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Meldungen vom 28.01.2011

  • OpenOffice.org und LibreOffice in Version 3.3

    Freie Büropakete

    Das nach der Übernahme von Sun durch Oracle kontrollierte Open-Source-Projekt OpenOffice.org hat nach etlichen Release Candidates heute die Version 3.3.0 des gleichnamigen Büropakets veröffentlicht.  …mehr

  • sipgate one - eigentlich eine gute Idee

    Nur noch eine Rufnummer

    Auf den ersten Blick sieht der neue Dienst sipgate one aus wie eine deutsche Alternative zu Google Voice.  …mehr

  • RIM plant Curve mit Touchscreen

    Blackberry Malibu

    Der kanadische Hersteller Research In Motion (RIM) plant ersten Gerüchten zufolge, seine Curve-Serie um ein Touchscreen-Smartphone zu ergänzen.  …mehr

  • Samsung schließt Rekordjahr ab

    Preisdruck soll 2011 steigen

    Für den südkoreanischen Technologiekonzern Samsung Electronics lief es im vergangenen Jahr so gut wie noch nie. …mehr

  • Erster Film aus YouTube-Nutzervideos feiert Premiere beim Sundance

    "Life in a Day"

    Der erste Film, der komplett aus Beiträgen von Nutzern der Videoplattform YouTube besteht, hat in der Nacht zum Freitag Premiere gefeiert. …mehr

  • LinkedIn beantragt Börsengang


    Jetzt ist es offiziell: Das weltgrößte berufliche Online-Netzwerk LinkedIn strebt an die Börse. …mehr

  • Börsianer bestrafen Amazon.com für hohe Kosten

    Trotz Rekordumsatz

    Gut ist den Börsianern oft nicht gut genug. …mehr

  • Warum Anwender Software mieten

    ERP as a Service

    Sicherheit, Datenschutz, individuelle Prozesse - wie lässt sich das mit ERP zur Miete gewährleisten? Fünf Anwender klären auf. …mehr

  • Vom Handwerker zum IT-Architekten

    Industrielle Revolution in der Softwareentwicklung

    Die ingenieurmäßige Softwareentwicklung wird die Arbeitsteilung in der IT verstärken mit erheblichen Konsequenzen für die Qualifikation der IT-Fachleute.  …mehr

  • Kinect und Office 2010 füllen Microsofts Kasse


    Videospiele und Bürosoftware haben dem weltgrößten Softwarekonzern Microsoft zu Rekordverkäufen verholfen. …mehr

  • JasperReports - Berichte via Open Source

    Kleine Helfer

    Das Open-Source-Projekt "JasperReports" und seine begleitenden Werkzeuge bieten komfortable Möglichkeiten für das Reporting. …mehr

    Von Alexander Orbach
  • Kodak Easyshare M580 im Test


    Die Kodak M580 kommt mit 14 Megapixeln und Weitwinkel-Objektiv. Lesen Sie, ob die Kamera ihre Stärken im Test ausspielen konnte. …mehr

    Von Verena Ottmann
  • Alle Details zum neuen Tablet-System Honeycomb von Google

    Android 3.0

    Google hat das System für die größeren Displays von Tablets entwickelt und die Benutzeroberfläche gleichzeitig einer Radikalkur unterzogen. Doch was wirklich alles neu ist, hat das Unternehmen erst jetzt verraten.  …mehr

  • Gedächtnisstütze für Smartphone-Nutzer

    Die App des Tages

    Die App "Evernote" des gleichnamigen Herstellers hilft vergesslichen Anwendern.  …mehr

  • Ein CIO als Bundeskanzler?


    Warum IT-Verantwortliche die Regierungsverantwortung auf absehbare Zeit wohl eher nicht übernehmen werden.  …mehr

  • 14 Internet-Macken im Griff


    Das Internet ist eine tolle Sache, kann aber schnell zu einer Qual werden. Mit unserer Hilfe haben Sie weniger Frust im Web.  …mehr

  • Desktop-Virtualisierung soll Kosten senken

    Projekte an Hochschulen

    Der Sparzwang zwingt öffentlich Schulen und Unis zu innovativen IT-Projekten. Das freut die Hersteller von Virtualisierungs-Software. Virtualisierung kann laut VMware Betriebs- und Wartungskosten mindern.  …mehr

  • How Egypt pulled its Internet plug

    Premium-Inhalt. To sever its link with the outside digital world, Egypt "raised the drawbridge" in mere minutes by forcing the country's providers to make simple changes to their routers, experts said on Friday.

  • LIBOX Plays and Organizes Media Files

    Premium-Inhalt. I'll take the hit. I was loath to review yet another media player/organizer app. Both Windows and the Mac come with pretty darn good ones in and , with the latter available on Windows as well. (free beta) had me singing another tune. I was expecting stylish, hip, and limited, and what I got was, well... hip, highly original, and with a promise of greatness. It's a photo/audio/video organizer and player multi-device sharing app, as well as part social app. Sadly, bugs spoiled much of the effect and hindered my testing, but it is a beta. I like the approach even if the program didn't prove immediately useful.

  • Cairo mania: Egypt cuts off the Net

    Premium-Inhalt. In an historic move, . In Cairo, the Web has gone as silent as a Sphinx. Protestors who've been using Twitter, Facebook, and email to organize street demonstrations against the 30-year regime of Hosni Mubarak are now up the Nile without a cable modem.

  • Google Celebrates Data Privacy Day…Really?

    Premium-Inhalt. Yes, exists, in case you weren't aware, and Google is trumpeting the special occasion with comforting words on its . You may find it odd that Google is banging the privacy drum -- after all, the search giant is a personal-information-collecting brute, a company routinely excoriated by consumer advocates and government officials for its lackadaisical attitude toward personal privacy.

  • Expo: Splashtop Remote puts Mac's video, audio on your iPad

    Premium-Inhalt. The kindly representative from running the booth found herself repeating one sentence again and again on the Macworld 2011 conference floor: "No, it's not VNC or RDP."

  • Expo Notes: ALK Technologies shows off CoPilot Live

    Premium-Inhalt. ALK Technologies is showcasing its navigation app CoPilot Live on the Macworld 2011 show floor.

  • Asus N53SV

    Premium-Inhalt. Asus's good-looking N53 series laptops have proven to be some of the faster all-purpose notebooks on the market. The latest N53SV model is as well, only more so thanks to its new state of the art CPU. Our test configuration, which sells for $1,219 , sports the high-end 2.0 GHz Core i7-2630M that pushed the unit to an excellent 126 score. However, you can save some money at the expense of performance by ordering it with an i5-2410M or i3-2310M.

  • Webmasters Howl Over Google's Antispam Campaign

    Premium-Inhalt. When Google sneezes, the Internet catches a cold. Or so it seems with Searchzilla's latest tinkering with its super secret algorithm to The company it would be launching a and this week it made good on its promise. There's a question, though, whether or not innocent webmasters might be collateral damage in Google's quest to quell spam.

  • Expo Notes: MacPractice updates medical software

    Premium-Inhalt. is showing off its updated line of medical record-keeping software at this week's , touting its new certification that lets doctors and hospitals receive federal subsidies to adopt electronic record-keeping.

  • Amazon.com touts more e-book sales than paperbacks

    Premium-Inhalt. Amazon.com said it is selling more Kindle e-books than paperback books.

  • Tablets with Intel's Meego OS coming in second quarter

    Premium-Inhalt. Tablets and netbooks based on Intel's Meego OS are expected to start shipping in the second quarter this year, a source familiar with Intel's plans said on Friday.

  • Wall Street Beat: Tech earnings stay strong

    Premium-Inhalt. Financial results from Microsoft, SAP, EMC, AT&T, Verizon and other tech vendors this week reinforced optimism that 2011 is shaping up to be a strong year for IT, especially in the enterprise sector.

  • Egypt's 'Net shutdown a wakeup call for CIOs

    Premium-Inhalt. Reading the news of Egypt's Internet crackdown, CIOs around the world may be wondering how their companies would fare if such a situation happened in their home countries.

  • Expo Notes: Ortery brings interactive photos to iOS devices

    Premium-Inhalt. Showing products online is typically a flat, 2D affair. The ability to create interactive 3D and 360-degree photographs of objects isn't new, but properly lighting, capturing, and combining the numerous images needed for an interactive animation is a daunting and expensive task.

  • Microsoft warns of new Windows zero-day bug

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft today warned Windows users of a new unpatched vulnerability that attackers could exploit to steal information and dupe people into installing malware.

  • eSports Update: GSL Up and Down Results, Code S Finals

    Premium-Inhalt. The last month of Starcraft II has been full of ups and downs--literally, in the case of the GSL Up and Down matches--and it's wrapping up tonight in a climactic Terran vs. Terran matchup for the Code S tournament finals.

  • Windows Vulnerable to Zero-Day XSS Attacks

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft released , titled "Vulnerability in MHTML Could Allow Information Disclosure" today. The advisory in the MHTML protocol handler which opens all versions of Windows to potential cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.

  • Expo Notes: It's not for spam! Really!

    Premium-Inhalt. Before Macworld 2011 began, our editors got together to look over the list of exhibitors. One of the vendor blurbs boasted that the company made software for creating and managing e-mail newsletter campaigns. In other words, we all thought, the company enables spam.

  • Politicians, groups speak out on Egyptian Internet blocking

    Premium-Inhalt. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton called on the Egyptian government to restore communications in the country after reports that officials there had ordered Internet service providers to shut down outside traffic in response to ongoing protests.

  • Expo Notes: Jammit lets you play with the pros

    Premium-Inhalt. Ever wish you could learn from or simply play along with your favorite artists and songs? Pretty soon you can do just that with , a new iOS app that lets you learn from original multi-track recordings.

  • Atrix 4G May Cost $150 at Amazon, Costco

    Premium-Inhalt. Motorola's state-of-the-art won't break the bank if a couple of pricing rumors prove accurate.

  • Expo Notes: NewerTech debuts eSATA to USB 3.0 adapter

    Premium-Inhalt. has introduced a new USB adapter that offers high-speed data relays between computers and external hard drives.

  • Waste Management Customers to Gain Data Visibility

    Premium-Inhalt. Over the last few years, our customers' needs have started to change. When you have customers coming to you for help achieving their zero-waste goals and the name of your company is Waste Management, you'd better think differently about your business model and services. We now have an upstream business unit that helps customers reach zero waste."

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