Meldungen vom 30.01.2011

  • Was Manager im Winter lesen

    Bestseller im Januar 2011

    Klassische Themen wie Führung und Präsentation gehen immer. Doch aktuelle Bücher zur Wirtschaftskrise und von Peer Steinbrück dominieren die Bestsellerliste von im Januar.  …mehr

  • Der beste DVB-S-Empfänger

    Digitales Satellitenfernsehen am PC

    Aktuelle DVB-S-Empfänger für den PC bringen neben den herkömmlichen SD-Sendern auch HDTV auf den Bildschirm. Lesen Sie, welche Empfänger im Test punkten konnten. …mehr

    Von Bernd Weeser-Krell
  • Anti-Diebstahlprogramm für Smartphones

    Die App des Tages

    "Theft Aware" von ITAgents hilft, bereits gestohlene Android- und Symbian-Smartphones zurückzubekommen.  …mehr

  • Samsung WB5500


    Nach zahlreichen Kompaktkameras und Modellen aus dem DSLR- und Systemkamerabereich bringt Samsung mit der WB5500 mal wieder eine Bridge-Kamera. Lesen Sie den Test. …mehr

    Von Verena Ottmann
  • Mehr Tempo für 0 Euro


    Mehr PC-Leistung – auch ohne neuen Rechner! Mit unseren ausgewählten Gratis-Tools reizen Sie Prozessor und Grafikkarte erst richtig aus.  …mehr

    Von Miachael Schmelzle und Verena Ottmann
  • Die 5 dreistesten Apple-Tricks

    Fieses Marketing

    Apple ist Kult, doch es gibt auch gute Gründe um Apple zu hassen. Und das nicht erst seit dem Antennen-Desaster des iPhone 4. Wir zeigen 5 Beispiele dafür, wie Apple Kunden dreist an sich bindet und erklären, warum Apple-Kunden nichts dagegen tun können.  …mehr

  • 'Angry Birds Rio' Release Teams With Hollywood

    Take cover -- a few well-known, dive-bombing birds will soon  …mehr

  • Office 2010 sales power record Microsoft quarter

    Sales of Office 2010 -- especially to consumers -- fueled Microsoft's record quarter, the company and analysts said last week.  …mehr

  • Expo Notes: OmniOutliner coming to iPad

    Exactly a year ago, Omni Group CEO Ken Case boldly announced to the iPad. Three of those apps made it to the platform in 2010, and now the next one is on the way: OmniOutliner. The organizational tool has seemed like a natural fit for the iPad since day one, and now there’s tangible evidence that it’s on the way.  …mehr

  • Expo Notes: How developers feel about Mac App Store

    The Mac App Store may already feel like an old friend, but in fact, it’s only been around a scant three weeks. That’s still enough time for various Mac software developers around the Macworld 2011 conference floor to form some firm opinions about the store and its impact on their business.  …mehr

  • ShmooCon 2011: The MacGyver approach

    On the surface, saying there's no way to achieve perfect IT security seems like a downer. After all, aren't we all supposed to be striving for perfection?  …mehr

  • Expo Notes: Aquafadas digital comics authoring tool coming

    , the developers of BannerZest and PulpMotion, has announced that it will soon release Comic Composer, the application used by its to create digital comics. This authoring tool will be available for authors and publishers of digital strips.  …mehr

  • Expo Notes: buys old iPhones, Macs

    There’s a lot of buzz about the new iPhone and iPad. You could offset the cost of a new device by selling your old one to . The company was at Macworld Expo to showcase their services.  …mehr

  • The Macalope Weekly: FUD. It's what's for dinner

    Macworld  …mehr

  • Expo Notes: Up close with Seagate's Mac-geared GoFlex drives

    is known for top-notch external storage, and in Booth No. 308 at Macworld 2011, the company is showcasing a new line of GoFlex hard drives geared specifically toward Mac users.  …mehr

  • China microblogs block Chinese word for 'Egypt'

    China's microblogs have blocked searches for the word "Egypt," a sign that the Chinese government is trying to limit public knowledge of the political unrest occurring in the Middle East.  …mehr

  • Cool audio products at Macworld 2011

    My colleague James Galbraith took a look at some of the . But I also have a few products during my showfloor rambles that will interest Mac-using musicians.  …mehr

  • Expo Notes: Dolly Drive marries Time Machine to the cloud

    Cirrus Thinking is a developer who released on Wednesday at Macworld Expo. When you use the Dolly Drive software, it shows cloud storage provided by the developer as available drives in Time Machine. When it’s time for Time Machine to run, encrypted files are saved to the cloud.  …mehr

  • ShmooCon 2011: Your Android's dirty little secret

    Presenters at the ShmooCon security conference have spent much in the last couple years, and several attendees this year say it's a topic of major importance to them.  …mehr

  • All hail the Zuck: Facebook CEO Zuckerberg appears on SNL

    Mark Zuckerberg, the ubiquitous CEO of Facebook, made a cameo appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend alongside two actors who portray him.  …mehr

  • Expo: Big changes promised in Avio fitness app

    The next version of Abvio’s family of iOS fitness apps not only provides runners, cyclers, and walkers a new method of comparing their workout times to their friends’, it also gives them an avenue to find more friends with which to connect.  …mehr

  • Expo Notes: App makers bring a touch of Bavaria to show

    Want to stand out on the show floor at Macworld Expo. Try sporting lederhosen. It certainly worked for the representatives of who brought a taste of Oktoberfest to San Francisco in January to promote the app maker’s iOS efforts.  …mehr

  • iPad cases at Macworld Expo

    You couldn’t get very far on the Macworld 2011 show floor without running into an exhibitor promoting a protective case for Apple’s iPad. But some cases stood out from the crowd.  …mehr

  • BI, value creation key for CIOs: Gartner

    Increasing enterprise growth, reducing costs and attracting new customers are the three areas CIOs are focusing their attention on in 2011, according to the latest research from Gartner.  …mehr

  • Dell Venue Pro: Beautiful Display, OK Keyboard

    Microsoft seemed ready to take over the mobile world with the launch of , but so far we've seen only a handful of phones. The ($100 with a two-year contract from T-Mobile) is an affordable yet powerful WP7 offering. It isn't the most attractive phone on the market, but if you've been dying to give WP7 a spin without breaking the bank, it is a good option.  …mehr

  • Severn Trent gets help to manage Oracle contract

    Severn Trent Water says it has tackled the "complicated process" of its Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) renewal and ongoing compliance and software asset management issues using an outside consultancy.  …mehr

  • Expo Notes: Mikey for Flip debuts

    Blue Microphones demoed the new , an external condenser Mic specially designed for Flip camcorders.  …mehr

  • Expo Notes: Hands on with the Fling Game Controller for iPad

    Every iOS gamer wants to experience arcade-style action on the iPad. But with certain games—including any that require a virtual joystick—the iPad’s shortcomings as a gaming device have been exposed. Without the ability to use a conventional joystick, gaming genres that require exact movement and tacticle responses don’t always fare well on Apple’s tablet. Without the physical feel of a joystick, it’s easy to let your thumbs wander and accidentally slip off the virtual buttons. Fighting games, first-person shooters, and even many adventure titles have often translated poorly to the iPad due to their reliance on joystick movement rather than touch and gesture controls.  …mehr

  • Expo Notes: Why CES, Macworld can coexist

    During our time at , senior editor Dan Frakes and I asked many of the vendors we met with if they were going to be attending Macworld Expo as well. Some said yes, but quite a few others said they wouldn’t be making the journey. Of course, there are some valid reasons for not exhibiting at both events—travel/tradeshow budget constraints being one of them—but there are just as many reasons to say yes.  …mehr

  • Merck moves to improve system security and compliance

    Pharmaceutical and chemical giant Merck is improving compliance and simplifying security with new systems from CA Technologies.  …mehr

  • Microsoft shifts some work out of Egypt

    The Think Tank Cafe in the Smart Villages hi-tech park in Cairo. (Image: Smart Villages) WASHINGTON -- Egypt has been aggressively attracting tech companies to its wired office parks to help create jobs for its young, educated and often English-speaking workforce. But by last week in the wake of civil unrest, Egypt's government demonstrated just how quickly it can unwind its hi-tech goals.  …mehr

  • Expo Notes: Making music at Expo 2011

    Mac music makers who hit the show floor at this year’s Macworld conference haven’t come away disappointed. Companies large and small dotted the Macworld 2011 show floor this week, ready to help you rock.  …mehr

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