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Meldungen vom 31.03.2011

  • Google will mehr Kontrolle über Android

    Fragmentierung verhindern

    Einem Pressebericht zufolge fährt Google in Sachen Android einen immer weniger offenen Kurs - mit dem Ziel, die Fragmentierung des mobilen Betriebssystems aufzuhalten.  …mehr

  • Paul Allen rechnet mit Bill Gates ab


    Die Männerfreundschaft der Microsoft-Gründer Bill Gates und Paul Allen gehört zu den Legenden der Computerindustrie.  …mehr

  • Gianfranco Lanci tritt im Streit zurück


    Der Computerhersteller Acer braucht einen neuen Chef. …mehr

  • Wikipedia sorgt sich um Schwund aktiver Nutzer

    Freie Enzyklopädie

    Dem Enzyklopädie-Projekt der Wikipedia laufen die aktiven Nutzer davon. …mehr

  • Astrid - Aufgabenplaner für Android

    Die App des Tages

    Die kostenlose To-Do-App "Android's Simple Task Recording Dashboard" (Astrid) von Todoroo kann vor allem mit ihren erweiterten Funktionen punkten.  …mehr

  • Media-Saturn treibt mit Übernahme Online-Geschäft voran


    Europas größter Elektronikhändler Media-Saturn sucht den Befreiungsschlag im Internetgeschäft: Die Metro-Tochter übernimmt den Online-Händler Redcoon. …mehr

  • Twitter-Mitbegründer Williams zieht sich zurück

    @ev auf neuen Wegen

    In der Führungsetage des Internet-Unternehmens Twitter geht das Stühlerücken weiter. …mehr

  • Karriere-Ratgeber 2011 - Ralica Yancheva, Conargus

    Jobperspektiven im Projekt-Management

    Vom 31. März bis 13. April 2011 beantwortet Ralica Yancheva Fragen zu Ihren beruflichen Perspektiven in der IT. Die Personalberaterin von Conargus in München ist auf die Besetzung von IT-Positionen spezialisiert.  …mehr

  • Microsoft reicht Kartellbeschwerde gegen Google ein

    Bei der EU-Kommission

    Bislang saß Microsoft in Kartellangelegenheiten immer auf der Anklagebank. Nun reicht der Konzern selbst seine erste Beschwerde ein - gegen Google.  …mehr

  • Googles Antwort auf Facebooks "Like"


    Google stemmt sich gegen den wachsenden Einfluss des Online-Netzwerks Facebook und will seine Suchergebnisse stärker auf den Freundeskreis eines Nutzers ausrichten. …mehr

  • VM-Namen unter VMware Server 2.0 schnell und problemlos ändern

    Tipp für VMware Server 2.0

    Der VMware Server 2.0 ist bei vielen Anwendern als Virtualisierungsplattform im Einsatz. Allerdings ist zum Beispiel das Ändern des VM-Namens mit Hilfe des Web-Interfaces nicht sehr nutzerfreundlich. Wir zeigen, wie es trotzdem schnell und komfortabel geht.  …mehr

  • Ausverkauf bei Windows Phone 7?

    Ungewollte Smartphone-Schnäppchen

    Mit Windows Phone 7 wollte Steve Ballmer die Vormachtstellung Apples im Mobilfunkmarkt brechen. Doch Microsofts Mobile-Strategie scheint zu floppen.  …mehr

  • CF-Kartenleser für iPad und iPad 2

    Gadget des Tages

    Mit dem Kartenleser von M.I.C können Sie Ihr iPad um eine Schnittstelle für CF-Karten sowie einen USB-Port erweitern. …mehr

  • Die Rolle des IT-Profis im Cloud-Zeitalter

    Cloud verändert Berufsbilder

    Beim Cloud Computing verlässt der IT-Verantwortliche die Komfortzone des eigenen Corporate Network. Welche Kompetenzen braucht er, um seine neuen Aufgaben zu bewältigen? …mehr

  • Streaming IP cameras to lift security at Perth CHOGM

    Premium-Inhalt. WA Police will make use of IP cameras connected by wireless to lift the security surrounding the leaders of some 70 countries and their entourages at the forthcoming 2011 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) meeting to be held in Perth.

  • Use Amazon Cloud Play

    Premium-Inhalt. Amazon.com recently introduced Cloud Player, an Internet-based service that allows you to store up to 5GB of music and access that music from a Web browser, Android device, and--if you know the trick--an iOS device. Here are the steps for using Cloud Play.

  • Boxcar notification service debuts on Mac

    Premium-Inhalt. There are some cases where urgent notifications are important, like a Twitter direct message, a new e-mail in your business inbox, or breaking news on a particular topic. Boxcar has been , and more recently, the Web--now the company wants too.

  • Bronx cobra a Twitter sssensation - and business opportunity

    Premium-Inhalt. An adventurous but deadly Egyptian cobra this week created an for a few businesses clever enough to take advantage of the Twitter sensation.

  • ABI: Android will be on almost half of smartphones by 2016

    Premium-Inhalt. According to figures released today by ABI Research, will be on 45% of shipped in the year 2016, as it will take up most of the market share vacated by the soon-to-be-defunct Symbian operating system. Although Android will come to be the dominant player in the smartphone market, this doesn't mean that others will necessarily see a big cut in their own market shares.

  • H-1B cap change sought by key U.S. Congressman

    Premium-Inhalt. A top Republican lawmaker, U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, today said the H-1B visa plays a "vital role" in the economy and thus its cap should be increased.

  • Check This IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Launch Trailer

    Premium-Inhalt. Fool that I am, I mistook the press emails pinging my inbox the past few months with the words "IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover" in the subject for another expansion to the IL-2: Sturmovik console game series.

  • One third cut in global spam volumes

    Premium-Inhalt. There has reported a one third decrease in global spam volumes, according to the latest MessageLabs Intelligence monthly report.

  • Remains of the Day: So sue me

    Premium-Inhalt. Amazon does an about face on licenses for cloud music, and we go three for three in matters legal, including an eye-rolling patent suit against Apple and a surprise antitrust complaint. The remainders for Thursday, March 31, 2011 demand a retrial.

  • Four New Features Coming to Ubuntu 11.04 'Natty Narwhal'

    Premium-Inhalt. The combination of Ubuntu 's growing popularity with all the big changes coming up in the next version mean that Natty Narwhal, or Ubuntu 11.04, might just be the most widely and anxiously anticipated release of the open source operating system ever.

  • Google adds new access, analysis to Web performance tool

    Premium-Inhalt. Google is upgrading on Thursday its tool for analyzing Web page performance, making it available directly via the Web and offering smartphone page analysis.

  • SA to turn ambulances into remote offices

    Premium-Inhalt. South Australian ambulances will be able to tap directly into emergency response and medical information systems via a high-speed mobile broadband network under a new project flagged by the state government.

  • GarageBand '11 adds support for iPad files

    Premium-Inhalt. When earlier this month, its laundry list of features included the ability to take projects you created on your iPad and open them in the desktop version of Apple's music-creation application. There was a catch, however: before that could happen, Apple needed to update to support that feature.

  • Twitter: Some UberSocial direct messages not private

    Premium-Inhalt. Twitter is warning users of the popular UberSocial Twitter-messaging software that direct messages they send may not be private.

  • Phishing attacks down dramatically in 2010, says IBM

    Premium-Inhalt. The volume of phishing attacks dropped in 2010 to less than a quarter of what was seen in the previous two years, according to IBM's annual research report on threats and risks. There was still plenty of spam, however.

  • Operation Phish Phry defendants found guilty

    Premium-Inhalt. Five members of the online bank-theft gang caught by an international investigation called face more than 30 years in prison in some case after being found guilty in federal court in Los Angeles.

  • WA Govt pours $39.2m into regional mobile comms

    Premium-Inhalt. The WA Government is to provide $39.2 million in first phase funding to encourage the private sector to build and maintain mobile communications services in regional and remote areas of the state.

  • GameStop Acquires Spawn Labs & Impulse

    Premium-Inhalt. On Thursday, GameStop, the world's largest video-game retailer, signaled that the company will not be left behind by the industry's move to digital distribution. GameStop announced the company had reached an agreement to purchase Impulse, Inc., a digital distribution platform provider, and has acquired Spawn Labs, a team of game streaming and virtualization experts. With the two moves, GameStop took steps toward achieving relevancy in a digital-distribution field that has long been dominated by services like Steam, Direct2Drive, and Apple's Mac and iTunes App Stores. The acquisitions suggest that GameStop is not only acknowledging the limitations of a store retailer market strategy but that there's still money to be made in the PC gaming market.

  • mSpot Music vs. Amazon's Cloud Player

    Premium-Inhalt. Media streaming is nothing new to Android users; we've been enjoying our music from the cloud for some time, thanks to the . Now, . Both apps allow you to sync your desktop music folder to the cloud, so with either one you can access your media library via the associated Website or mobile app. But how do the two services compare on mobile performance, features, and design/usability? We pitted mSpot Music and Amazon Cloud Drive against each other to see which one would come out on top.

  • Google +1 = Social Overload

    Premium-Inhalt. I'm not sure how to say this, but I'm starting to think I might be antisocial.

  • HTC Android Tablet: The Pen Makes It Special

    Premium-Inhalt. has posted a new for its upcoming , which will either be named the --its moniker in the video--or the smartphone-like when it arrives this summer.

  • Samsung, Visa to offer mobile payments at 2012 Olympics

    Premium-Inhalt. Samsung and Visa will roll out a mobile payments program in London in time for the Olympic Games next year, they said Thursday.

  • Dell details NoDo update for Dell Venue Pro

    Premium-Inhalt. Dell Thursday offered detailed instructions for adding the Windows Phone 7 "copy and paste" update to its star-crossed Dell Venue Pro smartphone.

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