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Meldungen vom 16.02.2011

  • Mobilfunkmesse ganz im Zeichen von Android

    Mobile World Congress

    Die weltgrößte Mobilfunk-Messe hätte in diesem Jahr ebensogut Mobile Android Congress heißen können. …mehr

  • Google führt Bezahlsystem für Zeitungen im Internet ein

    "One Pass"

    Auf der Suche nach tragfähigen Geschäftsmodellen für Medien im Internet führt Google ein neues System zur Abwicklung von Online-Zahlungen ein. …mehr

  • Neue Funktionen in Stepmap


    Das Berliner Karten-Start-up Stepmap hat weitere interessante Neuerungen umgesetzt.  …mehr

  • E-Plus setzt beim LTE-Ausbau auf ZTE

    Mobile World Congress

    Beim Aufbau eines breitbandigen Mobilfunknetzes der 4. Generation setzt E-Plus auf Technik vom chinesischen Anbieter ZTE.  …mehr

  • CTO Kozel will Telekom innovativer machen

    Mobile World Congress

    Technikvorstand Edward Kozel will die Deutsche Telekom in ein Innovationsunternehmen verwandeln. …mehr

  • Vodafone steigt ins Internet-Fernsehen ein


    Nach der Deutschen Telekom und Telefonica ist Vodafone jetzt der dritte Telekommunikationsanbieter mit einem eigenen Angebot fürs Internet-Fernsehen. …mehr

  • Powermat schafft das Handy-Ladegerät ab

    Mobile World Congress

    Während die EU-Kommission noch das Universal-Ladegerät für Handys fordert, ist das US-israelische Unternehmen Powermat bereits einen Schritt weiter: Es schafft das Ladegerät komplett ab.  …mehr

  • Next Generation Networking im Rechenzentrum


    Alle Welt spricht von der Datenautobahn. Rechenzentrumsnetze transportieren Daten für die unterschiedlichsten Anwendungen - von Client/Server, Web-Services bis hin zu Unified Communications - und dies immer häufiger auf virtuellen Maschinen in Server-Clustern, gekoppelt via Ethernet, um gemeinsam genutzte Speicher-Pools aufzubauen.  …mehr

  • Business-Frauen vernetzen sich mit Lotus in der Cloud


    Der Bundesverband der Frau in Business und Management e.V. (B.F.B.M.) nutzt für die Online-Zusammenarbeit und Vernetzung die integrierten Services für Social Networking und Collaboration von IBM "LotusLive Engage".  …mehr

  • Googles Tür für Nokia bleibt offen

    Mobile World Congress

    Google gibt offenbar die Hoffnung nicht auf, Nokia für sein Smartphone-Betriebssystem Android zu gewinnen. …mehr

  • Apple will 30 Prozent vom Zeitungsabo auf dem iPad


    Apple will bei Zeitungsabos auf dem iPad 30 Prozent für sich behalten. …mehr

  • Google-Chef Eric Schmidt liebt Deutschland

    Forschungsinstitut in Berlin

    Google will in Berlin ein wissenschaftliches Institut aufbauen, das die Zukunft des Internets erforscht. …mehr

  • Dell profitiert vom Geschäft mit Firmenkunden

    Erwartungen übertroffen

    Der ideale Kunde des Computerherstellers Dell bestellt nicht nur Hardware, sondern auch gleich IT-Services. …mehr

  • Gekündigt - und nun? Drei Tipps zum Neustart

    Alternativen für IT-Manager

    Nicht nur Absolventen wollen einen Job, auch gestandene Manager suchen Alternativen nach dem (unfreiwilligen) Ausscheiden aus der Firma.  …mehr

  • Mit "Sauklaue" unterschrieben - Vertrag unwirksam

    Arbeitgeber muss sorgfältig signieren

    Eine Befristungsabrede zu einem Arbeitsvertrag ist unwirksam, wenn die Unterschrift des Arbeitgebers unleserlich ist.  …mehr

  • LG W2363D

    TFT-Display mit 3D-Funktion im Test

    Der LG W2363D ist ein 23-Zoll-TFT-Display mit LED-Hintergrundbeleuchtung und Full-HD-Auflösung. Er lässt sich auch als 3D-Bildschirm für Spiele nutzen.  …mehr

    Von Bernd Weeser-Krell
  • Sourcing-Marktplätze nutzen

    5 Tipps zum E-Procurement

    Der Einkauf im Internet hilft sparen. Lesen Sie hier, was beim Electronic Sourcing auf Web-Plattformen zu beachten ist.  …mehr

  • Citrix Receiver - Virtueller Desktop-Zugriff für Smartphone und Tablet

    Die App des Tages

    Mit der kostenlosen App "Citrix Receiver" sich virtuelle Desktops, Windows-, Web- und SaaS-Applikationen und IT-Services auf iPhones, BlackBerrys, Android- und Windows Mobile-Endgeräten nutzen.  …mehr

  • iTwin Pairs Two PCs Together

    Premium-Inhalt. The is a unique networking and peer-to-peer file-sharing gadget from the company of the same name. Out of the box, it looks like nothing so much as a USB flash drive with a connector on each end. It's not. Upon closer scrutiny, you'll find that the iTwin ($99, price as of 2/7/2011) separates into two units. The two halves, each one plugged into a different PC, form a network connection that allows you to securely share files using hardware-based 256-bit AES encryption.

  • iPad Productivity Tools: 3 Must-Haves

    Premium-Inhalt. More and more traveling executives are leaving their laptops behind in favor of the iPad. They're writing documents, crunching numbers, and sharing files. Can you really ? Here is my three-part game plan for success:

  • Get This: Accounting Firms Are Backing More Regulation

    Premium-Inhalt. It's not often that businesses actually express a desire for more regulation. However, a quartet of global accounting firms recently did just that. BDO, Grant Thornton, Mazars and RSM International issued a joint statement last week, telling the European Commission that they all "strongly support the view that there is an urgent need for an integrated programme of reforms and a necessity for regulatory action." was in advance of a conference by the European Commission: Financial Reporting and Auditing -- A Time for Change?

  • ZTE aims to sell first smartphone in the U.S. this year

    Premium-Inhalt. Chinese handset manufacturer ZTE plans to launch its first smartphone in the U.S. this year, a move that follows the company's latest success in securing a bigger hold of the mobile phone market.

  • Apple Hacks Hackers: iBooks Shuts Down With Greenpois0n

    Premium-Inhalt. If you were watching the news scene regarding Apple jailbreaking, you probably noticed some consternation from people that ran the latest . It seems that it's causing a DRM check on e-books, causing the iBooks app to refuse to read purchased, DRM-protected content. While this is being criticized as an attack on the jailbreak community, it being a legitimate defense against piracy of copyrighted content.

  • Remains of the Day: Subscription dance

    Premium-Inhalt. Look, there, up in the air: it's a bird, it's a plane, it's...well, it's me on a plane. Yes, this installment comes to you from high above the state of Michigan--such is the state of technology today. But think how much " amazing it will be when MacBooks have 3G, iOS apps have subscriptions, and AT&T admits that the Verizon iPhone is A Good Thing. Actually, if the remainders for Tuesday, February 15, 2011 are any indication, you might not have to wait very long at all.

  • Logitech to stream video to iPads, iPhones

    Premium-Inhalt. In a move that underscores the importance of both mobile devices and video in staying connected within enterprises, Logitech is extending its LifeSize video streaming system to iPads, iPhones and iPods.

  • Dell results boosted by enterprise sales

    Premium-Inhalt. Dell on Tuesday reported a 177 percent year-over-year increase in net income for its fourth fiscal quarter of 2011, driven by growth in enterprise server and PC sales.

  • Flagfox Shows the Location of the Site You're Visiting

    Premium-Inhalt. Criminals have gotten pretty good at making fake Web sites (for PayPal, eBay, Facebook, etc.) look like the real thing. But what they can't fake quite as easily is the location of the Web server that's hosting their fraudulent site. You might be looking at a perfect replica of, say, Bank of America, but if the site is hosted in Uzbekistan, it's a good bet you shouldn't input your password.

  • Savvy Windows Tips: Screenshots, Quick Launch, Printer Names

    Premium-Inhalt. I just keep running across more cool Windows tips. Rather than limit myself to last week's collection (read "" if you missed it), I've decided to just keep going. So read on for more tips that'll make you a savvy Windows user.

  • Lure of iPad subscriptions may outweigh pain for publishers

    Premium-Inhalt. There may not be a ton of enthusiasm in the publishing world for --particularly when it comes to giving Cupertino a 30 percent slice of the pie. But the iPad juggernaut may be too big for many publishers to risk pushing back.

  • Avoid Smartphone and Wi-Fi 'Gotchas' with Skype Hotspots

    Premium-Inhalt. Voice and Internet communications while traveling are fraught with "gotchas" as road warriors try to wade through the minefield of price structures from cell phone carriers and Wi-Fi hotspot providers.

  • Debit Comments, Part 1 - Routing Rules

    Premium-Inhalt. With the deadline for comments on its debit interchange rules just under a week away (Feb. 22), the Fed has already received over 530 submissions and I'm sure many more are on their way. While many are not that insightful, being variations of "what were you thinking?", several bring up points on which I have not seen much discussion. Over the next several days, I will be highlighting the most interesting and/or useful comments, and speculating on what effect they might have on the final regulations. The complete archive can be found , but I will also be linking to the individual documents as I go. The text of the Dodd-Frank law can be found at the bottom of this post.

  • CSIRO to replace Altix supercomputer

    Premium-Inhalt. CSIRO's Advanced Scientific Computing (ASC) division is to replace its SGI Altix supercomputer in an effort to increase the software compatibility of its high performance computing.

  • Tru launches 'global' mobile phone service

    Premium-Inhalt. Mobile telecommunications service provider Tru states that it can offer mobile phone global roaming rates that are significantly lower than competitors. The company claims savings of over 75 per cent on call rates when overseas in the US and UK, and data usage fees that are up to 99 per cent cheaper than the roaming rates of Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and 3.

  • Dell Streak PR Stunt Goes Awry, Leads to Arrests

    Premium-Inhalt. Marauding biker gang attacks Dell's offices!

  • Verizon iPhone 4 Sales Underwhelm, Report Says

    Premium-Inhalt. Consumer demand for a may be less enthusiastic than first expected. Tech blog is reporting that first-week iPhone 4 sales didn't meet the expectations of Apple and Verizon Wireless.

  • CopyPaste 3 adds clipboard history search

    Premium-Inhalt. Copying and pasting are two of the greatest additions to the modern computer, right alongside the mouse, the keyboard, and the non-spill coffee mug. But for cases when they're just not capable , Plum Amazing's takes copy and paste even further. And with the app's update to version 3.0, there are a few new features and an updated interface in the mix.

  • Hack Your PS3, Forfeit PlayStation Network Access

    Premium-Inhalt. Circumvent Sony's PlayStation 3 security algorithms or run unauthorized software on your PS3 and Sony says it'll sever your access to its PlayStation Network for good. That's Sony's not-really-surprising official position on unsanctioned PS3-fiddling, just announced .

  • Learn from JCPenney and Do SEO the Right Way

    Premium-Inhalt. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a powerful way for businesses to draw traffic to their Web sites and--they hope--increase sales along the way. Today, in fact, you might even say it's a foolish company that doesn't use , because its competitors most certainly do.

  • Gmail Tips and Tricks for the Power User

    Premium-Inhalt. Google's Gmail service has a lot to offer its 193 million users: , add-ons, customization features and easy integration with mobile devices make it one of the most popular e-mail clients. The latest updates and features Google has rolled out beef up account security, streamline group e-mails, relax the obsessive e-mail checker and bring new features to mobile Gmail. Take a look at our tips and tricks below.

  • Windows Phone 7 Connector exits beta, enters Mac App Store

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft has come to play, releasing the full version of . The software, which allows you to sync your Windows Phone 7, er, phone with your Mac is finally out of beta and available as a free download--and, in an interesting twist, it's only available from the Mac App Store.

  • ViewSonic ViewPad 7

    Premium-Inhalt. The ViewPad 7 marks the ViewSonic's first foray into the tablet arena. The device packs a fair number of features into its squared-off 7-inch frame--most notably the ability to handle 3G data and the ability to double as a phone (if you pay for a voice plan and insert a SIM card into the slot). Unfortunately, the ViewPad 7 disappoints in other respects, including display quality, button navigation, and battery life. And you'll pay dearly for the contract-free flexibility of the ViewPad, which is priced at $430 as of January 31, 2011.

  • Tablets to be supercharged by quad-core chips

    Premium-Inhalt. The fourth paragraph in the story, "Tablets to be supercharged by quad-core chips," posted to the wire on Wednesday, has been updated to clarify the battery life of devices powered by Nvidia's Kal-El chip. Devices based on the chip will run for up to 12 hours on a single battery charge while playing 1440p video.

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