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Meldungen vom 16.04.2011

  • NoteSync - der Notizzettel mit Google-Docs-Anschluss

    Kleine Helfer

    Mit NoteSync können Sie Ihre Notizzettel über Google Docs synchron halten. …mehr

  • Chlor sorgt für effizientere OLEDs

    Hohe Lichtausbeute

    Geht es nach Optoelektronik-Spezialisten der Universität Toronto, ist Chlor der Schlüssel zu besseren Flachbildschirmen und effizienterer Beleuchtung.  …mehr

    Von pte pte
  • Viele Firmen investieren ungezielt in IT

    Keine Nutzenanalyse

    Nur jedes zweite Unternehmen hat ein klares Verfahren zur Auswahl der IT-Investitionen. Die Auswirkungen von Investitionsprojekten auf andere IT-Maßnahmen werden selten ermittelt.  …mehr

  • Spezialcursor für die zielgenaue Mausnutzung

    Kostenlose Tools

    Zwei kostenlose Programme sollen helfen, die Treffgenauigkeit des Mauszeigers zu verbessern: einmal eine virtuelle Lupe, zum anderen eine automatische Bremse. …mehr

    Von pte pte
  • Europäische CIOs haben es schwerer

    Was gegen Cloud spricht

    Der strenge Datenschutz schreckt CIOs vor Infrastructure as a Service ab. Auch warten sie noch auf reifere Technik und Standards, wie eine Forrester-Studie herausfand.  …mehr

  • Die Grenzen der Virtualisierung

    Kosten, Management, Know-how

    Weniger Kosten, leichtere Verwaltung - die Server-Virtualsierung weckt viele Hoffnungen, doch nicht alle sind berechtigt.  …mehr

  • So setzen Sie Projekte in den Sand


    Das Projekt war eine Katastrophe! Manche Chefs sagen das gern, damit sie besser dastehen. Hier zehn sichere Wege, wie Projekte aus dem Ruder laufen. …mehr

    Von Jürgen Rohr
  • Camcorder-Auslaufmodell - was Händler beachten müssen

    Werbung ist wettbewerbswidrig

    Bei hochwertigen Produkten der Unterhaltungselektronik besteht eine Hinweispflicht des Verkäufers gegenüber potenziellen Käufern.  …mehr

  • Die besten kostenlosen Programme für Voice over IP

    Skype, Vyke, Sipgate

    Eine günstige Alternative zum Telefonieren übers Festnetz stellt Internet-Telefonie (VoIP) dar. Wir stellen die besten Tools dafür vor.  …mehr

  • IBM to provide Danone's new transaction network

    Premium-Inhalt. Global dairy producer Danone is working with to provide a secure trading network to support automated business transactions with customers, business partners and suppliers.

  • Supreme Court to hear Microsoft, i4i case Monday

    Premium-Inhalt. Patent attorneys and inventors of all types are closely watching a Microsoft case that the U.S. Supreme Court will start to consider on Monday.

  • T-Mobile G2X

    Premium-Inhalt. T-Mobile's latest entry in its G-series of Android phones and tablets, the G2X ($200 with a two-year contract from T-Mobile; price as of 4/15/11), is a multimedia beast with an NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor, HDMI-out and 4G speeds. It sounds good on paper, but how does it compare to the other dual-core, 4G phones out there?

  • Remains of the Day: I fought the law

    Premium-Inhalt. One app boldly goes...into copyright infringement territory, where many, many have gone before. And Apple's in-app purchase system is apparently the equivalent of child-proof caps: no problem for kids, but hard for adults to grasp. Elsewhere, it seems POTUS has gotten the short end of the technology stick. The remainders for Friday, April 15, 2011 want your vote!

  • Look Out for the 256GB Thumb Drive and the 128GB Tablet

    Premium-Inhalt. How much money would you be willing to pay for a 128GB thumb drive or a 512GB solid-state hard disk? What about paying half the amount that you would have to spend today? Intel and Micron Technology say the scenario should become a reality next year.

  • Best Buy Debuts Exclusive ‘Blue Label’ Laptops

    Premium-Inhalt. Best Buy introduced two new exclusive "Blue Label" laptops, based, the company says, on customer feedback and actual needs. The Sony Vaio VPCSC1AFM/S and Toshiba Satellite E305 are available for pre-order now with free shipping from , with not-so-inexpensive price tags: $950 and $900, respectfully. For just under a grand, though, you'll get some decent value -- these thin-and-light laptops feature second-generation Intel Core i5 processors and some premium specs often found on more expensive models.

  • Payroll software crucial to pension reforms

    Premium-Inhalt. The Pensions Regulator has released a that will help payroll software developers ensure their products address workplace pension reforms.

  • Telstra warns Queenslanders to beware of scammers

    Premium-Inhalt. As if floods, cyclones and a tourism industry in tatters weren’t enough, North Queenslanders are now having to fend off attacks of a different kind — from scammers.

  • WA IT Awards recognises carbon reducing technology

    Premium-Inhalt. Innovation in carbon reduction technology has been recognised at the Western Australian Information Technology and Telecommunications Awards (WAITTAs) this week, with Greensense taking home the award for best product.

  • Best Buy May Boost iPads This Weekend

    Premium-Inhalt. Looks like those rumors that Best Buy has been may turn out to be true. Engadget received what it thinks may be an from an anonymous tipster that says the iPad 2 will be the front-and-center of Sunday's ad.

  • Skype for Android Security Flaw: What You Need to Know

    Premium-Inhalt. A in Skype's Android app could allow malicious apps access to your personal data. Here's what you need to know about this flaw and how to protect yourself.

  • Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over In-App Purchases

    Premium-Inhalt. A father of two girls in Pennsylvania is taking Apple to court for allegedly banking millions of dollars on unauthorized in-app purchases.

  • Comcast Screws Up Blazing Extreme 105 Service

    Premium-Inhalt. Comcast recently introduced Extreme 105--its new 105mbps high-speed broadband service. It sounds awesome at face value, but Comcast managed to screw it up in not one, but two ways that make it a horrible deal.

  • Will the iPad be as Unbeatable as the iPod?

    Premium-Inhalt. When Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPad, many observers (including me) called it a big iPod Touch. We were talking about the similarities in design and functionality. But as time has gone on, I've started to think the iPad and the iPod may share another trait: Invincibility.

  • The Macalope Weekly: Terrible mistakes

    Premium-Inhalt. Macworld

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