Meldungen vom 30.12.2010

  • Software-Fehlerkette führte zum-Ausfall

    Rätsel um Skype Blackout gelöst

    Für den massiven Ausfall des Internet- Telefondienstes Skype kurz vor Weihnachten war eine Kette von Software-Fehlern verantwortlich.  …mehr

  • China schloss 60.000 Websites

    Angeblich Kampf gegen Pornos

    In einer Kampagne gegen "pornografische und vulgäre" Inhalte hat China innerhalb eines Jahres 60 000 Websites geschlossen.  …mehr

  • LG-Handys sollen vom US-Markt verschwinden

    Sony reicht Patentklage gegen LG ein

    Statt mit innovativen Produkten zu glänzen, bauen die großen Handy-Konzerne in den USA lieber auf die Redekünste ihrer Anwälte. Jetzt will Sony dort LG per Patentklage aus dem Markt drängen. …mehr

  • Playbook kommt wie geplant

    RIM-Tablet ohne Akkuprobleme

    Kürzlich hatte Shaw Wu, Mitarbeiter des Analyse-Unternehmens Kaufman Bros. behauptet, Hersteller Research in Motion (RIM) habe große Probleme mit dem Akku seines geplanten Tablet-PC Playbook. RIM widerspricht dieser Darstellung.  …mehr

  • Windows Phone schlägt in Deutschland gut ein

    Microsoft übt sich in Optimismus

    In den ersten sechs Wochen seit Verfügbarkeit wurden laut Microsoft weltweit mehr als 1,5 Millionen Windows Phone 7 Geräte von den Herstellern an Netzbetreiber und Händler weiterverkauft.  …mehr

  • Geinimi gilt als gefährlicher Schädling

    Neuer Trojaner für Android-Smartphones

    Das auf Internet-Sicherheit spezialisierte Unternehmen Lookout Mobile Security hat einen neuen Trojaner für Android gemeldet.  …mehr

  • Intel baut sein SSD-Angebot aus


    Mit der neuen Serie 310 erweitert der Konzern sein Angebot an Solid State Drives. Laut Intel benötigten die SSDs mit Kapazitäten von 40 und 80 GByte nur ein Achtel der Größe einer herkömmlichen 2,5-Zoll-SSD.  …mehr

  • Kostenlose Videotelefonate

    Skype für iPhone

    Skype hat eine neue Version 3.0 seines gleichnamigen Chat-Programms für iPhone, iPod und iPad zum kostenlosen Download im App Store bereitgestellt.  …mehr

  • Wolkige Übernahmen

    Ausblick aufs IT-Jahr 2011

    Apple und Google, Microsoft und Hewlett-Packard: Auch 2011 werden die amerikanischen IT-Riesen den Takt vorgeben. Die Trends der Branche:  …mehr

  • CNN kürt iPhone 4 zum Technik-Reinfall des Jahres

    Die größten Technikflops 2010

    Der US-Nachrichtensender CNN hat jetzt seine Liste mit den 10 größten Technik-Reinfällen 2010 veröffentlicht. Den wenig schmeichelhaften ersten Platz konnte sich das iPhone 4 erobern.  …mehr

  • Frauen in die IT!

    Rezept gegen Fachkräftemangel?

    Wenn Unternehmen mehr Mitarbeiterinnen einstellen, lässt sich auch der Fachkräftemangel reduzieren, argumentiert Microsoft-Deutschland-Chef Ralph Haupter.  …mehr

  • "Betriebliche Übung" - Fallstricke für den Arbeitgeber

    Sonderzuwendungen vom Chef

    Dr. Christian Salzbrunn beschreibt die Rechtsfolgen einer regelmäßigen Wiederholung bestimmter Verhaltensweisen im Unternehmen.  …mehr

  • Die Trends 2011 - gegen den Strich gebürstet


    Nur noch zwei Blatt auf dem Abreißkalender. Da erwarten 90 Prozent unserer Leser an dieser Stelle eine abschließende Stellungnahme zu den IT-Trends des kommenden Jahres aus Sicht des CIOs.  …mehr

  • Die Top 10 der Mittelstands-CIOs

    Unsere Besten 2010

    Wer waren die besten CIOs in diesem Jahr? Wer hat mit Projekten und Führungsstil überzeugt? Wir verraten Ihnen die Top 10 der Mittelständler.  …mehr

  • Amazon implements Kindle e-book sharing

    In October, Amazon promised that by the end of the year, and the retail giant has at last delivered that feature—just under the wire. On Thursday, the company quietly updated its e-book system to titles.  …mehr

  • Groupon in $950M funding round

    Groupon is in the midst of a $950 million funding round, weeks after it reportedly rejected a US$6 billion acquisition offer from Google.  …mehr

  • CatPaint 2.0 adds more cats and laserbeams

    has been updated to version 2.0, sporting what developer Davander Mobile calls “a vastly improved user interface,” double the number of “cat crushes,” and newly introduced cat laser technology.  …mehr

  • China may ban Skype with new rules

    China may soon ban Skype, the government's official newspaper said today, potentially putting the popular Internet chat and phone service in the same boat as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  …mehr

  • Microsoft warns of Word attacks

    Hackers are exploiting a vulnerability in Microsoft Word to plant malware on Windows PCs, Microsoft said Tuesday.  …mehr

  • India cracks down on unauthorized communication snooping

    The Indian government on Thursday said that it has discovered that private vendors, detective agencies and companies have imported equipment that is capable of illegally monitoring mobile and other communications.  …mehr

  • The Top Robots of 2010

    We’ve worried about robots steadily and even . Robots even and were out to, er, . But none of this block the path for some great robotic creations in 2010, including both scientific and homemade inventions. So here are just a few of GeekTech’s robotic highlights of the last year.  …mehr

  • Quickly and Easily Share Large Files with Crate

    Looking for a fast, no-fuss way to share big files with friends or family members? Until recently, your best option was  …mehr

  • Santech Gets the Sandy Bridge Party Started

    is only a few days away, but that hasn't stopped Santech from getting the Sandy Bridge party started: This Italian company has announced its upcoming laptop (Google translation) ahead of the show, with several new Intel processor options included.  …mehr

  • EU wants power to block China's technology purchasing power

    The European Union's industry commissioner wants the power to block China from buying up European tech companies.  …mehr

  • Cthulhu Saves the World released

    The second game from Breath of Death VII developer Zeboyd Games releases as an Xbox Live Indie Games today.  …mehr

  • Jenga HD for iPad

    With over 50 million versions of Jenga sold since it was released over 25 years ago, there is a huge audience of fans wanting to know if stacks up.  …mehr

  • 10 Strange iPhone Crimes of 2010

    The iPhone in 2010 wasn't just topping headlines for and . Apple's smartphone also had a seedy underbelly over the past 12 months filled with robberies, muggings, murder and assault. Numerous criminals tried to get away with iPhone-related schemes this year, but were often foiled thanks to the handset's numerous capabilities such as GPS, Wi-Fi and video capture.  …mehr

  • Virtualization: The Executive Summary

    This year it seems like every other computing news story has discussed virtualization, and if you haven't yet got a grip on what it means, you probably feel a little left-out. Virtualization seems to defy common sense, and it can be hard to understand why there's a rush of interest surrounding it.  …mehr

  • Mac and iPhone-friendly alternatives to Delicious

    The bad news recently arrived that Yahoo, the struggling search/media/something-or-other Internet giant, . The company is also a handful of products—, a popular online bookmarking service used widely in Mac and iOS apps, was rumored to be on the "sunset" list, but . Still, with the future of Delicious in the air, social bookmarkers may feel like Yahoo is leaving your treasure trove of links hanging in the cloud.  …mehr

  • Android mobile malware has botnet-like traits

    Hackers are aiming for users of Google's Android mobile operating system with a malicious application that harvests personal information and sends it to a remote server.  …mehr

  • Supercharge Excel With ASAP Utilities

    Excel add-in piles so many features onto Excel, it can make you dizzy. You can convert text to uppercase, lowercase, or proper case (first word capitalized), merge and import multiple files, and copy a selection to the clipboard as HTML. Jobs that you could already do get grouped logically into one place. For instance, the Vision Control dialog box lets you hide and unhide gridlines, page breaks, tabs, and scroll bars. You can easily reverse the order of selected cells, fill a range with random numbers, and change hyperlinks to hyperlink() formulas.  …mehr

  • Five Geeky Ways to Spend Your New Year's Eve

    If you're like me, chances are you have things you would rather be doing than watching second-rate pop acts perform between Cathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper bantering back and forth with each other, and listening to people from someplace you don't care about talk about how excited they are to be celebrating he arrival of 2011. In case you know you don't want to be doing that, but also have no idea what to do instead, here are a few ideas.  …mehr

  • Is the Skype Crash Windows' Fault or Skype's?

    Who's to blame for the massive that knocked 10 million users off the grid right before the holiday season? Microsoft's Windows? Or Skype itself?  …mehr

  • New satellite to give millions of Europeans broadband access

    High-quality broadband access for all Europeans came a step closer this week when the second European satellite dedicated to delivering broadband Internet connections was launched.  …mehr

  • Calif. woman sues Microsoft over XP downgrades -- again

    A California woman whose lawsuit against Microsoft was dismissed earlier this year has again sued the company over "downgrade" rights to the nine-year-old Windows XP, according to federal court documents.  …mehr

  • Unlock the Nexus S Bootloader

    I know that I saying that I was happy with my Samsung Captivate, and that my main interest in Google and Samsung’s Nexus S was in the mod community reverse-engineering it to use with the existing Galaxy S line. That is, until I went out and got one. There’s a lot I could say about the smartphone, review-wise; I’m not here today to do that, though.  …mehr

  • Enterprise apps find a space on consumer devices

    When Apple CEO Steve Jobs formally introduced the iPad in January of this year, he had mostly the consumer market in mind for his much anticipated new product. Nonetheless, the iPad, and similar consumer-focused devices such as the iPhone and Android-based smartphones are increasingly being used for work-related duties.  …mehr

  • Grantwood's Macvelope disguises your Air's sleeve

    If you've rapidly grown tired of your MacBook Air, Grantwood Technology's new offers you the opportunity to misplace it with style. Made of a vinyl exterior and a ballistic nylon interior, the Macvelope is designed to look like a standard interoffice manila envelope, from back in the days when offices used "paper" and needed "envelopes" to move it from place to place.  …mehr

  • Will 2011 signal a Mac virus onslaught? Not so fast

    Is it really true that before Macintosh users are under siege by a flood of viruses and malware? McAfee announced recently that for people using Apple computers, as hackers will be increasingly attracted by growing Mac market share. It's not at all hard to .  …mehr

  • Skype Adds Video In New iOS App

    Skype on Thursday a new version of its iOS app, which enables free video chatting between iPhones, iPods and iPads over WiFi and 3G connections. Skype users will also be able to make video calls with their friends on Windows computers, as well as with Mac users.  …mehr

  • Remains of the Day: Beer me

    iPhones send beers and fists flying, CNN is still thinking about 'Antennagate', and magazines are struggling on the iPad. If I'm not mistaken, these are your remainders for Wednesday, December 29.  …mehr

  • Intel's Sandy Bridge CPUs: What to Expect

    Intel will be ringing in the New Year with their long-awaited second-generation Core processor, codenamed "Sandy Bridge." It's the "tock" of the company's 32-nanometer fabrication process, which succeeds this year's corresponding "tick"-the 32-nanometer die shrink of the company's Nehalem microarchitecture,  …mehr

  • Rock Band 3 gets Johnny Cash Jan. 4

    Johnny Cash makes his Rock Band debut next week with an eight track DLC pack of his greatest hits beginning January 4 in the Rock Band 3 Music Store.  …mehr

  • Five secrets of Open and Save dialog boxes

    It’s easy to never go beyond the basics of Open and Save dialog boxes, despite their being perhaps the most-used feature of the Mac interface. Instead of simply working with the basics, make these dialog boxes work for you. (The last two tips here are Snow Leopard-only.)  …mehr

  • Facebook was Most Visited, Searched for Website in 2010

    Facebook was the most visited website in the United States in 2010, and the world's largest social network was also the year's most popular search term, according to . Facebook accounted for 8.93 percent of all US visits between January and November, the metrics firm said in its year-end round up. Google came in second with 7.19 percent of visits with Yahoo Mail, Yahoo and YouTube rounding out the top five.  …mehr

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