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Meldungen vom 21.12.2010

  • Playstation-Handy wird im Februar vorgestellt

    Sony Ericsson

    Sony Ericsson wird sein Playstation-Smartphone im Februar 2011 auf der Mobilfunkmesse MWC vorstellen. Ab April soll es in den Handel kommen.  …mehr

  • Boeing plant die Beschaffung automatisiert

    Über den Lifecycle

    Die Ziele sind mehr Termintreue, weniger Kosten, besserer Cashflow und gesteigerte Produktivität.  …mehr

  • AOL expandiert weiter und kauft About.me

    Zentrale Anlaufstelle im Social Web

    Der Internetkonzern AOL setzt seinen Expansionskurs ungebremst fort. Nach einer Reihe von Übernahmen wurde heute, der Kauf des Start-up-Unternehmens About.me bekannt.  …mehr

    Von pte pte
  • QSC übernimmt den IT-Dienstleister IP Partner

    Für 25 Millionen Euro

    Der auf Geschäftskunden spezialisierte Telekomanbieter QSC hat den IT-Dienstleister IP Partner übernommen. QSC zahle für den Anbieter von Hosting und IT-Outsourcing 25 Millionen Euro, teilte QSC am Dienstag in Köln mit.  …mehr

  • Motorolas Honeycomb-Tablet wird im Januar vorgestellt

    CES 2011

    Motorola zeigt sein mit der für Tablets optimierten Android-Version Honeycomb ausgestattetes Tablet Anfang Januar 2011 auf der Elektronik-Messe CES.  …mehr

  • Deutsche Bank harmonisiert GTB

    Neue Standardsoftware

    Für den Unternehmensbereich Global Transaction Banking führt der Finanzdienstleister in 30 Ländern ein neues Kernbanksystem ein.  …mehr

  • Facebook gefährdet die professionelle Distanz

    Ärzte im Social Web zu sorglos

    Manche Berufsgruppen handeln sich ethische Konflikte ein, wenn sie Social Media für private Zwecke nutzen. …mehr

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  • SEC durchleuchtet Abgang von HP-Chef Hurd


    Der spektakuläre Rausschmiss von Hewlett-Packard- Chef Mark Hurd erregt weiter die Gemüter. Die US-Börsenaufsicht SEC sehe sich die Umstände genauer an, berichtet das "Wall Street Journal".  …mehr

  • Winter lässt IT-Systeme schwitzen

    BI-Abfragen beschleunigen

    Firmen erstellen immer mehr spezielle Reports. Von BI-Systemen erfordert das viel Flexibilität. Im kostenlosen Webcast erfahren Sie, welche Lösungen es gibt.  …mehr

    Von Nicolas Zeitler
  • Neue Ausweis-App im Januar

    Nach Sicherheitsproblem mit E-Ausweis

    Zum 3. Januar will das Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) die erneuerte Ausweis-App für den Personalausweis bereit stellen. Die alte hatte peinlicherweise Sicherheitslücken beim Update-Prozess gezeigt.  …mehr

  • Taugt LTE als DSL-Ersatz?

    Praxistest mit Fritzbox LTE

    Im Rahmen eines "Friendly User Tests" von O2 konnte die COMPUTERWOCHE erste Praxiserfahrungen mit dem neuen Mobilfunkstandard LTE sammeln.  …mehr

  • "Cloud Computing lässt die Enterprise-IT intakt"

    Brian Boruff, CSC

    Cloud-Vordenker Brian Boruff, Vice President Emerging Markets von CSC, erläutert, wie eine traditionelle Unternehmens-IT die Vorteile von Cloud Computing nutzen kann. …mehr

  • Zotac Geforce GTX 460 Synergy 768MB im Test

    Grafikkarte für PC-Spieler

    Die Zotac Geforce GTX 460 Synergy bekommen Sie zu einem Straßenpreis von rund 150 Euro. Der Test prüft, ob die Grafikkarte Ihr Geld wert ist.  …mehr

  • Welche Maßnahmen gegen die Mail-Flut sind erlaubt?

    Mitarbeiterin sichtet vorab Inhalt

    Eingehende Spam-Mails in einem zentralen Ordner zu sammeln und dann zu verteilen ist rechtlich problematisch, sagt Thomas Feil.  …mehr

  • Sieben verstorbene Social-Media-Angebote

    Totgeboren oder totgelaufen

    Kennen Sie noch Google Wave? Cuil? MySpace? Ein Nachruf auf sieben Totgeburten. Von Beileidsbekundungen bitten wir abzusehen.  …mehr

  • Spintronic memory gets a breakthrough

    Premium-Inhalt. An international group of researchers has figured out how to encode information within the spin of an electron, a technique that may one day lead to smaller, faster memory for computers.

  • Microsoft 'Sells' 1.5M Windows Phone 7

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft has announced that its manufacturing partners have sold more than 1.5 million since the mobile platform's launch six weeks ago. Achim Berg, Microsoft's vice president of marketing and business for Windows Phones, made the announcement conducted by Microsoft's PR team. While the Phone 7 sales numbers sound impressive, the figures are actually not all they're cracked up to be, at least based on Berg's statement.

  • Yelp app now sports iPad interface

    Premium-Inhalt. brought its business-review app to the iPad on Monday, launching an update that finally offers tablet users the ability to contribute their own reviews and comments to the company's user-driven Website.

  • Do You Need a Cloud CRM Platform or Cloud CRM Product

    Premium-Inhalt. The snappy answer is, you need both. Large enterprises with diverse needs fundamentally need a complete CRM application with a versatile toolkit and solid platform. But not everyone is a large enterprise, and even in the enterprise there may be good reasons to have separate CRM instances - for example, in Corporate Development or HR.

  • Speed Up a 'Slowly Deteriorating' PC

    Premium-Inhalt. Reader Daniel is looking for ways to speed up his aging laptop, which he says is "slowly deteriorating" but needs to last another year or two.

  • 'Do Not Track' Coming to Firefox 4

    Premium-Inhalt. Hard on the heels of Microsoft's to offer "do not track" functionality in its upcoming Internet Explorer 9 browser comes word that Mozilla is planning a similar move for its .

  • Apple: Mac OS X Downloads site will no longer offer apps

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple announced on Monday that the company's popular will no longer feature apps.

  • What if Google's Hack Attack Warnings Grab Your Site?

    Premium-Inhalt. Google has begun adding listings indicating if it believes . In such an instance the words, "This site may be compromised," will appear under the site details. Users are still free to visit the site, but clicking the warning message will lead to a .

  • Remains of the Day: Time and again

    Premium-Inhalt. Redmond once again starts its photocopiers, while Motorola insists it’s breaking the mold for tablets, and Google TV goes back to the drawing table. The remainders for Monday, December 20, 2010 are freshly picked and hand-delivered to you—no middleman.

  • Report: SEC investigating Mark Hurd's departure from HP

    Premium-Inhalt. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has opened an information investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mark Hurd's departure from Hewlett-Packard, .

  • Tricks, Traps of Holiday Gift Cards: Worst Hidden Pitfalls

    Premium-Inhalt. For last-minute , gift cards make convenient (if impersonal) presents. Retailers also love gift cards, which recipients often lose or forget to use. According to a recent survey, 27 percent of gift card recipients this year haven’t redeemed one or more of their cards, up from 19 percent a year ago. And financial analyst firm TowerGroup estimates that consumers forfeited $8 billion last year due to lost, expired, or unredeemed gift cards.

  • Apple launches iAd Producer

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple has announced the release of , a tool that can be used by publishers to simplify the creation of campaigns for the company’s iAd mobile advertising platform.

  • Get Clearer Results With SearchPreview for Google

    Premium-Inhalt. Google has just about every search option you could want in a search engine except one: the ability to see thumbnails of pages it returns in search results. Without being able to see thumbnails, it can be hard for you to decide at a glance which search result is most relevant.

  • Kindle Sales 60% Higher Than Expected

    Premium-Inhalt. is on track to sell eight million this year. That's 60 percent more of the electronic readers than analysts predicted would be sold, today. By contrast, Apple sold 7.6 million from April to September of this year.

  • Localscope puts local services at your fingertips

    Premium-Inhalt. The “what’s around me right now” app market has quite a few entries already, from to big hitters like . But newcomer hopes to differentiate by offering a choice in the services you search, and wrapping everything up with a thick coat of style.

  • Apple: Mac OS X Downloads site will no longer offer apps

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple announced on Monday that the company's popular will no longer feature apps.

  • Send non-iTunes files from Mac to Apple TV with AirFlick

    Premium-Inhalt. Last week, blogger and insatiable hacker Erica Sadun turned your Mac into an AirPlay receiver with . Now she’s turned the tables with AirFlick, a companion utility that lets your Mac stream content to an Apple TV from apps besides iTunes.

  • AccountEdge 2011 adds iOS app, Web time-tracking

    Premium-Inhalt. The holidays are a time for traditions and, like clockwork, has released , the latest version of its small business accounting software. The application is rife with new features; most notable among them are Web-based time-tracking capabilities, advanced support for paying retainers, and a brand new iOS app.

  • Birds Beware: The Robo-Scarecrow Is Here

    Premium-Inhalt. Farmers rejoice! The Robo-Scarecrow is finally here for all your crop-protection needs! (Exciting, eh?) This DIY bird-scaring device was put together by the folks over at the German electronics retailer Conrad. You may have seen some of Conrad's other impressive geeky feats in the past, including the and the fairly ridiculous .

  • Want Swype for Android? Now's Your Chance

    Premium-Inhalt. It's a weird sort of paradox: One of the most popular is also one of the hardest to get.

  • Client virtualization in a cloud environment: a complex landscape

    Premium-Inhalt. This article is based on the book “Creating the Infrastructure for Cloud Computing: An Essential Handbook for IT Professionals”

  • Leveraging Active Directory as your single source for authentication and authorization

    Premium-Inhalt. This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter’s approach.

  • 10 ways SharePoint 2010 will impact your Lotus Notes migration

    Premium-Inhalt. Over the past five years, many organizations have abandoned their legacy Lotus Notes/Domino environments and transitioned to a platform based on Microsoft Exchange Server, SharePoint and Office. However, some of these companies have hesitated to tackle the most difficult part of the transition: migrating their applications from Notes to SharePoint. Their concerns range from the cost of rebuilding applications on SharePoint to uncertainty about whether SharePoint has the capabilities needed.

  • AccuRev offers glossary of agile development terms

    Premium-Inhalt. AccuRev has released a glossary of terms for agile software development, intending to accelerate the adoption of agile practices in enterprises.

  • Apple releases iPhoto 9.1.1

    Premium-Inhalt. iPhoto ’11 users got an early holiday gift on Tuesday as Apple released , the latest update to the company’s consumer photo software.

  • Verizon launches FiOS app for iPad

    Premium-Inhalt. Verizon on Tuesday released , a free app that lets you control every element of your Verizon FiOS TV-watching experience that you could possibly imagine—unless you can imagine watching actual television with the app, that is. The iPad app combines features of Verizon’s  and and  apps for the iPhone and iPod touch, with some extra goodness thrown in on the side.

  • Samsung releases MLC-based SSDs for data centers

    Premium-Inhalt. Samsung (SSD) built with consumer-class NAND flash but targeted for use in enterprise-class storage systems.

  • What it's like to respond to a bomb threat

    Premium-Inhalt. Fredrick Foster, vice president with Andrews International, is an authority on recognition and response to potential violence.

  • CrossEyes Reveals Microsoft Word's Hidden Formatting

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft Word shows you your documents exactly as they'll appear on the printed page. However, it doesn't tell you how those documents got that way. That may not sound important, but if you're fixing up someone else's messy formatting (or even your own messy formatting), it can mean a lot. For instance, is that word in all caps because someone entered the Font dialog box and clicked "All caps?" Did they assign a character style to it? Or did they simply type it with the Caps Lock on? The add-in ($30, 15-day free trial) can answer these questions for you.

  • LG 60LD550 60-inch HDTV, $1300

    Premium-Inhalt. The LG 60LD550 features a stunning 60-inch 1080p LCD and TruMotion 120Hz technology for fast action. This HDTV normally sells for around $2800, and the lowest we've seen it at is $1700. These days, however, is selling the LG 60LD550 for only $1300. Just put the HDTV in your shopping cart and proceed to checkout to see the price drop.

  • DLC a la carte

    Premium-Inhalt. Right now, new games typically go for $60 at release, with additional downloadable content available throughout the game's lifespan costing anywhere from 99 cents to $20. Purchasing a game at launch and then picking up all the DLC as it's released can get pretty expensive over time. This leads many consumers to accuse publishers of "nickel and diming" them, or at least being too lazy to finish a game before putting it on shelves.

  • FCC's net neutrality vote criticized from both sides

    Premium-Inhalt. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission's vote Tuesday to approve new network neutrality rules received mixed reviews, with broadband provider Verizon Communications appearing to question the agency's legal authority.

  • DLC and the future of boxed game

    Premium-Inhalt. GamePro contributor Pete Davison covers the thorny issue of downloadable content supplanting "complete" boxed video game experiences.

  • Microsoft touts 1.5M Windows Phone 7 smartphones sold

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft today said makers of phones running its new Windows mobile operating system had sold 1.5 million handsets since the October launch of Windows Phone 7 (WP7).

  • 7 Requirements for Building Your Cloud Infrastructure

    Premium-Inhalt. Today, service providers and enterprises interested in implementing clouds face the challenge of integrating complex software and hardware components from multiple vendors. The resulting system can end up being expensive to build and hard to operate, minimizing the original motives and benefits of moving to cloud computing. Cloud computing platforms are attractive because they let businesses quickly access hosted private and public resources on-demand without the complexities and time associated with the purchase, installation, configuration and deployment of traditional physical infrastructure.

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