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Meldungen vom 14.01.2011

  • RIM bringt 2011 drei neue Blackberrys heraus

    Torch 2, Dakota und Apollo

    Geplant sind angeblich ein Nachfolger für den Blackberry "Torch", ein "Bold"-Modell mit dem Projektnamen "Dakota" und ein neues Mitglied der "Curve"-Familie ("Apollo").  …mehr

  • ATT verbucht Milliardenbelastung

    Neue Rechnungslegung

    Der amerikanische Telekomkonzern AT&T muss wegen einer Umstellung in der Rechnungslegung eine milliardenschwere Belastung verbuchen. …mehr

  • Groupon auf 15 Milliarden Dollar geschätzt

    Börsengang erwartet

    Der Schnäppchen-Dienst Groupon hat nach Einschätzung von Börsenexperten bereits einen Wert von 15 Milliarden Dollar. …mehr

  • Hamburger Datenschützer nehmen nach Panne Website vom Netz


    Nach einer Panne im Umgang mit den Nutzerinformationen hat die Datenschutzbehörde in Hamburg am Donnerstag ihre eigene Website vom Netz genommen. …mehr

  • Backup und Archivierung mit DLT

    Ratgeber Storage

    Wir zeigen, wie Sie mit klassischen DLT-Magnetbändern langfristig sichere Backups organisieren und Daten zuverlässig archivieren können. …mehr

    Von Alexander Glück
  • ARD startet "Sportschau"-App

    Zur Bundesliga-Rückrunde

    Rund drei Wochen nach der "Tagesschau"-App bringt die ARD ihre ebenfalls kostenlose "Sportschau"-App heraus. …mehr

  • Intel strotzt vor Zuversicht

    Rekordzahlen für 2010

    Intel hat das Jahr 2010 mit Rekordzahlen abgeschlossen. 2011 soll sogar noch besser laufen.  …mehr

  • Das Einmaleins der Kundenbetreuung

    CRM-Ratgeber als Gratis-Pdf

    In unserem kostenlosen Ratgeber finden Sie hilfreiche Übersichten über wichtige CRM-Tools sowie Tipps zur Pflege und zum Ausbau Ihrer Kontakte. …mehr

  • Hacker portieren Windows Phone 7 auf das HTC HD2

    Nach Android-Hack

    Die Entwickler des Dark Forces Team (DFT) bieten auf ihrer Homepage eine entsprechende Version zum Download an und erklären in vier Videos, wie man sie auf dem Gerät installiert. …mehr

  • Was dem Betriebsrat zusteht

    E-Mail und Internet für alle Arbeitnehmervertreter

    Das Bundesarbeitsgericht hat entschieden, dass Internet und E-Mail auch den einzelnen Betriebsratsmitgliedern zur Verfügung zu stellen ist.  …mehr

  • Fujitsu Primergy BX400 Blade

    First Look - Data Center in a Box

    Mit dem als Data Center in a Box konzipierten Primergy BX400-Blade-System will Fujitsu endlich beim Mittelstand gegen HP und IBM punkten.  …mehr

  • Geht das - als Beraterin in Teilzeit?


    Eine Wirtschaftsinformatikerin mit zwei kleinen Kindern sucht eine Teilzeitstelle als Beraterin. MHP-Personalchef Christoph Joos ist zuversichtlich, dass es klappt.  …mehr

  • Gedächtnishilfe für den Blackberry

    App des Tages

    Die kostenlose App "QuickPull 5" von Steelthorn Software sorgt für eine anhaltend gute Performance auf dem RIM-Smartphone.  …mehr

  • World of Warcraft Orc Swarm Free-For-All

    Premium-Inhalt. Ever wondered what a massive swarm of level one orcs might look like? Probably not, but here's where you can find out in .

  • Altered Beast for iPhone

    Premium-Inhalt. Many game developers -- especially those who've made their way to the mobile market from consoles -- have turned to manipulating gamer nostalgia by bringing classic games to the iOS platform. Unfortunately, these ports of classic titles tend to be largely direct and unimaginative. And true to form, the same can be said for the $3 release of , 's 1988 side-scrolling, beat-em-up arcade game.

  • Clean Up Windows and Your Hard Drive

    Premium-Inhalt. If you have a PC, chances are it runs too slowly for your tastes. Over time, your computer slows down due to all the virtual junk that accumulates in there.

  • Some nerves: How a fruit fly's biology could lead to better distributed computing networks

    Premium-Inhalt. The simple yet sophisticated nervous system cells in the bodies of fruit flies are being used as a model that could make wireless sensor networks and other distributed computing systems work better.

  • Remains of the Day: Appy New Year


  • DOJ indicts president of LCD maker

    Premium-Inhalt. The U.S. Department of Justice indicted the president of Taiwanese display maker HannStar, making him the 22nd executive to be charged in an ongoing investigation into price fixing in the LCD industry.

  • December game sales rankings

    Premium-Inhalt. As expected, Call of Duty: Black Ops continued its sales dominance during the final month of sales in 2010. Read on to see how other Black Friday blockbusters fared against December's new releases and the rest of 2010's top games in the December year-end NPD report.

  • Intel records revenue and profit gains in Q4

    Premium-Inhalt. Intel on Thursday said it wrapped up a strong fiscal 2010 with profit and revenue gains in the fourth quarter, and predicted a strong fiscal year 2011.

  • Is Android Less Secure Than iPhone? Um, No.

    Premium-Inhalt. One can only hope that security software provider Trend Micro saw a nice sales boost after the of its chairman earlier this week that Android phones are more vulnerable to hacking than iPhones are. If it didn't, those blatantly self-serving statements were made for nothing.

  • Predictions 2011: The year data pays

    Premium-Inhalt. Nokia Siemens Networks provides Vodafone's 3G mobile infrastructure in New Zealand and is working with Kordia/FX Networks/Woosh on their bid for the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI). Country manager Andrew Button offers his view on what's in store for the local ICT industry in 2011.

  • Wi-Fi network designed to tackle Sundance crowds

    Premium-Inhalt. When the annual Sundance Film Festival lands in Park City, Utah, the movers and shakers of Hollywood demand a lot more wireless capacity than the mountain town of 8,000 residents normally needs.

  • The world according to Michael Arrington

    Premium-Inhalt. Ah, AOL -- just when it looked like you were about to slip into boring mediocrity, you surprise us yet again with your antics.

  • The Games Of 2011: Volume 1


  • Ash for iPhone

    Premium-Inhalt. Considering the lengths at which the computer industry has gone to bring photorealistic graphics to mobile devices, it's somewhat ironic that so many game developers are trying hard to imitate the look of yesteryear. Case in point, deliciously anachronistic : a role-playing game that arches all the way back to 8-bit classics like the Final Fantasy and Zelda series. While fanboys will surely bristle at such a comparison, they need only to play Ash to realize that this epic RPG is worthy of such exalted company.

  • Mobility, social media to drive convergence in 2011

    Premium-Inhalt. XMG Global, an ICT research and advisory firm, expects a year of convergence driven by consumerization of technology, mobility and social networking. Following is XMG's Top 10 Predictions for Asia Pacific:

  • Microsoft offers Web server for developers

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft began shipping this week IIS (Internet Information Services) Express 7.5, a free version of its IIS Web server optimized for developers. The company also unveiled an embedded database upgrade and an open source content management tool.

  • Build a Portable Game System in Viral Views 17

    Premium-Inhalt. Hey there, Internet! Welcome to Episode 17 of Viral Views, the place where we show you stuff on the internet. We hope you enjoyed . And sit tight, you're about to see some more great stuff.

  • HP Pavilion dm1z

    Premium-Inhalt. We've been hearing about AMD's new line of processors for what seems like ages, so it's with great interest that I dove into the testing of the first Fusion-powered laptop to cross my doorstep, the HP Pavilion dm1z (frequently called the "dm1"). It's based on the highest-performing member of the new Brazos platform from AMD, the E-350 CPU. At a very reasonable starting price of $450, this 11.6-inch laptop straddles the line between a budget ultraportable laptop and a netbook, and offers a lot of value.

  • 'Big' WLAN announcement coming soon, says HP exec

    Premium-Inhalt. Hewlett-Packard Co. will shortly make a significant move around its wireless LAN products, an executive has promised Canadians reporters.

  • GAO, Justice Dept. seek H-1B visa reforms

    Premium-Inhalt. WASHINGTON -- The Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a major report Friday that assesses the visa program's use and recommends reforms.

  • Apple App Store Nears 10 Billion Apps Sold

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple's App Store is on selling its 10 billionth app and when it does, someone is going to receive a $10,000 gift card to the iTunes Store.

  • Tomcat 7 finalized

    Premium-Inhalt. The volunteer developers behind Apache Tomcat have released version 7.0.6 of the open-source Java servlet container.

  • Latest Firefox 4 Beta Arrives -- Get it Now!

    Premium-Inhalt. The latest is ready to test, according to a Friday post on . Key features of the new release include speedier start-up, better bookmarking, and smoother rendering of complex animations. You can download the beta .

  • The Week in iPhone 4 cases: CES edition

    Premium-Inhalt. Last week, the formidable (CES) ravaged the Las Vegas Convention Center, leaving behind a devastating trail of cutting-edge consumer electronics...and a whole lot of new iPhone 4 cases. Fortunately, we're here to pick up the scattered pieces and neatly arrange them for your convenient digestion. As you can see, there's no shortage of new iPhone 4 cases on the market--and this roundup doesn't even take into account the recent flurry of cases for the . (Yes, the Verizon iPhone 4 will --we'll cover those in the near future.)

  • If MySpace is for sale, who would buy it?

    Premium-Inhalt. MySpace was once a social networking pioneer and shining star, but analysts now wonder who would want to buy the struggling site.

  • Origin Genesis Midtower: Solid Performance

    Premium-Inhalt. The world has been shaken rather soundly, with the arrival of Intel's . And you'd be hard pressed to find better proof than Origin's $2000 Genesis Midtower, revamped with the Core i7-2600K processor, parked up near the top of the charts.

  • Mozilla delivers latest Firefox 4 beta

    Premium-Inhalt. Mozilla today shipped Firefox 4 Beta 9, perhaps the last it will release before it pushes toward a final version now planned to ship by the end of February.

  • Apple's Mac App Store troubleshooting advice

    Premium-Inhalt. Now that the (MAS) is off and running, Apple has done what it typically does after every new product's arrival--released a slew of help and troubleshooting-related Knowledge Base articles. By my most recent count, there are at least 25 such articles covering the Mac App Store. To save you from having to scour through them all, here are the most noteworthy items:

  • Calendars -- Google Calendar Client

    Premium-Inhalt. Google Calendar is my primary program for keeping track of my schedule and tasks. If you can say the same, is an easy, intuitive, and dependable iPhone and iPad app that syncs quickly and accurately with the Web giant's product. It's also a bargain for those who use an iPhone or iPod touch in addition to an iPad; the single-priced universal version provides two apps, really--one with an interface designed for the smaller screen of the iPhone, another for the iPad's comparatively vast screen.

  • Apple to give away $10K as App Store nears 10B downloads

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple will reward the customer who downloads the 10 billionth app from the iOS App Store with a $10,000 iTunes gift card, the company said today.

  • You Too Can Be an l33t 'Whitehat' Hacker for Only $250

    Premium-Inhalt. The concept of ethical or whitehat hacking is nothing new. There is some merit to the "it takes a thief to catch a thief" mentality, and using the same to test and fortify networks rather than compromising them. However, when the blackhats start selling "whitehat" hacking tool kits there is good reason to be skeptical.

  • The PC Is Dead: Long Live Portable Computing

    Premium-Inhalt. Recent figures from Net Applications show that Windows' operating system market share has consistently dropped since 2007, and when this month's figures are released. Back in November 2007, Windows held .

  • How HP and Palm's WebOS Tablet Could 'Blow Away' iPad

    Premium-Inhalt. We haven't seen HP hype a tablet since , but that could change after February 9, when the company has all but confirmed that it will introduce its first WebOS tablet.

  • In crowded tablet market, brand identity will matter

    Premium-Inhalt. When it comes to the bevy of coming to market, a tablet maker's brand will take on more significance than ever.

  • Cloud App Integration: What's the Best Path?

    Premium-Inhalt. There's a lot of noise from vendors of every stripe about the cloud. Unfortunately, in the vendors' efforts to show how all their products are cloud-based, there's a lot of blurring about the specifics of what it means to be a cloud application. Consequently, this article will apply differently to every cloud vendor. (And for the purposes of this article, let's keep the discussion to SaaS and cloud-based apps from a vendor or integrator, not ones you build yourself, although some of the same principles apply.)

  • IBM supercomputer wins first Jeopardy dust up

    Premium-Inhalt. The first round goes to the computer.

  • Ten changes we'd like to see at the Mac App Store

    Premium-Inhalt. It's been a week since , giving Mac users another avenue to shop for and download software for their computer. Apple hopes to emulate the success it's enjoyed with the , and the company just might do that when all is said and done--after all, it took just 24 hours for the . But after eight days worth of , we've noticed that there are a few things Apple could stand to fix.

  • Science: Ugly fonts aid content memorization

    Premium-Inhalt. Having difficulty getting your message across? Try an uglier font.

  • Happy 25th birthday, IETF

    Premium-Inhalt. The Internet's leading standards body - the - turns 25 on Jan. 16.

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