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Meldungen vom 21.02.2011

  • Alibaba.com-Chef stolpert über Riesen-Betrug

    David Wei

    Ein gewaltiger Betrugsfall erschüttert die chinesische Handelsplattform Alibaba.com, den weltgrößten Marktplatz für Unternehmen. …mehr

  • Immer mehr Umsatz mit Musik aus dem Netz


    Musik aus dem Internet ist immer gefragter: Die Menschen in Deutschland haben sich im vergangenen Jahr Songs und Alben für 151 Millionen Euro aus dem Netz heruntergeladen. …mehr

  • Dell Deutschland bekommt eine Chefin

    Barbara Wittmann

    Barbara Wittmann ist ab sofort General Manager von Dell in Deutschland.  …mehr

  • CeBIT 2011 mit Ausstellerplus

    "Große Namen sind zurück"

    Nach mehreren durchwachsenen Jahren beschwören die Macher der CeBIT die Rückkehr zu alter Stärke.  …mehr

  • Deutsche Webvideopreise verliehen

    And the Winners are…

    Gestern wurden in Essen erstmalig die Deutschen Webvideopreise verliehen.  …mehr

  • Twitter sperrt populäre Clients zwischenzeitlich aus


    Über das Wochenende gab es ein bisschen Aufruhr im Twitterverse - Twitter hatte nämlich am Freitag einige populäre mobile Clients kurzerhand suspendiert.  …mehr

  • Samsung Galaxy S2 erscheint auch mit Tegra-2-Chipsatz

    Zwei Varianten

    Wegen der geringen Verfügbarkeit des hauseigenen Dualcore-Chips kommt das Samsung "Galaxy S2" auch mit dem Tegra-2-Chipsatz von Nvidia auf den Markt.  …mehr

  • Das nächste iPhone wird nicht kleiner - aber billiger


    Das iPhone Mini ist wohl doch nur ein frommer Wunsch - zumal die Produktion Apple kaum billiger käme. …mehr

  • ver.di ruft Telekom-Mitarbeiter zu Warnstreiks auf


    Die Gewerkschaft ver.di hat am Montag einen Teil der Beschäftigten der Deutschen Telekom in mehreren Bundesländern zu Warnstreiks aufgerufen. …mehr

  • Display-Rahmen als neues Bedienfeld bei iPhone & Co.


    Ein neues Patent von Apple könnte die Home-Taste bei den kommenden iPhone- und iPad-Modellen überflüssig machen.  …mehr

  • IMExchange - Exchange-Synchronisation für Fortgeschrittene

    Die App des Tages

    "IMExchange 2" von RERLSoft erlaubt es iPhone- und iPad-Nutzern, auch Notizen und Aufgaben mit ihrem Outlook-Konto zu synchronisieren.  …mehr

  • Neues Radiohead-Album löst "Internet-Tsunami" aus

    "King of Limbs"

    Keine Rockband beherrscht das Internet wie Radiohead. …mehr

  • Digitaler Polizeifunk in München vorübergehend abgeschaltet

    Funzt ned

    Zweieinhalb Monate nach dem Start des Probebetriebs ist der Digitalfunk bei der Münchner Polizei vorübergehend wieder abgeschaltet worden. …mehr

  • Intel baut Chip-Fabrik für über 5 Milliarden Dollar


    Der Halbleiterkonzern Intel baut für mehr als fünf Milliarden Dollar (3,7 Milliarden Euro) eine neue Chip-Fabrik in den Vereinigten Staaten. …mehr

  • Automatisierter SAP-Test spart Geld


    Nur wenige Unternehmen testen ihre SAP-Systeme konsequent und professionell. Automatisiertes Software-Testing garantiert aber ein hohes Maß an Sicherheit und Stabilität. …mehr

    Von Eric Jochum
  • SAP-Anwender fordern mehr Einfluss


    Die Anwender nehmen das SAP-Management beim Wort und pochen darauf, dass die Versprechen eingehalten werden. Es geht um weniger Komplexität, größere Transparenz und mehr Einfluss in der Produktentwicklung.  …mehr

  • Eine kleine BPM-Fibel


    Eine Übersicht über die wichtigsten Standards im Bereich Business-Process-Management (BPM) gibt Saperion.  …mehr

  • Die 5 Typen mobiler Mitarbeiter

    Ratschläge für Mobil-Strategie

    Dem einen Mitarbeiter will Forrester den Computer wegnehmen, dem anderen ein Tablet geben. Forrester gibt Ratschläge für den richtigen Umgang mit Tablet-PCs.  …mehr

    Von Kolja Kröger
  • Control your camera from your iPad

    Premium-Inhalt. If you're a serious iPad-toting, DSLR camera user looking to broaden your photographic horizons, OnOne Software's $50 app for the iPad could be valuable tool in your arsenal. The app--an iPad-optimized version of OnOne's existing --works in conjunction with your WiFi-enabled computer and compatible Nikon or Canon DSLR camera to let you instantly adjust your camera's settings, fire the shutter, review images, get a live viewfinder preview, and record video from the cozy confines of your iPad.

  • Lexmark, AccuWeather offer printer-based weather app

    Premium-Inhalt. In a world drowning in information, weather forecasts might be among the most ubiquitous content out there. TV and radio stations offer frequent updates--particularly during drive time--and sites like are easy enough to check on your computer or iPhone. But and are betting there's one more place you need to check the seven-day outlook--the humble office printer.

  • Become Batman's Latest Protégé

    Premium-Inhalt. ($50 plus $15/month subscription fee) is not like other massively-multiplayer online games, even the superhero ones like or Champions Online. In fact, it owes quite a bit more to three-dimensional beat-em-up games with powers, like Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Crackdown, InFamous and Prototype. This is a good thing, as instead of hitting a key and watching as your attack happens, you're actively participating in the battle.

  • Twitter no longer grounding UberSocial, twidroyd apps

    Premium-Inhalt. Twitter said on Sunday that it has freed 's UberSocial (previously UberTwitter) and twidroyd apps from exile after was a breach of its terms of service. 

  • Seek and Employ: Gamer jobs open at Taiwan Game Show

    Premium-Inhalt. Over a dozen companies banded together with an online job service in Taipei over the weekend to seek people for the island's computer and online game industries. Some of the jobs even pay gamers to play full-time.

  • iPad could get Intel's superfast Light Peak connector

    Premium-Inhalt. A news story is fueling speculation that Apple may be about to introduce a multi-gigabit peripherals connection, possibly for a future iPad or even for an expected refresh of its notebook line later this month.

  • Firefly Kenya offers insight, impact of social media

    Premium-Inhalt. Firefly Kenya, a new unit of Millward Brown East Africa, has offered an insight of how Kenyans have experienced a fundamental shift in how they communicate. Through social media, Kenyans have contributed to the massive global conversation.

  • Avaya redefines communications in Kenya

    Premium-Inhalt. Over 70 percent of the largest global banks use Avaya communication systems. The company bridges current communication and collaboration tools with the old with a distinctive and quick to user interface. By embracing forces of change, Avaya Flare Desktop Video Device enables easy access to desktop voice, video, the social media, instant messaging, Web conferencing and a consolidated view of multiple directories.

  • Mega motion-gaming match-up

    Premium-Inhalt. When the Nintendo Wii was first announced at E3 in 2005, I, like many gamers, wrote it off as a gimmick. After all, part of being a gamer was being a slob on the couch, eating the Official Food of Gaming (pizza) and drinking the Official Drink of Gaming (Mountain Dew). Getting up on your feet and moving was unthinkable. But since then, Nintendo has gone on to sell nearly 76 million Wii consoles worldwide. Boy, was I wrong...

  • HootSuite Manages Your Social Networks

    Premium-Inhalt. The average, everyday Twitter or Facebook user likely won't have much need for , a Web-based social media management application. But power users--especially those who rely on and manage multiple Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for their business--may find this tool indispensible. HootSuite is available in two versions: a free (but ad-supported) plan that allows access to five social networks and two RSS/Atom feeds, or a $6-per-month unlimited plan that allows access for one extra team member. (Additional team members can be added starting at $15 per month.) The cloud-based service runs on any Web browser, and the company offers mobile apps for the iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry platforms.

  • MindNode for iPhone and iPad


  • Huawei to bring mobile network to the Tube?

    Premium-Inhalt. Chinese firm is bidding to provide £50m worth of telecommunications equipment to the UK to create a mobile network in the Tube.

  • Financial services IT contractor jobs drop 79 percent

    Premium-Inhalt. The number of job offers made to IT contractors in the financial services industry fell by 79 percent in January, according to Powerchex.

  • The UKFCUG meets this week

    Premium-Inhalt. The UK Final Cut User Group, formed in 2003, will meet this week for the first time in 5 years.

  • Public sector workers lack 'skills for private sector'

    Premium-Inhalt. Nearly a third of private sector businesses would not consider employing ex-public sector workers, according to a survey

  • Avast Antivirus 6.0 combats Trojans with virtualisation

    Premium-Inhalt. Czech security company is adding virtualised security to the forthcoming version of its paid antivirus software in an attempt to woo consumers worried about attacks on online banking by Trojans such as Zeus/SpyEye.

  • California School District Battles Truancy with GPS

    Premium-Inhalt. Students with a tendency towards truancy in California's Anaheim Union High School District are being assigned GPS units to make sure they're going to school on time, according to . The GPS units are the size of a (chunky) cellphone and are developed by Dallas-based , which operates in more than 100 middle and high schools in three states.

  • Honeycomb Ported to Nexus One, Sadly Can't Make Calls

    Premium-Inhalt. Until now, Google's upcoming Android OS software Honeycomb has been reserved for just tablet devices. Also, other than a , there have been quite minimal hacks to attempt to get the OS running on other platforms. One XDA Developer accepted the challenge of trying to get Honeycomb working on a smartphone and he has succeeded to some extent — behold the Nexus One running Android 3.0! Though don't rejoice just yet.

  • EgretList for iPhone

    Premium-Inhalt. Although productivity apps and to-do list managers seem to be the new trend, EgretList from looks to put its own spin on the typical world of to-dos by basing its backbone on the Evernote platform.

  • Glass ceiling for female managers still exists, says report

    Premium-Inhalt. Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of female managers believe that there is still a glass ceiling, according to new research from the Institute of Leadership & Management (IL&M).

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