Abonnement aus der Cloud bezogen werden. Der Dienst für Selbstständige und Unternehmen kombiniert die vertrauten Microsoft-Office-Anwendungen mit webfähigen Server-Diensten. Unternehmensmitarbeiter arbeiten damit in vertrauter Umgebung von jedem Ort - und über fast jedes Endgerät.  …mehr

  • Facebook und Google wollen mit Skype anbandeln - mindestens


    Sowohl Facebook als auch Google interessieren sich dem Vernehmen nach für wenigstens ein Joint Venture mit dem Luxemburger Internettelefonie- und Video-Conferencing-Anbieter Skype.  …mehr

  • Fujitsu Lifebook S761/C und 771/C - Notebooks mit integriertem Projektor

    Gadget des Tages

    Fujitsus Lifebooks S761/C und P771/C verfügen ab Werk über integrierte Projektoren. …mehr

  • Standorte sicher per Remote Access verbinden

    Ratgeber - Sicher Vernetzen

    Unter dem Schlagwort Remote Access werden heute die unterschiedlichsten Vernetzungsverfahren zusammengefasst. Wir zeigen Ihnen die Unterschiede und sagen, was Sie in Sachen Sicherheit wissen sollten. …mehr

  • So führen Ihre Projekte zum Erfolg

    Unterstützer gewinnen

    Wer Projekte verantwortet, muss die Bedürfnisse und Erwartungen sämtlicher Anspruchsgruppen erkennen und richtig darauf reagieren. Jürgen Rohr gibt Tipps dazu.  …mehr

  • Jobsuche per App

    Mobile Recruiting

    Findet die Jobsuche künftig nur noch mobil statt? Die einen können es sich nicht vorstellen, andere wiederum reden schon vom Ende des klassischen Recruitings.  …mehr

  • As Firefox Revs Its Engines, a New Browser Is Planned

    Premium-Inhalt. Mozilla's Firefox 4 may be the browser's , but the project is already looking ahead with a new just-in-time (JIT) compiler for JavaScript that promises to outperform the software's current technology.

  • Five low- or no-cost iPhone image editors

    Premium-Inhalt. Because it takes such amazing pictures, the has become the pocket camera of choice for many users--myself included. The phone's built-in camera is easy to use and always handy. What's more, the App Store is loaded with a number of great third-party apps to help you make the most of your photos. And many of these filters will cost you very little--or nothing at all.

  • Intel's 3D transistor fuels tablet fight with ARM

    Premium-Inhalt. Intel's new 3D transistor technology should position the chip maker to grab hold of a piece of the burgeoning tablet market that it's been .

  • Samsung infuses AT&T with 4G smartphone

    Premium-Inhalt. AT&T Wireless and Samsung Mobile announced the thin and light Infuse 4G smartphone during a press event Thursday in New York.

  • Panel: The cloud requires fresh IT skills

    Premium-Inhalt. Due to incorrect information supplied by the conference, the name of Pitney Bowes' CIO, Greg Buoncontri, was misspelled in the story "Panel: The cloud requires fresh IT skills," published Thursday. His name appeared in the second, fifth, sixth and 12th paragraphs, which have all been corrected on the wire and now read, in order:

  • Anonymous blames former victims for devising Sony PlayStation Network breach

    Premium-Inhalt. Just as Sony with masterminding the , today Anonymous came up short of denying it infiltrated PlayStation Network but rather said others performed the attack with the intent of making Anonymous look bad.

  • How to suck face over the Internet

    Premium-Inhalt. Sufferers of long-distance relationships rejoice: A Japanese lab is working on a machine designed to let people smooch – and even French kiss – over the Internet.

  • Apple wins points for quickly squashing location tracking “bugs” with iOS 4.3.3

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple's quick response to – in the form of iOS 4.3.3 released Wednesday – is earning the company praise from mobile industry watchers.

  • Tougher Standards to Make Better Accountants

    Premium-Inhalt. The International Accounting Education Standards Board late last month , the International Education Standard for Assessment of Professional Competence. The IAESB develops education standards and guidance for use by member organizations of IFAC, the global organization for the accountancy profession. (The AICPA is an IFAC member.)

  • LastPass alerts users about potential master password breach

    Premium-Inhalt. LastPass, an online password management provider, is forcing its users to change their master passwords after detecting what it described as a "traffic anomaly" on one of its database servers.

  • S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring Tools

    Premium-Inhalt. This is going to be a short review. Not because the free and open-source aren't useful, but simply because they're, well, simple. Run from the command line, they tell you everything you need to know about your hard drive's health, i.e., the S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) info and you can even instruct them to initiate your drive's S.M.A.R.T. self-test.

  • Remains of the Day: Crouching Lion, hidden tethering

    Premium-Inhalt. Rumors about Apple's distribution methods for both Lion and future versions of iOS are flying like recriminations at a family reunion. Meanwhile, AT&T's got its eye on tethering abusers, and The Daily has lost some serious dough since its launch. The remainders for Thursday, May 5, 2011, however, are in the black.

  • Budgeting: Garbage In, Garbage Out (Part I)

    Premium-Inhalt. My CFOworld colleague Sandra Gittlen concerning the perils of Excel-based budgeting. Sandra could not have been more insightful about why our profession has stretched the boundaries of Excel far beyond what it was supposed to do. As someone who has earned a living with Excel for my entire career, though, I also contend that we must look at our own skills and business insights before pointing the finger solely at Excel or IT.

  • IFRS Convergence: 'Bring It On'

    Premium-Inhalt. Despite the aimed at blending International Financial Reporting Standards and U.S. GAAP, it's time for companies to start getting ready for a new financial reporting regime. At least, that's the conclusion of participants at this week.

  • Internet rakes in HK$96 billion to Hong Kong GDP

    Premium-Inhalt. The Internet rolled in HK$96 billion or 5.9 percent of GDP in Hong Kong in 2009, said Wednesday when releasing its report titled "The Connected Harbour: How the Internet is Transforming Hong Kong's Economy,"

  • Marvel Outdoes Sega with Free 16-Bit Thor Game

    Premium-Inhalt. While the upcoming Thor film will likely prove to be a solid early-summer blockbuster, the tie-in video games . But Marvel Studios, in a rare flash of brilliance, has one-upped the licensed PS3/Xbox 360/DS titles with their own game. And it's actually pretty good!

  • Game time!


  • Sony Shifts Blame Back to Anonymous for PSN Attack

    Premium-Inhalt. In a into the hack of the , Sony appears to have shifted the blame back to the hacktivist group Anonymous.

  • Nose Stylus Lets You Text in the Bathtub

    Premium-Inhalt. If you're anything like me, you've probably destroyed at least one phone while texting in the bath (I'm serious--it was an expensive Blackberry too!). But no longer will you have to risk destroying your phones when texting in the bath, because the is here!

  • Mozilla defies DHS, will not remove Mafiaa Fire add-on

    Premium-Inhalt. The open-source Mozilla project said Thursday it won't comply with a U.S. Department of Homeland Security request to remove a Firefox add-on that helps redirect Web traffic for sites that have been seized by the government.

  • IPSTAR joins NBN interim satellite talks

    Premium-Inhalt. Australian satellite operator IPSTAR is likely to become one of several sub-contractors to Optus under a deal to provide interim satellite services under the National Broadband Network (NBN).

  • Tablets Cutting into Laptop/Desktop Use, Nielsen Finds

    Premium-Inhalt. We are leaving our laptops and desktop computers scorned in favor of a new mistress: the tablet. So says --best known for its TV ratings--in new research on mobile connected devices.

  • Google-Skype Deal Could Create Communications Powerhouse

    Premium-Inhalt. A Reuters article suggests that both Facebook and Google are in the running for some sort of joint venture with consumer voice-over IP (VoIP) giant Skype. While the promise of reaching Facebook's millions of users must be compelling to Skype, a tie-up with Google could bear real fruit for both organizations, especially in the small business world.

  • Intel's 3D Transistor: Why It Matters

    Premium-Inhalt. Intel's are no small feat. Some are calling it that will allow Intel to continue to make chips that adhere to Moore's Law (i.e. the number of transistors that can be placed on a circuit will double every two years).

  • Robots Learn to Share and Help Each Other

    Premium-Inhalt. Robots have officially learned how to help each other--like animals and humans do--in a laboratory evolution experiment.

  • Cisco's 3 biggest weaknesses

    Premium-Inhalt. has stumbled, and has . This week's is the most recent change.

  • Will iPad 3 Go 3D?

    Premium-Inhalt. Like , there's always room for iPad rumors. And the latest gossip concerning Apple's mega-popular tablet is a doozy: the will feature a 3D display, although it's unclear if we're talking about one that won't require those clunky glasses.

  • Android Market Poised to Overtake App Store in August

    Premium-Inhalt. When it comes to apps, Android seems to be than Apple can roll. New research predicts the total number of apps in the will overtake Apple's in August 2011.

  • Colt rolls out modular data centre designs

    Premium-Inhalt. Data centre infrastructure provider Colt has launched a set of modular designs that it claims offer end users unprecedented flexibility in power density, size and Tier configurations.

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